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Transcript for Monday October 10, 2011

[10:00] Counter Landfall Evening Couldbe
[10:00] Couldbe Hi everyone
[10:00] Innula Zenovka Hi, Couldbe
[10:00] Viale Linden Hi Couldbe and Zada
[10:01] Silvanus yoyoyo hi all
[10:01] Zada Bury heya Sil ^_^ (Sil heya ^ _ ^)
[10:01] Viale Linden Unfortunately, we did not receive any agenda items from last week
[10:01] Counter Landfall Hello Silvanus
[10:01] Silvanus Hi Counter
[10:02] Viale Linden Hi Silvanus
[10:02] Silvanus hi Viale (hi Avenue)
[10:02] Counter Landfall I guess we are waiting for the big announcement ;-)
[10:02] Silvanus I see they put a beard on you instead of a cigarette
[10:02] Zada Bury mmm ... an upsep Anubis have eaten my one ... *whistels*
[10:02] Viale Linden Still working on that
[10:02] Counter Landfall ah, ok
[10:02] Viale Linden Hi Nal
[10:03] Nal Hi Viale (Hi Avenue)
[10:03] Viale Linden Thanks for updates to user group page
[10:03] Viale Linden Unfortunately no agenda items came in
[10:03] Nal yw...
[10:03] Innula Zenovka Hi, Nal
[10:03] Counter Landfall Hi, Nal
[10:03] Nal You mean via email?
[10:03] Counter Landfall Hi Hypatia
[10:03] Viale Linden nada (nothing)
[10:03] Hypatia Meili HI everyone
[10:04] Silvanus Hi Hype
[10:04] Viale Linden I will keep this a short meeting given the agenda
[10:04] Innula Zenovka any news getting someone from the marketplace or that Snapzilla-like idea you were talking about at the end of last week?
[10:04] Viale Linden First and foremost
[10:04] Nal Hi Innula...
[10:04] Viale Linden No update on the Welcome proposal. still working on that'
[10:05] Silvanus good thing needs time ; )
[10:05] Viale Linden Marketplace has asked for some time
[10:05] Nal Was the big blogosphere then a hoax?
[10:05] Hypatia Meili is ther a market place meeting
[10:05] Viale Linden Yes, doesnt happen overnite
[10:05] Hypatia Meili it has some issues
[10:05] Viale Linden Commerce Forums (Trade Forums)
[10:06] Hypatia Meili so forums on that then no user group?
[10:06] Viale Linden I wanted to bring up the idea of making this meeting more asynchronous and to promote more dialogue
[10:06] Viale Linden Last week, someone mentioned Forums
[10:07] Viale Linden I think we should meet but less frequently in person as the agenda dries up
[10:07] Viale Linden Wanted to get your feeddback on this
[10:07] Counter Landfall froum discussions are fine as long as they don't replace regular meets
[10:08] Viale Linden This is also a hard time for all to meet
[10:08] Hypatia Meili well we seemd to have lost the abity to submit agenda items
[10:08] Silvanus hmm maybe the residents take a deep breathe actual to recover and ready to start for the fall and winter busy months
[10:08] Viale Linden There have some concerns that this meeting disenfranchises people
[10:08] Nal The agenda drying up is to be expected if it is via email... I'm pretty sure few people expect that.
[10:09] Counter Landfall to what extent Viale?
[10:09] Celierra Darling [2011/10/10 Don't mind me, just curious! :) ]
[10:10] Viale Linden some Residents have schedule conflicts and feel their concerns are not addressed. Also others do not like the town hall format
[10:10] Counter Landfall right
[10:10] Zada Bury Mmmm ... "Less meating" will cause people "forget the meeting" ... better it would be "shorter meeting, if nothing on ... 60 minutes plnaed ... not on agenda, reduce to 30 min
[10:10] Counter Landfall this meeting really serves 3 purposes which are different
[10:10] Silvanus yes Zada, Viale said he will do a short one today
[10:11] Counter Landfall one is the direct customer - service provider aspect with you as our client rep
[10:11] Counter Landfall the second is the user group aspect
[10:11] Counter Landfall the third is the community aspect
[10:11] Viale Linden I think we should still meet but less frequently
[10:11] Counter Landfall they don't always combine well in the same format
[10:11] Couldbe you seem to have already made your mind up what you want to do, so why don't you just tell us?
