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Transcript for Monday July 25, 2011

[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo are the only one admitted toi being new here so ytou must do the chat log...hahah (joke)
[11:05] Innula Zenovka its a joke
[11:05] Silvanus Silvanus translates: good morning noob ; )

[11:05] Slaton Linden hello everyone. sorry I'm late.
[11:05] Innula Zenovka that's what people say when folks complain their avatars have gone strange colours
[11:05] Slarus Rajal-Palen *The number you have reached...Slarus, is a bot please make note of it *giggles*
[11:05] Silvanus Hi Slaton, its monday ; )
[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo hello Slaton
[11:05] Innula Zenovka Hi, Slaton
[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo better late than never
[11:05] Lara Boyle Hi there Slaton... good to meet you!
[11:06] Rogue Vondran Hi Slaton
[11:06] Silversurfer it is more me still in shock after the terror attack in my country on Friday
[11:06] Hypatia Meili Hi Slaton
[11:06] Ginette Pinazzo we have one or 2 new faces this tierm Slaton
[11:06] Silvanus thats horrible Counter, I am sorry for your contry
[11:06] Silversurfer it has been ... testing for the nation that's for sure.
[11:07] Rogue Vondran Im so sorry to hear Counter, thoughts and prayers to you and your country
[11:07] Kim Rongyu must have been, appaling thing to happen
[11:07] Slaton Linden hello. any specific agenda items for today? Unfortunately I'm still awaiting an answer regarding vortex and zindra in general
[11:07] Nal I empathize with you Silver. For a small country that is horrible.
[11:07] Hypatia Meili yeah :)
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo we have an agedna Slaton....arent we still using it?
[11:07] Silversurfer horrible for any country
[11:07] Ramona Criss Hello ALL nice to see you here :)
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo
[11:08] Innula Zenovka I sent Viale a question about getting the status of the Adult Content FAQ onto the agenda, Slaton.. i don't know if you've seen it?
[11:08] Slaton Linden yes, Ginette we're still using it. I just didn't get any email to add to it
[11:08] Innula Zenovka oh. well, i emailed viale.. clearly he didn't forward it to you
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo arent peoepl also supposed to add agenda items to the list on their own? or is that 'in addition'
[11:09] Slaton Linden Innula, yes, but didn't have time to review.
[11:09] Innula Zenovka so he did forward it?
[11:09] Silversurfer I think we are kindoff awaiting word on the many proposals we have submitted Slaton
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo first itsm on agenda is welcoming committee...haha
[11:10] Slaton Linden Innula, yes, and we're addressing it
[11:10] Slaton Linden OK, unless anyone else wants to start, Ginette would you like to kick things off?
[11:10] Ginette Pinazzo item is simply abt the meeti8ngs themselves.......
[11:11] Slaton Linden OK
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo longh ahead, we had NO meeting process....things were circualr horur long conversations.......
[11:11] Evelynn Kidd hop up on the counter, Slaton, so we can see you
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo then we agreed upon and adopted an agenda system , chairperson, etc.....
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo we had a real system...things got done....
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo it was professional...
[11:11] Lara Boyle you want to sit here Slaton?
[11:11] Lara Boyle opps... sorry!
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo I want toi suggest, Slatoin, we move abck to that professional, organized we can get thiungs doen PLUS attarct more peopel to a stable situation
[11:12] Silvanus agree
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo hour loong circuylar convos are not exactly what soem peoepl want to set aside tiem for duringa busy week
[11:12] Slaton Linden yes, a specific agreed upon format would be helpful
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo I posted links on the agenda to soem material regarding the meeting format originally, plus sugegstions for improving as time goes on
[11:13] Innula Zenovka i think we've been getting far more done in recent weeks, with Viale and Slaton than we've done for ages, myself
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo not sure where you get that impression Innula
[11:13] Silversurfer agreed Innula
[11:13] Silversurfer please proceed as headed Slaton
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo private emails are fine....but nothing helpls more than tarnsparency...and published material
[11:13] Silvanus transparency ^^
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo we cannot have any sense of progress unless its public as well....and gheld professionally
[11:14] Slarus Rajal-Palen Slarus Rajal-Palen nods

[11:14] Slaton Linden Ginette, do you want to discuss proposed meeting format?
[11:14] Silversurfer what do you find unprofessional Ginette?
