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Transcript for Tuesday September 6, 2011

[11:00] Viale Linden lets give everyone a few min
[11:00] Counter Landfall Hi CouldBe, Qie
[11:00] Viale Linden not sure everyone got the change
[11:02] Couldbe Innula is on her way, she says she'll be a couple of minutes
[11:04] Viale Linden Ok
[11:05] Qie Oh. Hi Slaton.
[11:05] Pamala Clift Greetings all..
[11:05] Viale Linden some new folks today
[11:05] Counter Landfall Hi everyone again
[11:05] Viale Linden Sorry we moved the meeting, but Monday was a US holiday
[11:06] Viale Linden will move back to Mondays
[11:07] Viale Linden so I wanted to remind everyone about the 9/12 deadline for the Adult community gateway submissions
[11:08] Viale Linden I also wanted to let everyone know that we are not tied to making this 4 regions in the mainland. We are open to a 4 region private estate with no setup fee but the normal region price
[11:08] Viale Linden Thanks Qie
[11:09] Counter Landfall why would that be a better deal in your opinion?
[11:09] Innula Zenovka is that the normal region price for private estates?
[11:09] Viale Linden yes, with no setup fee
[11:09] Viale Linden I understand this would give the owner more control
[11:09] Viale Linden or owners
[11:10] Counter Landfall margianlly so, yes
[11:10] Viale Linden I also want to say that we plan to promote Adult search, gateway and destinations to new users that age verify with an automated email
[11:10] Innula Zenovka though it would also be considerably more expensive and mean that group members couldn't help out by contributing tier
[11:11] Pine Martinek isn't there less explorer/walk in traffic in estate/islands though?
[11:11] Counter Landfall but how do you prompt them to age verify in the first place?
[11:11] Counter Landfall and besides, Viale answer me this:
[11:11] Counter Landfall does not everyoen have to staste their age at signup?
[11:12] Counter Landfall state*
[11:12] Qie ah, I see. So... if they're to pay the US$195/sim/mo of Mainland, they'd remain in the Mainland estate. to be a separate estate, they'd need to pay the US$295/sim/mo fee. That probably wouldn't be a huge draw, I'd guess. I was thinking that, even at the Mainland tier fee, it might make sense to run it as a separate Estate (even for LL's purposes)
[11:12] Innula Zenovka i don't know if private vs mainland is a key factor in traffic, Pine. I mean, Bondage Ranch and the Gor Hub are always very busy
[11:12] Viale Linden Just like the internet, whenever one comes int contact with Adult content for the 1st time, they need to consent
[11:12] Counter Landfall exactly
[11:13] Counter Landfall so everyone over 18 has age verified
[11:13] Counter Landfall they only need to set a pref in their viewer
[11:13] Viale Linden upon doing that, they will get an email to highlight search and destinatinations
[11:13] Pamala Clift I have been in world for a long time.. all over all the grids.. but sometimes I am kicked back into age verification? What does that..
[11:13] Viale Linden The email will also explain viewer settings - key
[11:13] Counter Landfall so why is it that you cn't prompt them to do so on signup?
[11:13] Pine Martinek I just noticed that continents have more 'explorers' dropping in is all
[11:14] Viale Linden its an extra check
[11:14] Counter Landfall yes, it is one more step
[11:14] Viale Linden to make sure they are ready
[11:14] Counter Landfall but you dont need an email
[11:14] Viale Linden email is nice helpful hint plus a plug for adult regions
[11:15] Counter Landfall onece they have comfirmed 18, you tell them to set their prefs for maturity
[11:15] Viale Linden its all good
[11:15] Innula Zenovka i agree. i like the idea of the email
[11:15] Innula Zenovka do people get asking during the sign-up process if they want to take that extra step to confirm their age?
[11:16] Counter Landfall why email if you can do it as part of the signup process?
[11:16] Viale Linden Any Zexpo attendees here?
