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Transcript for Monday November 21, 2011

[09:59] Counter Landfall Hi everyone
[09:59] ? aloha
[09:59] Innula Zenovka hi, all
[10:00] Viale Linden Hi
[10:00] Zada Bury Greetings around
[10:01] Viale Linden I wanted to introduce Xiola Linden
[10:02] Innula Zenovka hi Xiola
[10:02] Xiola Linden Hello, everyone. Hope you're days are great so far.
[10:02] Viale Linden She will be helping on community projects
[10:02] ? aloha Xi
[10:02] Zada Bury Welcome here in our round.
[10:02] Xiola Linden aloha!
[10:02] Counter Landfall Hi Xi
[10:02] Xiola Linden for those who may wonder how it's prnounced - it's like "Zigh-oh-la"
[10:03] Viale Linden I did not receive any agenda items, but I follow the forums
[10:03] Viale Linden so I am up to date on topics
[10:04] Xiola Linden I am looking forward to the many community opportunities there are here in SL and have been off and on SL since its early days of 2003.
[10:04] Counter Landfall I did not realise there was a meeting today otherwise I would have submitted an item to the aganda
[10:04] Counter Landfall but no hurry
[10:04] Viale Linden The new adult hub is live but Serjourn posted it will be officially live 12/3
[10:05] Viale Linden I saw some queries about putting adult in the floater
[10:05] Viale Linden just wanted to confirm that top adult destination will show up in the whats hot feed as long as it is in the Destination guide
[10:05] ? i have a question related to that
[10:05] Innula Zenovka hi, Serjourn
[10:06] Viale Linden DZ
[10:06] Serjourn Daxter Hi
[10:06] Counter Landfall Hi Serjourn
[10:06] Zada Bury *smriks* what's on the table, is food.
[10:06] Viale Linden DZ - go ahead
[10:06] ? i see clubs with mature rating advertising RLV sex dungeons but my adult rating keeps me out of the to speak...
[10:06] ? so i HAVE to be in the destination guide to get adult space to show?
[10:07] Viale Linden No, you do not need to be in the DG
[10:07] Viale Linden I would recommend you submit your entry, but if it is more of a classified or ad, then maybe not right for the DG
[10:07] Viale Linden Classifieds is probable better
[10:08] ? I cant afforf to buy position in the classified....
[10:08] Viale Linden cant help you there
[10:09] Viale Linden Serjorun - do you have an update
[10:10] Serjourn Daxter Well, I am just back online
[10:10] Serjourn Daxter I have been offline since Friday
[10:10] Serjourn Daxter So I am catching up myself
[10:10] Viale Linden Ok - you the official launch is 12/3?
[10:10] Serjourn Daxter We will get the RP sim online soon, and we have another round with the GOS sim as a builder left in a fury
[10:10] Serjourn Daxter Yes
[10:11] Serjourn Daxter That is what we aim for, and the traffic we are getting now is for getting the quirks out of the system
[10:11] Viale Linden I had some thoughts over the weekend - we should chat later
[10:11] Serjourn Daxter OK
[10:11] Viale Linden any other events coming up in the adult world?
[10:11] Innula Zenovka The Gor sim looked in pretty good shape to me yesterday..
[10:12] Serjourn Daxter It is picking up, but we still have a few issues there
[10:13] Viale Linden the regions look amazing
[10:13] Viale Linden Counter - did you have a question earlier that I can try to answer?
[10:13] Serjourn Daxter We are picky. The visuals are a bit off in the Gor one, but they will get there in 1-2 days. The RP one will be done by the weekend
[10:13] Counter Landfall No, I need to put it down on paper properly first
[10:14] Viale Linden ok
[10:14] ? is this a weekly meeting or every other week?
[10:14] Viale Linden I prefer that
[10:15] Viale Linden we meet every 2 weeks, but the there is a 24-7 conversation on the adult foums
[10:15] Viale Linden It gives everyone equal time
[10:16] ? I prefer meeting people in world.... i have more confidence they understand the issues when they are capable of navigating more than a web forum :)
[10:16] Hypatia Meili im not sure how efective that is with no subb catgories
[10:17] Viale Linden Zada - how is zexpo doing?
[10:17] Xiola Linden The forums should be a place where you can go 24/7 and have these conversations. Any feedback you have to how we can help that happen is appreciated. I'll take note of your concerns.
[10:17] Hypatia Meili Stuff that LL should directly look it as buried amomg genral stuff
[10:17] Zada Bury Well ... the event by self is done ... ok, I am late with the pictures ... but that's me.
[10:17] Counter Landfall Enable the mobile support in the forums
[10:18] Counter Landfall so we can post from our phones and ipads
[10:18] Zada Bury Ginette have some idea at all for the future ... but I am not really informed in.
