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Transcript for Monday June 20, 2011

[11:04] Zada Bury Heya I see blue!
[11:05] Couldbe still as chatty as ever I see
[11:05] Viale Hello
[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo Hi Viale
[11:05] Zada Bury WElcome to Viale and Slaton
[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo Hi Slaton
[11:05] Slaton Linden Hello everyone
[11:05] Viale Ok with text chat?
[11:05] Zada Bury That's only text chat, here
[11:05] Hypatia Meili usualy is
[11:05] Viale cool
[11:05] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Hello SLaton and Viale
[11:05] Clovis Luik hello
[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo welcoem to ACUG
[11:05] Zada Bury The sim is laggy, if we here
[11:05] Viale Slaton and I will be attending these meetings going forward
[11:05] Hypatia Meili inspite of th hipe most user do not use voice
[11:06] Hypatia Meili its just onby default
[11:06] Viale we have read the transcripts
[11:06] Ginette Pinazzo how far back did you go, Viale?
[11:06] Viale I would like to propse the following discussion points
[11:06] Viale zindra region
[11:06] Viale zexpo region
[11:07] Zada Bury Zada Bury rolling the car with folders in. "We have there some for you since 2010."

[11:07] Viale group ownership
[11:07] Viale OK?
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo are we abanding the agenda for these points, Viale?
[11:07] Hypatia Meili do not break th curent in the works zexpo please
[11:07] Viale Yes
[11:07] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Sounds good to me viale
[11:07] Viale since these were the main issues last week
[11:08] Zada Bury Mmmm ... Ok.
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo last week wqas an anamoly that broke 18 months of progress....but ok
[11:08] Hypatia Meili those workin onit need land access
[11:09] Viale Tell me your thoughts on Zindra (region) within the estate. Should Linden remove this region?
[11:09] Couldbe no
[11:09] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik No
[11:09] Clovis Luik NO
[11:09] Viale why is it useful?
[11:09] Hypatia Meili no
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo Ziundra the SIm......was to be come eventually soem sort of infoo and/or marekting areas
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo it can be useful if iyt is used as it was agreed upon back then , when Blondin agreed to make it part of the 4 Corners of Zindra plan. which we have bene adopting
[11:10] Zada Bury It's a way to make the mainland stronger and become more interested for people.
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo Zindra sim was propsoed to be renamed...such as Zindra Promenade
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo an reas for medium sized eevnts
[11:11] Hypatia Meili a welcome to zindra point
[11:11] Viale Is it succeeding as a welcome area?
[11:11] Hypatia Meili it neds to be obvious tho that its not ALL of zindra
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo its barely developed first it was a marketing nightmare because of its name
[11:11] Clovis Luik Zindra should be the welcome Hub for the continent
[11:11] Zada Bury It is created with some buildings from the moles as "Mall".
[11:12] Couldbe I've never understood why it was not made into another welcome area
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo COULD be, but Podyan is being developed as aboth an Adult and Modetare area welcoeming center
[11:12] Slaton Linden Is Zindra sim really being used effectively as a starting location at this point though?
[11:12] Couldbe no
[11:12] Innula Zenovka no, Slaton, it isn't
[11:12] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik It could be successful if made into a welcome area for the contintent
[11:12] Hypatia Meili not yet
[11:12] Clovis Luik no its not being used effectively
[11:12] Innula Zenovka but that's not for want of trying
[11:12] Zada Bury Actually not.
[11:12] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Not right now no
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo at this point, Slaton, it ws on the next area to be developed, after teh Vortex has been
[11:12] Viale Ok
[11:12] Couldbe the build was only part completed and was supposed to become part of the lottery
[11:12] Couldbe but the lottery was cancelled before we had the chance to participate
[11:13] Viale sounds like everyone wants this starting point
[11:13] Couldbe and so it has languished ever since
[11:13] Viale Can you as a community - select 4 residents to manage this piece
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, we were working on a big, long term plan...thats sim is/was part of it
[11:13] Zada Bury It was used for some events. Maybe there was an other plan at the moles, becasue it seems to be planed as a mall.