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo and bottom line: we need to attract new talent ....anyone who sees noi agenda will flee
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo no agenda = unprofessional
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo all material for discussion at these meetings shoudl also be available ina published public format
[11:15] Huntress Catteneo I know I would like opportunity to see things submitted that we are meant to discuss beforehand
[11:15] Silvanus or lets speak positive, let us do it more professional ; )
[11:15] Ginette Pinazzo in advance so peoepl can study and plan
[11:15] Silversurfer yes, but there are meetings going on parallell
[11:15] Silversurfer and you are part of a parallell hidden process
[11:15] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, the proposla is exactly the original proposal.......a Agenda whith apublished proposals....just like we were doing
[11:15] Silversurfer so where is your professionalis?
[11:16] Silvanus that has reasons and is necessary to be able tho huge amount of ideas and input, counter
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo priavet meetings and emails are fine IF also complimented by public and tarsnparent is the content and process of THESE meetings Im talking abt
[11:16] Silversurfer right
[11:16] Silversurfer particulalry when Ginette comes out of those meetings telling things are a done deal?
[11:16] Silvanus you can use Open Space as a techniqaue Counter, but at the end you need a hirachrie again
[11:17] Silvanus even when you brainstorm, counter
[11:17] Ginette Pinazzo does the majority of peoepl here vagree we shoudl work our way back to the previous agenda-0driven format?
[11:17] Slaton Linden OK, Ginette, then what are you propsing? Yes, some issues/ topics must be handled outside of these meetings
[11:17] Silversurfer I say let LL set the agenda
[11:17] Kim Rongyu I cfertainly do Gina
[11:17] Lara Boyle <--new here... so I'm listening *grins*
[11:17] Silversurfer this meeting is getting bigger than Zindra and we dont wnat to be bogged down again please
[11:17] Huntress Catteneo counter you never sumit stuff for others here to see that I am aware, makes it hard to discuss in a useful way
[11:18] Silvanus Counter you just gave the answer why external meetings are necessary too
[11:18] Silversurfer join ZA and you will see it in this new process
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton......I anm advising for tTHESE meeti8ngs....isf peoepl want to discc anything at TOP of meeting, its must go on the publsihed agenda (wiki)
[11:18] Couldbe so it can be deleted? sounds sensible
[11:18] Slaton Linden In generaly, we're not going to set agenda. We're looking for ways to give you as a community the tools to manage
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton. I urge you read the URL I sent to explain the original process...which worked for many months'
[11:18] Huntress Catteneo If stuff put on web saves time going over in the meetings
[11:19] Innula Zenovka Slaton.. are we supposed to add stuff to the wiki page to get it discussed? Because I know, as Couldbe says, that stuff has been deleted
[11:19] Silvanus yes Linden always showed that htey prefer the fredom of their residents...
[11:19] Couldbe it didn't work well, paticularly when the same agenda items kept taking top spot and not leaving time for others to discuss things
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo if you want residents setting agenda...then the systenm we WEE using was perfect
[11:19] Silversurfer if LL defines another process for submitting material than sending email, I am happy with that
[11:19] Silvanus to regulate as less as necessary
[11:19] Innula Zenovka which is why i sent Viale an email asking what the right way to put someone on the agenda was
[11:19] Silversurfer this is what we were told to do now
[11:19] Slaton Linden OK, Ginette. I'll read it. I agree that it's best to stick to a defined agenda and keep side conversations to a minimum otherwise nothing gets accomplished
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo the orioginal pprocess was perfect...just because some peoepl refusd ot ever add anything to the agebnda wiki is not our problem
[11:20] Couldbe it wasn't perfect ginette
[11:20] Silversurfer far from perfect
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo good, want to debrief with me after you readit Slaton, if there are questions?
[11:20] Silversurfer it was more or less spamming from one person
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo it was closer to perfect than not
[11:20] Silvanus nothing is, Couldbe... so we are working constructive on it, Couldthisbe?
[11:20] Couldbe the agenda items were not prioritised and irrelevancies ended up taking up most of the meeting for no other reason than the person managed to post first on the list
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo cabn join the procews sor not...thats alkways uyp top you
[11:20] Slaton Linden For agenda, email or directly adding to wiki is fine
[11:20] Hypatia Meili and LL can always decline an agenda item or postpone
[11:21] Hypatia Meili but we can add topics freely
[11:21] Hypatia Meili seems to work
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo all I am saying is: meetings without such standard format are not profesional...most place sin the world
[11:21] Huntress Catteneo I would just like to see stuff that is being submitted before meeting
[11:21] Slaton Linden Couldbe, agree that agenda items need to be prioritized
[11:21] Silvanus sure Hypatia, SL has a god and this god is calles Linden Labs ; )
[11:21] Qie Here's the underlying problem: Everyone here trusts a Linden to run this meeting, but Lindens don't want to run this meeting anymore.
