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Transcript for Monday August 1, 2011

[10:57] Silversurfer since I crashed last night I already was in Bronlne
[10:57] Hypatia Meili unles they ar hvein log in issues
[10:57] Silversurfer Bronlen*
[10:57] Lara Boyle hi there Slaton.... good to see you again!
[10:58] Silversurfer Hi Slaton
[10:58] Hypatia Meili Hi Slaton
[10:58] Slaton Linden Hello everyone
[10:58] Helena Lycia Hello
[10:58] Zada Bury HEya around
[10:58] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Hello everyone
[10:58] Zena Zemlja hi everyone
[10:58] Hypatia Meili alot of peole ar hacing inventory isues, nay be slow getting here
[10:58] Hypatia Meili having
[10:58] Silversurfer Hi Saxoni, Zada
[10:58] Ginette Pinazzo coming from bad crash///hello!
[10:58] Ginette Pinazzo hi Slaton
[10:59] Silvanus hi all
[10:59] Slaton Linden We'll wait for a couple of more minutes and then kick things off. First up will be proposed Adult User Group Meeting Format and Rules
[11:00] Slaton Linden Please review -
[11:01] Kim Rongyu hi everyone :)
[11:01] Silvanus hi kim
[11:01] Kim Rongyu hey Silva :)
[11:02] Zada Bury Looks good, Slaton
[11:02] Kim Rongyu hi Silver, nice to see you again
[11:02] Lara Boyle I have no problem with any of it - as long as it is enforced
[11:02] Slaton Linden Is everyone reviewing the gdoc that I shared. If not, please do so now
[11:02] Lara Boyle (and I mean no offence Slaton!)
[11:03] Asmita Duranjaya hello
[11:03] Slaton Linden yes, Lara. We plan to enforce.
[11:03] Silversurfer Hi Kim, thanks the same
[11:03] Silene Christen hi everybody
[11:03] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, the concept of the 'survey' os for us to vote on item order, correct?
[11:03] Temperance Hax adult user group members?
[11:03] Lara Boyle only last week was a complete shambles
[11:03] Temperance Hax this isnt goingto be public anymore?
[11:04] Slaton Linden yes, Ginette. that seems to make the most sense unless you or others have another idea?
[11:04] Silversurfer I was also wondering about what group members means?
[11:04] Kim Rongyu hey Zena, nic to meet you :)
[11:04] Ginette Pinazzo its seems ok...mayeb extar complex layer, but seems do-able
[11:04] Temperance Hax point 3 An electronic survey will then be used to allow the Adult User Group members to collectively select and prioritize agenda topics. This survey will be posted on the public wiki no later than 6 PM PST the Friday before the following Monday meeting. Each Adult User Group member will be permitted to complete the survey once before 12 AM PST the day of the meeting (survey will ask for your SL username and record one submission per username). By taking the survey, participants agree to refrain from sharing personal agenda preferences with other group members or otherwise campaign for specific agenda items.
[11:04] Temperance Hax adultuser group?
[11:04] Zena Zemlja hi Kim
[11:05] Zena Zemlja hi Ginette
[11:05] Zena Zemlja hi Slaton
[11:05] Zena Zemlja hi everyone ㋡
[11:05] Ginette Pinazzo hi Zena
[11:05] Temperance Hax office hours have always been open to everyone to particpateinpast?
[11:05] Slaton Linden Temprance, it can be open. Just my draft and I was simply referring to the group
[11:06] Temperance Hax also not campaigning? i think campaigning for agenada-isation is going to happen a lot
[11:06] Temperance Hax I dont see banning it as especially helpful as it drives it underground
[11:06] Ginette Pinazzo thnis is really only changed by us voting onj the Order of items..its not that radical
[11:07] Hypatia Meili agenda items are often eing workd on by a team, which wil naturaly discuss it
[11:07] Ginette Pinazzo we usually only have beetween 2 - 6 itesm anyway
[11:07] Temperance Hax itsays i cantellhuntress mygood friend i puta vortex thing on agenda,imliteral , many sl users are for one reason or another
[11:08] Slaton Linden OK, I can remove the campaigning part
[11:08] Temperance Hax thanks
[11:08] Temperance Hax I getthe sentiment, but maybe " attendees are expected to like adults" might work lol
[11:08] Lara Boyle it can be fine-tuned any way you like - but I think the principal of it all is mightily correct
[11:08] Ginette Pinazzo I think the Friday deadlien is smart..or least make Mondays off-limits before and after meetings
[11:09] Temperance Hax to be
[11:09] Temperance Hax not to be like
[11:09] Temperance Hax lol
[11:09] Slaton Linden the main take away is we'll begin using surveys to prioritize agenda. Is everyone OK with that?
[11:09] Kim Rongyu fine with me slaton
[11:09] Ginette Pinazzo Im ok with it
[11:09] Innula Zenovka who is being surveyed, Slaton?
[11:09] Silversurfer how do you handle group proposals then
[11:09] Huntress Catteneo what is the survey thing? I can't get brain to understand sorry, working on 1hr sleep in last 35hrrs
[11:09] Temperance Hax will poeple be voting on alts, or will ll be doing some sorting there?
[11:09] Lara Boyle why prioritize?.... surely they just come up in two categories.... existing and old...
[11:09] Hypatia Meili what is th window for voting on it?
[11:09] Sissy Blitz I like surveys
[11:10] Silversurfer it is easy for a couple active folks to just priotitize away the colelctive inout of a large group?
[11:10] Silversurfer collective input*
[11:10] Innula Zenovka Innula Zenovka only likes surveys if pie is one of the options

[11:10] Slaton Linden Silversurfer, groups submit like everyone else and then people vote on it
[11:10] Lara Boyle I dont see the need to prioritize... it's too open to abuse
[11:10] Couldbe Couldbe agrees with Innula

[11:10] Lara Boyle just run the agenda as any other business
[11:10] Silversurfer yes, but do we need all 250 members to vot up our agenda?
[11:10] Temperance Hax Im good so long as tackling thepotential of griefers at vortex is the number one priority at every meeting
[11:11] Slaton Linden Lara, how is it open to abuse if the survey requires username?