[11:13] Viale Please present these managers next week
[11:13] Couldbe part of your plan perhaps but not agreed by the rest of us ginette
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo agred on by LL, Couldbe
[11:14] Hypatia Meili no we cant sevral neigh sayer
[11:14] Hypatia Meili wee ned a neutrl to mediate selection
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo Viale,m youi woudl ned to see the overall 4 cornmers program and see hwo it get the best oicture
[11:14] Zada Bury We will look for some, all agree with ... ok, "the most agree", Ciale.
[11:14] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik apparently not agreed upon by LL it seems
[11:14] Viale We need community involvement or you will have status quo
[11:14] Hypatia Meili we can nominate
[11:14] Viale We cannot manage the community for you
[11:15] Couldbe we don't want you to manage the community
[11:15] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik what do you envision the managers doing viale?
[11:15] Couldbe we just want you to deal with the issues that we raise
[11:15] Couldbe you make your decision in light of what you percieve is best for LL
[11:15] Zada Bury Have you some wishes for these managers? Preferences? Orders?
[11:15] Ginette Pinazzo Viale, Slaton, are you open to receving documenation that gets you 'up tpo speed' on such areas?
[11:16] Couldbe why can't you just make that one a welcome area and be done with it
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo first item abt that sim is it nees to be renamed....that an argument that needs ot be settled soon
[11:16] Viale LL doesnt want to manage the day to day of the sim
[11:16] Couldbe you can appoint however many managers you want for the expo sims as that has very little to do with the rest of us
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo because Podyan is the welcoem area
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo or will be
[11:16] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik and so can Zindra be
[11:16] Clovis Luik podyan is an island detached from anything
[11:17] Ginette Pinazzo and Podyan will be veen better because its both Moderate and Adult
[11:17] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Zindra region is in the middle of the continent
[11:17] Zada Bury Heya Lexie.
[11:17] Innula Zenovka what do you mean by "managing the day to day of the sim"? Checking the sim fps and restarting it if necessary, dealing with griefers and so on, like my sim managers do?
[11:17] Viale You guys decide this approach or keep the zindra sim as is. Let us know for next week
[11:18] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik ok
[11:18] Clovis Luik sounds good
[11:18] Innula Zenovka or will the managers have more far-reaching powers, like turning it into a welcome area or organising a lottery for the commercial space there?
[11:18] Couldbe no you need to do it. if you think that it's in LLs best interests to roll it in with the expo, fine.
[11:18] Couldbe if you want to turn it into a hub - fine
[11:18] Couldbe don't go pushing this back onto us
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo Viale. you dotn want any material for catch up? Im not going to botehr gatehring material if you dotn want it
[11:19] Clovis Luik Zindra should be the welcome hub events should be elsewhere
[11:19] Clovis Luik end of story
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo Ziundar CANNOT stay the name of that sim;...its a marketing nightmare...we must discss thast during the week
[11:19] Hypatia Meili ok we need to have another meeting, just the residents then
[11:19] Couldbe agreed Clovis
[11:19] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik I agree also Clovis
[11:19] Viale no catch up necessary - moving forward
[11:19] Viale Zexpo
[11:19] Couldbe we agreed months ago that the name should be changed
[11:19] Viale what is the issue here?
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo zexpo is rthe name of the event on that island curerntly...
[11:19] Couldbe it's not our fault if blondin didn't run with it
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo teher isnt any issue
[11:20] Couldbe however - Zindra must stay part of it's name
[11:20] Slaton Linden GineDancer, sounds like a smart approach, but you all should decide together if it's 3, 5 whatever. Point is that Ginette, we're focused on moving fwd, so don't need a catch up. Thank you though
[11:20] Couldbe and it should stay where it is
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo (yes Zindar MUST be in the name...but not the entiryet of ots name)
[11:20] Viale should zexpo be a group or a place or both
[11:20] Couldbe ffs ginette - we went through this months ago
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo ZEXPO is the namew of thge event
[11:20] Couldbe are you deliberately being contentious?
