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Transcript for Monday July 18, 2011

[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo welcome to the ACUG, all new faces!
[11:05] Viale Linden Hi zada
[11:05] Zada Bury *smirks* Cuddle with Gin?
[11:05] Counter Landfall Evening Viale
[11:05] Silvanus good evening Viale
[11:06] Ginette Pinazzo hello viale
[11:06] Viale Linden whoops
[11:06] Tortured Scientist oh neat. Viale absorbed Ginettes cloud
[11:06] Hypatia Meili hi viale
[11:06] Silvanus yep for me too
[11:07] Heuristic does anyone know what linden is suppose to show up?
[11:07] Viale Linden Hi Hypatia
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo no idea, heuristic
[11:07] Hypatia Meili oh so thats th fix for cloud form, havea linden sit on you!
[11:07] Heuristic watch none show :)
[11:07] Counter Landfall Evening Slaton
[11:08] Slaton Linden hello all
[11:08] Zada Bury Heya Slaton.
[11:08] Viale Linden No Vick today?
[11:08] Hypatia Meili hi Slaton
[11:08] Slaton Linden howdy
[11:08] Viale Linden OK - we should get started
[11:08] Silvanus hi Slaton : ) nice to meet you
[11:09] Slaton Linden hello silvanus, nice to meet you as well
[11:09] Viale Linden I wanted to update you on our progress since last session
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo the agenda was never updated from last week...though I added an item anywya, just so it wasnt stagnant
[11:10] Viale Linden Unfortunatley, we are still working on a solution for what to do with Zindra Sim (owned by Gov Linden)
[11:10] Viale Linden For now, we have decided to keep its name to maintain its search ranking
[11:10] Counter Landfall what seems to be the holdup?
[11:10] Counter Landfall great!
[11:11] Viale Linden Not saying it wont be changed, but we are keeping the status quo for now
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo its till very much in disucssion, of course
[11:12] Qie I'd like to be involved in those discussions, if they should ever veer toward changing the name.
[11:12] Counter Landfall maybe better spend energy on other discussions
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo Viale...did you read the 3 Compelling Reason I emailed you most recebntly?
[11:13] StarSong Bright Viale, it *would* be a good idea to add something to the parcel name though so that people are clear that they are in a sim in the center of the zindra continent
[11:13] Viale Linden Other developments - we briefed our creative team on ways to message Zindra & Adult content and will have a reco soon. We plan to use this to update the Help and How to in the destination guide. And possibly expand on teh destination guide
[11:14] Qie that sounds like important progress. The destination guide part, especially.
[11:14] Counter Landfall agreed Starsong, and Za has submitted an extensive proposal for that
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo yes the DG is a great development
[11:14] Viale Linden Agree Starsong. First we need to give the Zindra Purpose then we can promote what it is
[11:15] Temperance Hax Thank you for moving forward somewhat on the policing vortex adult sandbox, its good to see progress on undisputed things in existance and working well.
[11:15] Silvanus well, I experienced that even residents who are here for 2 years and more, and working as Escorts or other Adult things, dont know what Zindra is ^^
[11:15] Hypatia Meili yes ihave see that too
[11:15] Zada Bury I agree, Sil.
[11:16] Viale Linden Agree
[11:16] Zada Bury But some also not know they ARE on Zindra.
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo Vortex has been in DG for soemtimes, withj its Adutl Rating...which is intersting...DG already has soem Adult material in it
[11:16] Silvanus rith this too Zada ^^
[11:16] Slaton Linden yes, as a group we're looking to you to define and execute the Zindra experience
[11:16] Viale Linden Besides these 4 corners, are there any other issues to discuss?
[11:17] Ginette Pinazzo I have a nice small announcement
[11:17] Viale Linden ok
[11:17] Temperance Hax Id like an update on the sandbox please?