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo I agree Hunt....thats standard most places
[11:21] Silversurfer why don't we submit to the agenda, but let LL prioritize items for the final one. Then we might be able to cut through it
[11:21] Hypatia Meili wel we could ad a deadline to submit
[11:22] Ginette Pinazzo Qie...thats why a Chair is almways an integral part
[11:22] Qie gee, now who might that be?
[11:22] Ginette Pinazzo I dotnm know Qie....but your sarcasm is showing!
[11:22] Silversurfer Cold it be Slaton?
[11:22] Slaton Linden You all should probably vote on a Chairperson
[11:22] Slaton Linden non-Linden
[11:22] Couldbe It has to be a LL employee
[11:23] Silversurfer I submit Slaton
[11:23] Silvanus lol -
[11:23] Qie I second the nomination.
[11:23] Couldbe otherwise just cancel these meetings and put us out of our misery
[11:23] Slaton Linden Why does it have to be a Linden?
[11:23] Silvanus Silvanus feels remembered a year ago

[11:23] Couldbe because it's your fucking meeting!!
[11:23] Silversurfer because it is your meeting at the end of the day
[11:23] Silvanus no slaton this discussion we had a year ago too, dont let them confuse you
[11:23] Silversurfer and no favortism
[11:23] Ginette Pinazzo I dotn want to hear obsecenities...this isnt high school
[11:23] Slaton Linden Couldbe, that language will not be tolerated. Very unprofessional.
[11:24] Couldbe so is this
[11:24] Nal Is this an Office Hour meeting with an owner? Or a residents' group? It appears to be a Linde Office Hour from the listing in the wiki...
[11:24] Huntress Catteneo *sigh* can we all drop the personal rubbish, we are all meant to be adult here acording to the rating, do we need to age verify some of you?
[11:24] Silversurfer it is a Linden meeting instituted by Linden Lab
[11:24] Hypatia Meili that renaming hs confused the matter
[11:24] Silversurfer soe they should chair it
[11:24] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, my proposal today was only to 'slowly move thinsg back' tpowards a more professional setup as we had before..its doesnt have to move the earth today...we can do s,mall steps
[11:24] Innula Zenovka Slaton, because there's only a couple of people other than Lindens who would be seen as anything like impartial.. and neither of them (being in their right minds) would want to do it
[11:25] Hypatia Meili it seems tobe bothe , user group and office hours
[11:25] Silvanus but when I observe LL right, LL just want to be informed, and is willingt to help out... the rest is up to us residents....
[11:25] Huntress Catteneo next subject I would say
[11:25] Silversurfer ha!
[11:25] Silvanus SL is a free world and LL has its intentionls about this topic (if I observe right)
[11:25] Ramona Criss yes next coz we have only 30 min left
[11:25] Silversurfer Sahall we repeat LL's golas for these meetings?
[11:25] Silversurfer goals*
[11:25] Slaton Linden OK, I think we can chair these meetings. Next topic?
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton.....thanks for agreeing to read that link ionformation...I hope we get progres son this soon
[11:26] Qie excellent.
[11:26] Silversurfer thansl Slaton ;-)
[11:26] Innula Zenovka thank you, Slaton
[11:26] Silvanus wow time goes fast today
[11:27] Ramona Criss so what is next topic?
[11:27] Slaton Linden anyone else want to approach another topic?
[11:27] Silvanus Welcome Center
[11:27] Silversurfer elect welcome committee for this meeting?
[11:27] Ginette Pinazzo next topic on agenda is Wexleom center
[11:28] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton....this is about Podyan and how it relates to otehr things (including Zindar Sim).....
[11:28] Slaton Linden Silversurfer, want to discuss welcome commitee?
[11:28] Silversurfer no t at all ;-)
[11:28] Innula Zenovka I would like to ask about the status of the Adult Content FAQ at some point, but am content to have it left until next week if that would be more convenient, Slaton
[11:29] Hypatia Meili it is bit out of date isn't it
[11:29] Slaton Linden Innula, I can provide you with an update on that after the meeting. Is that OK?