[11:11] Silversurfer then we could totally dominate it - or someone else could
[11:11] Hypatia Meili lol
[11:11] Lara Boyle cos of alts
[11:11] Ginette Pinazzo I do think the survey is an extra layer of complication, but id be willing to try it to see hwo it works
[11:11] Innula Zenovka who is being surveyed and how? is it going to be a page on the wiki or a polling booth here or what?
[11:11] Temperance Hax Im ok with hiring lindens to be bouncers,or extending libe supprt to 24 hours to falicitate anti griefing is number one istead
[11:11] Silversurfer and who are entitled to vote?
[11:11] Lara Boyle id you have one person - three alts - all in the group... that's stacking the voting
[11:12] Silversurfer we know people here have multiple indentities
[11:12] Slaton Linden Innula, yes. To vote, you have to show up at these meetings
[11:12] Lara Boyle how do you know that Silver?
[11:12] Sissy Blitz That would be cheating Lara
[11:12] Kim Rongyu ok, I must be unusual then as I have only one avi
[11:12] Ginette Pinazzo I think if evreryone read over Slaton's published explanation..its all there
[11:12] Silversurfer because I know
[11:12] Innula Zenovka so we show up at the meeting to vote on the agenda for that meeting?
[11:12] Hypatia Meili well so far peole just adding to the bottom of the list has worked
[11:12] Lara Boyle that is no answer Silver
[11:12] Slaton Linden If caught cheating then you're out of these meeting
[11:12] Hypatia Meili lets hope voting works
[11:12] Temperance Hax perhaps we could have a vote machine here, insted of a webpage
[11:13] Temperance Hax its atad annoyingtohave to use the web when sl doe sit much better
[11:13] Lara Boyle I still think e-voting is open to abuse... turn up here and vote on the spot
[11:13] Slaton Linden Temperance, that's a good suggestion.
[11:13] Sissy Blitz How will we catch people cheating
[11:13] Kim Rongyu would be a heck of a lot easier Temperance
[11:13] Temperance Hax yay
[11:13] Ginette Pinazzo the survey/voting elements probably wont make a huge diofferenvce, but why not try it for a few weeks?
[11:13] Lara Boyle click a voting machine here... I'm happier
[11:13] Silvanus dont care that much about cheating, you could buy the votes too.....
[11:13] Temperance Hax vote mahcinesin world are teribly good, people canbring there alts but if they bring 40 will know lol
[11:14] Silversurfer a voting machine still does not eliminate alts
[11:14] Kim Rongyu well, why reinvent the wheel and over-complicte things???
[11:14] Zada Bury But the votes decides only about the row of the topics, not that they appear in the meeting ... or not
[11:14] Kim Rongyu so we rely on people being honest, old-fashoined maybe
[11:14] Temperance Hax wellit is and adult meeting, im sure we can manage it
[11:14] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, you are ok with this level of management (monitoring agenda items oredrs and voting process?)
[11:14] Lara Boyle in that case... I'm too old and too cynical
[11:15] Innula Zenovka right, i've had time to read it.. but i'm still confused about having to show up at meetings to vote... will it know to accept votes from me cos i regularly attend but not to accept them from someone else?
[11:15] Slaton Linden Ginette, I don't see much of a choice...
[11:15] Kim Rongyu or create an access list for the voting macine
[11:15] Kim Rongyu that way alts are no issue
[11:15] Hypatia Meili what if we mis on cant vot at next one
[11:15] Ginette Pinazzo I understand Slaton....maybe we try it and see how it feels
[11:16] Hypatia Meili somtims i come here on my main alt instead, if im building
[11:16] Lara Boyle slaton... hop up on the counter so they can all see you! *smiles*
[11:16] Ginette Pinazzo this really is a TINY topic..think abt only affects the ORER of items discuyssed here....mayeb its not withr disssing forever
[11:16] Temperance Hax well a voting mahineis fairly simple and can tell slaton in prvate who voted what so if my alt comes on and votes too he can frown
[11:16] Lara Boyle ok *shuts up*
[11:16] Zada Bury I personal don't like the part "Personal attacks of any nature will not be permitted" (and what follows) ... this meetig was 2 years open speech ... and in 2 year, we have hear a lot bad words, but that someone need to be locked yout, was never a issue
[11:17] Temperance Hax my alt is sleeping right now , wish i was (4amish)
[11:17] Kim Rongyu ouch, thats early Temperance :)
[11:17] Innula Zenovka Slaton, I'm sorry but I'm still confused.. who gets to vote, and, if it's not anyone who looks at the page and feels like it, who is drawing up the electoral roll and how?
[11:17] Helena Lycia Excuse me everyone... I need to attend to something
[11:18] Ginette Pinazzo well, we;ve spent 15 minutes talking abotu the way to decide the order of agenda items...hahah..shall we progress?
[11:18] Innula Zenovka is it everyone who attended the last meeting or everyone who's attended a meeting in the last month or what?
[11:18] Silversurfer Ginette, this is important to sort out
[11:18] Kim Rongyu why do we not appoint a single person to deal with agendas and such things?
[11:19] Hypatia Meili weeding it out could be a problem
[11:19] Slaton Linden Innula, people at the meeting get to vote. I believe we've decided to hold votes at the meeting. I'd propose that we vote on next week's agenda at the end of ea meeting
[11:19] Hypatia Meili tho i think if it gets abused we will notice
[11:19] Kim Rongyu if everyone is pulling in different directions, it becomes impossible
[11:19] Lara Boyle that's the reason behind my own proposal later..... elect a chairperson - I'm suggesting ginette... and let them sort it all out
[11:19] Slaton Linden Kim, how would that single person fairly prioritize then?
[11:19] Hypatia Meili next weks agenda wont be ready at the end of prvious meeting
[11:19] Sissy Blitz I think this group would best work as a dynamic collective
[11:19] Ginette Pinazzo I believe its universally basic to have a Chairperson and simple agenda weve had before......this new survey idea does add more complexity...but not much
[11:20] Innula Zenovka so what's the schedule, Slaton? Propose an agenda item on or before friday, vote on it the following monday and discuss it the monday after that?