[11:20] Hypatia Meili it is curently needed to runth upcomin expo or we wont have one
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo couldbe ..we went rthrough it....and it was approved the way Im saying)
[11:21] Hypatia Meili evenif we do something difre later
[11:21] Lexie No personal attacks in this meeting. Keep it nice folks. Thanks
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo the island is knoown as ZEXPO Island, but we have seasonal events there
[11:21] Zada Bury "ZExpo" (short for "Zindra Esxpo...sition") is the name of an Event. It is also the name of a Group (Zindra EXPO).
[11:21] Viale does everytone want zexpo to exist for events or just a group for event updates
[11:21] Hypatia Meili it is a land aces group for th even lands
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo the events are KEY to building PR...its been proven
[11:21] Couldbe I have no preference as it has nothing to do with me or my interests
[11:21] Viale Where is counter
[11:21] Hypatia Meili with out the land we wont have expos
[11:22] Zada Bury At the weekend he was out of town.
[11:22] Hypatia Meili seasonal or other wise
[11:22] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Counter has been having trouble getting access to online
[11:22] Viale OK
[11:22] Ginette Pinazzo I am not sure what the iissue with ZEXPO the island is...of the Zindra Expo group, for that matter
[11:23] Slaton Linden Who's involved w/ the Expo now?
[11:23] Ginette Pinazzo I am producing it, along with a team of abt 15 peoepl
[11:23] Viale who are the key event managers for the upcoming august event?
[11:23] Kaleu Voir Greetings i am kaleu
[11:23] Zada Bury Ginette leading this special event.
[11:24] Zada Bury But we are a team, which makes the different parts.
[11:24] Viale we will need to assign a group owner for zexpo
[11:24] Ginette Pinazzo are you talking about the event..or the group...because its differehnt entities
[11:24] Viale zexpo group owner is blonden - correct?
[11:24] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik it was
[11:24] Hypatia Meili yes
[11:25] Ginette Pinazzo yes
[11:25] Ginette Pinazzo its an LL group and needs tro stay that way
[11:25] Zada Bury Yes, he was creating the group.
[11:25] Viale we need a new owner
[11:25] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik a resident?
[11:25] Slaton Linden both, really. We want to remove ourselves from any part requiring management
[11:25] Hypatia Meili LL can assing officer as needed
[11:25] Couldbe I would say it needs to be closed and if ginette wants to set up a new group for people interested in the expo she should
[11:25] Zada Bury Can we make it the 5(?) which also make the Zindra-sim?
[11:25] Hypatia Meili hmm
[11:25] Viale yes
[11:25] Viale yes Zada
[11:25] Viale that would be good
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo No Couldbe! you are trying to undo abt 18 months of hard work by hundreds of peoepl!
[11:26] Hypatia Meili ther wont be an expo with out the LL land!
[11:26] Zada Bury Is it then ok, we tell you next week?
[11:26] Hypatia Meili does any one get that?
[11:26] Viale Next week
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo you dotn have to manage, Slaton...but ownrship itself can be passive
[11:26] Couldbe I would suggest that LL close the group
[11:26] Slaton Linden Coulbie, why do you say it should be closed off?
[11:26] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik SO Zexpo will become a resident owned group that has control over linden owned land?
[11:26] Hypatia Meili and killthe expo?
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo Couldbe.....what in ehavens anme are yuou saying?
[11:27] Ginette Pinazzo Viuale.....Slaton....I need to addres sthis...can i say soemthing?