[11:29] Innula Zenovka that would be great. thank you
[11:29] Lara Boyle From what I can see the idea and suggestions for the Adult welcome centre make a lot of sense
[11:30] Slaton Linden FAQ is being updated
[11:30] Hypatia Meili good
[11:30] Silvanus yes atopic for ADULT over all
[11:30] Nal Slaton, is it possible to publish that info in the forum or some place so we all know what is up with AC FAQ?
[11:30] Lara Boyle but a question I do have... is how would an Adult centre fit in with all the others...?
[11:30] Slaton Linden Nal, I'll look into that and let you know
[11:30] Innula Zenovka actually, i think it's wider than that .. most questions are to do with "is this ok on M land" rather than "is this ok on Adult land"
[11:31] Nal Thx
[11:31] Slaton Linden let's focus on welcome experience.
[11:31] Hypatia Meili i think ther is a place for both
[11:31] Huntress Catteneo yes I would say that way too Innula
[11:31] Hypatia Meili an M entry way into adult & an adult strting point
[11:32] Hypatia Meili so to speak
[11:32] Ginette Pinazzo amazinly Hypoa..the next agenda topic deal with that directly
[11:32] Silversurfer what welcome experience Zlaton? are you talking about Zindra sim now?
[11:32] Kim Rongyu would it not be easier to make both Adult?
[11:32] Silversurfer Slaton
[11:32] Lara Boyle but how would that relate to the PG/G welcome zones?... I mean... how would then be directed to there?
[11:32] Slaton Linden Silersurfer, yes?
[11:33] Silversurfer ok, ZA have submitted a number of suggestions for the Zindra sim
[11:33] Huntress Catteneo be nice to see
[11:33] Silversurfer and I think we really need to agree what the purpose of that si im before we fill it with content
[11:33] Hypatia Meili lets here ginetes idea then your counter
[11:33] Silversurfer I understand there is a drive to fill the sim with human greeters
[11:34] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton...cabn we styiuck to agenda and digress afterwards?
[11:34] Silvanus well Counter the topic is as the name: Welcome
[11:34] Silversurfer I understand there is a drive to fill the sim with human greeters?
[11:34] Huntress Catteneo these meetings seem to still be very much two halves, not good for any processes
[11:34] Qie So, there are a *bunch* of Adult infoHubs, some islands, some not. I agree that we need a Mature gateway to the Adult experience... I don't especially think it needs to be associated with Zindra at all. We also need a *Zindra* welcome area, Adult-rated, that serves the mainland continent directly.
[11:34] Silversurfer the first question is who will man the sim 24/7 with greeters?
[11:34] Silvanus Silvanus thinks that huntress got a key ; )

[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo that is not any fiurst question,....we are not close to that........
[11:35] Silversurfer second question is, do you understand what happens to a sim when you give it a prominent place in DG? - it stalls because it gets full in minutes
[11:35] Silvanus SIM-management can do this, Counter....
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo there has been ZERO consensus that Zindar Sim will be such a aplce yet...ther are otehr topics first to deal with, so we dotn re-invent the wheel
[11:36] Hypatia Meili counter are you prposing we simply have no welcomare because they get busy?
[11:36] Slaton Linden So, currently the Zindra sim is acting as the gateway to adult because of it's priority is search. Do you all want to change that?
[11:36] Silversurfer then the goal for the Zindra sim is not to fill that sim with agents, but to get them out to the remaining 342 sims on the continent as sooon as possible
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo (I think we overloaded Slaton)
[11:36] Silvanus not me
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo no Slaton......thats backwards
[11:37] Qie Slaton, that's a side issue, really. The problem isn't search priority for the gateway, but the availability of a Mature-rated gateway to Adult
[11:37] Silversurfer we want to sue teh Zindra sim as the portal to this continent
[11:37] Silversurfer use
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton: I am weary of metnioning the next agenda topic whoich addresses i wasting my timje here?
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo who is 'we' countre..? that is not the wish of many others
[11:37] Silversurfer and we dont think placing human helpers there is the right way of doing it
[11:37] Qie I think we're confusing things here. This agenda item is about Podyan, no?
[11:37] Slaton Linden Ginette, dive in w/ welcome agenda item
[11:37] Silversurfer ZA has submitted this as a proposal
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo yes Qie..can we get to it?