[10:12] Hypatia Meili are th forums any more usable then they wer few months ago, alotof us gave up on them, to buggy
[10:12] Innula Zenovka and can we have some provision for extraordinary meetings as and when they seem appropriate?
[10:12] Viale Linden If we created a forum for this group - what would be good name that doesnt cause confusion. I was thinking Adult Content Users Froum
[10:12] Counter Landfall lacking a devloper ciommunity (formalized by LL) the customer rep role you have is important to maintain
[10:12] Counter Landfall or client rep rather
[10:12] Viale Linden I agree Counter
[10:13] Viale Linden I want to still meet, but have an open dialogue on the forums
[10:13] Hypatia Meili its just seem alltoher routs to adres concerns ar already in efective (Its just seem alltoher routs to address concerns ar already in efective)
[10:13] Counter Landfall people with commercial interests have different needs than those wanting free resources and a community focus
[10:14] Counter Landfall there is a larger proportion of commercial interests in Zindra than most places given how it was populated
[10:14] Viale Linden Do we think the Alliance and Expo groups would welcome a forum?
[10:14] Hypatia Meili for on thing i thin it needs to be posble to submit a help tickets that doen t fit the predfined boxes, som times you cant find wher to go with a problem
[10:15] Counter Landfall yes
[10:15] Hypatia Meili not as replacement an addition yes
[10:15] Silvanus Viale, is LL working on the ToS too, some more details, when they start to push the Adult-section, or are the ToS parts about Adult-rules already worked out enough?
[10:15] Viale Linden Does anyone here represent Expo - they stopped coming after their August event
[10:16] Counter Landfall I am member of the group but don't represent it any more than anyone else here
[10:16] Viale Linden Yes, Silvanus - the forum would be PG and not A content per se (Yes, Silvanus - the forum Would Be A PG content and not for himself)
[10:16] Couldbe only ginette could be considered a representative. it's her group
[10:17] Viale Linden Ok
[10:17] Nal I think Ginette's group will go its own way.
[10:17] Counter Landfall tehcnically it is a Linden group as all the owners are Linden staff
[10:17] Hypatia Meili what does that actuly mean PG seesmto be aplied difrent in difren section of SL
[10:17] Viale Linden Nal - what does that mean?
[10:17] Hypatia Meili forum market and inworld
[10:17] Counter Landfall when will that separation happen Viale? (When Will That separation Avenue happen?)
[10:18] Innula Zenovka I hope this forum will be open to everyone.. I thought the old one, by invite only... was a waste of time,
[10:18] Counter Landfall or will it remain a Linden owned group?
[10:18] Hypatia Meili adult iuser group as pg forum , we need to be able to metionth prblems , but we dont ned tobe explicit
[10:18] Nal Gine is frustrated. I think she'll spin off a group to handle her issues and accomplish ehr and the groups goals.
[10:18] Viale Linden Agree - Innula
[10:18] Viale Linden I just mean it should be a professional discussion and not an adult forum for fantasy
[10:19] Counter Landfall agreed Viale
[10:19] Innula Zenovka yes
[10:19] Viale Linden We will need to make that clear
[10:19] Hypatia Meili yes i just hope who ever censor it understands what to actualy censor
[10:19] Viale Linden Yes
[10:19] Hypatia Meili and not delte actual relvant topics (og ikke shared Actual relvant topics)
[10:20] Hypatia Meili ive noticed a bit of one hand not knowing what the other is doing in LL
[10:20] Viale Linden It will be a learning process for the Mods
[10:20] Innula Zenovka Innula Zenovka admires Hypatia's gift for understatement..

[10:20] Viale Linden Haypatia - can you give examples?