[11:27] Couldbe because the word expo has become associated with one particular even there rather than the original intention and I won't bore you with the politics of it
[11:28] Couldbe I would recommend that the group be closed and after the zexpo the regions be removed until the event next year
[11:28] Ginette Pinazzo the success of everything Zindra Expo ngroup is done is trackable....the succcess of events on that iusland..trackable.......
[11:28] Hypatia Meili ther ar multiple expos in SL
[11:28] Zada Bury I agree in this point with Dancer. Manageing we can ... but als some Linden-staff showing would be look ... good.
[11:29] Ginette Pinazzo I woudl suggest to thr Lindenss to recognize that therte is progress...and there is regression...why do you want to regress whenweve done so much?
[11:29] Zada Bury Not they would have to do something/much.
[11:29] Ginette Pinazzo ZE being an LL group has always presented a clear message that LL really 'supports' Zindra and adult SL in general. This is important to reverse public perception that LL has abandoned Adult. ZE has evolved to be a positive force with trackable results. At a time when LL needs strong marketing direction, this is a win-win. the last thing you'd ever want to do is turn ZE into resident-owned because.. a) LL groups that become resident-owned historically fall apart b) structural changes should not be undertaken while we re in the midst of transition, especially as we've been doing well and on an upward spiral (as far as PR goes) c) LL needs to continue to show support of Zindra and Adult, and this group is main way to do that
[11:29] Couldbe it's not undoing the work. It's being pragmatic about the resources and the benefits for LL and the community
[11:29] Viale We need 4-5 Residents to partner with us on responible for zexpo and zindra sim
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo Viale.,.,.,you need to clarify whether tyour referring to ZEXPO Island (the land and its events) or the group Zindra Expo.....its a difefernce in each case
[11:30] Zada Bury *nods* We will.
[11:30] Hypatia Meili Couldbe, and how would you sugest that we continue the program without the group?
[11:30] Hypatia Meili i agre there are problems
[11:30] Viale All things Zexpo
[11:31] Couldbe what is the programme Hypatia?
[11:31] Viale Ok
[11:31] Hypatia Meili on goin events
[11:31] Couldbe and if its about the zindra community then I would suggest a Zindra community group outside of LL control should be more appropriate
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo Viale...Slaton..I can present to you a 'progfarm'; thats bene written and HEAVIULY supported by ZE
[11:31] Hypatia Meili thatis a difren topic actulty
[11:32] Viale Do you guys want to go back to the agenda for the next 30 min
[11:32] Hypatia Meili ZEXPO is th land group for events
[11:32] Hypatia Meili now th questionhas beemis should it alos fuction as a comunuty group
[11:32] Zada Bury The "Zexpo" (like other Events, for example the "Art Maze") are useing 4 Sims, which make an island there: Distrel (128,128,25) These Sims are LL-owned.
[11:32] Ginette Pinazzo no actually ZEXPO is just the name of an enet....and that island...the group is a bit more
[11:32] Slaton Linden Couldbe, that is what we want. The group should not be under LL management
[11:32] Viale +1 Slaton
[11:32] Ginette Pinazzo why Slaton?
[11:33] Viale SL is about the residents - not lindens
[11:33] Couldbe then I really do strongly recommend that the group be closed and people given the option of joining a resident group
[11:33] Innula Zenovka i like the idea of a separate Zindra Community Group.. leaves us more scope here to discuss issues about adult content and policies that affect everyone, not just ones parochial to Zindra
[11:33] Hypatia Meili it controls LL land whatis th deal then in light of that?
[11:33] Ginette Pinazzo I agree......but you dotn see many ewxamples iof LL-owned groups that have reallyu help set up a foundation, inspirinf residenst to do the same?
[11:33] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Agreed Innula
[11:34] Ginette Pinazzo the perception out there is often that LL is abadoning adulkt and Zindra.....thius action would only add fuel to that fire
[11:34] Hypatia Meili yes it would
[11:34] Hypatia Meili I also donot see why evemif it is not a comunty group as such we can not share comunty news in it
[11:34] Hypatia Meili it is fullof comunity residents
[11:34] Viale Are there other agenda items that you would like to address?