[10:18] Counter Landfall flash does not work on mobile devices much and the devloper has mobile support
[10:18] Viale Linden counter - good call
[10:18] Xiola Linden Thanks, Counter. I'll add to the list. Other ideas/feedback you have please feel free to NC to me
[10:19] Nal One of the problems with the forum approach is finding the person that has a real answer. If one wants to know what is going on in the Hubs one either has to know who to contact, or hope they read a forum post, which is like holding up a piece of papper in a snowstorm.
[10:20] Viale Linden I agree to an extent Nal. As much as I liike this small group. There is a huge portion of Adult that does not attend these meetings
[10:20] Viale Linden Good to open up for all time zones on forums
[10:21] ? forums also tend to fail when it is only one side of the conversation posting...
[10:21] Counter Landfall IDK if that is possible, but since we have the "share this" in the profiles, why not link your activity in the forums to the profiles?
[10:21] Xiola Linden It's also a great way to bubble up the experts - and there are sure to be a lot of them out there.
[10:22] Viale Linden So we have accomplished alot in the last 3 months. I want you guys to start thinking about the next steps. I mean big ones that effect many not small numbers
[10:23] Nal it sounds like a good idea to use the forums. But, unless the Lindens participate, we have lost an important communication channel. As to the percent of people that read the roum and attend meetings, they are both small percentages. The difference is the people willing to come to meetings are the movers and shakers with high motivation and interst.
[10:23] Counter Landfall agreed Nal
[10:23] Viale Linden Like counter suggested, written ideas are preferable
[10:24] Viale Linden I agree Nal
[10:24] Xiola Linden That is a great point, Nal.
[10:24] ? w/me writes down suggest lindens participaye in forums
[10:25] Viale Linden Xiola and I are constantly there. However, sometimes Lindens take over the conversation
[10:25] Viale Linden dont want that
[10:25] Viale Linden Would rather most of the conversation be led by Residents
[10:26] Qie So far there's really not all that much *happening* on the forums, so... it's kind of chicken-and-egg
[10:26] Xiola Linden Sounds like the sort of place that could benefit from those movers and shakers Nal mentioned.
[10:27] Viale Linden The foums need some work in terms of content. Traffic is up 50% since last June
[10:27] Counter Landfall it is more or less the usual suspects discussing there too
[10:27] Nal Linden participation in forums also tends to draw flamers. In meetnig they can be effectively controlled. Andrew's recent flow of sailors went surprising well. Wheter a Linden take over a conversation is up to the Linden. I also think SL experience on the forum is less and forum users expect Lidens to do it all. Only in UG's can one shape a culture.
[10:27] Hypatia Meili i think we need subsection for topics that we actualy want Linden atetion or responces too or items that are serious concerns as opposed to "where cani find such and such" posts
[10:27] Counter Landfall as I suggested, if you link it to the profile - move it in-world so to speak you may get broader prticipation
[10:27] Innula Zenovka well, Xiola, to be fair, Qie, Counter and I, who are all regulars at these meetings, post at the Adult Forum quite a bit. so do some others.. it's not we're ignoring it
[10:27] Viale Linden The people creating alot of content and with succesfuil businesses tend not to post
[10:28] Viale Linden we want to transform the forums from a I hate LL experience to a content experts forums
[10:28] Viale Linden Its a work in progress
[10:28] Serjourn Daxter We are planning a cycling display in the HUB on "What's HOT today" - 4 boards in the central sim, dual-sided, slideshow. It will be free to use, but I need someone to manage them.
[10:29] Counter Landfall do you feel there is a lots of hate?
[10:29] Xiola Linden Absolutely, Innula. It is a great benefit to have you all there. We want more of that resident participation because it is the most valuable
[10:29] Nal Good stratagy... I think that has and is opwrking in the content forums.
[10:29] Nal working^
[10:30] Innula Zenovka i want to post something asking about what sort of cross-over products people would like to see made (we're thinking of vamp/bdsm ones, because it's vesta and me, but i'm interested in general). Is that an appropriate topic for the forums anyway, and if so, which one should it go in? Vamp, Adult or Commerce?
[10:30] ? I have to agree with Nal there....and that the UG is the best way to push.
[10:31] Viale Linden I agree we need to participate more but we need to walk that thin line as I want Residents to be the super starts and not the LL community manager
[10:31] Qie Serjourn, "What's HOT today" would be Events, across all Adult locations? or something else?
[10:32] Qie (I'm just wondering if the content of those boards could somehow be automatically populated by the Destination Guide)
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter Could be, we need someone to script that in a reasonable way
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter It would be where people may like to go
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter Like an event
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter A show
[10:33] Serjourn Daxter An exhibition
[10:35] Viale Linden Innula - I would say Adult forums/general discussion
[10:36] Innula Zenovka thanks, Viale.. I'm hoping some vampires see it, but maybe they will look in
[10:36] Xiola Linden This is a good case for the category suggestions, but I agree. General Discussion would be the best spot for your thread right now
[10:37] Viale Linden well it gets posted to the top when you launch
[10:37] Viale Linden Vampires seem to like Adult content too
[10:37] Innula Zenovka i know.. and we are hoping to capitalise on that
[10:38] Qie Should be okay to cross-post a linking thread in the Vamp forums, I'd suppose.
