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Transcript for Monday November 7, 2011

[10:06] Zada Bury Heya Ann ... long time not seen
[10:06] Ann Otoole hello
[10:06] Qie greetings Viale
[10:06] Zada Bury Ah, welocme Viale.
[10:06] Innula Zenovka Hi, Viale
[10:06] Silvanus Hi Viale
[10:06] Viale Linden Hi everyone
[10:06] Innula Zenovka Hi, Ann
[10:06] Counter Landfall hi Viale
[10:07] Black I'm curious about one thing, I left a proposal last week on the agenda and it was removed as I go to find it out, any reason?
[10:07] Black out=now
[10:08] Viale Linden I did receive it. For agenda items - please send them to
[10:08] Viale Linden I did respond to you via email
[10:08] Black great, just wanted to make sure because I only have a couple of notes from it, just not the full post :)
[10:08] Black oh
[10:09] Viale Linden I thought that agenda item was perfect for the Adult fourm general discussion area
[10:09] Viale Linden Ok - since that was the only agenda item sent. I dont have much to report
[10:09] Viale Linden Good news
[10:10] Viale Linden We finalized the agreement with Freedom Continent
[10:10] Viale Linden They will be launching soon
[10:10] Viale Linden In the near future
[10:10] Viale Linden Look for news from the freedom continent as this is a resident led project
[10:11] Viale Linden Black - did you want to address your item to the group here?
[10:11] Black sure
[10:12] Viale Linden go ahead
[10:12] Black it had a number of parts to it but in general, the first part was to develop a learning center
[10:12] Black it's too bad my post isn't available online
[10:12] Luh teaching about which toppic in general?
[10:12] Black building/mesh/scuplty development as well as scripting
[10:12] Viale Linden I can post here
[10:12] Black let me find some of what I took notes on
[10:12] Black great
[10:12] Viale Linden one sec
[10:12] Black that would help :)
[10:13] Black that was part #1
[10:13] Luh besides scripting, most of these task kinda left SL ... you can't built inworlds. Mesh
[10:13] JeZeBeLe Dagger hello :D
[10:13] Black you can because I created a product to do so
[10:13] Zada Bury ((Heya Jez))
[10:13] Viale Linden You may want to repost it to the general discussion in the adult foum
[10:13] Luh now I am all ears :D
[10:13] Viale Linden Proposal: To grow Zindra through the support of (1) a Zindra Builders group to promote, orchestrate and encourage user participation through regular speed builds, show and tells and scripting and mesh creation lectures at Zindra Vortex; effectively transforming it into a one of a kind learning center, (2) GridWide Photo-Sharing using the PixQuix HUD allowing any resident to freely share and view fashion and event photos and contest winners across the entirety of Second Life both within their viewer and by slideshow at various locations around Zindra, (3) the promotion of a Zindra Trending group to encourage group chat discussion of themed trends, fashion show events and ongoing sponsored hunts and (4) the use and promotion of Facade to further trending as the most advanced Midnight Mania-styled game board created to allow residents to teleport directly from board to board, store to store (removing the need for owners to group spam locations) throughout the Zindra continent to effectively encourage business g
[10:14] JeZeBeLe Dagger We're teaching building in private adult sims all the time
[10:14] Luh I would be in for the LSL part
[10:14] Black there are many aspects to building
[10:14] JeZeBeLe Dagger the problem with public sandboxes is the location of the classes. they should technically be in skyplatforms due to the impact of otherbuilders on the gloor
[10:14] Black sculpty and mesh included
[10:14] JeZeBeLe Dagger floor
[10:15] Luh don't call it floor ... call it the battle zone
[10:15] Black now as of part #2
[10:15] Viale Linden Agree - public sandbozes are public
[10:15] Zada Bury ((WElcome to Apocalipto, Nal and Yahhoi ... take a seat, as long they are fresh ...))