[11:34] Ginette Pinazzo closing it, etc will KILL ZEWXPO, the events...the entire past 18 months, and will make this worse than it is now
[11:35] Couldbe LL has abandoned adult content - a group with their name on it will not change that
[11:35] Hypatia Meili its not nessary to mange it full time
[11:35] Hypatia Meili just hold over seeing powers
[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo yes I d liek to presenbt my item a bt meeting, from the agenda
[11:35] Hypatia Meili hey counter
[11:35] Counter Landfall Hi everyone
[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo 'the 'How to have Better ACUG Meetings' items
[11:35] Clovis Luik Hi Counter
[11:36] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Hey COunter
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo Ill procveed if you want, Lindens
[11:36] Viale please
[11:37] Viale Its your meeting
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo ok...
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo PREMISE......
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo I believe a lot of the dysfunction in the meetings can be addressed and turned into very positive energy with an improved meeting format and chairperson style. There are so many benefits that the right attitude can bring to meetings, so that they actually become fun and productive. Not only can we minimize negative behaviors, but we can encourage more involvement with the right set of 'meeting tools'........
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo If I were meeting chair, here are some techniques I would employ. (I would probably phase these in slowly, not all at once)........
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo Before a meeting starts, I would ask for 3 quick volunteers:........
[11:38] Viale can you guys nominate a chair and a format
[11:38] Couldbe this is supposed to be a LL user group
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo 1, SCRIBE........ ....someone who simply records the Chat Log, from start to finish, then edits the log later (to clean out any noise), then saves it in a notecard for future use. (what will we do with that transcript? that's a separate but important topic, but let's make sure we are getting it recorded first)........
[11:38] Couldbe a LL person should be chairing it
[11:38] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Yes - it should be run as the Lindends see fit
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo gee. I though that LL wanted OUT of managing things, eh?
[11:39] Ginette Pinazzo 2. GREETER....... ....someone who notes every person in the room, records the attendance, and welcomes any arrivals, including late arrivals. Later, the attendance record can be sent to Scribe to be included in transcript. .......
[11:39] Couldbe you cannot keep pushing this stuff back onto us - I know it makes it convient when the time to blame comes but this is a LL responsibility
[11:39] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik This is LL office hour...or at least it used to be
[11:39] Ginette Pinazzo couldbe...removing LL from ZE group is trhee worst form of 'pushing back evewr,,.,,now can i this is likely the :LAST meeting I will ever attend
[11:39] Counter Landfall Is it not the adult user group meeting?
[11:39] Hypatia Meili i nominate Ginnete but think, LL shold be running it. it is a "User group"
[11:39] Ginette Pinazzo 3. ASSISTANT....... Assists Chair in IM to remind if anyone's voice has not been heard, or who has been accidentally ignored. This is an effort to build more participation. Also, hands out items if necessary. .....
[11:40] Counter Landfall what group?
[11:40] Ginette Pinazzo Here are two other meeting-related positions I would strongly encourage:.....
[11:40] Hypatia Meili this meeting
[11:40] Viale we would like to be more of a listening partner
[11:40] Ginette Pinazzo 1. WIKI MANAGER Helps keep the agenda wiki clean and organised. Empowered to edit/shuffle items only if our procedure deems it necessary. During meetings, reminds everyone of the agenda URLs for agenda itself and each topic.......
[11:40] Hypatia Meili first off
[11:41] Ginette Pinazzo 2. ADVOCATE(s)....... This person's name is prominently displayed on wiki and/or other literature as someone who can fairly present topics at meeting if the original person is not present. Multiple advocates might be necessary eventually.......This is very important improvement that starts to involve more people....people who cannot attend meetings!.......
[11:41] Couldbe you are LL - the owners of this platform. There is no "listening partnership"
[11:41] Zada Bury How are other OfficeHours working?
