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Transcript for Monday September 26, 2011

[11:00] Evelynn Kidd hi viale (high street)
[11:01] Evelynn Kidd i can't stay today, unfortunately
[11:01] Viale Linden Hi - looks like I have bored everyone
[11:01] Evelynn Kidd but i will be here next week
[11:01] Qie Hi Viale, all. (Viale Hi, all.)
[11:01] CrystalShard Foo But you've just arrived o_O
[11:01] Viale Linden less drama means less attendance
[11:01] Evelynn Kidd sorry, RL is being mean
[11:01] Evelynn Kidd take care, bye
[11:01] Viale Linden Hi Evelyn
[11:02] CrystalShard Foo Bai
[11:02] Viale Linden Totallly understand
[11:02] Zada Bury Sorry for late
[11:02] CrystalShard Foo By two whole minutes, too!
[11:02] Viale Linden Hi
[11:02] Innula Zenovka hi, everyone
[11:02] Zada Bury Usually I try to be more ealry here
[11:02] Viale Linden Hi Innula
[11:02] Counter Landfall Hi Innula
[11:03] Counter Landfall Hi Qie
[11:03] Zada Bury Seems the seats are partial damaged
[11:03] Viale Linden Hi Qie and Counter
[11:03] Qie Hi Counter, everybody
[11:03] CrystalShard Foo resit fixed for me~
[11:04] Counter Landfall Hi again Viale (I think you wre out of chat range before)
[11:04] Viale Linden So submissions for the Adult Content gateway are ending 9/30
[11:05] Viale Linden I heard from some Adult folks in the Destination guide that traffic doubled for their venue
[11:05] Innula Zenovka that's encouraging
[11:05] Huntress Catteneo that would be expected
[11:05] Counter Landfall Yes, and I can inform you tha there will be none from Zindra Alliance
[11:05] Counter Landfall We would be interested in the current Zindra sim only
[11:05] Zada Bury Can't say something in the moment about (DG) ... was have other kind of trouble.
[11:06] Innula Zenovka have you received many submissions for the Adult Content Gateway, viale?
[11:06] Viale Linden a handful
[11:07] Viale Linden Not many
[11:07] Innula Zenovka how will the successful submission be announced?
[11:07] Viale Linden I wanted to bring up the frequency of this meeting and time
[11:07] Innula Zenovka i'm looking forward to seeing what it is like
[11:08] Huntress Catteneo to be a proper welcome area it should not really be commercial, not comercial = no real way to cover land cost
[11:08] Viale Linden I am thinking we move to bi-monthly
[11:08] Viale Linden or every 2 weeks
[11:08] Counter Landfall Exactly Huntress
[11:08] Viale Linden I am also open to changing the time to suit our NonUS friends
[11:09] Zada Bury 2 weeks sounds fine .... but the time is well for europe
[11:09] Counter Landfall this time is perfect for non US
[11:09] Innula Zenovka this time suits most Europeans very well, i think
[11:09] Huntress Catteneo not me
[11:09] CrystalShard Foo Yup. 9pm here at GMT+2.
[11:09] Counter Landfall remember central urpoe is 9 hours ahead of you guys
[11:09] Zada Bury 8 PM here ... all great 1.1
[11:09] Counter Landfall europe* (Europe *)
[11:09] Huntress Catteneo it is now 3.30am here
[11:09] Zada Bury maybe a bit more early then?
[11:09] Counter Landfall 8 pm here
[11:09] Huntress Catteneo yes
[11:09] Viale Linden Are we ok with moving to every 2weeks
[11:10] Huntress Catteneo love say 2 hours earlier
[11:10] Counter Landfall I don't have any objections to that
[11:10] Nal I suppose that depends on how quickly one wants things to move.
[11:10] Huntress Catteneo even just 1 is better
[11:10] Viale Linden 10am PDT?
[11:10] Huntress Catteneo is that sl time?
[11:11] Counter Landfall works fine for me
[11:11] Zada Bury Would work for me. Counter?