[11:20] Kim Rongyu yes, I agree Sissy, but any meeting needs a chair, to steer a meeting and also to keep it on track
[11:20] Temperance Hax we need flexibility to deal with new issues that come up
[11:20] Innula Zenovka so it could take up to a fortnight between something being proposed for discussion and it actually being discussed?
[11:20] Silversurfer LL should be the chair
[11:20] Ginette Pinazzo Ive chaired thousands of meetings......its just 'go in order' and get through it...its nasic
[11:20] Silversurfer it is theri official meerting
[11:21] Lara Boyle yep... same here ginette
[11:21] Temperance Hax LL should be the cair
[11:21] Slaton Linden LL is the facilitato/ "chair"
[11:21] Zada Bury Prioritize with "beeing smart" ... the most things can be handled the way they come in ... if there are points, nothign is to say to, they can automated delayed ... and if there is the nowe-super-dangerous issue with adult stuff, it will be seen and raised up
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo in most orgs, the owner is NOT the Chair...they are sepaarte
[11:21] Silvanus Gina should be the chair, a SL resident who is active all the time and experienced, and a woman, (majority in SL are women)
[11:21] Ginette Pinazzo no LL shoudl be owner..not Chair...thats standard
[11:21] Sissy Blitz I charied this meeting when it very first opened ,
[11:21] Couldbe facilitator and chair are usually 2 different roles with different functions
[11:21] Temperance Hax the main thingi sll report each work on how theyare doing with working outhe issue of potential griefing at vortex (and otehr htinsg they probably do)
[11:21] Lara Boyle aye.... which is what I'm saying... LL is owner... Chair is spererate
[11:21] Silversurfer Ginette does not have the confidence of this audicence to be the chair
[11:22] Kim Rongyu well Silver, thats easy to find out
[11:22] Silvanus well mine she has
[11:22] Lara Boyle she has mine also
[11:22] Couldbe she doesn't have mine
[11:22] Slaton Linden Silversurfer that's one warning
[11:22] Hypatia Meili if we need vote i dont wan it to end up that we need to propose weeks ahead
[11:22] Kim Rongyu we have a simple vote
[11:22] Huntress Catteneo you all wanted some order sorted last meet, been presented and still not happy, I love it
[11:22] Ginette Pinazzo I wont tolerate that sort of comment, counter....its innapropriate
[11:22] Silversurfer bye guys
[11:22] Lara Boyle goodbye
[11:22] Hypatia Meili how does that even work with adding to th list on the wiki
[11:22] Huntress Catteneo Gina nor Counter should be chair, too much conflict
[11:23] Zada Bury I agree with Huntress in this part.
[11:23] Silvanus but you will need someone, who is enough time online, and knows all about the actual structure and state
[11:23] Ginette Pinazzo I think m the solution require 2 paerts....a good system (which we can have, including w/ Slaton's nbew additions).......and a good Chair
[11:23] Slaton Linden we need a vote on it
[11:23] Kim Rongyu look, I know I am the new girl and all, but it seems so simple, elect or appoint a chair person,
[11:24] Innula Zenovka Like I said last week, I can think of only two or three people who'd stand a chance of being seen as impartial (and I'm probably wrong about that) and none of them want to do it.
[11:24] Hypatia Meili gina seems tobe a subject of confict not a causer of it
[11:24] Temperance Hax Ipropose slaton linden as chair
[11:24] Hypatia Meili if peole stops atcking.....
[11:24] Temperance Hax dow e have a seconder?
[11:24] Lara Boyle my vote is Gina in the chair
[11:24] Innula Zenovka /seconds the motion
[11:24] Silvanus agree to Hypatia
[11:24] Couldbe seconds Temperance's suggestion
[11:24] Innula Zenovka for Slaton
[11:24] Silvanus mine too, Lara
[11:24] Silene Christen Gina in the chair too
[11:24] Ginette Pinazzo I knew full well Id beId become a subject of conflicty/..I dotn mind that...but I want to see stability
[11:24] Lara Boyle then I make that a counter proposal
[11:24] Huntress Catteneo thirds
[11:25] Sissy Blitz I wish I could have trust in someone here to vote but I do not Bye all
[11:25] Hypatia Meili gina
[11:25] Kim Rongyu Gina for me too, she is detached from LL, but close enough to make liaaison easy
[11:25] Temperance Hax all thos in favour slaton say "Slaton" please
[11:25] Temperance Hax Slaton
[11:25] Innula Zenovka Slaton
[11:25] Couldbe slaton
[11:25] Zada Bury Slaton
[11:25] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik SLaton
[11:25] Huntress Catteneo Slaton
[11:25] Clovis Luik Slaton
[11:25] Hypatia Meili is slaton wiling to?
[11:25] Zena Zemlja Slaton
[11:25] Huntress Catteneo according to doc yes
[11:26] Lara Boyle I do not se how the facilitator can also be chair
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo I dotn think LL shoudl be a Chair.....but I cant vote for
[11:26] Kim Rongyu to be honest they cannot, a facilitator is there to make a meetings decisiomns happen
[11:26] Ginette Pinazzo can we at least nominate another RESIDENT?
[11:27] Silvanus I dont think that LL wants to be subject of chaotic discussions with residents
[11:27] Lara Boyle absolutely... which therefore puts Slaton off the voting list
[11:27] Slaton Linden Yes, I think LL needs to be facilitator, not chair
[11:27] Huntress Catteneo getting wayyyy to caught up in formallities
[11:27] Temperance Hax wellperhaps LL needs to arrange a second linden to be here to be chair?
[11:27] AnnMarie Otoole This is a dictatorship, not a democracy. Slaton has the AUTHORITY. We need a dictator not a mediator.
[11:27] Kim Rongyu I agree totally Slaton
[11:27] Huntress Catteneo I like that AnnMarie lol
[11:28] Ginette Pinazzo if anyone wants to know what kind of Cjairt Id be..its all in 'agenda' is already publihsed.....