[10:15] Viale Linden and should not be monopolized by one set of residents
[10:15] Black well, sticking with part #1 then
[10:15] JeZeBeLe Dagger i ran the school at Fermi Sandbox and at Sensual stoneworks for a while and at some point the access changes when the sim becomes too active with non participating avatars who are at the sandboxes to build as well.
[10:15] Black it's not like classes are happening 24/7
[10:15] Black and there would be more emphasis placed on classes however
[10:16] Black and building contests and many things that attract new members
[10:16] Viale Linden Black - maybe some Residents would like to help you with this project
[10:16] Black if you want ot encourage growth in the adult continent, you have to appeal to a wide range of users
[10:16] Black that's fine
[10:16] Counter Landfall why don't you just announce it in the forums?
[10:16] Black the bottom line though
[10:17] Black I am looking for a location in secondlife to teach
[10:17] Viale Linden We are encouraging growth by using the destination guide forums
[10:17] Black many advanced topics as well
[10:17] Viale Linden and forums
[10:17] Viale Linden You dont need LL for that
[10:17] Counter Landfall so are you looking for free land Black beyond the sandboxes?
[10:17] Black that is true, but I see this as an opportunity to help the adult community as well
[10:17] Black you'll see this in the following points
[10:17] Qie maybe the Freedom Continent folks would be interested in that, if it drew enough traffic.
[10:18] Counter Landfall good idea Qie
[10:18] Viale Linden However, it is not very easy for LL to pick one resident over others for free land
[10:18] Innula Zenovka very good point, Qie
[10:18] JeZeBeLe Dagger freedom continent has like 4 sims that have ongoing classes
[10:18] Black then that would be great
[10:18] Black it doesnt have to be the vortex of course
[10:19] Black I've created both sculptors and mesh creation tools (two mesh creation tools)
[10:19] Viale Linden How is the forum going
[10:19] Black short of going to other programs ..there is as opportunity to bring it back to SL
[10:19] ?????-----o-----????? there is plenty of different organizations teaching those topics in SL already
[10:19] clio61 hi
[10:19] Viale Linden Yes, Imaze
[10:20] JeZeBeLe Dagger theres always a need for more. Ive noticed huge attendance at midnight which is early morning UK time.
[10:20] Viale Linden I wanted to check in on traffic to the adult regions?
[10:20] clio61 i ant a new sharpe but i have no lindens
[10:20] Counter Landfall except for the informational aspect of this, and I am sure everyone in this meeting encourage such initiatives, I am not sure what you are asking LL or this meeting to resolve Black?
[10:20] Black Not asking to resolve anything?
[10:21] Black I want to put in place a learning center as part #1 of my proposal
[10:21] Counter Landfall just do it
[10:21] Black something that can bridge the gap between PG/Mature individuals and the Adult world
[10:21] Viale Linden Black - I think the forums could be a good place to initiate that discussion
[10:21] Black well, who ultimately decides?
[10:21] Luh all about the money, or lack of it
[10:21] Viale Linden Decides what?
[10:21] Innula Zenovka whoever wants to give you the land, if anyone does
[10:21] Ann Otoole NCI is a good model to look at. They have probably the longest running SL edu center in SL and it does well.
[10:22] Black if this could be done
[10:22] Black the vortex right now
[10:22] Viale Linden Well it is not a LL decision.
[10:22] Viale Linden Not on vortex
[10:22] Black is just sitting there and I've approached Ginette constantly
[10:22] Viale Linden That is public
[10:22] JeZeBeLe Dagger Ann I agree and they are a network being that they have infastructure facilities throughout sims like caledon. Aces has 25 sims and groups in its education network its doing really well. and its adult
[10:22] Black that's why I am here now, I see that it has a lot of potential
[10:23] Counter Landfall so do you say you dont get access to Vortex for resources?