[11:17] Counter Landfall ZA would like an update on our submitted proposals
[11:17] Ginette Pinazzo I have few, really, but I can do one and see if you are tired of it after that..haha
[11:17] Temperance Hax We need a practical approach sometimes to maintain and improve working systems to make them less dependent on linden staff time
[11:17] Counter Landfall they seem to end in a vacuum
[11:17] Ginette Pinazzo my agenda item..Business Netwroking Week
[11:17] Temperance Hax ideas are ver lovely and phislosphyisgreat, just while theyhppen zindra marches on:)
[11:17] Counter Landfall you have created a secret 4 man Friday forum parallell to this meeting
[11:17] Viale Linden Ginette - pls proceed
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo ok Viale...procedeeding...
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo Kim Rongyu has joined ZEXPO to lead the Business Networking Committee, to help plan and facilitate a week's worth of special programming in the week leading up to ZEXPO opening day. There will be events led by us and also an automated system that people can use even when the events arent happening. ......
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo The concept? Exhibitors at ZEXPO will be encouraged to meet and develop collaborative business ideas...
[11:19] Viale Linden wow
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo There will be a 'reward system' for any 2 Exhibitors that can show they have developed a collaborative idea, and even a special extra reward for those who develop an idea that will debut at ZEXPO itself. With 100 Exhibitors in one place, it makes sense to promote an atmosphere of cross-promotion and business partnerships. Think: business-card exchange programs, etc This will actually be a test for something the Zindra Help Vortex has been planning to do for some via its Outreach Department. (Industry Mixers, etc)
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo FIN
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo any questions abt it? please aks me anytime (after meeting woudl be nice)
[11:19] Viale Linden Thanks Ginette for that update
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo sure, anytime
[11:20] Viale Linden Temperance - you are up
[11:20] Temperance Hax Thankyou forthe progres sion the sandbox, perhaps yu could update the meeting.
[11:21] Temperance Hax I feelits imprtant to getwhatis working well andmakeitbetter,inthis case proetcting against griefers before the emdia see them,not after:)
[11:21] Huntress Catteneo yes
[11:22] Huntress Catteneo lot of new people coming in lately
[11:23] Huntress Catteneo making Vortex their first stop
[11:23] Slaton Linden Update on sandbox: we've meet with Patch and others to discuss best way to setup goverance, including giving specific management abilities. Unfortunately, it's not a easy process and we're still looking into it.
[11:23] Hypatia Meili ive seen that
[11:23] Viale Linden probably becuase of Destination Guide
[11:23] Temperance Hax We are glad
[11:23] Temperance Hax thank you
[11:23] Temperance Hax accident rezzingof house etc onthe landignpoint are a small pain butreal:)
[11:24] Huntress Catteneo can't come soon enough
[11:24] Viale Linden Hopefully, good stuff will come out of those discussions
[11:24] Ginette Pinazzo LL has made it clear Vortex will remain an LL group...all that woudl be required, I think, is empowering the 'officers' so that LL doesn t have to manage much at all...I believe BBQ has the detaisl of waht is needded (and its mall list)
[11:24] Huntress Catteneo it is actually setting some good work back again
[11:24] Ginette Pinazzo actually it was busy even before the DG listing
[11:24] Temperance Hax we wouldprefer to have systems inplace before anypotential castatrophe, though the sandboxes users are usuallygreat aboutmoving their houses:)
[11:25] Viale Linden ok
[11:25] Viale Linden anyone else?
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo I have more feel-good announcments, if anyone wanst them..haha
[11:26] Hypatia Meili thats what groups arr for other then just socializing, manage land
[11:26] Counter Landfall Counter Landfall suggest Viale read back the transcript

[11:26] Viale Linden Counter - do you have a question?
[11:26] Counter Landfall many
[11:27] Counter Landfall ZA would like an update on our submitted proposals
[11:27] Slaton Linden Hypatia, yes, group land management is what we're looking into for Vortex. The fact that it's LL owned land complicates matters however. Looking for a work around.
