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Transcript for Monday October 3, 2011

[10:04] Qie Greetings, Viale.
[10:05] Innula Zenovka Hi, Serjourn, Ravena
[10:05] Zada Bury Heya Viale ^_^
[10:05] Evelynn Kidd welcome only
[10:05] Counter Landfall Hi Viale (Hi Avenue)
[10:05] Serjourn Daxter Serjourn Daxter smiles

[10:06] Serjourn Daxter Hi all
[10:06] Viale Linden Hi everyone
[10:07] Viale Linden rezzing in slow
[10:07] Huntress Catteneo hehe
[10:07] Zada Bury Hmmm ... maybe someone should fill a ticket to LL ^.^
[10:07] Evelynn Kidd tee hee (tea hee)
[10:07] Viale Linden I hope everyone had a good weekend
[10:08] Serjourn Daxter Serjourn Daxter nods

[10:08] Zada Bury *nods* yes, good here
[10:08] Huntress Catteneo nope
[10:08] Innula Zenovka fine, thanks. .how was yours, viale? (Finally, thanks. . How was yours Avenue?)
[10:10] Viale Linden The news that everyone is waiting for will need to hold as I have not had a chance to discuss with the winning proposal and they may need some privacy prior to launch
[10:10] Huntress Catteneo lol
[10:10] CrystalShard Foo CrystalShard Foo didn't know she was waiting for news

[10:10] Viale Linden The good newsis that we have a great partner
[10:11] Evelynn Kidd i guess that means my proposal didn't win
[10:11] Evelynn Kidd kiddding
[10:11] Counter Landfall Is the current Zindra sim part of the deal?
[10:11] Viale Linden We also have some prep work todo. (We Also Have Some prep work around.)
[10:12] Viale Linden What is indra sim?
[10:12] Huntress Catteneo the one been and gone, mosh
[10:12] Zada Bury "Mosh south"
[10:12] Counter Landfall Zindra
[10:12] Viale Linden This will be a much larger gateway than zindra sim
[10:12] Huntress Catteneo some can't let go
[10:13] Viale Linden they need to
[10:13] Qie right, well, Mosh South is another matter to deal with at some point, but... the Gateway is of acute interest now
[10:13] Innula Zenovka when do you think you will be in a position to let us know, Viale?
[10:13] Qie I'm gonna assume that the partner isn't Stroker... else there may be problems. :p
[10:13] Huntress Catteneo lol
[10:13] Nal lol
[10:14] Zada Bury *whispers* That's why Viale can't say right now ...
[10:14] Evelynn Kidd :-))
[10:14] Viale Linden well - you all sound like you are looking for a story
[10:14] Viale Linden no drama today
[10:15] Viale Linden In other news
[10:15] Huntress Catteneo marketplace person?
[10:15] Zada Bury We ... drama ... neeeeveeeer ^.^
[10:15] Qie In lieu of drama: whoever the partner is, whenever any of us can be of any help, they shouldn't hesitate to ask. (well, speaking for myself, anyway)
[10:15] Viale Linden I wanted to let you know we are looking at ways to make the users groups scale beyond 1 hoour a day and better suited for users throughout the world
[10:16] Nal User groups scale? And who is we?
[10:16] Huntress Catteneo I have no idea what that means
[10:16] Zada Bury "Longer meetings" so?
[10:16] Viale Linden As you know some cannot attend these meeetings and participate
[10:16] Zada Bury For the case, it's needed?
[10:18] Qie asynchronous "meetings"... forums... Google-plus
[10:18] Viale Linden Also the existing users gorups are very speciific and we need to broaden
[10:18] Viale Linden Qie - do you sit next to me
[10:18] CrystalShard Foo CrystalShard Foo avoid the Plus because of real name fiasco (?)