[11:28] Hypatia Meili well is anybody else wiling to and knows the prper format
[11:28] Temperance Hax I dont see much wong with meeting format that is LL reporting on progress, feedback then agenda so longas iincludes new items
[11:28] Kim Rongyu almost any of us could perform that role Hypa
[11:28] Couldbe Couldbe agrees with AnnMarie - this is supposed to be an office hour not a design session

[11:28] Temperance Hax i disagree very stronglywith unable to mention vortex is i didnget round to adding it the week before
[11:29] Temperance Hax if
[11:29] Kim Rongyu so, an idea could eb to assemble the agenda for the next meeting at the end of the current one?
[11:29] Ginette Pinazzo if I am Chair, I wilol do my bexst to MAKE SURE every voice is eghard...and Ill even prompt peoepl t tp get more involved
[11:29] Huntress Catteneo I mentioned all in my thing, so could talk about any lol
[11:29] Lara Boyle the way I see it gina... you have been voted in
[11:29] Kim Rongyu that way eevryoner knows whats coming up
[11:29] Silvanus I want that the chair is done by a resident who has the skills to do it
[11:29] Silvanus and thats Gina, she already proved it
[11:29] Huntress Catteneo Sorry Gina, but if you are chair many will not attend
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo I wotn do it w/o love thouigh..I want to see most or all ar ehappy
[11:30] Huntress Catteneo too much rivalry
[11:30] Couldbe Couldbe agrees with Huntress

[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo and that might mean group hug (haha)
[11:30] Kim Rongyu Huntress, these sessions sometimes degenerate, some of it almost seems poesonal
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo who will not attend Hunt?
[11:30] Silvanus I disagree huntress its not rivalry, its griefing against Gina...
[11:30] Huntress Catteneo same thing with Counter
[11:30] Lara Boyle does that matter?... if others cannot operate without bringing personalities into it - then maybe they dont deserve to be here
[11:30] Ginette Pinazzo I submit there is no real rivalry
[11:31] Hypatia Meili people who cant get past that are just being disruptive
[11:31] Huntress Catteneo *sigh*
[11:31] Lara Boyle I would not worry about the losses
[11:31] Zada Bury How about "we try for 1 month"?
[11:31] Couldbe It's not griefing - Ginette has previously set out to be divisive and to deliberately ignore the wishes of the group here to try to further her own agenda
[11:31] Kim Rongyu no Lara, yu are spot on there
[11:31] Lara Boyle if they want to act their shoe size not their age... after what I saw last week - they dont DESERVE to be here
[11:31] Slaton Linden agree with Zada. We need to try *something*
[11:32] Lara Boyle then let Gina be chair for a month
[11:32] Silvanus nods to Lara
[11:32] Ginette Pinazzo that is not true couldbe...not in any way...but feel free to discuss yoru concerns with me after meeting so we can set record straight
[11:32] Kim Rongyu OK, can I suggest that you, Slaton, are the facilitator and we have a seperate chair to report back?
[11:32] Zada Bury So ... if all disagree with "Linden chair" ... and Gin is the only one wo is willing to do ...
[11:32] AnnMarie Otoole Geeze the meeting is 1/2 over and we've not decided on a square or round talbe. YES I AGREE.
[11:32] Zada Bury ... last chance for others to raise the hand to say "I want!"
[11:32] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik what about you Zada?
[11:32] Temperance Hax I want a linden chair,itis lindenoffice hours
[11:33] Huntress Catteneo I put this together from what has been said to me in various forms by some people:'The problem is that some peoples ideas get submitted for the meetings and then seem to get lost or aren't read/ignored and must be submitted again. Then in the meetings when ideas are mentioned to talk about, they get shouted down and not given a fair hearing,. It seems like other groups and certain people are given favour, and they are not even representing their members as they don't listen to them or have proper meetings, they are just pushing their own agenda.'
[11:33] Zada Bury I think, I can't be each week here
[11:33] Temperance Hax we simply need a linden to take charge
[11:33] Ginette Pinazzo I would do it for one month to see how it goes...who knoows? maybe Ill hate it
[11:33] Innula Zenovka i thought lots of us just said we anted Slaton as chair.. i know that's what i thought i was voting for
[11:33] Zada Bury OR ... maybe if people feel bad about "try 1 month" we say "Gin have the chair for 1 month, then we search someone other"
[11:33] Zena Zemlja I am for Linden chair, it will raise less issues I think?
[11:33] Hypatia Meili the other peole ar not posting their alternat proposals
[11:34] Slaton Linden I agree HUntress, how do you propose we solve?
[11:34] Huntress Catteneo BOTH major groups here say that, the SAME thing, neither is listening to the other
[11:34] Zada Bury OR ... Slaton do it for a month, like some was agree with.
[11:34] Hypatia Meili if they exhist in coherent form
[11:34] Temperance Hax i missed lastweek (its 4am) but the week before we had avery productive meeting
[11:34] Ginette Pinazzo we havge a Linden Chair...we KNOW how that bworks out already.......this is a chance to have more organization AND have more voices heard (to respond to you Hunt)
[11:34] Couldbe I vote we just have an agenda and run through it - with slaton controlling the meeting and the time on each topic. this is an office hour after all - it's not actually important enough to bog down in heavy process
[11:34] Innula Zenovka we have alternatives . Slaton or Ginette .. seems a simple enough question, which of the two do you want/
[11:35] Huntress Catteneo mmm and of course once more all are listening
[11:35] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik I agree with Couldbe
[11:35] Ginette Pinazzo Ll simply does not have the the rtime or respources to do this process justice......we can help so much m ore on our own with them there as backup
[11:35] Lara Boyle Slaton has already said he feels that he cannot be facilitaor and Chair... so that discounts him
[11:35] Zada Bury Definitions of the chair is "keeping the topics for the agenda and prorize them"?
[11:35] Temperance Hax Temperance Hax wishes we aready had the voting machine here:)

[11:35] Huntress Catteneo lol temp
[11:35] Kim Rongyu Innula, honestly it doesn't matter who is chair of these meetings, as long as the agenda is followed and times maintained
[11:35] Slaton Linden I agree w/ Coulbe too
[11:36] Zena Zemlja LL should always be here for the meeting?