[10:23] JeZeBeLe Dagger we have 30 to 60 classes a week
[10:23] Black exactly, so short of just starting one somewhere else
[10:23] Black I saw this as a perfect opportunity and not just for this
[10:23] Luh mwt the right place
[10:24] Black I have 2 other community building products
[10:24] Black 1 that allows for a photo exchange via a HUD
[10:24] Black and another that is a fully networked MM machine that can grow the adult community
[10:24] Black let me show you an example
[10:24] Black and you can click on the board for a notecard explaining it
[10:24] Black (so i dont have to type) :)
[10:24] Viale Linden I would seek interest on the forums as someone may want to partner with you
[10:24] Counter Landfall ok Black, what exactly is it you ask this meeting to help you with?
[10:25] Black well, I can handle this myself
[10:25] Black these products are complete
[10:25] Innula Zenovka I think the point is, Black, that you need to find someone with some land who wants to work with you on this
[10:25] Black Facade was completed over a year ago or more
[10:25] Black innula, correct, that's why I'm here, I havent looked elsewhere because I see this as the opportunity
[10:25] Black if it is something that would be support by the adult community, it's here and complete
[10:25] Innula Zenovka and if you explain it in the forums, someone might very well read it and want to partner with you
[10:26] Black please click on the board for information of how this works, as a means to attract new traffic to the adult grid and grow businesses
[10:26] JeZeBeLe Dagger I have a neutral zone area that can be used as a classroom in the freedom continent if anyone needs the space contact me privately.
[10:26] Counter Landfall If you send me a note, I will send it ti the Zindra Allinace group
[10:26] Counter Landfall then they can contact you if interested
[10:26] Viale Linden Thats a good idea counter
[10:26] Black ok
[10:27] Black my intention was to provide this at no cost for the opportunity again, to develop a learning center and teach but, if you have other plans for the vortex and what not
[10:27] Black then that's fine, in my thinking, you can only hold so many events
[10:27] Black after awhile, you'll need products to support growth
[10:27] Black and I am both capable of creating those products and teaching any advanced lessons that may interest residence
[10:28] Black if you think you are confident enough if your direction, that's fine
[10:28] Black however, this is something I am willing to provide now
[10:28] ?????-----o-----????? your ideas are good , Black
[10:28] Black ideas are one thing
[10:28] Black you need someone to back them :)
[10:28] Black ideas only go so far
[10:28] Black and most people are not inspired by what SL offers
[10:28] Black because they don't have the education
[10:28] Viale Linden Ok anyother items? Black was the only person to send an agenda item
[10:28] Luh idealism or ideas on their own are worthless.
[10:29] Black and no one has a reason to come to the Adult side
[10:29] Viale Linden Thanks Black
[10:29] Black thanks
[10:29] JeZeBeLe Dagger if i see an adboard on the rooftop of a building in the maps i dont go to that region. thats what keeps me away.
[10:29] Qie so... I noticed the old "Zindra" sim is now "Mosh South"... wondered if there are any plans for it. And for the four former ZEXPO sims, if those aren't part of the Freedom Continent plans.
[10:30] Qie ("no plans" is a fine answer, just idle curiousity)
[10:30] Viale Linden Qie - The zindra Sims as you know were rather problematic
[10:30] Zada Bury btw ... somehow I have miss the "Freedom Continent"-stuff ... only here just at the begin her. Some update for me?
[10:31] Viale Linden As they placed linden as the decision maker for all adult events
[10:31] Viale Linden It was also very barren
[10:31] Qie yes, agreed
[10:31] Viale Linden as of Friday, the Zindra Sim is not the #1 search for Zindra
[10:32] Viale Linden This brings Resident led initiatives forward
[10:32] Viale Linden Would it be a good idea to invite Freedom Continent to our next meeting to see what they have planned
[10:33] Viale Linden Ok
[10:33] Qie It would be great if they'd be interested.
[10:33] Ann Otoole sure. let's hear their great plans :)
[10:33] Viale Linden I also want to let everyone know that gateways exist on the destination guide
[10:33] Ann Otoole what a huge commitment lol. much work ahead for them.