[10:38] Innula Zenovka i will try, and people can shout at me for spamming if they want to
[10:38] Viale Linden Qie - I agree , but someResis get upset with cross posting
[10:39] Viale Linden see - I watch the forums too much
[10:39] Viale Linden much better than TV
[10:39] Innula Zenovka certainly plenty of drama
[10:39] Nal try posting the article body in one place. Then post alerts to thread in others.
[10:39] Qie yeah, I know... but if the content really spans categories, better to have the real thread in one location, and links from another, I'd imagine.
[10:40] Innula Zenovka thanks.. i will try that, Nal
[10:40] Nal SLUniverse has Sl Forum beat for drama, IMO
[10:40] Viale Linden we may need to broaden the categories as Xiola mentioned. That might be a good conversation in general discussion
[10:41] Viale Linden Lots of Vampire regions are "A"
[10:41] Viale Linden Nal - I would expect that
[10:42] Viale Linden I think SL universe is a great compliment
[10:42] Viale Linden to SL forums
[10:44] Nal Viale, does LL look at time in SL and time on forum for an overall involvement factor?
[10:44] Counter Landfall I agree but it is a paradox that we need to go to a 3rd party to get information you should have posted in your own forums. It makes you look disconnected from your customers.
[10:44] Viale Linden We look at inworld, but with all of the Marketplace,, forums etc,,, It definitely needs to be factored in
[10:45] Viale Linden we have discussed internally
[10:45] Xiola Linden sounds like there is a lot of great imput you all have to share about how to make the forums more about conversations. I can't wait to look into ways to incorporate your feedback. Thanks for the candid input.
[10:45] Nal It would be an interesting set of stats.
[10:46] Viale Linden Nal - for sure
[10:47] Viale Linden Ok - we have a quiet crowd today. I am going to suggest a early end today'
[10:47] Hypatia Meili wasnt there a post about addtional catgories inth forum>
[10:47] Storyof Oh qiuet? we were waiting for the action lol
[10:48] Viale Linden Yes, lets open it up on the forums
[10:48] Storyof Oh is LL doing anything about a landing point or did i miss it?
[10:48] Zada Bury When is the nextmeeting? I was come today only as "tradition", not knowing here is a meeting. thought it was next week, since it was last week.
[10:48] Xiola Linden yes. i see a thread about adult content category suggestions
[10:48] Viale Linden in 2 weeks
[10:48] ? that woulld be dec 5
[10:49] Viale Linden We will lead in general discussion, so more will give feedback on sub cats
[10:49] Xiola Linden i'll start a discussion thread in the adult/general discussion area for category ideas
[10:49] Zada Bury Mewo?
[10:49] Nal Viale are you updating the wiki, calendar, and Tweat/Plurk updates?
[10:50] Nal ...for meeting dates and time...
[10:50] Viale Linden I will update wiki
[10:50] Viale Linden Ok - i motion to close unless any objections
[10:50] Nal What about moving the agenda to the Forum?
[10:51] Viale Linden I think submits are good to
[10:51] Nal I think it has killed off all submissions...
[10:52] Viale Linden really?
[10:52] Viale Linden why?
[10:52] Hypatia Meili yes, may be sevral reasons tho
[10:52] Nal Look at history. At one time there were several items per meeting now we are down to mostly none.
[10:53] Viale Linden I would rather receive written submissions.
[10:53] Hypatia Meili dont know if its seen, feel like it wil just be lost among unrelated emails etc
[10:53] Nal If you think that is working, stick with it.
[10:53] Viale Linden However, feel free to bring up items in the Forums
[10:53] Viale Linden official agenda items need to be sent via email
[10:54] Viale Linden ok
[10:54] Nal They aren't for other groups. So, I'm not sure why that would be official for this one.
[10:54] Hypatia Meili maybe if it had its own in box at least
[10:54] Viale Linden I think the other groups are quite different
[10:54] Hypatia Meili isnt "" rather geral purpose?
[10:55] Innula Zenovka Hypatia.. I've certainly sent agenda items to the email and they've always had a quick reply. If they haven't come up here, it's normally because they've been dealt with in the interim, as a result of the email
[10:55] Nal Yes... but the are still people dealing with SL issues. So, functionally they are more alike then different.
[10:55] Hypatia Meili just say why som might not be bothering wi the new method
[10:56] Viale Linden Yes, some items like bugs get handled and dont need to wait the 2 weeks
[10:56] Hypatia Meili also prposed items wer upfor public veiw
[10:56] Viale Linden however the community alias should be for big ideas
[10:57] Viale Linden Thanks everyone for the feedback