[11:36] Huntress Catteneo with the way all get one Zena? definately
[11:36] Huntress Catteneo on
[11:36] Kim Rongyu well I would suggest that yes, of course they should
[11:36] Ginette Pinazzo if we have resident chair, these meetings will be faster and more voices will be heard and that will FREE Slaton to address more issues when he eneeds to
[11:36] Innula Zenovka it seems to matter to some people who does it, Kim, and actually i think some people will do a better job of keeping us to the agenda and maintaining times than will others
[11:37] Zena Zemlja chair is about leading the meeting, not about organizing zexpo?
[11:37] Kim Rongyu well, I agree with that completely Innula
[11:37] Ginette Pinazzo as it is now, he weill get bogged won in issues he shouldnt have to worry abt
[11:37] Kim Rongyu we;ve been heer 37 minutes running in circles
[11:37] Slaton Linden Can we simply agree to follow new agenda process and see how it goes? I don't want to get bogged down in "chair" debate
[11:37] Couldbe Zexpo should have very little to do with this meeting anyway.
[11:37] Kim Rongyu this si why we need someone to steer these meetings
[11:38] Temperance Hax whatis on todays agenda next?
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo ZZexpio is the number one gatehring that may affect all of Zindra and Adult at leasty de desreves aReport
[11:38] Zena Zemlja then why am I here, Couldbe???
[11:38] Huntress Catteneo no all we need is for people to be decent adults
[11:38] Lara Boyle the agenda process I agree with in principal... from what I see... there is no real objections to that Slaton
[11:38] Ginette Pinazzo first itsm on agedna is Busines Netorking Center...and Kim is even here!
[11:38] Kim Rongyu well, I have been a bit loud :)
[11:39] Kim Rongyu want me to kick off Gina?
[11:39] Slaton Linden OK, for agenda this week I wanted to let you all know that I'm working on getting group ownership of Zindra mainland and vortex setup. we'll need to determine who will be part of "ownership"
[11:40] Huntress Catteneo vortex is Bill
[11:40] Couldbe I don't know Zena, is it because you like our company?
[11:40] Hypatia Meili wel vortex already hasa a linden group
[11:40] Temperance Hax Itis preetty simple for vortex yu own tha group, and thatgroup should own the land
[11:41] Ginette Pinazzo pok already have the Vortex team and staff already in placve and been working it fkir months
[11:41] Slaton Linden Ginette, for VOrtex they don't have full rights to manage do they?
[11:41] Temperance Hax the set up within that is up to yu ,im sure bill willhave ideas, just take the land from gov linden over to your group
[11:41] Huntress Catteneo nope
[11:41] Zena Zemlja [2011/08/01 2011-08-01 10:08:31] Ginette Pinazzo: MEETING with LL......MON 11AM SLT ...... in Bronlen!........... Zindra topics....Adult Content topics...(plus all current ZEXPO participants are encouraged to attend!).... LOCATION:
[11:41] Zena Zemlja that's why
[11:41] Hypatia Meili not without group control of the land
[11:42] Temperance Hax thegroup and people are there
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton..not yet...thats the si tmain team, Slaton:
[11:42] Slaton Linden right and that's what I'm working on
[11:42] Temperance Hax the group, with SLaton owns, needs toown the land so thatgrifers canbe ejected
[11:42] Temperance Hax its quite simple really
[11:42] Ginette Pinazzo good to hear Slaton...thansk for good news
[11:42] Temperance Hax about thre eminutes to get giv linden to sellyu land, andthen yu deed it
[11:43] Couldbe then why ask if you already know, Zena?
[11:43] Temperance Hax if yu do not know how we can refer yut o releavnt wiki pages
[11:43] Huntress Catteneo simple thing taking very long time
[11:43] Temperance Hax we heqaqrd thattwo weeks ago
[11:43] Temperance Hax soits ba dtoheara ctually
[11:43] Temperance Hax verybad tohear youare workingon it
[11:43] Temperance Hax it eeds done
[11:43] Slaton Linden yes, Temperance, can you send me the wiki links?
[11:43] Temperance Hax fve minutes of your time
[11:43] Temperance Hax sure
[11:44] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, is there any other action items we need to know abt Vortex before we return to agenda?
[11:44] Temperance Hax
[11:44] Slaton Linden Ginette, go ahead. Just knew that was a an issue that was stills out there as unresolved
[11:44] Zena Zemlja @ Coulbe: because you suggested I had no business being here
[11:44] Slaton Linden thanks, Temperance
[11:45] Temperance Hax thank you:)
[11:45] Ginette Pinazzo very good, are up
[11:45] Huntress Catteneo Couldbe, Zena, please drop it
[11:45] Couldbe no I didn't - perhaps you should read back
[11:45] Kim Rongyu (brb)
[11:45] Temperance Hax this is agenda, nota distraction, the thing we are discussing about vortex:)
[11:46] Slaton Linden Zena and Coulbe, could you maybe use another channel for the back and forth
[11:47] Couldbe I'm sorry zena that I made light of your question regarding why you are here, since obviously it was rhetorical
[11:47] Temperance Hax for tehother projects I do not know which group shuld own whatland,perhaps yu couldpurpose make some groups to own them, theyhave very low traffic les sthan atenth of vortex
[11:47] Ginette Pinazzo what we shoulod do, going foproweard, seriously is make sure pongoing items like 'Fix Vortex' are literally on the agenda so they get adres, even if that seems anoying
[11:47] Huntress Catteneo thankyou Couldbe, that was wonderful to see
[11:48] Couldbe I'm fine with it, if zena wants to pick a fight with someone she can pick someone else
[11:48] Temperance Hax vrtexis onthe gaenda and far from annoyingit matters, w ehave spnt mroe time talkigaboutinmeetings than it would take to fix it
[11:48] Zena Zemlja I want to know if Zexpo is on the agenda today, otherwise I am waisting my time here
[11:48] Ginette Pinazzo I agree Temp. Slaton do you nneed to schwedule 1v1 with anyone to talk more abt Vortex?