[10:33] Viale Linden You can submit your own projects
[10:34] Ann Otoole oh yes and the new 3.2 beta out has an improved dest guide right?
[10:34] Viale Linden There are no monopolies on gateways
[10:34] Counter Landfall while I think it is great there will be a gateway, it is equally important that we all work to market our venues and offerings regardless of that gateway
[10:34] Viale Linden Yes
[10:34] Counter Landfall we currently don't know anything about how we can be represented there
[10:34] Viale Linden Agree counter
[10:34] Luh avoid "freedom and democracy" to announce internationally. It sounds ... tainted
[10:35] Counter Landfall it is tainted
[10:35] Counter Landfall or contentious
[10:35] Viale Linden If you have a good location to recommend. Have the region owner send their info to editor. More info can be found about the Destination Guide here
[10:36] Viale Linden
[10:36] Innula Zenovka I know that Serjourn Daxter will welcome approaches from anyone who wants to work with her, Counter
[10:36] Innula Zenovka cos i asked her
[10:36] Counter Landfall good
[10:36] Counter Landfall but it does not remove the need for efficient profiling in search for instance
[10:38] Viale Linden You should try the age verification too. We now recommend adult content via email upon completion
[10:38] Viale Linden Note that Adult content is not all sex.
[10:38] Counter Landfall not sure I can verify again, it says I already am
[10:38] Viale Linden right
[10:38] Ann Otoole yea that is painless lol. i had to verify again because of some venue having adult verify on.
[10:38] Viale Linden pls
[10:38] Viale Linden hold
[10:39] Viale Linden can yall see this
[10:39] Counter Landfall What is the status on emails to the rest of the gen-pop?
[10:39] Ann Otoole yup
[10:40] ?????-----o-----????? yes
[10:40] Innula Zenovka yes
[10:40] Counter Landfall yes
[10:40] Ann Otoole meet gay men in a grungy cali town lol. is that on battery street?
[10:40] Viale Linden Counter - to answer your question. That email went out last week
[10:41] Counter Landfall oh, great
[10:41] Counter Landfall thanks
[10:41] Innula Zenovka to whom, only? non-verified residents?
[10:41] Silvanus I got it, for 1 AVA of me
[10:41] Viale Linden Yes Lord
[10:41] Ann Otoole go verify and see. takes like 1 second now lol
[10:42] Qie oh, this is a *huge* improvement. God, if only this had been in place when the Zindra migration happened.
[10:42] Ann Otoole hahahahahah indeed
[10:42] Counter Landfall did you see any uptick in veriifcations after the email message went out?
[10:42] Innula Zenovka sorry, i'm confused... has something gone out to existing residents who haven't yet verified, suggesting they might want to, or just to new accounts?
[10:42] Viale Linden Yes
[10:43] Viale Linden Innula
[10:43] Luh good!
[10:43] Viale Linden We went to active users that had not age verified
[10:43] Viale Linden very good response
[10:43] Viale Linden for an email
[10:43] Counter Landfall glad to hear :-)
[10:43] Innula Zenovka thanks for the clarification, only.. so the active users who hadn't yet verified got the second one you showed us
[10:44] Viale Linden right
[10:44] Counter Landfall well done!
[10:44] Viale Linden If they verified, they get the content
[10:44] Innula Zenovka great.. thank you
[10:44] Nal Any numbers on how many went out and how many responded?
[10:44] Viale Linden I think we did it in an elegant fashion
[10:44] Silvanus seems that using a credit card is a verification too, cause I got the E-Mail only for the AVA who uses paypal only
[10:45] Viale Linden Silvanus - credit cards do not equal age verified
[10:45] Silvanus thank you, so maybe I missed one of the E-Mails
[10:45] Ann Otoole well not for venues that select age verified only. you have to av to get in there regardless of cc info.