[11:16] Pamala Clift yes
[11:16] Evelynn Kidd yes
[11:16] Pamala Clift I lectured & had booths
[11:16] Viale Linden wondering about event and if it met everyones expectations
[11:16] Counter Landfall Innula, theyMUST confirm age to set up an account at all
[11:16] Pamala Clift I will respond in IM.
[11:16] Evelynn Kidd i thought is was really great
[11:16] Counter Landfall it is not possible to set it up without stating age
[11:16] Counter Landfall so they have already age verified
[11:17] Counter Landfall unless they say they are under 18
[11:17] Pine Martinek you mean were all the peolpe pleased all the time , Viale? lol
[11:17] Innula Zenovka yes, i realise that, Counter, but you don't automatically get set up to see adult content, do you? I meant do they asked if they want to go to that page to say "yes, I've given you the right date of birth and i want to see adult content"
[11:17] Viale Linden Thanks Counter - agree the age verification has increased age verified very much since launch, but we could have improvements
[11:18] Counter Landfall no, so in the signup process, once they have confirmed 18, you make an extra step and ask them to set their preferred mauturity
[11:18] Counter Landfall which defualts to G
[11:18] Viale Linden Not sure everyone is ready for that- we dont want define Sl as only adult
[11:18] Couldbe are you actually getting many people admitting to being underage?
[11:19] Viale Linden yes
[11:19] Pine Martinek most figure out the maturity rating step from friends before long anyways
[11:19] Counter Landfall you dont ask them to set adult Viale (you dont ask to Set Them adult Avenue)
[11:19] Evelynn Kidd i know a lot of teens
[11:19] Counter Landfall you aks them to set their maturity prefs
[11:19] Counter Landfall of which one is adult
[11:19] Innula Zenovka my impression is the same, Pine.. i don't see that it's a huge issue, and getting the special email when you do -- as do most people -- take that final step seems a big boost
[11:20] Counter Landfall some may want to only see G and not M and G which is the defualt for 18+
[11:20] Viale Linden I would also like to remove the step for changing permissions
[11:20] Viale Linden still too hard
[11:20] Evelynn Kidd i think slome of the schools prefer the G default
[11:20] Viale Linden But % increase in age verified is +50%
[11:21] Counter Landfall how hard is drop down menu in a web page?
[11:21] Evelynn Kidd terriffic
[11:21] AnnMarie Otoole Re Question. I think Zexpo went well. I had over 200 visitors to Sin City, made L$15 in sales. It should have run much longer.
[11:21] Innula Zenovka that's very encouraging, viale.. how many active users are, in fact, Age Verified/PIU now, roughly?
[11:22] Viale Linden dont have all that data
[11:22] Temperance Hax sorry tobelate thughtthis was 12 today from website yesterday
[11:22] Viale Linden The good news is we need to find more ways to promote Adult to those that want to find it
[11:23] Viale Linden I think email is a nice way to sell it without saying SL is Adult
[11:23] Evelynn Kidd agreed
[11:23] Viale Linden I have my team working on that
[11:23] Counter Landfall sell it after the fact they have set adult as prefs?
[11:23] Viale Linden we will make it automated
[11:24] Viale Linden after they come in contact with A content and age verify
[11:24] Viale Linden yes, some barriers
[11:24] Counter Landfall but they do age verify on signup
[11:24] Counter Landfall they confirm their age
[11:24] Viale Linden We dont want to hit everybody over the head with adult content
[11:25] Evelynn Kidd i do (and)
[11:25] Couldbe you might like to actually tell people who are already inworld viale - I put it in my newsletter a couple of months back and still get people telling me that that was the first they'd heard of it
[11:25] Pamala Clift What about a comfort level request.. Would you like (after cc validation feel comfortable being including what matutiy level information)
[11:25] Counter Landfall that is another issue Couldbe
[11:25] Viale Linden couldbe +1
[11:26] Counter Landfall it should have been published to everyone
[11:27] Viale Linden we should definitely promote to active users
[11:27] Viale Linden and new users
[11:27] Counter Landfall What's with the CC validation Pamela?