[10:21] Silvanus my right hand doenst know what the left does while I try to put a nail into the wall too
[10:21] Hypatia Meili not off hand acept on glaring one from the adult move
[10:21] Hypatia Meili ive seen other
[10:22] Hypatia Meili one group could not move (luckly they got it fixed late)
[10:22] Hypatia Meili be cause th linden handling ther move isisted that the person making the reques need tobe th orgianl group creator
[10:22] Hypatia Meili not the curen user
[10:22] Innula Zenovka and more recently.. there was that video about age verification i bored everyone about that contained glaring factual errors
[10:23] Viale Linden Well that decison was made a long time ago. Your statement made it sound like there was some hypocrisy.
[10:23] Hypatia Meili the person hadling that case was not aware of th actul rules
[10:23] Hypatia Meili i don thinkit was delbrate tho
[10:23] Hypatia Meili and alsohow groups and land work
[10:25] Viale Linden OK. I will look into an Adult Forum and discuss with Mods. Lets agree to meet in 2 weeks
[10:25] Hypatia Meili its be come a bt of a joke , not sure who first said this "ask 2 lindens get 4 diffrent answers"
[10:25] Counter Landfall I think a forum will be most effective if it focus on conent creation, commernce, policies and possibly events (?)
[10:25] Counter Landfall and maybe spelling....
[10:26] Silvanus well even if 2 ppl are speaking the same language, they use different words to express the same thing
[10:26] Viale Linden I like that counter
[10:26] Viale Linden It will give good content guidance
[10:26] Counter Landfall exactly
[10:26] Hypatia Meili remove trol post but dont delte relvant threds becaus if it please (remove control post but dont split relvant Threde becaus if it tak)
[10:26] Zada Bury I need to checck somethingurgendt... BRB (I need two checck somethingurgendt ... BRB)
[10:27] Hypatia Meili i hate the trols but hate the over kill
[10:27] Innula Zenovka I'm not sure about content creation.. i mean, a scripting or mesh or animation question belongs in the appropriate forum, I'd have thought, regardless of what you're making
[10:27] Couldbe what about making it so only Lindens can create threads asking for opinions - like the blog. that way you can control the conversation
[10:27] Nal Hypatia, have you ever moderated af orum and tried to decide what was and was not trolling? Expect problems.
[10:27] Counter Landfall content creation is not just stuff, but also experiences
[10:27] Hypatia Meili it should be about whats apropriate for adult and problem acesing promotin inadult
[10:27] Counter Landfall which can be adult, yeh?
[10:28] Hypatia Meili yes
[10:28] Viale Linden events will be important, but opens the door to spam
[10:28] Hypatia Meili i was a online game GM and forum moderator
[10:28] Hypatia Meili i wont say which be cause i dont want a public conection
[10:29] Counter Landfall I also think content creation in an adult context include discussion on how to classify creations
[10:29] Nal Then I suspect you know our SL mods will have problems...
[10:29] Viale Linden Lets give it a try
[10:29] Hypatia Meili yes, we used anif not sure ask th other mods opions , thru an interanl forum
[10:29] Viale Linden may be bumpy, but I think it will be a good community builder
[10:30] Silvanus I am visiting these meetings a bit over a year, and often there is too much negotiation, not seeing the positive things and focus on them. Shit will always happen, but to focus on makeable things a keep the language/spelling constructive would do good for reaching the goal
[10:30] Viale Linden some of our best Residents are Adult folks and I want to make sure they have a sense of community
[10:30] Hypatia Meili that event spam neds revision
[10:31] Hypatia Meili not sure who to talk to tho
[10:31] Viale Linden Good comment Lord of dee
[10:31] Viale Linden How many time should someone be able to post a day in your mind>?
[10:31] Counter Landfall is it possible to descibe adult content porperly in the general forum without getting bleeped over?
[10:32] Viale Linden @ counter - this is something Ineed to research
[10:32] Counter Landfall I think filtered words apply there?
[10:32] Nal Can one set posting rates for section os the forum? If one sets to low a daily rate those working in Answers get slammed.