[10:18] Qie Qie looks innocent

[10:19] Nal Broaden? The point of being specific is to solve problems and get things down. How do you plan to broaden meetings?
[10:19] Nal things done^
[10:19] Viale Linden asyncronous would be good
[10:20] Zada Bury Hmmm ... can you describe a bit more specific?
[10:20] Viale Linden We do not solve many problems in current format
[10:21] Viale Linden However we need to kee dialogue open
[10:21] Viale Linden The zindra sim is a great example
[10:21] Counter Landfall well, I don't think that will go way async or not as the big hurdles often lies with you
[10:21] CrystalShard Foo I think these meetings are good for bringing up points and helps dialog. It shouldn't remain as the only way to talk about things, tho. asynchronious conversation is good.
[10:21] Huntress Catteneo most of the timr we talk superficially about stuff, or it is get back to you, look into it
[10:21] Viale Linden We collected great feedback and it informed our decisison process
[10:22] Viale Linden some of the best input I received was from asynchronous notes sent to me
[10:22] CrystalShard Foo SL does have a forum.... kind of sorta. Even tho it can't handle simple things like bumping threads. Still, it's there. Could use it.
[10:23] Zada Bury Maybe a fixed time with a shorter formate would be good and some asyncronus stuff for "issues" is fine?
[10:24] Viale Linden I have also given your feedback to the commerce or marketplace Producers from last week. We will need to to find ways to continue that conversation
[10:24] Liisa Runo (threads get bumped in the SL forum after user set some setting, maybe some day LL enable tis behavior by default)
[10:25] Nal Commerce has refused to talk with the community and worked in private. They created frustion to such a massive level they cannot say a word without getting jumped on.
[10:25] Counter Landfall I agree aboutnthe communications from commerce. It simply does not woark at all in async mode
[10:26] Viale Linden we will find a way to create more dialogue there - beyond adult content
[10:26] Nal Mode doesn't really matter... it doesn't work at all at this point.
[10:28] Viale Linden We will be meeting in 2 weeks from today and would like to receive some agenda items via
[10:29] Nal What about using something a bit more consistant with how other groups work?
[10:29] Evelynn Kidd send us an update on the 4 sims in the meantime
[10:30] Viale Linden Nal ~ you could propose that
[10:30] Innula Zenovka does that mean you won't be making an announcement about the welcome centre for two weeks?
[10:30] Viale Linden I will discuss with the partner
[10:30] Viale Linden They may not be ready for inquiries
[10:31] Innula Zenovka thanks
[10:31] Viale Linden As you can imagine - its a lot to take on and dont want to overwehlem them
[10:31] Counter Landfall they can send out a press release
[10:31] Counter Landfall or Q&A
[10:31] Viale Linden something like that
[10:32] Viale Linden Lindens wont lead
[10:32] Viale Linden Thisis a community thing
[10:33] Counter Landfall axtually it is not. it is a commercial arrangement between you and some group
[10:33] Viale Linden However I will assure you. Thepartner is very savvy and an existing community within SL
[10:33] Huntress Catteneo mmm did keep saying 'partner'
[10:34] Huntress Catteneo that is good at least
[10:34] Viale Linden They are pros at welcoming residents to the adult community and SL in general
[10:34] Evelynn Kidd i love the clues
[10:34] Qie that's very encouraging.
[10:34] Viale Linden self sustaining too
[10:34] eric NCI
[10:35] eric (I dnk) ((In DNK))
[10:35] Evelynn Kidd is it an american group?
[10:35] Viale Linden Take care Ravena
[10:35] Innula Zenovka bye for now Ravena
[10:35] Viale Linden Evelyn...
[10:35] Huntress Catteneo we playing 20 questions?
[10:35] Evelynn Kidd exactly, 20 questions
[10:35] Huntress Catteneo hehe
[10:36] Viale Linden I will tell you this - soemone from this group introduced me to this group and I was very surpised
[10:36] Evelynn Kidd aha
[10:36] Viale Linden So you had a big impact in making this decision
[10:36] Viale Linden No drama too
[10:37] Viale Linden they are very professional
[10:37] Evelynn Kidd that lets out most of the groups i know
[10:37] Viale Linden anyways
[10:37] Huntress Catteneo anyway, any headway with market place, no person present so that fell through?
[10:37] CrystalShard Foo I'd guess more "delayed" than "fell through"
[10:37] Viale Linden Nal - what do you like about how the other grousp are run? This group has made major progress - more promotion etc...
[10:39] Viale Linden Huntress ~ your feedback was shared
[10:39] Viale Linden Nal?
[10:39] Nal Well... they do take care of issue that affect the group. The keep meeting tmes and location updated. They step through a pre-publishde agenda that people have had to preare for. Meetings are kept on topic. There is some free flow of ideas and unscheduled topics but they stay in the gereal dircection of the group.
[10:39] Viale Linden What group do you like attending and what can we learn from them?
[10:40] Nal had time to preare for^
[10:40] Viale Linden Which one
[10:40] Nal Charlar and Oskar both do a good job of doing meetngs
[10:40] Viale Linden Mesh.
[10:41] Nal And Beta Server
[10:41] Viale Linden OK
[10:41] Viale Linden good to know
[10:41] Nal Simulator users too
[10:41] Counter Landfall development oriented groups are much easier to structure than this lot
[10:41] Viale Linden This is very different
[10:41] Qie right
[10:41] Viale Linden This is a community and not a product
[10:41] Viale Linden so to speak
[10:41] Nal You don't think this is a development group?
[10:41] Counter Landfall it is not Nal
[10:42] Evelynn Kidd promotion
[10:42] Viale Linden How many usually attend those grousp?
[10:42] Counter Landfall things dicussed here is very policy driven
[10:42] Nal Promotion is not a project that can be developed?
[10:42] Evelynn Kidd promotiong Zindra
[10:43] Viale Linden Is it a large group?
[10:43] Evelynn Kidd We were all forced to move here and lost our cientelle
[10:43] Nal Whether is is a server feature or promtion of a group in SL it runs up against LL policy.
[10:44] Innula Zenovka we're adult content rather than just Zindra, though, i hope...
[10:44] Viale Linden +1 Innula
[10:45] Viale Linden nal ~ we used to have a vigorous agenda
[10:45] Evelynn Kidd yes innula this group is adult content
[10:45] Nal Until we know what LL poicy and direction is, how can anyone know what they can do? I do stats. The only part of SL that is growing is the Zindra continent.
[10:45] Viale Linden however, we have addressed many of the concerns
[10:45] Viale Linden Wea re now trying to move on past the Gateway. I think we have been rather successful
[10:46] Viale Linden This place used to be very drama filled
[10:46] Evelynn Kidd agreed
[10:47] Viale Linden I think LL has done a good job here in making the attendees happier
[10:47] Evelynn Kidd i was agreeing we were successful
[10:48] Viale Linden But your feedback is true - we need to move on to more agenda items
[10:48] Viale Linden Qie and Counter keep me in line
[10:48] Couldbe have you changed the way new signups are directed to the old gateways recently?
[10:49] Viale Linden The old Gatways have been moved to the Destination Guide
[10:49] Nal Anyting people are passionate about gets drama filled. The facilitator deals with that and keeps it under control or not. So, I'm not at all sure having or not having drama is a telling critieria. I measure sucess by the decisions that get made. Democratic decisions are slow, drama filled and tedious. LL is a ditatoship and should be much clearner and faster.
[10:49] Viale Linden This way they are given more eyes past registartion
[10:49] Couldbe you might like to review that assumption
[10:49] Viale Linden The old issue was the noobs had to choose between community and orientation
[10:49] Viale Linden Most chose Orientation
[10:50] Viale Linden And they had no chance of findin their niche past registration
[10:50] CrystalShard Foo Why not drop them at Community after Orientation?
[10:50] Viale Linden We also found that the users that went through welcome had a longer survival rate
[10:51] Couldbe longer than those that went through the gateway?
[10:51] Couldbe that is interesting
[10:51] Viale Linden Yes
[10:51] Viale Linden I was surprised too
[10:51] CrystalShard Foo CrystalShard Foo frankly thinks the original tutorial/welcome drop from 2004 was the best design so far