[11:27] Viale Linden I think the gateway is a great opportunity with these emails
[11:27] Chriz Collins no one ansers me?
[11:27] Pamala Clift Well it is assumed if you have a credit card on file then of course you are past 18.. assuming of course..
[11:28] Counter Landfall it does not work that way
[11:28] Viale Linden sorry Chriz. repeat?
[11:28] Qie Chriz, I don't think we understand what you asked
[11:28] Counter Landfall LL aks if you are 18 or or not on signup
[11:28] Couldbe chriz, you were out of chat range I suspect. I didn't hear anything until your last comment
[11:28] Counter Landfall if you say yes, you go to all regions
[11:28] Counter Landfall if you say no you only go to G
[11:28] Chriz Collins did i understand right..if i not want go with my 'mainland parcell' change to privates..i ll...loose my land?
[11:28] Viale Linden can someone explain Chriz; question
[11:29] Counter Landfall there is no other confirmation if you re uder 18 or not
[11:29] Viale Linden Pam - CC is not good enough
[11:29] Viale Linden Teens have CCs
[11:29] Angelena Collins if we don't want our land to be private land, will we lose our land?
[11:30] Couldbe what language do you speak chriz?
[11:30] Viale Linden no one is losing land
[11:30] Counter Landfall and the CC companies does not approve that information is used for age validation
[11:30] Pamala Clift nods.. well it use to be.. but I acknowledge things are changing in that regard.
[11:30] Pine Martinek german
[11:30] Couldbe does anyone speak german here?
[11:30] Pamala Clift we can turn on a translator?
[11:30] Chucky Takacs i do (and)
[11:30] Temperance Hax have the screen before login blog posts been restored (with techs treams left out)
[11:30] Counter Landfall I understand German a bit, yes
[11:31] Chriz Collins hmmm
[11:31] Temperance Hax those get to eevryone, and give things exposure
[11:31] Chucky Takacs you can im me in german, i can translate it
[11:31] Counter Landfall What is the question in German chriz?
[11:31] Viale Linden Chris - no one is losing land
[11:31] Chriz Collins you want do private Region....
[11:31] Viale Linden sorry
[11:31] Chriz Collins but i not want privte land
[11:31] Viale Linden we were discussing a proposal for an adult content gateway
[11:32] Couldbe chucky are you talking to chriz?
[11:32] Chucky Takacs yes, was trying that,
[11:32] Qie I'm *guessing* that Chriz's issue isn't related to the Gateway proposal. (not sure, though)
[11:32] Viale Linden see this Chriz
[11:32] Chriz Collins and...all land will be then privaze land in zindra then?
[11:32] Viale Linden
[11:33] Viale Linden No, chriz
[11:33] Chriz Collins ahh ok... (ahh ca ..)
[11:33] Viale Linden Zindra = mainland
[11:33] Chriz Collins i read the thread
[11:33] Viale Linden I am talking about Adult Content
[11:33] Pine Martinek Zindra is mainland, the adult LL continent
[11:33] Viale Linden This is the Adult User Group not to be confused with Zindra only issues
[11:34] Chriz Collins was missunderstand then
[11:34] Pine Martinek same tier as G or mature
[11:34] Chriz Collins :)
[11:34] Temperance Hax chriz are yu asking if your land will be made private without your wanting it to
[11:34] Chriz Collins yes
[11:35] Viale Linden Ok
[11:35] Viale Linden anyone working on proposals
[11:35] Pine Martinek I think Chriz thought zindra was estate
[11:35] Counter Landfall no Chriz. Viale said that as an alternative the 4 gateway sims could be provided as private regions
[11:35] Chriz Collins no...i know is mainland
[11:35] Chucky Takacs i was a litle late, so maybe a repeated Q here: did we discuss tier on the LL proposal yet?