[11:41] Vick Forcella Hi all :)
[11:41] Ginette Pinazzo now...3 final enhacements.....(almost done..please listen!)
[11:41] Viale Can you guys come up with an agreed upon format and we will review
[11:41] Ginette Pinazzo 1. The CPG........ As LL states: "All Residents who join user groups must comply with the new Community Participation Guidelines" ....... I would insist we try to follow those Guidelines at meetings. They are mostly common sense, and prohibit a lot of the Harassment, Insults and Flaming that we've experienced here in the past........
[11:42] Hypatia Meili ther ar no offcie hours , just User groups now
[11:42] Zada Bury Heya Vick.
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo 2. ANNOUNCEMENTS..... I'd probably also include a very short Announcements segment, whereby anyone can announce an item (an event, activity, whatever) that would be of interest or use to Zindra, or adult SL.
[11:42] Vick Forcella I see Lindens, always good for business
[11:42] Couldbe only after you tell us the scope and objectives of this office hour of yours Viale - the format is obviously dependent on that
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo finally....
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo 3. CHALLENGE TOPICS At the end of every meeting, I would issue a special 'Challenge Topic', designed to get everyone thinking about a problem so they can bring proposed solutions to next meeting. The emphasis will always be on proposals and solutions, not just endless banter. The idea is to also encourage people to get together during the week and brainstorm, to develop ideas that they finally present at a future meeting. Of course, people can suggest their own Challenge Topic after we've got a good rhythm going....
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo Typical Topics might be: ...... - Programs that might attract more businesses to open offices in Zindra...... - Programs that might help beautify Zindra..... - Programs that will help market Adult Side of Second Life offworld.......
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo CONCLUSION....... I think with a format that encourages more interaction, and really solicits new ideas for the residents, these meetings can become something which we might all anticpate with excitement.
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo FIN
[11:43] Kaleu Voir Bravo
[11:43] Innula Zenovka why Zindra all the time? it's not the only adult content on the grid, and it's certainly not that typical
[11:43] Counter Landfall Counter Landfall wonders why we are defining formats of Linde Lab meetings?

[11:43] Ginette Pinazzo thoughts, Lindens?
[11:43] Counter Landfall don't you guys have a set standard for the format and what you want to accheive in these meetings?
[11:43] Ginette Pinazzo if you look at the otehr user goup meetings, they are all different
[11:43] Counter Landfall what are the purpose of these meetings : question to Linden Lab
[11:43] Hypatia Meili becaus LL said they dont wan to run it any more, if i followed that right
[11:43] Couldbe I think that issues around zindra should go to the mainland meeting on a wednesday (? can't remember the day)
[11:44] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik you guys meaning Lindens, Counter?
[11:44] Counter Landfall Indded
[11:44] Counter Landfall this is their meeting
[11:44] Counter Landfall what is the purpose of having these meetings Linden lab rep?
[11:44] Viale we will continue to moderate
[11:44] Hypatia Meili apparently none :(
[11:44] Vick Forcella You are incorrect Counter. We set the agenda, Linden Lab is here to assist
[11:44] Couldbe moderate what?
[11:44] Viale howeveer, it will be more productive if you run it
[11:45] Slaton Linden Ginette, we'll take a look and circle back, but as we've stated throughout this meeting it's really a decision for you as community to decide
[11:45] Counter Landfall thse meetings are organized by Linden Lab per the wiki and the blog post on these meetings?
[11:45] Counter Landfall so what is the corporate purpose of having these meetings?
[11:45] Vick Forcella no, it's our meeting, we are in control
[11:45] Couldbe it's a user group viale - if LL does not want to run it then cancel it
[11:45] Couldbe simple
[11:46] Viale Is that what you guys want
[11:46] Couldbe if we wanted to get together to organise something between ourselves we would, and we have
[11:46] Counter Landfall agree Couldbe
[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo ok.......eevryone..lets hera comments on what I just proposed...ok? anyone? anything Productive to say?