[10:51] Viale Linden can yall access this
[10:51] Nal That seems to be a reversal from those that went through help groups for welcoming.
[10:51] Viale Linden shouts:

[10:52] Viale Linden We now try to show communities past registration
[10:52] Viale Linden and we hope to make this accessible past SL viewer login screen
[10:52] Viale Linden We are working with TPVs to use this in their viewerrs
[10:53] Innula Zenovka that would be helpful.. i often see stuff when i'm logging in i would like to check out later, but then can't find it again when i'm free to explore
[10:53] Nal They need to fix the duplicates that show up in What's Hot.
[10:53] CrystalShard Foo I always assumed that the way it would work is having the new user pick a community type and then go through basic, quick orientation before being dropped off at their custom community choice
[10:54] Viale Linden So at the end of welcome, we offer users to pcik their second location
[10:54] Nal I have the same problem as Innula. I'm logging in for a reason and then have to log out to return to that screen.
[10:55] Viale Linden Naql & Innula - noted
[10:55] Viale Linden We are fixcing that - very lame and I agree
[10:55] Viale Linden I often keep that web page open
[10:55] Viale Linden to reaccess because I want to attend whats hot now
[10:56] Viale Linden Good news - Whats hot now pulls from entire Destination Guide
[10:57] Viale Linden Its a work in progress
[10:57] Viale Linden And I envision the social and destination guide merging into a recommendations piece
[10:57] Viale Linden If you love that, you will also love this
[10:58] Viale Linden Are any of you familar with instagram?
[10:58] Nal Keeping it in a browser is a work-around. It will be niec to have Wht's Hot in the sidebar somewhere...
[10:58] Zada Bury *shakes head*
[10:58] Evelynn Kidd no (on)
[10:58] Nal nope
[10:59] Innula Zenovka what's instagram?
[10:59] Viale Linden Instagram is a an Applause!! where folks will post pictures of sunsets etc..
[10:59] Nal Looks like and Apple app
[10:59] Viale Linden *.¸.*´ ? `*.¸.*´APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´ ? `*.¸.*´
[10:59] Couldbe why instagram?
[10:59] Viale Linden Applause!!
[10:59] Viale Linden *.¸.*´ ? `*.¸.*´ APPLAUSE `*.¸.*´ ? `*.¸.*´
[10:59] Viale Linden funny
[10:59] Viale Linden aplication (user application)
[11:00] Evelynn Kidd lol
[11:00] Zada Bury *chuckles*
[11:00] Innula Zenovka whoops
[11:00] Zada Bury a bit like the flickr-page?