[11:35] Temperance Hax Adult mainland will remain the same
[11:35] Counter Landfall that would not have any effect on the Zindra regions
[11:35] Viale Linden or have any questions about the request for proposals
[11:36] Chriz Collins ohh ok...sry then...missunderstud
[11:36] Temperance Hax :)
[11:36] AnnMarie Otoole Is Expo now dead? It should have run a month for all the work that was done, or even permanent. Lots of newbies discovering adult content.
[11:36] Pine Martinek if the gateway regions are estate, can we use out mainland tier for them, you mean?
[11:36] Temperance Hax Is the name Zindra still going to be sold? or canwe have the Zindra Chip shop ?
[11:36] Pine Martinek *our
[11:37] Counter Landfall Ann, you have the oportunity to buy 4 sims for a permanet zexpo (Ann, you have the Opportunity to buy four sims for a permanet zexpo)
[11:37] Viale Linden Chucky - based on some feedback from users here, we have opened the proposal to be zindra mainland or an A private regions (4)
[11:37] Evelynn Kidd i agree annmarie, i could only explore part of zexpo
[11:37] Chucky Takacs yes, i did read that, but that will add a lot of tier to many of us
[11:37] Chucky Takacs and the poor 4 that need to manage it....
[11:37] Temperance Hax Lots of people adored Zexpo
[11:38] Chucky Takacs what if at one moment they stand alone
[11:38] Viale Linden Poor 4?
[11:38] Chucky Takacs the proposal asks for 4 people that are responsible for tier
[11:38] AnnMarie Otoole And rent them out Counter? LOL. Personally, with all the lack of unity in Zindra relationships, I just can't see sufficient coordination to find volunteers to pay the 4x tier.
[11:38] Chucky Takacs i agree Ann
[11:39] Viale Linden Zindra will be part of parcel name if requested
[11:39] Evelynn Kidd a selling point
[11:39] Counter Landfall if it is a true adult gateway I am not sure there is much point in the Zindra name
[11:39] Viale Linden If there is no suitable Gateway proposal, we will just move on.
[11:39] Chucky Takacs Cost is always an issue
[11:40] Pine Martinek move on, and table it again next week?
[11:40] Viale Linden Zexpo will no longer be managed by LL and the Zindra sim will be renamed
[11:40] AnnMarie Otoole The gateway owner would have to rent access/advertising pathways, I just can't see that happening.
[11:40] Temperance Hax yes I think now Zexpo is over people will have time to think
[11:41] Couldbe what do you mean by move on?
[11:41] Viale Linden Is everyone OK with the 9/12 deadline?
[11:41] Couldbe are you planning on putting them up for individual sale?
[11:41] Chucky Takacs ok, for me
[11:41] Counter Landfall yes
[11:41] Evelynn Kidd abstain
[11:41] Pine Martinek Viale was looking for input on an adult gateway
[11:41] AnnMarie Otoole Have any viable proposals been received, Viale?
[11:42] Innula Zenovka i was wondering that
[11:42] Viale Linden a couple so far have been recieved, but not viab;e
[11:42] Viale Linden I am fine with Gateway for the record
[11:42] Temperance Hax give it an extra week or so I think
[11:42] Viale Linden I thought it was a good opportunity
[11:43] Pine Martinek I feel it should be mainland, less tier problems, and the added powers of estate owners aren't that huge
[11:43] Chriz Collins yes extra week is good
[11:43] Temperance Hax The addedpowers of estate are very big
[11:43] Viale Linden However, the destination guide is a good alternative for adult locations
[11:43] Angelena Collins Zindra should not change name
[11:43] Innula Zenovka is there a plan b in case you don't get any viable proposals, viale?
[11:43] Temperance Hax being able to tell what script has gone crazy is huge at big events
[11:43] Temperance Hax soo imprtant
[11:44] Chucky Takacs i don't feel that a gateway should be a private iniciative
[11:44] AnnMarie Otoole It is a great idea but a big investment for someone with no reasonable return on investment unless they could levy taxes on Zindra residents.