[11:37] Hypatia Meili lets her ginnetes prposal first
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo ok Slaton.....
[11:37] Silversurfer you know the group of 250 residents?
[11:38] Silvanus huan helpers are the right answer to increase the quality appearance
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo
[11:38] Hypatia Meili then counter then we can discauss ?
[11:38] Huntress Catteneo the place that disappeared was the key, do we know what happed there and if it will reappear?
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo this item exists for a reason
[11:38] Silvanus its all about human here, Counter
[11:38] Silversurfer it is all bout business here
[11:38] Qie My only real hang-up about that is naming. I don't think it should have "Zindra" anywhere in its name.
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo Viale wanted soem complelong rezasons why Zindar Som shoudl not be a welcoem center...this linkmproviudes 3 solid reasons....AND explains why Podyan is the obvious better choice....
[11:38] Silversurfer that is why we got moved here by LL
[11:38] Silvanus business is a part not more
[11:39] Silvanus without the clients and customers you hae no business
[11:39] Silversurfer exaclty
[11:39] Huntress Catteneo wher is Podyan though??
[11:39] Silversurfer and stalling themm in the Zindra sim is not gonna help
[11:39] Qie Zindra sim *might* be a welcome center for the Zindra continent, but that's for a different purpose than this agenda item is trying to address.
[11:39] Ginette Pinazzo Podyan is Moderate..itrs in ocean...and it can be renamed something very specific and intuitive to guarabntee peoepl will go there first
[11:39] Ramona Criss true Silvanus
[11:39] Silvanus but you willnot be able to hypnotize and order ppl to buy and purchase
[11:39] Silvanus first you have to care for them
[11:39] Silversurfer they need to get sprayed out over the continent
[11:39] Ginette Pinazzo I have been researching ab t the fate of Podyan...still in midst of that
[11:40] Ginette Pinazzo but I see NO reason to reivnetn the wheel when we had/have the perfect welcoem center solutin already there
[11:40] Lara Boyle I run an Adult Sim at a profit... and we've had no benefit of anything but ourselves for the last five years
[11:40] Silversurfer yes, perfect - telling people who were age verified how to age verify
[11:40] Ginette Pinazzo ajnd that can free up Zindar Sim to be soemthing a lot more dynamic than a welcoem center
[11:40] Rogue Vondran People need to lead to water to make them drink, you will always need a watering hole, so to speak
[11:40] Silvanus yes Lara, you are smart, but not all business owners on SL have such a great management-education
[11:40] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, have tyou read that matrial yet? (its bveen posted ANd emailed a whiler ago)
[11:41] Silversurfer ditto to Slaton
[11:41] Silversurfer we have submitted tons of suggestions, and you should be able to compile them for us for further discussion
[11:41] Silvanus Silvanus agrees to Rogue

[11:41] Slaton Linden yes, Ginette I've read it. Is everyone in agreement that Podyan should be the gateway/ welcome for adult?
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton.this iis one of the reasoins we wre so adamant abotu not wasting Zindra Sim as a mere welcoem center and making it soemthing really useful
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo U agree, meets all the conditions for a welcoem center
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo *I
[11:43] Slaton Linden Ginette, this issue if more about search and discoverability. Do mot people not hear Zindra then search for it and end up there first?
[11:43] Ginette Pinazzo thoughts from the crowd? (many quiet ones today!)
[11:43] Silversurfer Slaton the ideal thing would be to place the Zindra sim in DG for Basic
[11:43] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton..if you are talking inqworld search? via map or places? its a non-issue...a few Zindar thinsg will pop up....what you WANT is soewmtning specific...liek Zindar StartPoint, etc
[11:43] Silversurfer but then it must have the capacity and seup to handle the traffic
[11:43] Silversurfer and get people out to the remianing 342 sims
[11:44] Nal The only well known adult area people know of, if they know one, is Zindra. But, I suspect most just search for their kink.
[11:44] Ginette Pinazzo if you keep it 'Zindra' it wont help your discoverability...just add confision
[11:44] Slaton Linden OK, Ginette that makes sense
[11:44] Ginette Pinazzo call it Zindra GoHere get desired results
[11:44] Huntress Catteneo Zindra Central
[11:44] Qie Well, but Slaton, if they hear about Zindra, they should go to the Zindra continent. Podyan probably needs some keywords around it to make it clear that it serves the whole Mature - Adult gateway.