[11:46] Vick Forcella Linden Lab is here to pull a sting out, and give us many free sims
[11:46] Couldbe no but that's what you want
[11:46] Counter Landfall Could the rep from Linden LB EXPLAIN WHAT ARE THE PURPOSE OF THESE MEETINGS?
[11:46] Couldbe don't try blaming us for your decisions - we've all been around too long not to see that inevitable outcome
[11:46] FooBar Personaly I think its about taking responsibility for the community that you created. Being independent from and not dependent on LL
[11:46] Counter Landfall sorry for caps
[11:46] Zada Bury Oh, we not want to cancel it.
[11:46] Hypatia Meili its what some want, no idea why they attend then
[11:47] Viale what are your expectattions from this meeting
[11:47] Couldbe then what is the scope and the objectives of these meetings?
[11:47] Counter Landfall dont turn the question please
[11:47] Slaton Linden what are your expectations in terms of LL involvement in this meeting?
[11:47] Counter Landfall why do you Linden Lab have these meetings?
[11:47] Zada Bury "Enhances for our SLs here on an adult mainland".
[11:47] Couldbe These are supposed to be LL run user groups - what does LL expect from these meetings?
[11:47] Vick Forcella We want a listening ear so Linden Lab includes Adult in their advertising, since Second Life is Adult
[11:47] Viale To support you
[11:47] Counter Landfall let me quote the mmeo that was ent to Amanda
[11:48] Counter Landfall from Zindra Allinace
[11:48] Hypatia Meili we hav gotten booge downinth zexpo question but there ar other issues
[11:48] Counter Landfall onse sec
[11:48] Couldbe to support us in what?
[11:48] Viale we are not managing your community. Just supporting it
[11:48] Counter Landfall Our expectations to Linden Lab
[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo no one has contructoive comments about the actiual proposal I managed to read out?
[11:48] Hypatia Meili LLs suport on beter visiblity of adult to those who whish to aces it
[11:48] Counter Landfall As described above, the majority of our members are business owners. – We are here to do business.
[11:48] Couldbe this has nothing to do with managing the community - and there are many different communities here
[11:48] Viale We will review Ginette
[11:49] Viale Ok 10 min
[11:49] Couldbe what I want to know is what LL have as an objective for user groups
[11:49] Viale should we recap for next week
[11:49] Couldbe this is supposed to be about zindra and adult content - they are not identical
[11:49] Kraptacular Kat and linden lab should be aware that the adult industry in real life is second only to cosmetics and I dont doubt the same holds true here
[11:49] Viale 1) group to come up with 4-5 names to manage the zindra sim and zexpo group
[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo Viale...Slaton.....Ill go on record as saying you read a transcript from last week which was a real anamoly......and now those who wanted to derail ahve done so even more....I canrt say I want to be involvced in an unprofessional process anyore......
[11:50] Kraptacular Kat adult content =money
[11:50] Viale 2) Viale and slaton to review proposals for meeting format
[11:50] Couldbe breedables = money and I don't see a breedables usergroup
[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo sorry....but how on earth can I continue the productoin of ZEXPO (for exampel) with this instabvility
[11:51] Hypatia Meili breedables = lag
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo we are in transition, we need stability
[11:51] Kraptacular Kat breedables= useless
[11:51] Zada Bury shh
[11:51] Couldbe possibly but huge money
[11:51] Vick Forcella I agree, stability is the key at this moment
[11:51] Kraptacular Kat and so is adult coulbe
[11:51] Viale Please post your proposals for format on the wiki
[11:51] Couldbe now perhaps before we start to talk formats LL should decide what the scope is and what the objective of a user group is
[11:52] Zada Bury The Agenda is there, as you know.