[11:11] Nal yes SLT = PDT
[11:11] Zada Bury look on the top of your screen Huntress ^.^
[11:11] Zada Bury 11:11 AM PDT
[11:11] Huntress Catteneo ok, well is slightly better at least
[11:11] Viale Linden done
[11:11] Innula Zenovka 6pm in the UK.. bit early for people getting home from work
[11:11] Viale Linden I will change the meeting time to 10 am PDT
[11:12] Huntress Catteneo ah never absorb the pdt bit lol
[11:12] Huntress Catteneo would be 7pm
[11:12] Viale Linden I wanted to open the forum up as you know we are working on bringing your value forward
[11:13] Innula Zenovka Huntress. i am in the UK and it is now 13 minutes past 7
[11:13] Viale Linden Any items related to Adult content - Cant promise an answer, but would like to hear topics
[11:13] Counter Landfall 10 am PDT is 7 pm CET (central european time)
[11:13] Huntress Catteneo france is diff time/
[11:13] Huntress Catteneo ?
[11:14] Innula Zenovka sorry, i misunderstood you, Huntress. i though you were saying the new time would be 7 in the UK... but clearly you werent
[11:15] Counter Landfall topics for the adult forums?
[11:15] Nal Topics... with several user groups there is a simple agenda placed on the wiki page and handled each meeting. Is there a reason that doesn't work here? It gives people time to prepare.
[11:15] Huntress Catteneo nevermind anyway on with meeting :)
[11:15] Counter Landfall ... I think the main thing is that you can use words on the forbidden list in postings without being modded
[11:15] Viale Linden No, sorry. Open up the agenda for this meeting.
[11:15] CrystalShard Foo This meeting also has an agenda page, tho it doesn't look like it get updated.
[11:16] Nal Usually the meeting facilatator handles that...
[11:16] Viale Linden Crystal ~ do you have any agenda items?
[11:16] CrystalShard Foo Nope. Honestly I mostly came over to see what the buzz was about.
[11:16] Counter Landfall I guess the topcs can span a wide range from policies to events to ...
[11:17] Nal Also, using a table in the wiki for agenda items seems to make it rather difficult for people.
[11:17] Viale Linden Please bring up items that would make SL better for you in terms of AC
[11:17] Counter Landfall It would help everyone if you published filtered words to take the guesswork out of that
[11:18] Counter Landfall both in SLM and the marketplace in general
[11:18] Innula Zenovka particularly with the marketplace listings.... that's a real headache for me and vesta
[11:18] Counter Landfall also, an adult tab in the profiles would be good
[11:18] Counter Landfall so people could keep their adult stuff there
[11:18] Huntress Catteneo Better controls at Vortex, feels like it has been dumped now with premiun sandboxes
[11:18] Counter Landfall and it was only visible if you preferred to see it
[11:19] Viale Linden good stuff counter
[11:19] Counter Landfall I meant search in general above
[11:19] Viale Linden Huntress - better controls?
[11:19] CrystalShard Foo I'd like a clearer statement on wether nudity wthout sexual activity is allowed on Moderate zones or not.
[11:19] CrystalShard Foo *without
[11:20] Huntress Catteneo being able to deal with griefers etc
[11:20] Huntress Catteneo we have one regular now
[11:20] Innula Zenovka
[11:20] Viale Linden Thanks Innula
[11:20] Viale Linden was just searching for that
[11:20] Viale Linden adult FAQ
[11:20] CrystalShard Foo I don't really see premium sandboxes as different from non-premium? Unless you're thinking of a way to call for help for a cleanup.
[11:20] Innula Zenovka Innula Zenovka has that one bookmarked

[11:21] Innula Zenovka what does the griefer do, Huntress?
[11:21] Viale Linden Huntress - can you be specific on how you could combat griefing with free account?
[11:21] CrystalShard Foo Oh thanks. I didn't see the updated wiki page on that thing.
[11:21] Zada Bury The difference is: On premium you come only if you have a premium account. So ... less crowded.
[11:22] Huntress Catteneo not saying different, saying feels like the work we have been trying to do at Vortex now will be forgotten
[11:22] Qie *oh*, incidentally... about those premium sandboxes... I wonder if they'd consider a couple of changes. First, it would be better if they tried to match the continent's sand texture at the bottom elevation, as long as they're adjacent existing sims.
[11:22] Qie Also, I'm thinking it would be really handy to have the RC channels represented there. (although maybe that's just me)
[11:22] CrystalShard Foo Not sure what "the vortex" is, so, not sure what work you are talking about.