[11:44] Silversurfer why would you call it gohereefirst if it is a nice image in the Basic DG?
[11:45] Rogue Vondran agree's Huntress
[11:45] Silversurfer thi is not the command line Ginette
[11:45] Ginette Pinazzo Podyan woudl obviously ber renamed Qie
[11:45] Innula Zenovka is this about promoting Adult Content or that small subset of adult content to be found on Zindra?
[11:45] Huntress Catteneo was joke counter
[11:45] Couldbe why are we still banging on about the change of name? I thought it had been decided to keep it as Zindra
[11:45] Qie see, but it *can't* be named "Zindra"-anything
[11:45] Ginette Pinazzo its abt both Innula...the welcoem center at Podyan woudl cover it all
[11:45] Slaton Linden Qie, yes, good point
[11:45] Huntress Catteneo she gave exmaple
[11:45] Nal Zindra Start - is very obvious for one searching on just Zindra.
[11:45] Vick Forcella Hi all, and more :)
[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo why not Qie...? you have 'Zindra' plus the descriptive get best of both wordls
[11:46] Silversurfer if you feed the newly minted Zindra in DG, they will immediately make the association
[11:46] Silversurfer no need for any additional name
[11:46] Hypatia Meili depends on which sim you ar talking about Qie
[11:46] Dancer Greenfield A few weeks ago we agreed unanimously (in this meeting) to change the name... then the next week people came who had missed the meeting and brought the topic up again
[11:46] Qie but Zindra is not all of the Adult content in SL
[11:46] Qie the Mature-to-Adult gateway needs to be more general
[11:46] Ginette Pinazzo have an ovcerriding issue too....for cant brand the welcoem center juust Zindra...maerkting will hate you later.........a specific name will let you really promote it
[11:47] Qie there may also be a good use for a Zindra-specific gateway, but that should be *on* the Zindra continent itself.
[11:47] Silversurfer why dont you really rename it to adultfinder then?
[11:47] Silversurfer cant be more direct than that
[11:47] Vick Forcella Did I drop this URL before?
[11:47] Nal Dancer, that is why the chair controls the meetngs and sticks to agenda.
[11:47] Rogue Vondran I have to go, ty all for having me :)
[11:47] Ginette Pinazzo ciao Rogue
[11:47] Silversurfer Cheers Rough
[11:47] Kim Rongyu byw :)
[11:47] Silversurfer Rogue*
[11:47] Ginette Pinazzo no reason to 'drop' the Zindar can help brtanding......just add to it
[11:47] Slaton Linden thanks, Rouge
[11:48] Qie (To be honest, I think Arapaima was originally intended to do what Podyan is being asked to do now... out in the middle of the water, "Safe Infohub" etc... but it was rated Adult, so that proved to be backwards.)
[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo Maybe Zindra Adult QuickStaret
[11:48] Silversurfer Silversurfer thinks Ginette does not ahve a clue about branding

[11:48] Silversurfer the branding you propose Ginette is like a Microsoft product
[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo counter..I will nto tolerate your wild insults
[11:48] Silversurfer comes in 7 different names on the package
[11:48] Silvanus Counter your lanuage becomes destructive
[11:48] Huntress Catteneo personal stuff again, knock it off
[11:49] Silversurfer sorry, i shall not mention Microsoft any more
[11:49] Qie lol. they posted record profits. such language, Counter. :p
[11:49] Huntress Catteneo as the saying goes, can't say anything nice, don't say
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo insiults will scare away professional peoepl from this process too....we need to have that stopped
[11:49] Slaton Linden let's keep it friendly as possible please. Professional would be good too
[11:50] Lara Boyle well good people.... I was invited here - and came with good intentions. I have watched and listened - and frankly I see nothing that is productive and sadly, nothing that shows even a remote way of going forward... I offer my thanks for the invite... my respect to you Slaton. Perhaps when things go professional, we shall be invited back
[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton....can we get action items on this topc? so we have soem sense of movement?
[11:50] Hypatia Meili heckling just to heckle doe not help
[11:50] Silversurfer Silversurfer happens to know quite a bit about branding having wirked in marketing for the 2 strongest brands there is

[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo thansk Latex...and Im truly sorry
[11:50] Huntress Catteneo It seems we need mediators for these two groups, it is getting rather tiring
[11:51] Silversurfer it gets tiring because one party never wants to discuss on terms with the rest
[11:51] Slaton Linden alrighty, back to welcome. In general, do people agree with Ginette's proposal?
