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Transcript for Monday April 16, 2012

[10:04] Xiola Linden I know it has been awhile - and I think the few items I have are around griefers and some house keeping stuff
[10:04] Xiola Linden Hello! :-))
[10:04] Xiola Linden Spencer
[10:04] Innula Zenovka Hi, Spencer
[10:04] SpencerBlake does anyone have voice chat turned on
[10:04] SpencerBlake does anyone do that here lol
[10:04] Qie I can hear it, but these meetings are usually in text
[10:05] MartinRJ hello
[10:05] SpencerBlake oh am i interrrupting a metting ><
[10:05] SpencerBlake meeting
[10:05] Xiola Linden Re: Griefing in the adult sandbox area in particular - we know that is a persistent problem and are looking into ways to improve tools for dealing with this type of issue
[10:05] Vincent Nacon yes you are! you must be jailed!
[10:05] Xiola Linden This is a meeting, Spencer - but you are more than welcome to stay
[10:06] Qie Spencer, we were waiting for you to arrive! :p
[10:06] SpencerBlake ooh ok lol ><
[10:06] Vincent Nacon welcome but jailed
[10:06] Xiola Linden We meet once a month here to discuss Adult content ssues
[10:06] Xiola Linden +i
[10:06] Innula Zenovka what sort of tools, Xiola, and who would be able to use them?
[10:06] Xiola Linden So we understand the frustrating of the griefing, and we are in communication with our support team to find better ways to handle this
[10:06] SpencerBlake wondered how they did that on here
[10:07] Vincent Nacon oh come on, Xiola, even I know that kind of answer
[10:07] Vincent Nacon there's no better way to address human's nature of being a "jerk"
[10:07] Xiola Linden in the meantime, it would be best to continue to send in tickets and work with support because it is important to get all the information that we can to better the tools
[10:08] Zada Bury Sorry for late ... office is hell
[10:08] Qie there *was* talk at one point of a scripting function to return objects from parcels... that would be useful, assuming the scripted object could be operated by responsible parties on the parcel.
[10:08] Xiola Linden hey Zada
[10:08] Vincent Nacon only if making another new account wasn't so easy
[10:08] Innula Zenovka hi, Zada
[10:09] Xiola Linden There is definately a lot of talk around ways to improve. Please send any specific ideas you have in!
[10:09] Innula Zenovka and will these tools be available to all the public sandboxes, or is this some special measure to assist the Vortex?
[10:09] Vincent Nacon without looking so evil?
[10:10] Xiola Linden It will be worked on with the whole grid in mind.
[10:10] Innula Zenovka thanks
[10:10] Xiola Linden Just seems to be quiet prominent in the vortex these days
[10:10] Xiola Linden sure, no problem :)
[10:10] Vincent Nacon stopping grieffing require a lot out of LL
[10:10] Xiola Linden Couple of house keeping items - we are still working with the product team on improving age verification
[10:11] Xiola Linden and the idea of having inworld age verification
[10:11] Innula Zenovka seems to me that most places that run classes and building contests solve the problem by using a group owned land
[10:11] MartinRJ Fayray: did you get my email about a request for a jira section for problems with adult filters and other adult related topics in the public JIRA?

[10:11] Vincent Nacon account creation control management with approval and more verification....
[10:11] Vincent Nacon and faster support
[10:11] Vincent Nacon so fast that soon as I press a button, a linden pop up at my request
[10:12] Vincent Nacon almost like it used to be back 6 years ago
[10:12] Xiola Linden we did receive your agenda item, Martin
[10:12] Innula Zenovka i don't know if this is related to the Age Verification issue, but how is the problem with traffic being misreported in the Destination Guide coming on?
[10:12] Innula Zenovka I saw the figures were all over the place this weekend.. and it is an issue for the Adult Hub, certainly
[10:13] Xiola Linden still in process, Innula. I wish I had more of an update for you on this. I do know that it is affeting all of DG, not just the adult content
[10:13] Xiola Linden but it is on the radar
[10:13] Innula Zenovka people see in the DG and it's reported as having no one there, no matter how many there are
[10:13] Xiola Linden and viale and I are bringing it up so it doesn't slide off the plate
[10:13] Vincent Nacon maybe you're picking up spirits?
[10:14] Xiola Linden ah - speak of viale - he may well be here in a minute
[10:14] Zada Bury btw ...are we in "small talk before the meeting" ... or just rushing tough the agenda-points?
[10:15] Xiola Linden we are going through the agenda items
[10:15] Vincent Nacon and I'm giving small talk
[10:15] Xiola Linden :)
[10:15] Zada Bury mmm-hmm.
[10:15] Xiola Linden i do have some of your iteams from Mach, Zada
[10:16] Vincent Nacon March?
[10:16] Zada Bury Yes ... I was be beaten by the day-light-saving-time differences
[10:16] Xiola Linden Yes, the last meeting we had
[10:16] Zada Bury Not only me, btw ... someone else was also 1 hour to late here.
[10:17] Xiola Linden one of your points was the age verification - which is a work in progress or WIP. :)
[10:17] Marquette i found out about this meeting on twitter, is there an in-world Group for notifications about meetings?
[10:17] Vincent Nacon no
[10:17] Vincent Nacon make time to show up on your own
[10:17] Marquette ah, kk
[10:18] Vincent Nacon it's a public meeting, meaning anyone can join.
[10:18] MartinRJ Fayray: you can join the advanced worlds group, there is a notification, I believe

[10:18] Innula Zenovka it was posted in the Adult Content Forum, and I bumped it up earlier today, but prolly not many people read that
[10:18] MartinRJ Fayray: but that's non-official!