[11:23] Huntress Catteneo RC channels?
[11:23] CrystalShard Foo Release Candidate?
[11:23] Zada Bury vortex is the adult-sandbox of Zindra ...
[11:23] Qie LeTigre, Blue Steel, Magnum
[11:23] Huntress Catteneo adult sandbox
[11:23] Counter Landfall RC channel adult sandboxes would be a good thing for developers
[11:23] Zada Bury Release Channels are differnt server versions
[11:23] Huntress Catteneo have a program of classes and mentoring
[11:23] Viale Linden Good idea on RC sandboxes
[11:24] Qie (I mean, I'm sure there are RC sandboxes somewhere, but with this cluster of 4 Adult premium sandboxes, it would be handy to have the RCs represented)
[11:24] Viale Linden there are quite a bit
[11:25] Zada Bury Maybe on the PremiumSandboxes it would be helpful to have "all" ground situations ... for vehicles (water, hill, water/beach)
[11:25] Viale Linden I did lobby for several - probably only needed one
[11:25] Nal Since each RC and the main grid run different server versions, it would be nice to have different sandbox in different channels... and a sign telling visitors which channel they are in.
[11:26] Zada Bury (not I need it ... but for some it maybe helpful the groundsituations)
[11:27] CrystalShard Foo I'm being asked by IM to relay that we could use more Moderate/Adult sandboxes beside Vortex.
[11:27] Ever Dreamscape hiya :)
[11:27] Zada Bury WElcome Ever.
[11:27] Ever Dreamscape TY :D (TY: D)
[11:27] Innula Zenovka hiya Ever
[11:27] Ever Dreamscape hey :)
[11:28] Zada Bury Maybe it migt be a dumb idea ... but ... in the moment the Vortex is stand along sim ... how about linking to the Premium one? The Premium is linket to Zindra-Continent itself.
[11:28] CrystalShard Foo I'm just in favor of increasing the Vortex's size in general.
[11:28] Huntress Catteneo yes Bill did mention that before
[11:29] Viale Linden lots of sandboxes
[11:29] Huntress Catteneo you said you didn't know what Vortex was?
[11:29] Viale Linden M & A
[11:29] CrystalShard Foo I could see a Cordova style sandbox landmass for adult users.
[11:29] Viale Linden are available - you can search via the map
[11:29] Zada Bury I guess the Premium one will not let enter objects ... so griefing from Vortex can't enter Zindra-Continent
[11:29] CrystalShard Foo Huntress, correct. But I do now. ;)
[11:30] Huntress Catteneo you mean the private ones Viale? (you mean the private ones Avenue?)
[11:30] Qie Not private, but premium: Sandbox Bricker and the other 3 in the far NW of the continent... almost always just a few people there.
[11:31] Viale Linden
[11:31] Huntress Catteneo and for non paid members?
[11:31] Viale Linden
[11:32] Viale Linden More choice with the premium - a good reason to upgrade
[11:32] Nal It is going to take some time for people to realize there are premium snadboxes in Zindra
[11:32] Innula Zenovka there's plenty of private sandboxes
[11:32] Viale Linden True that Innula
[11:32] CrystalShard Foo I honestly had no idea there even was one in the first place.
[11:32] Huntress Catteneo how many non private, non premium adult sandboxes are there?
[11:33] CrystalShard Foo I only know of a couple. Somehow it seems most of them are hosted by furries.
[11:33] Huntress Catteneo I know there is private
[11:33] CrystalShard Foo They tolerate me there tho.
[11:33] eric I love the new premium adult sandboxes, thanks for those and thanks for no landing point, no junk there 24 hours
[11:33] Viale Linden good to hear eric
[11:33] CrystalShard Foo Going to have to poke my head there later.
[11:34] Viale Linden We will continue to make Premium attractive
[11:34] Innula Zenovka if by "non private" you mean LL owned, there aren't other than the Vortex.. but is that a huge issue? Is the Vortex over-crowded?