[11:51] Lara Boyle tis not your fault Ginette.... you deserve evey success - but with a meeting like this... it will never happen
[11:51] Silversurfer no
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo I agree and its the positio9n of ZE too (we have our own secrte meetings..haha)
[11:51] Silvanus See you Lara, thank you for your time
[11:51] Slaton Linden noted Silversurfer
[11:51] Nal Somewhat
[11:51] Silversurfer ZE does not even have any process
[11:51] Silversurfer I am mamber of it and no meetings at all
[11:52] Dancer Greenfield Bye Lara, thanks for coming
[11:52] Couldbe Thank you for your input Lara, I'm sure it has been noted.. do you have a professional script writer by any chance?
[11:52] Silversurfer so who do you represent Ginette? You?
[11:52] Vick Forcella I'm missing meetings lately
[11:52] Ginette Pinazzo we meet twice a week and we even have our meetings machinimad..haha
[11:52] Lara Boyle we have four Couldbe
[11:52] Vick Forcella I have sort of a proposal too, did I mention (Vick is spamming)
[11:52] Nal I've gotta run. Bye.
[11:53] Slaton Linden Vick, I'll review
[11:53] Silvanus bye Natales
[11:53] Slaton Linden thanks
[11:53] Vick Forcella ty Slanton
[11:53] Chantall Congrejo it seems this is not a LL leading meeting and only personal feelings are spoken out, wat i miss is agenda and stick to it lead by a chairman that leads and dont forces his idees but look in al derections.
[11:54] Hypatia Meili i do not get all this obstrutionism. the way to go is make proposals stop tearing down others idea
[11:54] Slarus Rajal-Palen Be well all, thank you for the invite
[11:54] Huntress Catteneo Well I was made to make a promise, so even though I can guess the answer....
[11:54] Dancer Greenfield Bye Slarus
[11:54] Hypatia Meili let the sugestions them selves compoeete
[11:54] Silversurfer and LL needs to compile the ideas for presentation and further discussion
[11:54] Huntress Catteneo Is there any sign of any progress at all with Vortex? had griefer during speed build again is really ridiculous
[11:54] Ginette Pinazzo take care Slarus
[11:54] Silvanus Silvanus is missing a minimum of manners at this meetings

[11:54] Silversurfer right now theat email address is a balck hole
[11:54] Slaton Linden Huntress, I'll follow up with you
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo we have 5 monutes: do we have actio0n items going forward?
[11:55] Huntress Catteneo the poor builders look at me and go 'do something'
[11:55] Evelynn Kidd a voting machine would be a help
[11:55] Slaton Linden Silversurfer, I just got added to the email which should help us respond
[11:55] Silversurfer uit would help if there was suggestions to vote on
[11:55] Hypatia Meili slaton ar we to only make email submsions or ad to agenda also?
[11:55] Silversurfer great Slaton
[11:56] Silversurfer so that means you have not seen any of ZA's proposals?
[11:56] Silversurfer only Viale?
[11:56] Silvanus voting makes only sense in SL when you have an IP dedection and even then it can be manipulated
[11:56] Slaton Linden Hypatia, either way. I'm going to figure out a process for prioritizing the agenda items anyway.
[11:56] Slaton Linden Silvanus, you read my mind ;)
[11:56] Silversurfer that would be great Slaton
[11:57] Silversurfer Ip addresses change troughout the day for anyone with a mobile rig
[11:57] Ginette Pinazzo I advise anyone who wants to get things addressed., add to the wiki agenda provide transparency
[11:57] Silversurfer so it does not make sense to use those
[11:58] Silversurfer I suggest LL adds to the agenda
[11:58] Hypatia Meili well you can certinly get roguh idea of general concencus but a vote is not good to decide clos alternatives
[11:58] Silversurfer after suubmission
[11:58] Silversurfer and write locked, so it cant be tampered with
[11:58] Ginette Pinazzo if LL want s' organic' you will continue to have resdeinst empowe4red to add to agenda, as lonmg a sits not absued
[11:58] Hypatia Meili i sugest we can ad freely but LL can veto
[11:58] Silversurfer it has been abused we all know that
[11:58] Slaton Linden sounds reasonable Silversurfer.