[11:49] Temperance Hax yuc an spend hours eah week dscussing podydani dontmind, just that has notraffiuc vortex is the face of zindra until llgets round to the otehr stuff
[11:49] Ginette Pinazzo it is foirst on agedna Zena...but we havent started the agenda yet!no one is
[11:49] Huntress Catteneo it should be Zena, but I suspect we will run out of time
[11:49] Slaton Linden I'll speak w/ Temperance about Vortex
[11:50] Zena Zemlja oke, thanks Ginette, thanks Huntress
[11:50] Ginette Pinazzo ok the only real agenda item now is Busines Netwroking Center......and Kim is setting that up now.....
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo the center will have dropboxes and live events....
[11:51] Kim Rongyu I have sent Gina a notecard regarding ideas I have had for 5 things tio use during networking week to hopefully encourage cooperation
[11:51] Slaton Linden Ginette and Kim, you have the floor.
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo here is LM
[11:51] Ginette Pinazzo \Distrel (194,62,57)
[11:52] Ginette Pinazzo the reason this on agenda is twofols....
[11:52] Ginette Pinazzo 1) because its really an important part of ZEXPo that underscores the need to get bjusinesses tgrow and cooperating between them is a great technique for that
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo and 2) if successful, this will spin off into a regular series of activities that try to get businesses encourage parnerships...long after ZEXPO is over...teh Vortex, for example, has plans for such a program
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo so the takeaway is........
[11:53] Ginette Pinazzo please ..I hope EVERY Exhibitir in ZEXPO takes advantage of this program
[11:54] Kim Rongyu I will be there as much as I can to help with these programs I have suggested
[11:54] Zena Zemlja On this matter I would like to raise an important issue, please.
[11:54] Ginette Pinazzo eitehr Kim or I can be contacted to discuss details
[11:54] Slaton Linden Go ahead Zena
[11:54] Ginette Pinazzo yes Zena?
[11:54] Zena Zemlja I understood Zexpo to be about promoting all the adult lifestyle in SL.
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo (that link explains the BsNet Ctr)
[11:55] Clovis Luik Zexppo IS about ZINDRA
[11:55] Silvanus Zena it cause of the past, now ehibitors of all Adult are here
[11:55] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik or it originally was supposed to be
[11:55] Ginette Pinazzo Zena...ALST year's shjow WAS Zindra-only...thats part of the problem...that per4cpetion lingers
[11:56] Hypatia Meili zepo was kicked of to be about promoting zindra orginaly
[11:56] Ginette Pinazzo *LASt
[11:56] Ginette Pinazzo its bstill all about Zindra IN THAT it PRS Zindra...but bliek any big city that wants invites peoepl from all over
[11:56] Innula Zenovka how many large adult content people.. like xcite or sexgen or sensations or destinations like Bondage Ranch.. are particpating in Zexpo?
[11:56] Zena Zemlja I have no business on Zindra, but was invited for Zexpo
[11:56] Ginette Pinazzo so it involves lots of peoepl and places and Adult SL in general....but by that veyr fact, it helps Zindar
[11:57] Ginette Pinazzo Zena. does my answer come to close to answering your question?
[11:58] Slaton Linden Not sure Innula. Ginette?
[11:58] Ginette Pinazzo *come close
[11:58] Hypatia Meili i personly have bo problem with it promotinag adult in geral but zindra locations should have first shot s to not be crowed out . there ae alot of adult sims
[11:58] Ginette Pinazzo Id say ZEXPO currently has a very diverse mix.....Zindra...non Zindra....veryt 'adult'.....more general....I can draw up a list to show that later
[11:58] Kim Rongyu I agree Hypa, O have an adult sim, I would expect that the main continent comes first
[11:59] Hypatia Meili what i dont wan tose is cheeters in moderate using it to promte location that are violating th adult guid lines
[11:59] Clovis Luik Zexpo was supposed to be for Zindra Biz, It should not be hijacked by people wanting to promote SL lifestyles
[11:59] Ginette Pinazzo but it really is all abouit raising the profile of Zindra by hosting big events...and that means attarcting from all over
[11:59] Zena Zemlja I'm not sure, seems to be an image problem that needs to be adressed
[11:59] Innula Zenovka Ginette.. are xcite or sensations or sexgen or bondage ranch participating?
[11:59] Slaton Linden Is there a list of participants thus far?
[12:00] Ginette Pinazzo the Island campaign in general was alwasy about big events...perhaps even ones from outside Zindar totally that come herte to have their event...its about th hosting aspect, actually, that gets us the big PR.soem even hosted from
[12:00] Kim Rongyu well, lets be honest, do those peopel really need to ?
[12:00] Couldbe and is there a list of how many zindra based businesses there are?
[12:00] Ginette Pinazzo Innula.....we soliciuited all over...the market decided who responded.......
[12:00] Ginette Pinazzo I have all of that info and can get it
[12:01] Innula Zenovka yeah, i am sure it did.. what did they when you asked them?
[12:01] Temperance Hax I think by next ear the message that islands can be in zexpo will have got through better
[12:01] Zena Zemlja @ Kim : I am one of 'those' people, thank you
[12:01] Couldbe and how does the zexpo raise the profile of businesses on Zindra and how are you going to quantify that?
[12:01] Slaton Linden Ginette, a list of participants would be helpful
[12:01] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Exactly COuldbe -
[12:01] Ginette Pinazzo vweyr well said temp
[12:01] Hypatia Meili i say we adopt amore genral defition of buiness in this case, it doen have to be money making ventures only ,but inculde any public venue
[12:02] Ginette Pinazzo teh participanmts are easy to se...just go to the website
[12:02] Clovis Luik Zexpo for Zindra only
[12:02] Huntress Catteneo I think Kym meant the big businesses mentioned Zena?
[12:02] Kim Rongyu Zena, I wasn't being rude, just thinking that do you really ned any more exposure :)
[12:02] Zena Zemlja omg
[12:02] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Does the website indicate whether the participants are located in Zindra?