[11:27] Counter Landfall specifically the 2 that is about adult content and not Zindra
[11:27] Hypatia Meili the vortex groupis LL owned group
[11:27] Counter Landfall 1. the proposal to ask every resident to confirm theri age and set maturity prefs in the viewer
[11:27] Viale Linden We have read your proposals and we are using ideas to help us formulate our next steps. We cannot of course act on every proposal
[11:28] Hypatia Meili and if it came down to you you alwasy have Linden god powers to revoke
[11:28] Counter Landfall 2. the proposla to offer a more anatomically correct AV on signup for a nominal fee
[11:28] Qie Ummm. But the Vortex island isn't owned by the Vortex group currently, right?
[11:28] Slaton Linden Hypatia, land is owned by governor linden though
[11:28] Hypatia Meili nope
[11:28] Hypatia Meili yes it is
[11:29] Slaton Linden and that's the issue
[11:29] Temperance Hax governer lindenhimself would have t comeout to any castastrophes hehe
[11:29] Huntress Catteneo that would be fun to see
[11:29] Viale Linden Thanks counter.
[11:29] Hypatia Meili so LLcant simply set it to the vortex group?
[11:29] StarSong Bright Cant a sandbox group be set up for this purpose? is that so complicated?
[11:29] Hypatia Meili which is an LL group
[11:29] Qie I guess the Gov could have a security orb, but that wouldn't solve prim problems.
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo teher already is the Vortex group.....for the oficvers and staff...just needs tro eb empwoered
[11:30] Temperance Hax theyare working that out, there is a group and lindens own that, too:)
[11:30] Viale Linden Ok
[11:30] Viale Linden any other issues - we should discuss?
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo I have soem nice things to mention
[11:30] Viale Linden vortex is being looked at
[11:30] Temperance Hax thank you so much
[11:31] Counter Landfall you could expalin why you have set up a parallel meeting structure next to this meeting?
[11:31] Slaton Linden Hypathia, no, it's not a simple process. It's a largely manual process. We're looking for a way to give the group control without LL having to constantly be involved
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo a call for brainstorming, really....
[11:31] Viale Linden Let me respond to counter
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, I woudl think if you gave the group its abilities, you woudl HEV to eb so involved...just saying
[11:31] Ginette Pinazzo *woudl nto have to be
[11:32] Temperance Hax Gina theyare going to:) yay
[11:32] Viale Linden I find it easier to create smaller groups to discuss these issues. While we accept proposalas from everyone to hlep us. We will invite different people as we move forward with Adult issues
[11:32] Ginette Pinazzo double yay
[11:33] Counter Landfall byt you blatantly ignore the only community group in Zindra?
[11:33] Qie Right: getting some diversity of opinion, even within smaller samples, is pretty important. So that's good.
[11:33] Slaton Linden yes, Ginette. That's our thinking. We just need to figure out the best, most efficient way to execute
[11:33] Viale Linden makes sense?
[11:33] Ginette Pinazzo yes Slaton..good to hear
[11:33] Viale Linden Qie - your search emails about zindra helped me
[11:33] Qie glad to hear it, Viale.
[11:34] Ginette Pinazzo actually, from what I can tell, all of those peoepl on those small meetigs are ZA members....
[11:34] Viale Linden Counter - I also appreciate your concerns about free market
[11:34] Viale Linden and being careful about agendas
[11:34] Temperance Hax I am notin anythink tanks but thinkits a great idea you have them
[11:35] Viale Linden Bill helps on vortex issues
[11:35] Temperance Hax :) hes the expert
[11:35] Viale Linden Ok
[11:35] Viale Linden any other issues to discuss?
[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo hes passionate abt it
[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo yes
[11:35] Viale Linden Anyone other than Ginette?
[11:35] Counter Landfall you still did not adress the 2 specific proposals Viale
[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo haha
[11:36] Counter Landfall 2 that really would help adult and would not bee seen as you (Ll) peddling adult content
[11:36] Viale Linden Counter - good feedback on user experience but not in the cards right now
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo I think the anatomical AV idea is veryt clever
[11:36] Counter Landfall and verifying the age for everyone?
