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Transcript for Monday January 23, 2012

[10:04] only in sl Ok lets get started
[10:04] only in sl very light week in terms of agenda items
[10:04] only in sl We have 2 items
[10:04] Zada Bury ((some experiencing some "hicups" and "connection lag" in the moment ... ))
[10:04] only in sl Zindra Flag competition relaunch
[10:05] only in sl Xiola - do you want to address the Flag competition
[10:06] only in sl is everyone experiencing lag?
[10:06] Counter Landfall nothing more than usual :-O
[10:06] Xiola Linden sure. It sounds like the previous one was cancelled due to the number of entries
[10:06] Innula Zenovka not me..figures are normal
[10:06] Qie not that I've noticed anyway
[10:06] only in sl cool
[10:06] only in sl my viewer is working fine
[10:06] Fritz (festerbestertester) /me thumbs up
[10:07] Xiola Linden i am seeing some slow rezzing, but no chat lag or anything
[10:07] Counter Landfall perhaps, if I may, let me give some additional background to the flag situation?
[10:07] only in sl please do
[10:08] Xiola Linden so for the competition, the questions was about relaunching the competition and ways to help get more entries
[10:08] Xiola Linden that would be wonderful, counter
[10:08] Counter Landfall ok, when Jago formed Zinbdra Allinace he ran a flag competition which had some 20 entries and a flag design was chosen in late sept 2010
[10:08] Counter Landfall the design was a Z fomred by the legs on a woman laying on her back
[10:09] Counter Landfall a lot of people did not like the design and it was really never flown anywhere in Zindra
[10:09] Counter Landfall so when Zindra unZipped Expo was formed we decided to run a new flag competiton as part of the event
[10:10] Counter Landfall unfortunately all our blog and forum postings were zapped because community members abuse reported them
[10:10] Counter Landfall so our ability to communicate the competition was significantly hampered
[10:10] only in sl Xiola and I discussed this
[10:11] Counter Landfall there was aslo the issue you still have, I beleive about not allowing annoucnements with prizes assoiciated
[10:11] Counter Landfall which makes it kinda hard to announce such a thing
[10:11] only in sl The same will happen as There is concern that if we allow one sweeepstakes or contest, the SLF will be deluged with more
[10:11] Counter Landfall yes, and that is understnadable
[10:11] only in sl We cannot police the validity of these contests/sweepstakes
[10:12] only in sl We recommend that you promote in the Destination Guide
[10:12] Counter Landfall so the question is how can we senisbly announche such a competiton grid wide
[10:12] Xiola Linden was the previous competition listed inthe DG?
[10:12] Counter Landfall and secondly,what do you feel about having a flag for Zindra as it is your estate
[10:12] Counter Landfall DG did not exist in 2010
[10:13] Zada Bury that time theDG wasn't exiting
[10:13] only in sl We think that LL should be agnostic in these matters
[10:13] Xiola Linden so that is one option the may help
[10:13] Innula Zenovka I don't think Cristiano would object to it being publicised in SLU
[10:13] only in sl Meaning , no official flag
[10:13] Innula Zenovka which is widely read
[10:14] Counter Landfall no official Linden endorsed flag is that what you say Viale?
[10:14] only in sl +1 on SLU
[10:14] only in sl Yes
[10:14] Counter Landfall right
[10:14] only in sl I am fine with Residents doing this on their own regions
[10:14] Counter Landfall so any flag design would be solely up to the residents to endorse and use
[10:15] only in sl Yes, but it should not put LL into a position of sponsorship or favoring one group over another - make sense?
[10:15] Counter Landfall own regions as in private estates?
[10:15] only in sl Mainland regions can participate too
[10:16] Counter Landfall ok, understand
[10:16] only in sl But nothing that would force LL to participate
[10:16] Counter Landfall I don't think we can force you to do anything, can we ;-))
[10:16] Xiola Linden :)
[10:17] only in sl As you know we are 100% in favor of Resident and sustainable movements
[10:17] Zada Bury Presence welcomed ... as on all events.