[11:34] Huntress Catteneo non premium members still bring money into sl
[11:34] Viale Linden Agree Huntress
[11:35] Huntress Catteneo they rent places which means others supply those places
[11:35] Viale Linden No argument here
[11:35] Viale Linden However, people will also benefit from premium beyond land
[11:36] CrystalShard Foo Did anyone already mention that we need a way to search for "mature only" items in Marketplace? Since right now we can only do a "PG only" search.
[11:37] Viale Linden Please explain Crystal
[11:38] CrystalShard Foo Well, suppose you want to narrow down your search only for items that are flagged as "mature".
[11:38] CrystalShard Foo You can, at the moment, remove mature results from marketplace search. But you cannot do the opposite.
[11:39] Viale Linden ok
[11:39] CrystalShard Foo It's basic search logic.
[11:39] Innula Zenovka any chance of getting one of the marketplace team along to talk to us one day, Viale?
[11:40] Viale Linden Is that a big need?
[11:40] Viale Linden Do you all sell a lot on SLM?
[11:40] Innula Zenovka Vesta and I .. and we also see it as an important advertising tool
[11:40] Huntress Catteneo most I know sell more there than inworld
[11:40] CrystalShard Foo I've been hiding under a rock for a couple of years so no, need to move my stuff to marketplace and since it's all scripts it's nothing specifically mature. However!
[11:40] Nal It would be ice to have good search tools. Search is a big issue in SL.
[11:41] CrystalShard Foo Most of my friends do sell stuff PG/Mature stuff and honestly, they're very annoyed by how Marketplace flags down items as mature seemingly at random.
[11:41] CrystalShard Foo Since we have no idea what the list of banned keywords is.
[11:41] Counter Landfall search is really the prime mover for everything
[11:41] Innula Zenovka that is, people will tend to look for stuff there and make a note of things they like the look of and then come and see and buy them in world
[11:41] CrystalShard Foo And then there's the fact that better search tools are a very, very reasonable thing to add.
[11:41] Viale Linden Am I hearing Search needs or SLM needs?
[11:41] CrystalShard Foo Marketplace.
[11:41] Innula Zenovka SLM from me
[11:41] CrystalShard Foo Specifically, search within marketplace.
[11:42] CrystalShard Foo So basically it's a two fold thing:
[11:42] Viale Linden Yes, but it is the same people -search in viewer and mp
[11:42] CrystalShard Foo 1. A way to narrow down search results on marketplace only to Mature, not only "just PG".
[11:42] Qie Right... in-world search is a *different* topic (and currently allows per-maturity-rating flag settings)
[11:42] Viale Linden ok
[11:42] CrystalShard Foo 2. Some way for vendors to find out which keywords are flagging their new products as mature to prevent incidents which, let's face it, happens a lot
[11:42] Viale Linden I can try to arrange the MP producer to attend
[11:42] Viale Linden That sounds like it would be valuable
[11:42] Innula Zenovka yeah.. the keywords is a major issue for a lot of us
[11:43] Huntress Catteneo I never look on inworld search for items
[11:43] Viale Linden However, will you guys get the word out?
[11:43] Innula Zenovka particularly when it's something that should clearly be Mature but keeps on getting kicked into Adult
[11:43] Nal The SLM team is taking a lot of heat from merchants and in-world residents trying to search. So, any help with search tools is a ppreciated.
[11:43] Counter Landfall sure we can get the word out
[11:43] Viale Linden Are you all on the Expor or alliance groups?
[11:43] Huntress Catteneo keywords is a pain for many, do a listing and it gets refused and no clue what
[11:44] Viale Linden I could update you on date there?
[11:44] Counter Landfall how full do you want the sim to be ? :-)
[11:44] CrystalShard Foo I'm an independed smartass.
[11:44] Nal Will you schedule the meeting and put it in the agenda?
[11:44] Innula Zenovka i'm not in any groups, either...
[11:44] Viale Linden we would like to limit the smartasses - this group is full of pros
[11:45] Huntress Catteneo stopped doing pro work long ago >:)
[11:45] Nal If word gets out you will likely have tar and feathers people attending. Frustration with search is running high.
[11:45] Viale Linden I will let you know Innulla and update the agenda on the usergoup page
[11:45] Viale Linden Good point Nal
[11:45] Qie yeah, getting the word out is *not* the problem
[11:45] Innula Zenovka please.. that would be very kind.. and i will then try to publicise it as best i can
[11:46] Viale Linden would really limit the effectiveness
[11:46] Nal You may want to do a group IM thing... or what ever you feel will work.