[10:33] Hypatia Meili PG should mean whatit mor normaly means not what th PG searchand sim zoning means
[10:33] Innula Zenovka that sounds a bit artificial, particularly if there's a discussion going on
[10:33] Nal I can post 4 to 12 answers in a day...
[10:33] Hypatia Meili 2 may make it hard to reply
[10:33] Viale Linden Comments should be fine, but you are referring to starting posts?
[10:33] Innula Zenovka right..sorry.. that sounds more reasonable
[10:34] Viale Linden Ok
[10:34] Hypatia Meili oh! event posting not sure wher to go to discus that. i disagre tho peol wanto post for th wek not every day for tomoorw
[10:34] Nal That is beter, but how does one tell the difference from a post on a topic and an event? I assume that would be moderator work?
[10:34] Viale Linden I will try to get this started. I need to circulate internally too
[10:35] Counter Landfall good work
[10:35] Viale Linden Destination Guide, Welcome area and now forums
[10:35] Hypatia Meili thats mora mater of if its advertising as such
[10:35] Viale Linden Progress
[10:36] Innula Zenovka i've seen more active graveyards, ciaran
[10:36] Viale Linden Funny
[10:36] Hypatia Meili wellrign now allth grave yard in SL ar active , with Hallowen coming up :))
[10:37] Viale Linden The old forum was doomed from the start
[10:37] Counter Landfall when was this forum present. I have never seen it
[10:37] Viale Linden entry was controlled by a Linden
[10:37] Counter Landfall aha
[10:37] Counter Landfall explains it
[10:37] Hypatia Meili When wilwe hear about whos geting the adul gateway etc
[10:38] Hypatia Meili and what that entails
[10:38] Viale Linden I want to open up the conversation and try to mode it
[10:38] Viale Linden Mod it (Towards IT)
[10:38] Viale Linden Hypatia = paperwork
[10:38] Viale Linden moving as fast as I can on that
[10:39] Hypatia Meili ther been a question. i am afraid to ask. will Vorrtex continue as seprate entity, or is thatincluded
[10:39] Viale Linden If the forum starts, I will need yall to help me so it doesnt get misused
[10:40] Innula Zenovka indeed so
[10:40] Viale Linden Hypatia ~ pls explain
[10:40] Counter Landfall i am sure we can do that
[10:40] Viale Linden You guys are a great team
[10:40] Nal A forum that doesn't get miss used... and how will we prevent misuse or stop it?
[10:40] Hypatia Meili ther has ben som questionas to wether th zindra help vortex sandbox is tobe part of th adullt gate way
[10:40] Zada Bury (( sorry) ))
[10:41] Hypatia Meili and if those curently handng it wil sudnly be out of the picture
[10:41] Hypatia Meili it is seprate group tho some of thpeol ar also ivolved in zexpo
[10:41] Viale Linden Vortex will continue to be an open sandbox for all users
[10:42] Viale Linden very necessary
[10:42] Innula Zenovka Nal, it's hardly the same thing, but over in scripting tips and the scripting library, the regulars make a point of asking for posts to be moved to the right forum, and for obvious spam to be removed, and it happens pretty quickly
[10:42] Hypatia Meili and under nominal cotrol of th currnt group, not part of the adult gateway
[10:42] Viale Linden Ok - lets meet again 10/31 and I will update you on progress if anything happens in between
[10:42] Hypatia Meili ?
[10:43] Viale Linden I usually post on User group and IM to Alliance and Expo groups
[10:43] Couldbe so the next meeting is in three week's time?
[10:43] Counter Landfall better if you post a group note to ZA Viale, so everyone can see it
[10:43] Viale Linden Innula - I can reach out to you
[10:43] Innula Zenovka thank you
[10:44] Viale Linden Sorry - 10/24
[10:44] Innula Zenovka though i do watch the user group page
[10:44] Silvanus : )
[10:44] Viale Linden 10/24 will be our next meeting
[10:44] Viale Linden Thanks all - light agenda today