[10:18] Zada Bury Here you can read also about:
[10:18] Xiola Linden There was also mention of the speed of the monorail - this is a land thing. We can send the feedback along. Zada - this was one of your items, I believe
[10:19] Vincent Nacon I use my own phone to remind me of meeting
[10:19] Marquette okies, i'll bookmark that, thanks!
[10:19] Zada Bury Yes
[10:20] Zada Bury the thing is that fast, I can guarantee a crash ... or see nothing.
[10:20] Xiola Linden zoom zoom
[10:20] Vincent Nacon or new grey world
[10:20] Xiola Linden crash
[10:20] Vincent Nacon and more group invite
[10:20] Zada Bury As "that" eye-catcher", it was announced before 2 years, I would suggest a little slower speed and more friendly sim-crossings and so on.
[10:20] Vincent Nacon and some other chat spam
[10:20] Xiola Linden thanks, Zada
[10:21] Xiola Linden I think the last one I have from you is about the Exploringzindra flickr-group
[10:21] Zada Bury Mmmm ... ok ... if we Residents see "Zoom-Zooom, crash" ... why not also LL?
[10:21] Vincent Nacon sim crossing should get better soon, as they got new codes in the work and might be rolling out soon in RC
[10:21] Xiola Linden That is an account we are still deciding what to do
[10:22] Innula Zenovka what's happened to Viale? he was on the roof a minute ago
[10:22] Vincent Nacon I banned him for being late
[10:22] Zada Bury Vincent ... my DSL-connection allow more connection speed than the LL-servers support ... but best you see "things" from the landscape ... try, then you will see.
[10:22] Xiola Linden We'll send the feedback along re: the monorail speed
[10:23] Vincent Nacon (no idea what happened to him)
[10:23] Xiola Linden he's still trying to get here
[10:23] Zada Bury *smirks* I gues he follow the landing-point I send ...
[10:23] Innula Zenovka there he is
[10:24] Qie Zada, it's not nice to TP Lindens to your dungeon. Unless they ask, of course.
[10:24] Zada Bury He's sitting in the "smoker edge" ... heya Viale ^_^
[10:24] only in sl hi
[10:24] Innula Zenovka hi
[10:24] Xiola Linden Hello! :-))
[10:24] Xiola Linden Viale
[10:24] Qie Hi Viale.
[10:24] Zada Bury Who say, I am nice, Qie?
[10:24] Zada Bury Also it's a Linden-builing with a seating place on the roof ...
[10:25] Qie Zada, I believe you... but then, I've never been to your dungeon. As far as you know, anyway. :p
[10:25] Xiola Linden we were just about to talk about martin's item
[10:25] MartinRJ Fayray: yes

[10:25] MartinRJ Fayray: :) great

[10:26] Xiola Linden RE: a Jira or support request type to submit problems with adult filters
[10:27] only in sl We did follow-up on that and adult events are enabled
[10:27] only in sl I see them all the time
[10:28] only in sl seems like a filter issue
[10:28] only in sl instead of JIRA - I recommend taking that up wityh support
[10:28] MartinRJ Fayray: well most support types are only available for premium members

[10:28] MartinRJ Fayray: and most members are non-premium, so these cases will still end up in the jira

[10:28] MartinRJ Fayray: and get closed, because LL sends them to support

[10:28] Vincent Nacon or maybe people are just not following the rules and working around that filter?
[10:28] MartinRJ Fayray: :D

[10:28] only in sl Support does handle all issues
[10:29] Vincent Nacon you gotta make sure it's not really broken as it seem
[10:29] only in sl and land owners and premiums get elevated support
[10:29] MartinRJ Fayray: basic support has only a very limited selection of support types

[10:29] only in sl we found no technical issues
[10:29] MartinRJ Fayray: like a sim-restart requesat.