[11:59] Hypatia Meili and maybe lockit on friday
[11:59] Hypatia Meili sono late addtions
[11:59] Hypatia Meili then unlock after the meeting
[11:59] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton..if you shut out agenda posting as an opytion, you are moving away from yoru stated mission to be will elinmiate even MORE involveemnt
[11:59] Qie Perhaps the prioritized list should be hands-off to residents (we can see the history), even if items can be added to a separate section for Linden prioritization into the actual agenda.
[11:59] Silversurfer since ZA has group meetings on Sundays we like to submit Monday morning European time
[12:00] Ginette Pinazzo just allow peoepl to post on agedna...and LL can re-edit if necessary
[12:00] Hypatia Meili withno time for anyone to review it as soimbody els objected(why i added thAT)
[12:00] Vick Forcella In RL people die, what will be our legacy?
[12:01] Hypatia Meili i rather nothave it locked but other said wan tome to review it
[12:01] Silversurfer with time for LL to complie the submissions for the agenda Monday
[12:01] Ginette Pinazzo we are taking work OFF of LL's hands by doing it the wiki way
[12:01] Ginette Pinazzo this way Slaton can just shwo up and run down agenda in in past
[12:01] Silversurfer they gotta do some work for what we pay them? ;.))
[12:01] Hypatia Meili and LLseems to wan that more resident run. right?
[12:01] Ginette Pinazzo its trhe most inclusive but organized solution
[12:02] Vick Forcella Lately the Wiki is almost impossible to find btw
[12:02] Ginette Pinazzo all you need is URL, Vick
[12:03] Slaton Linden we'll need to prioritize. we're fine with that. we'll keep it open, but look for a way to review prior to meeting and confirm that people who added agree with agenda
[12:03] Vick Forcella I know, I know. but from the main pages all points to the *new and improved* KB
[12:03] Hypatia Meili why is that? ive found that withalot of parts of the SL offcial site.
[12:03] Hypatia Meili seems hard to navigate latly
[12:03] Vick Forcella We all can modify the wiki
[12:03] Hypatia Meili unless yo doalreadyhave th url
[12:03] Ginette Pinazzo ok Slaton...sounds liek soem sort of plan
[12:03] Silversurfer and the email submission process Slaton?
[12:04] Slaton Linden you can email and we'll add
[12:04] Silversurfer is that dead now then?
[12:04] Silversurfer ok, thanks
[12:04] Slaton Linden no, email is fine
[12:04] Vick Forcella for the agenda there should be no need for e-mail
[12:04] Ginette Pinazzo just realzie: publically published material on that wiki shows transparency....closer to the mission of letting the community evolve its pown growtrh
[12:04] Hypatia Meili can we ad or ned to eamil then?
[12:04] Slaton Linden sorry if you've had issues with the email. Should be better moving fwd
[12:04] Hypatia Meili only
[12:04] Ginette Pinazzo slaton...we all have your email?
[12:04] Slaton Linden add or email. either way
[12:05] Vick Forcella
[12:05] Silversurfer sounds like a deal Slaton
[12:05] Silvanus Silvanus fears Sthat Slaton gets spammed

[12:05] Hypatia Meili i sugest people do both usualy
[12:05] Slaton Linden yes, email
[12:05] Ginette Pinazzo great
[12:05] Huntress Catteneo when posting there how do you say which linden?
[12:05] Slaton Linden OK, I gotta run.
[12:06] Ginette Pinazzo ciao
[12:06] Ramona Criss •´¨*•.¸.♥ Bye Bye ♥.¸.•*¨`•
[12:06] Silvanus ty Slaton : )
[12:06] Vick Forcella Gotta run to, have a girl to tie up
[12:06] Qie thanks Slaton.
[12:06] Silvanus tc and a nice week : )
[12:06] Ramona Criss •´¨*•.¸.♥ Bye Bye ♥.¸.•*¨`•
[12:06] Ramona Criss Slaton
[12:06] Dancer Greenfield Bye Slaton
[12:06] Hypatia Meili comunity does that get from other comunities then? should we topic them "adult" ?
[12:06] Kim Rongyu bye Slaton
[12:06] Hypatia Meili bye slaton
[12:06] Vick Forcella TC all!
[12:06] Innula Zenovka thanks Slaton
[12:06] Ginette Pinazzo I feel bad we just lost a very strong possible particopant )LatexGirl)...I hope we can develop a better process so that sort of thing doesnt ha[2011/07/25 ppen again