[11:36] Counter Landfall you have jsut instituted a new procdure
[11:37] Temperance Hax the terrformingi issue at landing point was fixed too I heard.. yay
[11:37] Counter Landfall perhaps have everyone confirm and set prefs at that point in time would make sense?
[11:37] Viale Linden Yes, we have a wide auidence and reg caters to several different kinds of folks.
[11:38] Counter Landfall a better avatar would greatly help your retantion
[11:38] Viale Linden Yes, I think the adult verification step is being refined into an even better experience
[11:38] Temperance Hax fantastic news
[11:38] Hypatia Meili i'm not sure i agree with mandatory verfiy for all, easly availble and make all aware of it yes
[11:38] Hypatia Meili i see 2 problems
[11:38] Viale Linden It is not at reg.
[11:38] Counter Landfall not mandatory verify, ask people (who often have lied about their age) to just confirm their age
[11:38] Viale Linden reg needs to be easy and fun
[11:38] Counter Landfall andoffer them to set their prefs in the viewer
[11:39] Viale Linden adult content verification at registration is not that
[11:39] Temperance Hax a lot ofpeople balk at giving personal l info before an app is "trusted" by them soit might be an issue
[11:39] Viale Linden +1 Temp
[11:39] Silvanus yes easy and frun , thats it
[11:39] Counter Landfall and many want to come clean after
[11:39] Hypatia Meili well 2 things forcing them toomay cause mer to sunbmit false info to it
[11:39] Silvanus *fun
[11:39] Viale Linden the new reg is super clean, I would hate to add more friction
[11:39] Counter Landfall you can market it as a scurity issue
[11:39] Counter Landfall security
[11:40] Counter Landfall but at the same tiime it will immensely help the adult regiosn to get traffic
[11:40] Viale Linden will scare people away
[11:40] Counter Landfall and it will increase your retention
[11:40] Hypatia Meili and ther is still a need to have delibrtly unvefied avs tocheck land settings
[11:40] Hypatia Meili but doing it should be easy and obvious
[11:41] Viale Linden It will be
[11:41] Hypatia Meili whatwe need is toge the word out to those who dont know about it
[11:41] Counter Landfall not if you make the confirmation of age mandatory
[11:41] Counter Landfall on next login
[11:41] Hypatia Meili adlut, verfication & zindra
[11:41] Counter Landfall then the problem goes away
[11:41] Counter Landfall like a password reset
[11:41] Counter Landfall is how it would be perceived
[11:42] Viale Linden Counter - not in the cards right now at reg
[11:42] Hypatia Meili som are afraid tosub mit eventhat much RL info
[11:42] Counter Landfall you already ask for age on signup?
[11:42] Slaton Linden Counter, we're not going to get internal focus on altering reg or login flow at this stage for many reasons
[11:42] Counter Landfall how do you otherwise determine who is 16 or 18?
[11:42] Viale Linden It is easier now and gives the user more control today. will get more elegant soon
[11:43] Zada Bury It would scare some, which can't good speak/read english ... and the webside is not in any language avaiable.
[11:43] Slaton Linden yes, Zada, that's one reason
[11:43] Hypatia Meili while this may seem backwards to our purpose, ther should also be a opout of veifying
[11:44] Counter Landfall dont see it will scare anyone to coonfirm the age they gave at signup
[11:44] Hypatia Meili evenif of age RL
[11:44] Qie That age confirmation for existing residents (it's just a checkbox, right?) could possibly accompany the next ToS change confirmation. I doubt many people turn away from those. Although we haven't had one in a while.
[11:44] Viale Linden SL is not all about Adult content. It has more to offer like Relay for life
[11:44] Counter Landfall exactly Qie
[11:44] Temperance Hax My g rate d home in sl is seeing increasing numbers of classroom newbies on assignments for college- sudders at what complusory verification may do
[11:44] Counter Landfall that is a good point in time to do such a move
[11:45] StarSong Bright I would really like to see LL quit treating "adult content" in SL like a bunch of teenagers contrfonted with a sex ed class.