[12:02] Ginette Pinazzo Zexpo for 'Zindra only' is a quanit idea but its not exactly outreaching
[12:03] Ginette Pinazzo no Saxoni...but I can get that Ive already stated
[12:03] Couldbe How did you solicit the businesses to agree to exhbit? If I ask stroker if he received an invite will he say yes?
[12:03] Lara Boyle I'm not Zindra..... but we're there
[12:03] Lara Boyle and glad to be
[12:03] Zena Zemlja if what Clovis says is true, then I am ot of here and out of Zexpo
[12:03] Couldbe and perhaps you should rename the event as it is not a zindra expo it is an adult content expo.
[12:03] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Yes
[12:03] Ginette Pinazzo and you are a gpood ex examploe Latex..if you have a good experience, you might eb encouragewd to get more involved
[12:03] Slaton Linden Good question Couldbe. How we're people chosen to participate?
[12:04] Ginette Pinazzo Zewna...what Clovis is saying is NOT true
[12:04] Lara Boyle we're there because we want to be
[12:04] Lara Boyle and clovis is completey wrong
[12:04] Couldbe it was supposed to be for zindra only businesses - unless you changed the rules without telling us
[12:04] Lara Boyle another example if twisting things
[12:04] Couldbe that's why it's called the Zindra Expo (Zexpo)
[12:05] Lara Boyle you want us to leave?
[12:05] Ginette Pinazzo do you really all find this productive (4 minutes after meeting os over) to ask these questions about teh show's production?: can we do this off the meeting cloock (wqhich technically it is now)?
[12:05] Clovis Luik who decied to let not zindra biz in? was that your decision ginette?
[12:05] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Clovis is not wrong. Zexpo was supposed to be an event to promote ZINDRA businesses to compensate for being moved to this continent.
[12:05] Clovis Luik Ginette you have been manipulatint this thing frm the very beginning
[12:05] Lara Boyle ok... so we're not wanted..... that's fine
[12:05] Ginette Pinazzo coulodbe you are wrong, plain and simple...youi just need to keep up with AL:L of the material posted....
[12:05] AnnMarie Otoole Howver if JUST Zindra contributors it would be 3 empty sims and one welcome sim. If you want an EXPO you need to fill it.
[12:05] Silvanus no no Lara....
[12:05] Ginette Pinazzo Slaton, I have to go
[12:05] Ginette Pinazzo enjuoy
[12:06] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik So, Couldbe's question about how this event benefits Zindra businesses is pertinent
[12:06] Couldbe I've been to most of these meetings for the last two and a half years - I don't remember us agreeing to widen it to include adult content
[12:06] Ginette Pinazzo I will get you info fpor trcking purposes later
[12:06] Couldbe it has always been about zindra
[12:06] Slaton Linden OK, we're past time. Ginette, can you send me link to the Zexpo list please? thanks
[12:06] Ginette Pinazzo couldbe youe..are not ven IN the Zindra Exp[2011/08/01 o hopw woudl you knwo?>
[12:06] Hypatia Meili we never quite setled it last year
[12:06] Ginette Pinazzo Slkaton....its the website...its all there
[12:07] Slaton Linden OK, Ginette. thanks
[12:07] Hypatia Meili it just was thats who knew about it , primarly
[12:07] Zena Zemlja zindra stands for adult content in sl
[12:07] Couldbe I understood that your weekly updates to this group contained all the main points
[12:07] Ginette Pinazzo this is close to 11th hour of planning for this liek to see common SUPPORT and soem love....what d o you say?
[12:07] Couldbe are you now saying they don't?
[12:07] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik was never settled was a decision that was simply made
[12:07] Temperance Hax Zexpo is promoting adult activites and business ins econd life, any business canbe involved by filling in application form
[12:07] Lara Boyle which we did - and was accepted
[12:08] Ginette Pinazzo I am VERY transparent and have been for months,..,.,...dont pretend you dotn know whats been going on.....ciao
[12:08] Huntress Catteneo one step forward, ten back
[12:08] Slaton Linden Did anyone here submit and not get accepted?
[12:08] Innula Zenovka and if Couldbe asks Stroker if he was asked to participate, what will he say?
[12:08] Huntress Catteneo to Zexpo?
[12:08] Ginette Pinazzo \S;laton...all of this material has been very very public for a long tiem.......we dont have time forobfuscations.....
[12:08] Temperance Hax If anybusiness wishes to be involved and hasnt yet fille din an application form I am sure they could, though it is getting late inthe day
[12:09] Lara Boyle safe paths all
[12:09] Ginette Pinazzo ciao
[12:09] AnnMarie Otoole I've been inviting makers of erotic clothes to com and exhibit, even though they don't "need" Zindra adult land. A great opportunity for them.
[12:09] Ginette Pinazzo only those whoa re against the show's polociesd (also very public) woudl not get accepted....though the team alwasy has rights to curate...and that is also published knowledge
[12:09] Ginette Pinazzo ciao
[12:09] Slaton Linden yes, we're up on time. thanks everyone. I'll keep trying to help make these meetings more productive
[12:10] Couldbe I'm scrolling back and I don't think Ginette actually said how businesses were invited
[12:10] Zada Bury Hmmm ... we have miss the last chance to get Slaton in trouble without Viale here ...
[12:10] Silvanus ty Slaton
[12:10] Slaton Linden thanks, Zada.... LOL
[12:10] Huntress Catteneo good luck with that Slaton lol
[12:10] Ginette Pinazzo goodbye Slaton
[12:10] Hypatia Meili i thoght we wer allspreading th word
[12:10] Temperance Hax ntoices we put out everywhere they could be:)
[12:10] Hypatia Meili and thers an aplication
[12:10] Slaton Linden Goodbye all and take care
[12:10] Temperance Hax the invitations referred to are wordof mouth ones
[12:10] Couldbe bye Slaton
[12:10] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Bye Slaton
[12:10] Hypatia Meili bye slaton
[12:10] Zada Bury See you soon ... and taeke care. Tkaks for your time
[12:10] Clovis Luik bye
[12:11] Silvanus ok me has to leave quick too, bye all happy monday
[12:11] Innula Zenovka thanks, Slaton
[12:11] Couldbe usually you would have key content providers at these - when we did unzipped we contacted all the main names
[12:11] Ginette Pinazzo couldbe...if you want to support the show...go for it...or otehr psoitive movements.....or come up with yoru positive ideas......this is not the tiem to start riddling us w/ questions you certainlky can fidn the asnwers to with almsot no reserarch
[12:11] Temperance Hax Innula yuannivte stroker if yuwant,its agood idea:)
[12:11] Zena Zemlja I do understand now though why other private adult sims do not wish to participate, I did not feel very welcome here either by some remarks made.