[10:17] Counter Landfall ok, let's give it a good think and invite really everyone to contribute
[10:17] only in sl The Destination Guide in viewer and and web are perfect vehicles for tis
[10:18] Counter Landfall we don't want ti to be a ZA flag only
[10:18] only in sl Ok
[10:18] Xiola Linden sounds great
[10:18] only in sl The next item I carried over from our 1/9 Meeting is from Ginette. But since she is not here. we will move on
[10:19] only in sl The piece on a "third form of communication"
[10:20] only in sl Before we depart, I just want you to know that we are looking into ways to enable people that want to see Adult content to be able to see this in a less cumbersome experience
[10:20] only in sl More to come on that
[10:21] Counter Landfall ok
[10:21] Counter Landfall any updates on the ownership of the zexpo group?
[10:21] Couldbe any clues?
[10:22] Xiola Linden to your point, counter, you should see some changes happening there this week.
[10:22] Counter Landfall ok, thanks
[10:22] only in sl Age verification is still too hard and The destinations guide in viewer is still lacking an adult category
[10:22] only in sl We are looking into ways to improve
[10:22] Zada Bury <_< "making a hook" is to hard?
[10:23] Couldbe ok. I don't think verification is too hard - the problem is communicating it's there
[10:23] Counter Landfall you still have the anatomically correct avatar card to play. I think it will spur much more interest and retention
[10:24] only in sl Yes Couldbe, but the current flow is not worthy for a great community like our adult community
[10:24] Couldbe It's never going to happen counter - the wobbly bit would always be problematical I suspect
[10:24] Counter Landfall if you say so ;-)
[10:24] Zada Bury There was an ooooold idea by Ginette / Zindra-Expo-Group to have an "Verification center" on a Mature Sim here in Zindra. (Podyan ... the Sim is restored and mature ... it's an Ocean, it's not used ... and I think, we can reload some old plots) ... but it's just an hint.
[10:24] Couldbe Viale, you were doing really well until that last statement. I feel like I'm choking on flannel
[10:24] only in sl WE will leave that opportnity for the Community
[10:24] only in sl Oh well coudbe
[10:25] Couldbe what's so great about the adult community as opposed to the furries or the rp-ers?
[10:25] Qie Couldbe: We're all above-average. :p
[10:25] only in sl Lets just say the flow is very painful
[10:26] Couldbe if you can tell us what you value about us then perhaps we can help you market to that
[10:26] only in sl You should try it as a noob
[10:26] Counter Landfall @Zada, not a good idea really as you still need to ifnorm people about the verifcation site, and then you can just use that communication slot to inform them how to verify
[10:26] Counter Landfall inform*
[10:26] Couldbe anything in sl is painful - that's the price of a complex bit of software with a steep learning curve
[10:26] only in sl OK - we have run out of agenda items
[10:26] only in sl Thanks all
[10:27] Qie In background -- not agenda-worthy -- the Mosh South region is still a sort of no-man's-land... so it would be interesting if the Moles or somebody had some plans for developing (or auctioning) (or leasing) (or something)
[10:27] Couldbe is that web based viewer from last year (?) ever going to make it to prime time - that would be useful
[10:27] Xiola Linden Quick meeting today. We'll have the transcripts up soon. thanks everyone.
[10:27] only in sl Bye
[10:27] Counter Landfall Maybe add an AoB point to the agenda as a fixed item?
[10:28] Couldbe hmm well that was informative :)
[10:28] only in sl Couldbe - pls submit agenda items before the meeting next time
[10:29] Innula Zenovka sorry.. the phone rang at the wrong time.. if Xiola is still here, I wondered if there was any progress from my item last week about questions being removed from the "Answers" section
[10:29] Couldbe absolutely - particularly as I can see how jam packed the agenda seems to be these days
[10:29] Counter Landfall :-))
[10:30] Xiola Linden I'll ping you about that in a bit, Innula.
[10:30] Innula Zenovka thanks
[10:30] Counter Landfall ok, thanks all
[10:30] Qie have fun everybody.
[10:30] Xiola Linden thank you. have a great rest of day/night!
[10:30] Innula Zenovka and you
[10:30] Zada Bury same to you two ... thank you
[10:30] Couldbe bye