[10:30] only in sl Copy on your support ticket Martin
[10:30] MartinRJ Fayray: I'm good with a support type, but you should make sure that it will be available for basic-members

[10:30] only in sl
[10:30] only in sl thanks
[10:30] Xiola Linden cc: community
[10:30] Vincent Nacon maybe basic-member with some age
[10:30] MartinRJ Fayray: hehe

[10:30] Xiola Linden ok, I think we touched on the items I had on the agenda
[10:31] Vincent Nacon I don't mean RL age but SL account age
[10:31] only in sl waves to Innula
[10:31] only in sl Have not seen you in a bit
[10:31] Marquette do you guys have time for a question?
[10:31] Innula Zenovka /me waves to Viale.. long time no see
[10:32] Innula Zenovka you should come to the BDSM hub more, viale..
[10:32] only in sl Ok!
[10:32] Marquette is LL planning on doing any kind of advertising? it seems traffic is going down
[10:32] only in sl Not exactly true
[10:33] Xiola Linden This meeting is specifically for Adult Content related agenda items
[10:33] only in sl Active Ad campaigns continue
[10:33] Vincent Nacon better question is....
[10:33] Vincent Nacon where are you putting ads?
[10:33] only in sl How do you promote yourself @marquette?
[10:34] Marquette good answer viale!
[10:34] only in sl What is your twitter?
[10:34] Vincent Nacon /me sighs...
[10:34] Marquette @mastermarquette
[10:35] Marquette i'm just a concerned adult resi, i just concerned about SL is all
[10:35] only in sl Do you blog?
[10:35] only in sl In the affiliate program? Destination Guide?
[10:35] Marquette i been concentrating on having sex, but i can blog
[10:36] only in sl OK
[10:36] only in sl priorities
[10:36] Marquette rofl
[10:36] only in sl I will tell you this - Reg was up 50% in the 2nd half of last year
[10:36] Marquette awesom!
[10:36] MartinRJ Fayray: wow that's great:)

[10:36] only in sl we are currently running 20% up this year
[10:36] only in sl bringing the traffic
[10:37] Innula Zenovka that's up on what?
[10:37] only in sl you may have noticed at reg we have an age verfication email
[10:37] only in sl so the adult group is well represented
[10:37] Innula Zenovka i mean, 50% on the previous half year, or the half year of the previous year, or what?
[10:38] Qie It does seem that concurrency may be finally turning the corner, too. -- although it's some heavy statistical manipulation behind that "underlying trend" curve.
[10:38] only in sl year over year
[10:38] Innula Zenovka thanks
[10:38] only in sl we continue to have issues with stickiness
[10:38] only in sl SL is hard for noobies
[10:38] Innula Zenovka /me refrains from making a vulgar remark
[10:38] Marquette i have a comment there
[10:38] only in sl and highly addictive for existing folks
[10:38] Vincent Nacon noobs or newbies?
[10:38] only in sl we all know this
[10:39] MartinRJ Fayray: a very high priority-issue: gmail blocked the email address that sends account verification email

[10:39] only in sl Thanks Martin
[10:39] MartinRJ Fayray: so 99% of users will never get their account verification email

[10:39] Marquette i noticed that there are vendors who sell and all-in-one AV: shape, skin, hair, clothes...
[10:39] only in sl we watch deliverability of all isps and across countries
[10:39] Marquette could be a lot easier for noobs to get started quick
[10:39] only in sl We send out seeds to all isps
[10:39] MartinRJ Fayray: SECONDLIFE@E.SECONDLIFE.COM is blocked by gmail as spam

[10:39] only in sl we will double check with Google postmaster
[10:40] only in sl cool
[10:40] MartinRJ Fayray: ok thank you viale

[10:40] only in sl we will fix that
[10:40] only in sl the 3 emails at registration have been very effective
[10:40] only in sl gues which one does the best?
[10:40] Vincent Nacon oh that reminds me....
[10:41] Qie oh, actually, speaking of making it easier to get started -- any word on another web-based viewer trial? The one before seemed promising, IMHO.
[10:41] Vincent Nacon I don't have the name or the URL but I've reported a punk gone around spamming group with a URL leading them to a fake SL login page
[10:41] Vincent Nacon it was yestorday
[10:41] Zada Bury not only yesterday ...
[10:41] only in sl Ok
[10:41] Vincent Nacon you too eh?
[10:42] only in sl I have been reminded that we are off agenda
[10:42] Vincent Nacon yup
[10:42] Qie (true)
[10:42] Vincent Nacon muhaha!
[10:42] only in sl I have to go
[10:42] only in sl miss you guys
[10:42] Zada Bury Take care, Viale
[10:42] Qie thanks Viale
[10:42] Huntress Catteneo there is a lot of spam scams going around in groups atm
[10:42] Xiola Linden Keep the agenda items coming in
[10:42] Marquette thanks!
[10:42] Xiola Linden
[10:42] Huntress Catteneo worse than normal
[10:42] only in sl Thanks Marquette
[10:42] only in sl Huntress
[10:42] only in sl I was on vacay
[10:42] only in sl I am back
[10:43] Huntress Catteneo really?? not a ghost? lol
[10:43] only in sl as Xiola mentioned continue to report to support
[10:43] Xiola Linden I think we are on for the third monday of the month.
[10:43] only in sl the tickets need to show up
[10:43] Marquette ah cool
[10:43] only in sl I cannot help 24/7
[10:43] Xiola Linden thanks, all!
[10:43] only in sl bye
[10:43] Qie Thanks Xiola
[10:43] only in sl Bye Qie, innula, and Zada