[11:44] Viale Linden The central promotion will be the Destination Guide
[11:44] Temperance Hax we had one zexpo sim grind to halt because of a texture changer anditwas not easy to figure with no estate tools
[11:44] Pine Martinek doesn't V2 have a script list for parcels?
[11:44] Qie Estate ban could be important, specifically for the Gateway function.
[11:44] Viale Linden Yes, Qie
[11:44] Viale Linden one needs to govern it
[11:45] Counter Landfall estate ban can be implemented quite easily on mianland too
[11:45] Viale Linden great opportunity for advertising of other mainland and adult regions
[11:45] Viale Linden rentals too
[11:45] Temperance Hax Perhaps people could donate extra tier to the project in return for thre months of shop rights scaled tot he amount of tier
[11:45] Pine Martinek parcel owners could just keep a ban list?
[11:45] Chucky Takacs i managed badly, his can be the end of zindra all the way
[11:46] Counter Landfall how can it be the end of Zindra?
[11:46] Temperance Hax they will own zindra name, but we can just call it thingumy continent and go on:)
[11:46] Viale Linden However, I imagine the new gateway will have traffic due to high promotion from LL reources
[11:46] Chucky Takacs the gateway, is the starting point for noobs, if you do that bad, they just go away
[11:46] Angelena Collins we pay enought tier now
[11:47] Evelynn Kidd we are only talking about the one gateway sim and the 4 zexpo sims
[11:47] Counter Landfall if you plan on forking out $800 in monthly tier, there is no room for bad
[11:47] Chucky Takacs so that scares me if that is in private hands
[11:47] Qie wait, i think we mean the 4 gateway sims... that were Zexpo sims.
[11:47] Chucky Takacs i hope you put your hand in the fire for that then
[11:47] Temperance Hax I prefer LL doing it because they are neutral
[11:47] Pine Martinek to get new people I have 30 bots that spam them with LM to my shop, and I set them loose in welcome areas
[11:47] Pine Martinek kidding
[11:48] Temperance Hax itis like seating at a wedding
[11:48] Temperance Hax the nutral people are the hosts
[11:48] Chucky Takacs i agree
[11:48] Huntress Catteneo sorry yesterday I was told meet at 12 :(
[11:48] Temperance Hax (if anyonehas beento a weeding and seen uncle bertsat next to sat nex to cousing gertie and a food fight..)
[11:49] Viale Linden Just bringing reidents forward and moving LL behind the scenes. It is a change, but one we see as necessary after reviewing the status quo of LL sims in adult regions
[11:49] Innula Zenovka if people want to access adult content, i don't think a bad experience at a gateway will put them off too much.. and i have to say that, in general, private estates seem at least as well run as LL-run ones
[11:49] Viale Linden sorry Huntress
[11:49] Counter Landfall well, it does not remove your obligation to have search, DG and events working also for adult regions
[11:49] Viale Linden Or better - innula
[11:50] Innula Zenovka Innula Zenovka was being diplomatic

[11:50] Counter Landfall that is what we already pay for
[11:50] Viale Linden I have seen LL chat zones and the White tiger- big difference
[11:50] Pine Martinek a gateway may end up just being huge adboards you mean, and scare them away?
[11:50] Viale Linden That would be a shame
[11:50] Chucky Takacs can be pine
[11:50] Viale Linden We would review the performance of the gateway
[11:51] Huntress Catteneo have that now
[11:51] Viale Linden we will not let it be like Zindra sim
[11:51] Counter Landfall what would the metrics be Viale?
[11:51] AnnMarie Otoole Is there a plan B for the Zexpo sims if no viable plan surfaces?
[11:51] Counter Landfall you'd need to make that known upfront
[11:51] Huntress Catteneo places on sims next to gateways have huge signs facing in
[11:51] Viale Linden We need excitement and we dont need LL as the middleman (current situation)
[11:52] Viale Linden let me answer Ann Marie
[11:52] Evelynn Kidd i am exciting
[11:52] Temperance Hax LL cant do one? have an entry point at zindra? perhasp rotate groups doing it so its content changes every three months?