[11:45] Counter Landfall of course Viale, but it would help the adult regions massively
[11:45] Counter Landfall and would not get LL in the slammer if you see what I mean
[11:45] Slaton Linden guys, we're in a circular argument here. No changes are coming for reg or login flow for adult or other communities
[11:46] Counter Landfall and, it would cost less than an ad agency ;-)
[11:46] Slaton Linden Counter, thanks for the point of view. Next topic? Anyone?
[11:47] Zada Bury Mmmm ... a question about the "Podyan" sim ... it appear gone ... technical problems, Moles-building?
[11:47] StarSong Bright Will this group ever take up the issue of adult content in the estates - and not just here on Zindra?
[11:47] Viale Linden Will check Zada - not aware
[11:47] Hypatia Meili just bring it up
[11:47] Zada Bury left from: Nelsonia (25,81,36)
[11:47] Counter Landfall what we jsut discussed would help all 2400 adult regions
[11:47] Ginette Pinazzo Viale..if you read teh 3 Compelling Reasoins email I sent yoiu, Podyan is bascially explained
[11:48] Viale Linden Thanks Ginetter
[11:48] Zada Bury left = west
[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo it is/was actually a criticial point in LL's plans ...youll find it intersting
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo I agree, Counter...these topics relaet to all of dont feel that , Star?
[11:49] Viale Linden Ok - will look into that
[11:49] Temperance Hax thnk you Viale
[11:50] StarSong Bright they do and they dont. it all seems very "zindra-focused" to me
[11:50] Viale Linden will need my reading glasses - ginette sends me volumes
[11:50] Hypatia Meili welllsomissues are zindra focused
[11:50] Huntress Catteneo I have noticed these meetings are getting nice and quiet and orderly, but sadly it seems to be because people are losing heart, many feel it is all platitudes and no action :(
[11:50] Hypatia Meili orginly this was zindra comunity meeting
[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo thyese meetings have always been a mix...often abt half and half, depending on whats going on
[11:50] Hypatia Meili but its been expanded
[11:51] StarSong Bright naturally. but as per usual, it feels like all eyes are on zindra only. which, while natural, interests me less overall. that's all.
[11:51] Zada Bury Well ... and the verification progess is something for "all" adult ... but if we stuck work in, we see for Zindra maybe a bit profit to hold people here.
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo can always bring topcis to the table, and shift it the way you like..its open
[11:51] Hypatia Meili and zindra is the adult mainland so its wher adult hubs etc wil bee
[11:51] Viale Linden I agree Star
[11:51] StarSong Bright i would like to address how to get adult venues into the destinations guide, perhaps next monday? as an agenda item?
[11:51] Slaton Linden Starsong, reason for focus on Zindra now is because it's a glaring issue in experience. People find it in search, visit it and are confused/disappointed to lack of experience
[11:51] Zada Bury Here the agenda, which can be filled by everyone:
[11:52] Viale Linden working on resolution
[11:52] Zada Bury Zindra...sim ^.^
[11:52] Hypatia Meili wellwe do ned to alls focus an zindra as gat way to ALL adult
[11:52] Ginette Pinazzo Id like to mention the viral video project..its too muhc fun NOT to mention
[11:52] Counter Landfall Can it Zada? I thought the new procedure was to submit to and they would moderate?
[11:52] StarSong Bright i would like to see the zindra sim as it is, but with those shops built there used to highlight successful adult venues, NOT just on the continent but also in the islands.
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo I thinkm its a mox of both, counter....send emaila and pout things on agenda
[11:53] Zada Bury if the people TP to some adult location, into a club or what-ever ... they have found, what looking for ... and even not know, if they are on Zindra (continent) or private sim
[11:53] Counter Landfall can Viale or Slatorn reiterate the procdure for the aganda please?