[10:45] Innula Zenovka it goes by the date of birth you give when you create the account, I think, Silvanus.. I've verified an alt without putting her on my paypal or credit card
[10:46] Silvanus ty Innula
[10:46] Viale Linden How is the forum going?
[10:46] Viale Linden Any feedback on Moderation
[10:46] Counter Landfall age verify or cc on profile will give you access to adult regions
[10:46] Black lord, you just click a button now
[10:46] Counter Landfall some parcels have in addition set age verify only
[10:46] Counter Landfall and that is what you encountered Ann
[10:47] Ann Otoole the troll cartel appears to have coordinated a mob of questioning moderation on rodvik's wall.
[10:47] Viale Linden Really?
[10:48] Innula Zenovka though that's more to do with the Vampire Forum, I think, than the Adult Content one
[10:48] Viale Linden Ann - are you referring to Adult content or Vampire?
[10:48] Ann Otoole in general everything. they are all over the place. Although the adult forums do seem to be maintaining a more mature community.
[10:49] Viale Linden good
[10:49] Viale Linden vampires seem to get everyones blood going
[10:49] Counter Landfall Did anyone test the new beta gaming functions?
[10:49] Luh prim animation?
[10:49] Counter Landfall it kinda looks like RLV on steriods
[10:49] Innula Zenovka was that pun intentional?
[10:49] Viale Linden yes, sorry
[10:49] Ann Otoole it won't matter. you did not crawl on all fours to ask permission to build the community. they are still angry over lithium rofl.
[10:50] Ann Otoole had you done a gor thing they would have gone seriously ballistic
[10:50] Innula Zenovka one thing i was a bit confused by.. you might not be the right person to answer it, only.. someone in the adult forum wanted advice on where to buy pubic hair, and I recommended a couple of stores but wasn't sure what would happen if I actually linked to their marketplace listings, since the pictures are somewhat NSFW
[10:51] Ann Otoole isn't there a spoiler thing now?
[10:51] Counter Landfall they would not be able to see the marketplace listing uless you set adult in SLM, so that should be OK
[10:51] Viale Linden Innula
[10:51] Evelynn Kidd i arived just in time, i sell the best pubic hair
[10:51] Viale Linden Its a fine line
[10:52] Ann Otoole does it grow back that fast? :P
[10:52] Luh you have to buy? can't grow at home?
[10:52] Viale Linden If someone is blatently spamming about their shop that is one thing. However, if you are helping someone that is another
[10:53] Viale Linden I believe Evelyn Kidd is enjoying the search results for zindra
[10:53] Counter Landfall you could of course have an alt ask the question and another make the answer linking to your store
[10:53] Innula Zenovka yeah, i was genuinely trying to help someone, and when I do, I normally give links to the marketplace listing, but this time I was worried about complaints about the pictures to be found if you clicked the link to the store
[10:53] Viale Linden Yes, fine line
[10:53] Evelynn Kidd Evelynn Kidd :))

[10:54] Luh stealth spam ... how evil
[10:56] Ann Otoole well if in question one can always send a message to the person asking. can do so on the website now too.
[10:57] Viale Linden Good call Ann
[10:57] Viale Linden No one is banned right away. Warnings are submitted
[10:57] Innula Zenovka good point, Ann.. thanks
[10:58] Ann Otoole i have found it safer to go make sure a store is still there and send a landmark
[10:58] Viale Linden Unless it is blatantlu abusive, personal attacks or pure spam
[10:58] Counter Landfall again about the images linked to. If they are in the adult esction of the marketplace, the one who opens the link must be logged in and have adult content set as pref in the marketplace to see it
[11:01] Ann Otoole well chores are calling. nice seeing everyone again.
[11:01] Counter Landfall have fun Ann
[11:01] Zada Bury Take care, Ann
[11:01] Evelynn Kidd bye ann
[11:01] Innula Zenovka good to see you again, Ann
[11:01] Viale Linden Yes
[11:01] Viale Linden I have another meeting
[11:01] Viale Linden Bye