[11:52] Vick Forcella We define that Couldbe
[11:52] Counter Landfall I still have not hear any other prupose of theis meeting but to organize the zexpo event group
[11:52] Couldbe again I would recommend that zindra issues go to the mainland group because it is notionally mainland
[11:52] Counter Landfall and some free sims
[11:52] Couldbe and we leave the adult content for the monday meeting
[11:52] Counter Landfall sis that why you instituted the adult content user group?
[11:52] Ginette Pinazzo that is not true counter...these meetings do a lot when format is need to follow format to get involved
[11:52] Counter Landfall ypou neet to take input not only from yourself Ginette
[11:52] Counter Landfall I am asking Linden Lab
[11:53] Couldbe they don't do anything for adult content
[11:53] Innula Zenovka i would particularly welcome clarification about whether this group is about Adult Content or Zindra.. like Couldbe, I think local Zindra issues and initiatives belong somewhere else
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo Lindens...there is soemthing called momentum....we have it...its been is danegrous to make radical changes now
[11:53] Hypatia Meili counter,, search concerns for adult, verfication proceces & info etc
[11:53] Counter Landfall what is the prupose of the adult content user group and these meetings
[11:53] Counter Landfall they ahve insituted themeeting
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo this has ALWAYS been a Zindar meeting, and then the Adulkt Content meetings meregd into it....its dual purpose now
[11:53] Counter Landfall they must have a purpose
[11:53] Vick Forcella To get help from Linden Lab
[11:53] Hypatia Meili it was sarted for zindra but blondin expanded it to al adult
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo this was alwats first and foremkst about its two-part, which is fine if managed propeorly'
[11:53] Counter Landfall I want to hear it from Linden lab, not you Ginette please
[11:54] Vick Forcella promoting SL, Disneyfication, Adultverification
[11:54] Hypatia Meili Zexpo is primarly zindra a promotion
[11:54] Slaton Linden Couldbe, understood. We need to put a little more thought into what we, LL, wants to achieve with this meeting. We'll have a better answer to that question next week.
[11:54] Vick Forcella We are in control Counter
[11:54] Couldbe it was about adult content on zindra originally as when it was first set up all it was, was adult businesses
[11:54] Kaleu Voir Eureka ----- I see you guys have a problem in manage the situation ,LL dont have time ,you guys dont get what you need and want ,why not create a main manager ,that have time to create meetings listen and bring to LL ?
[11:54] Couldbe Then once you have your objectives Slaton, we can work with that to make this run smoothly
[11:55] Counter Landfall exactly Couldbe
[11:55] Vick Forcella If we are better organised we can make LL jump though hoops if we want to
[11:55] Slaton Linden Couldbe, we're in total agreement that this must be a business relationship and not one of LL commenity management
[11:55] Viale sounds good
[11:55] Vick Forcella jump thought loops?
[11:55] Clovis Luik agreed
[11:55] Vick Forcella hehe
[11:55] Viale Thanks everyone
[11:56] Zada Bury Thank you, two.
[11:56] Clovis Luik TY
[11:56] Vick Forcella Is that a goodbye, so early?
[11:56] Zada Bury Lexie is gone, or?
[11:56] Vick Forcella Lexie is not gone
[11:56] FooBar \o/ yah
[11:56] Zada Bury Gone from the meeting.
[11:56] Ginette Pinazzo congratulations again...youuve managed to toss more wrenches..........ciao'
[11:56] Hypatia Meili will we keep sein difren Lindens here?
[11:57] Couldbe for the first time in years I'm almost optimistic we might get something good out of this
[11:57] Ginette Pinazzo sure you are couldbe...sure you are......
[11:57] Ginette Pinazzo ciao
[11:57] Vick Forcella we just need to get owr own act together
[11:57] Couldbe did she just flounce out again?
[11:57] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik apparently
[11:57] Vick Forcella looks like it
[11:57] Couldbe Couldbe rolls my eyes heavenwards

[11:58] Vick Forcella wow, do that again
[11:58] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik lol