[11:46] Viale Linden I will surprise you all
[11:46] Viale Linden Just keep coming to meetings
[11:46] CrystalShard Foo Is the next one in a week or two weeks?
[11:46] Nal lol... ok. I won't blab it in the blog.
[11:46] Viale Linden Lets shoot for Next Monday at 10am
[11:47] Viale Linden cant promise MP attendance.
[11:47] Viale Linden I need to coordinate that
[11:47] Nal Pls remeber to change the User groups/Office hours page.
[11:47] Viale Linden Nal - keep it down as we want to keep this meeting small, so it is effective
[11:47] Qie good idea to make the time change first, before missing a week. and maybe news next week about the Gateway.
[11:48] Viale Linden I want to give MP good input from you all
[11:48] Viale Linden yes
[11:48] Viale Linden we wlll announce gateway winner next week
[11:48] Nal I can avoid saying anything.
[11:48] Viale Linden ok
[11:49] Innula Zenovka at 6 or 7 is this, Viale? that's something i really don't want to miss
[11:49] Huntress Catteneo 1 hr earlier
[11:49] Viale Linden 10am PDT
[11:49] Huntress Catteneo than today
[11:49] Innula Zenovka 10 am
[11:49] Innula Zenovka sorry. thinking in my time
[11:50] Viale Linden cant promise SLM, so please dont get high expectations
[11:50] Viale Linden you may just have boring Viale
[11:51] Viale Linden I think we can do a better job with DG - can you guys get the word out about the DG adult categories
[11:51] Viale Linden also - let people know about the adult premium sandboxes
[11:51] Nal How many of us here blog?
[11:51] Viale Linden DG=destination Guide
[11:52] Zada Bury *raises hand*
[11:52] Viale Linden I mean - some more destinations
[11:53] Viale Linden Zada
[11:53] CrystalShard Foo I blog. In my head. For an audience of 1.
[11:53] eric Please keep the adult premium sandboxes by themselves, if that's what you were refering to.
[11:53] Innula Zenovka i emailed Brett last week asking for his advice about the destination guide.. not yet heard back from him
[11:54] Viale Linden I dont think users know about the sandboxes - per Crystal
[11:54] Viale Linden He has been on vacay
[11:54] Nal We 3 can Plurk and Tweet about the DG and sandboxes. That probably reaches the most people.
[11:54] Viale Linden I will ping him
[11:54] Huntress Catteneo has been on motd
[11:54] Innula Zenovka that would explain it, thanks.. no huge urgency
[11:54] eric good thinking Nal
[11:54] Zada Bury I would make pics in the Sandbox ... from the Speedbuild events ... but it's to late/early for me ^.
[11:55] Viale Linden Zada - Not sure I understand
[11:55] Charlie Navarathna i know of the bricker colborne teagano and goyer adult sandboxes
[11:55] Zada Bury np, not important
[11:55] Huntress Catteneo promotion of events
[11:56] Charlie Navarathna maybe other i havent seen
[11:56] Viale Linden Zada - you want to promote an evetn?
[11:56] Huntress Catteneo it is a current event
[11:56] Zada Bury *shakes head* no ... Huntress doing it ... weekly (right?)
[11:56] Huntress Catteneo yeah
[11:57] Viale Linden If it doesnt end soon - you can submit to DG editor
[11:57] Huntress Catteneo I can't put in event guide though
[11:57] Huntress Catteneo can't no power
[11:57] Huntress Catteneo don't have rights to list events for that location
[11:58] Innula Zenovka cos it wants you to be an owner or have a group role.. i get it
[11:58] Huntress Catteneo yep
[11:58] Huntress Catteneo and group is lindens
[11:58] Innula Zenovka can you list events in the Vortex, Viale?
[11:58] Huntress Catteneo non existant ones at that
[11:59] Viale Linden In the DG - yes
[12:00] Nal I have to run... thx all.
[12:00] Viale Linden Ok - lets meet next Monday at 10am PDT
[12:00] Qie thanks Viale
[12:00] Zada Bury ok ... next week then
[12:00] Innula Zenovka thanks, viale (thanks, avenue)