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Transcript for Monday March 19, 2012

[10:04] only in sl 3 agenda items
[10:04] Xiola Linden Ah, you made it this week, CrystalShard
[10:04] CrystalShard Foo :)
[10:04] only in sl 1. Monorail 2. Exploring Zindra Flickr Group 3. Update on Age Verification (Inworld)
[10:05] only in sl They were all submitted by one person - Zada
[10:05] only in sl Unfortunately - she is not here
[10:05] only in sl Xiola - did she say she would attend?
[10:06] Xiola Linden she didn't mention in any of the items she submitted, either way
[10:06] Innula Zenovka I'd certainly be interested to hear what's happening about #3, at least
[10:06] only in sl The 1st 2 can be discussed on forums
[10:07] only in sl Unfortunately, we do not have a date for Age verification
[10:07] CrystalShard Foo What is changing about age verification?
[10:07] only in sl However, we still have that on our wishlist for improved experience
[10:07] Tray Guisse harder to do i hope
[10:07] Qie /me sees scripters in the area
[10:07] Innula Zenovka is it tied in, still, with fixing that bug about places in the destination guide showing as having no one there? and are there jiras for either of the?
[10:08] Innula Zenovka hi Qie
[10:08] Xiola Linden Crystalhard - this was in regards to age verification process inworld
[10:08] Qie This from Kelly's group, just now: [09:32] tehKellz (kelly.linden): I did: list llGetAgentList(integer max_agents, integer flags) flags are AGENT_LIST_PARCEL, AGENT_LIST_PARCEL_OWNER and AGENT_LIST_REGION
[10:08] only in sl The Destination Guide is also being worked on
[10:08] CrystalShard Foo Oh, being able to process it in-world instead of through a web page?
[10:08] Innula Zenovka is there a jira for it, viale?
[10:09] Qie (Sorry. That was scripter gibberish for very good news indeed)
[10:09] only in sl No, it is on our internal jira
[10:09] Innula Zenovka thanks
[10:09] CrystalShard Foo Qie, I'm going to hug Kelly. Right now. ♥
[10:09] draconis.neurocam cause of getagentlist?
[10:09] CrystalShard Foo Yes. ♥
[10:09] Qie go for it. although he's on vacation, officially. :)
[10:10] CrystalShard Foo s'okay cats have ways
[10:10] Tray Guisse hehe
[10:12] Martin RJ hello
[10:12] Tray Guisse haya
[10:12] CrystalShard Foo Hi ♪
[10:12] Xiola Linden that covers it, I think. I don't think Zada slipped in during the first part of this meeting
[10:14] Порву Путина за очко question: is a blood particle from an avatar that got hit by a sword is already considered as not PG ?
[10:15] Tray Guisse PG13
[10:15] Tray Guisse so M in SL
[10:15] only in sl We plan to move this meeting to a monthly time and will continue to follow the forums and can be reached at
[10:15] only in sl That is it for the agenda items
[10:15] Tray Guisse TY
[10:16] Xiola Linden Thanks, everyone. Have a great day or night depending on where you are
[10:16] only in sl If you have agenda items in the future - please submit to
[10:16] Innula Zenovka what time are you planning on holding it?
[10:16] Xiola Linden we'll update the wiki
[10:16] only in sl and forum
[10:16] Martin RJ umm there are a couple of JIRAs concerning the marketplace, event and profile filters
[10:16] CrystalShard Foo Actually yea, that'sthe one thing that kept me away - timing confusion ;)
[10:16] Xiola Linden probably will still be at 10 am PT
[10:17] Martin RJ any news on that?
[10:17] Innula Zenovka please can you post reminders in the forum? i think with it going Monthly it's going to be really necessary
[10:17] Martin RJ
[10:17] only in sl Martin RJ - we accept agenda items in the form of email, so we can direct them to the right areas
[10:18] Xiola Linden @Marting - if those are secific to Adult Content, please subit as an agenda item for the next meeting
[10:18] Martin RJ I was curious which word in that text could have mad that happen..
[10:18] Xiola Linden -g
[10:18] Martin RJ kk
[10:18] Xiola Linden :)
[10:18] Innula Zenovka and is that going to be every nth Monday in the month or what?
[10:18] Martin RJ *made
[10:18] Xiola Linden We'll post a reminder in the forums for the next meeting
[10:18] only in sl Thanks all
[10:18] Qie that reminder will certainly help
[10:18] only in sl Bye
[10:18] Tray Guisse TTYL
[10:18] CrystalShard Foo Bye~
[10:18] Qie thanks Viale, Xiola
[10:19] Qie have fun all.
[10:19] Xiola Linden ciao for now!
[10:19] Innula Zenovka thanks.. bye