[12:12] Innula Zenovka Temperance, do i take that to mean no one has thought to invite him as yet?
[12:12] Hypatia Meili participate in this meeting?
[12:12] Huntress Catteneo sorry for tha Zena
[12:12] Temperance Hax I have no clue,as far as i know th thingis opt in
[12:12] Couldbe Zena, I hope you're not still pouty about that comment earlier. You did after all ask why you were here.. which is why I made the flippant comment
[12:12] Kim Rongyu I spent hours on the Business ideas, only for people to jumop in when I tried to talk about them. I'm sorry if you don't see that as important
[12:13] Zena Zemlja both this meetig and zexpo also
[12:13] Temperance Hax kim Id love to hear bout them
[12:13] Couldbe as I understand it there are specific zexpo meetings - which is probably where you should be if you have logistical questions.
[12:13] Kim Rongyu maybe, but some seem more interested in other things
[12:13] Hypatia Meili well participating in zexpo doen mean dealing wi this meeting
[12:13] Temperance Hax welltheyre askingabout benefits to business
[12:14] Zena Zemlja I was invited here as Zexpo exhibitor, Couldbe!!
[12:14] AnnMarie Otoole Non Zindra residents are WELCOME to provide TPs to off Zindra locations. Free advertising.
[12:14] Couldbe but you've highlighted an area where we still need to get some clarity. originally these meetings were for zindra only but do end up talking about adult content in general
[12:14] Kim Rongyu well, I tried to tel pople about what I had planned, didn;t get anywhere
[12:14] Zada Bury Well ... back to work ...
[12:14] Innula Zenovka see you next week, folks.. i have stuff that needs doing
[12:14] Huntress Catteneo these meetings were definately changed to include adult content
[12:15] Zada Bury *waves* See you
[12:15] Couldbe You'll need to ask Ginette why she invited you I'm afraid. I can't answer it
[12:15] Temperance Hax these are adult content meetings. including in general
[12:15] Huntress Catteneo as for Zexpo I have no idea
[12:15] Huntress Catteneo Vaile said often it is for both
[12:15] Huntress Catteneo to meetings were merged
[12:16] Huntress Catteneo two
[12:17] Zena Zemlja I'm really sorry I came to this meeting, I won't attend again
[12:18] Huntress Catteneo sorry to hear that Zena
[12:18] Temperance Hax sorry zena
[12:18] Huntress Catteneo If they all want it to be Zindra only, then many here will be gone
[12:19] Huntress Catteneo as like you they are not Zindra
[12:19] Hypatia Meili this meetin is not zindar only
[12:19] Huntress Catteneo yes I know
[12:19] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik Well Huntress this meeting used to be about Zindra residents talking to LL about various issues on the Zidra continent that needed to be addressed
[12:19] Huntress Catteneo some don't apear to agree though
[12:19] Kim Rongyu my sims are adult and private islands, does that mean I am not involved? No of course not
[12:19] Hypatia Meili the zexpo may or may not be that sepratisue as of now (this year)it is not zindra only
[12:20] Huntress Catteneo yes I know what it USED to be
[12:20] Hypatia Meili my cocer is that it doe not include locations promoteing adult out side of adult
[12:20] Couldbe well it's going through a flux atm - I'm sure it will settle down soon
[12:21] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik LOL I wont hold my breath
[12:21] Couldbe I don't want mature peeps to have a say - they should have moved to adult rather than trying to scam the system
[12:21] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik yes, I agree
[12:21] Huntress Catteneo what was said here again highlights the main problem to me as I see it still
[12:21] Huntress Catteneo too many trapped in the past and old rivalry
[12:22] Hypatia Meili thats what neds tobe checke on , on the non zindra locations with actul adult content
[12:22] Kim Rongyu Huntres, the problem seems to me to be simple, too many chiefs and not enough indians
[12:22] Huntress Catteneo hehe
[12:22] Kim Rongyu am I wrong???
[12:22] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik and I dont care about businesses outside of Zindra participating, but there should be measurable benefits to those on this continent as a result
[12:23] Temperance Hax I dont really care at all about the old fights Id liek to see adult content being promoted by sl, which vialewas talking about the meeting before last:)
[12:23] Hypatia Meili viale on vaction?
[12:23] Huntress Catteneo just having people visit the location will have flow on, as people hop from there to explore
[12:23] Temperance Hax yes
[12:23] Temperance Hax lucky thing
[12:23] Kim Rongyu can we nopt just have a single person chairing, Linden rep to carry out things? seems easier
[12:24] Couldbe looking at the marketing and the comms channells it's not really doing much and there's never been any clear objectives or any desire to review the outcome of last year
[12:24] Kim Rongyu and forget all the ego issues?
[12:24] Temperance Hax well the diea ofthe document seems tobe the lindenwill give warnings and throw out people whoget abit too umm
[12:24] Hypatia Meili i maybe misinterpeting but i think the lindens dont wan to
[12:24] Huntress Catteneo they won't agree on anyone
[12:24] Temperance Hax bllodthirsty
[12:24] Saxoni Fenstalker-Luik I think that last year there wasnt a lot of hopping off the island to explore the rest of the continent
[12:24] Huntress Catteneo cannot be Gina or Counter
[12:24] Kim Rongyu so if noone agrees, you appoint
[12:24] Kim Rongyu delegation
[12:25] Temperance Hax I dont know, i am always flying intot he mainland from zexpo meetings lol