[11:53] StarSong Bright if LL wants to highlight Zindra, I think they need to highlight all the names of ALL the continents and whats there. i have no idea what the other continents are called.
[11:53] Zada Bury oh ... are my info outdated?
[11:54] Viale Linden send me an email
[11:54] Viale Linden community@
[11:55] Viale Linden Ginette uses both
[11:55] Hypatia Meili Star thats a bit difrent then higlight non zindra adult
[11:55] Counter Landfall well there should be one procedure all stick to for clarity?
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo I use both )(fro now) because I believe the community shoudl eb able to preview the material when possible
[11:55] Viale Linden I will be on vacation next week, but Slaton will be here.
[11:56] Counter Landfall and I agree with Ginette, the incoming proposals needs to be listed for review somewhere
[11:56] Zada Bury Pillow-Fight!!!! .... oups *snikcers*
[11:56] Ginette Pinazzo and dotn get volumes from me..mayeb one a week..haha
[11:56] Slaton Linden owls don't like pillows... ;)
[11:56] StarSong Bright StarSong Bright excuses myself, RL calls.

[11:57] Ginette Pinazzo ciao Star
[11:57] Counter Landfall understandable :-)
[11:57] Hypatia Meili well i was putting volumes for a while but they seem to have all been adressed
[11:57] Hypatia Meili at the moment
[11:57] Viale Linden Thats our goal - make this meeting quiet
[11:58] Viale Linden We hope to have reolutions soon
[11:58] Viale Linden we are working internally and with you all
[11:58] Hypatia Meili i have an issue that isnt adult but efects us more
[11:58] Counter Landfall great - everyone mute each otehr and it will be quiet :-))
[11:58] Zada Bury Oh, not back in that days, Counter ... please not!
[11:59] Counter Landfall I never muted anyone ;-))
[11:59] Hypatia Meili the marjet is another outlet for getting peole toour adult location , adertising as it were
[11:59] Temperance Hax pleased with the progress, i hope next meeting we can report the vortex issue fixed
[11:59] Viale Linden Hypatia - do you want to send me an email or discuss here?
[11:59] Ginette Pinazzo for wahts its worth, counter...I rthink yoru anatomically upgraded AV idea is a winner if doen right...maybe as an extra featuredownt the road
[11:59] Counter Landfall lets hope so Ginette
[11:59] Silvanus wish you a well regeneration, Viale : )
[11:59] Hypatia Meili Blondin had broughit up as a "marketig" tool
[12:00] Viale Linden Thanks Silvanus
[12:00] Zada Bury Send us pictures ^_^
[12:00] Viale Linden will do
[12:00] Ginette Pinazzo I think extra 'features' a re aclever marketing gimmick and can bring in extar peoepl
[12:00] Counter Landfall it will keep new signups stay for hours and perhaps days
[12:00] Counter Landfall and extra revenue to LL too
[12:00] Counter Landfall well, to all
[12:01] Slaton Linden Hypatia, we'll look into it. Can you send email?
[12:01] Viale Linden I like the idea of the comunity filling that need
[12:01] Hypatia Meili well i really dont have much to say other then relavamce and etc is stil badly broken
[12:01] Ginette Pinazzo does anyone want to ehar abt the viral video project? (we dotn need Viale here to talk abt it)
[12:01] Zada Bury the what?
[12:01] Viale Linden Thanks everyone
[12:01] Qie thanks Viale
[12:01] Viale Linden Talk to you soon
[12:01] Zada Bury Thank you for your Time, Viale and Slaton.
[12:01] Counter Landfall cheers guys
[12:02] Hypatia Meili bye Viale , slaton
[12:02] Zada Bury Have a relaxing time without us.
[12:02] Silvanus ty : ) you both Linden : )
[12:02] Ginette Pinazzo arrivederci
[12:02] Slaton Linden Hypatia, send email to add to agenda for next week then. Thanks everyone