[11:52] Pine Martinek would a group with a democratic admin work to police the gateway?
[11:53] Viale Linden If we do not get a proposal, then the plan B promote unofficial gateways
[11:53] Viale Linden However the status quo is going away
[11:53] Counter Landfall meaning?
[11:53] Chucky Takacs can you put one at the center of my shop, lol
[11:54] Huntress Catteneo what do see as being the status quo?
[11:54] Viale Linden counter - is that ? at me?
[11:54] Counter Landfall yes
[11:54] Counter Landfall what does an unoffical gateway mean?
[11:54] Viale Linden The LL presence in Zindra and adult land will go away
[11:54] Counter Landfall and does that include a web baased gateway?
[11:55] Couldbe you'll let various landowners set up and put them in the dg if they meet certain rules?
[11:55] Temperance Hax What about the sandbox?
[11:55] Viale Linden Counter - there are welcome areas in Adult today
[11:55] Temperance Hax Zindra Vortex? It is a lovely thing
[11:55] Viale Linden TBd
[11:55] Counter Landfall yes, but again, if you take this route, you need to have criterias otherwise it will be completely random
[11:56] Temperance Hax LL used ot have hubs, perhaps those could be at Zindra
[11:56] Counter Landfall which you also need to have and make know upfront when you say you want to evaluate the gateway
[11:56] Chucky Takacs and a way to not excude the "medium level" players
[11:56] Viale Linden Brett Linden will review and it will each submission to teh destinatin Guide
[11:56] Counter Landfall developing a gatewy is a massive udnertaking in both time and monetary efforts
[11:57] Viale Linden agree - dont doubt that
[11:57] Counter Landfall so anyone doing it will need to know what criterias you will benchmark it agaisnt
[11:57] Temperance Hax I think Vortex has a valuable role- evenif it is just fr rezzing clumps that mayhave sex beds lol
[11:57] Viale Linden Send me a proposal - criteria is there
[11:58] Counter Landfall well, you must be albe to define your own success factors
[11:58] Pine Martinek does LL have the abilty to figure out how much revenue is made in Zindra?
[11:58] Temperance Hax Canwe have a time extension for proposal please
[11:58] Counter Landfall and would we be able to demand traffic guarantees from you?
[11:59] Viale Linden Temp - for the gateway proposal?
[11:59] Counter Landfall if you dont send traffic in the direction of the gateway, then no pay
[11:59] Temperance Hax yes
[11:59] Pine Martinek traffic guarantees = ?
[11:59] Temperance Hax for the gateway proposal
[11:59] Viale Linden Lets give it one more week with 9/19
[12:00] Temperance Hax thank you
[12:00] Counter Landfall all right
[12:00] Counter Landfall I will relay that to ZA
[12:00] Viale Linden vortex is on mainland
[12:00] Viale Linden will not goaway
[12:00] Huntress Catteneo so what exactly happens with Vortex? that is a proposal as well?
[12:00] Couldbe since the kids have only just gone back to school and what you're asking for is pretty detailed
[12:00] Viale Linden zexpo regions are going away
[12:00] Couldbe why don't you make it the end of the month
[12:01] Couldbe I really would suggest that
[12:01] Temperance Hax Oh good, I feel Vortex is all to good:)
[12:01] Viale Linden end of month
[12:01] Temperance Hax agrees with couldbe
[12:01] Counter Landfall good
[12:01] Viale Linden August and sept are hard for sure
[12:01] Evelynn Kidd i use vortex as my sandbox of choice
[12:02] Couldbe we do need a premium adult sandbox as well
[12:02] Viale Linden nice idea
[12:02] Viale Linden couldbe
[12:02] Viale Linden ok
[12:02] Temperance Hax oh yesss lovely
[12:02] Viale Linden time is up
[12:02] Evelynn Kidd thanks