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Transcript for Monday March 5, 2012

[10:01] Zada Bury Morning you two ^_^
[10:01] Xiola Linden good morning, Zada
[10:02] only in sl Hi Zada
[10:02] Zada Bury Funny ... Phoniex was show first one Linden, one resident ^.^
[10:02] Xiola Linden strange
[10:03] only in sl Zada - we may cancel early
[10:03] Xiola Linden well this is an initmate gathering
[10:03] Zada Bury To late ... I've just send out the reminder
[10:04] Xiola Linden we'll give it a few minutes, but there were no new agenda items
[10:04] Zada Bury I forget everytime to send these I have... not biggies ... but ... welll
[10:05] Zada Bury Heya Qie
[10:05] Zada Bury Welcoem Sera
[10:05] Sera Lok heya
[10:05] Qie Hi Zada, all
[10:05] Xiola Linden hello, hello
[10:05] Zada Bury btw ... have I somehow missed something ... or ... was ther one or 2 meetings not happening?
[10:06] Xiola Linden there were two that were postpomed. 1 due ot lack of agenda items, and then another fell on President's Day here in the US
[10:06] Xiola Linden to not ot, sorry
[10:07] Zada Bury Ahh ... ok ...
[10:07] Zada Bury np ... even I'm not native english, I have learned to read the most typonese ^.^
[10:07] Sera Lok well, nice to see you back^^
[10:07] only in sl Ok
[10:07] only in sl we have a short meeting today due to not many agenda items
[10:07] Zada Bury Oh, welcome Eric
[10:07] Xiola Linden glad to be back, let's get started
[10:07] only in sl Qie - you sent in one
[10:08] á´‡ric thanks, hey everyone
[10:08] Xiola Linden going back a few weeks
[10:08] only in sl Do you want to discuss
[10:08] Qie well...
[10:08] Qie I've noticed that there are weird parcel settings on Governor land here on Zindra
[10:08] Qie notably, they don't uniformly allow object entry on roads and waterways
[10:09] Qie so... that little orb going by on the road there... it can't get far
[10:09] only in sl When you are referring to Linden Land
[10:09] only in sl Are you referring to mainland?
[10:09] Qie yes... strictly Zindra... and how it differs from other Mainland
[10:09] Qie now... I could file a support ticket, listing everywhere *I* think should have object entry.
[10:09] á´‡ric that's always bothered me too, the no object entry causes problems
[10:10] Qie I just don't know if I should do that.
[10:10] Qie (that's not my orb, by the way, but I was thinking of doing something like it, only on the water)
[10:10] only in sl Give me an example of what you are trying to do
[10:11] Qie well, that orb was one. automated, unmanned vehicles...
[10:11] Qie that run on regular routes, and pick up passengers if any are around.
[10:11] only in sl you could not rezz an object - a vehicle?
[10:12] Qie can't cross into the parcel ... no object-entry. but not *uniformly* no-object-entry, either
[10:12] only in sl It works on sandboxes?
[10:12] Qie works on regular mainland roads and waterways owned by the Gov
[10:13] Zada Bury *stealing Drac's crystals*
[10:13] only in sl Does it work on the Vortex Adult Sandbox?
[10:13] Qie oh, I'm sure it would
[10:13] only in sl Does it work on Resident owned Zindra mainland?
[10:13] Qie depends on the residents' settings....
[10:14] Zada Bury The creator of the Pod-tours have give a set of "wrong set parcels" to the support ... on streets they was fixed, at least, these which was found.
[10:14] Qie but the point of the exercise is to simulate "public transit" as we do on the regular Mainland.
[10:14] only in sl which gov linden land were you trying?
[10:14] Qie Zada, that's good to know. I'm pretty sure they didn't handle all the water sims...
[10:15] Qie oh, a water course between Broadwater and Mosh, over... maybe a dozen sims. some had object entry, some didn't.
[10:15] Zada Bury The pod-tours are only on the streets.
[10:15] only in sl OK - something for us to consider.
[10:16] Qie if the pods are getting what they need with the support tickets, I can gladly file the ones I need, too. I just don't want to do that if it would be better to keep things as-is for some reason.
[10:16] only in sl Best bet is to use Linden sandboxes and resident owned land
[10:16] only in sl Also Premium sandboxes
[10:17] Zada Bury
[10:17] Qie (that's sort of a different use-case. I have plenty of my own land to use, but that doesn't add value to others.)
[10:17] only in sl That was the only agenda item submitted and you can send future agenda items to
[10:18] Zada Bury Ok ... will try to remember ...
[10:18] Zada Bury .... same as the Destination guide >_<
[10:18] only in sl With the arrival of adult forums, I am not sure this meeting is very useful, so we will need to review this meeting going forward
[10:18] MartinRJ hello
[10:18] Zada Bury Heya Martin
[10:18] Xiola Linden hi, Martin
[10:19] only in sl Xiola - any other items before we close?
[10:19] Xiola Linden Yes, please submit your agenda items for the next meeting via the email. Thanks for your time, everyone
[10:20] only in sl Thank you
[10:20] Sera Lok okidokey.
[10:20] only in sl Bye everyone
[10:20] Zada Bury In-world meetings are more fun ... in the Forums you join 1 day after the start of a discussion the discussion .. and got 10 pages of blah-blah to read
[10:20] Xiola Linden Ciao, all!
[10:20] Qie Thanks viale, Ziola.
[10:20] Zada Bury We have to thank you ...
[10:20] Xiola Linden bye, Qie
[10:20] Zada Bury ... in 2 weeks again?
[10:20] Xiola Linden should be, we'll updat if any changes
[10:20] Sera Lok yeah.. i prefer inworld.. and lets lindens answer things fast and get feedback^^ when ppl are here to give it
[10:21] Sera Lok so it would be nice if you kept it going.
[10:21] Zada Bury like I have in my place-calender ...
[10:21] Qie Have fun, all.
[10:21] Sera Lok take care
[10:21] Zada Bury the time, my staff should not disturb me ...
[10:21] Sera Lok bye :)
[10:21] Zada Bury *waves to Sera*