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Transcript for Monday December 5, 2011

[10:02] Dee Kass Hi Everyone
[10:02] Dee Kass Hi Ginette
[10:02] Counter Landfall Hi Viale
[10:02] Evelynn Kidd welcome Viale
[10:02] Counter Landfall hello everyone again
[10:03] Innula Zenovka Hi, Viale
[10:03] Huntress Catteneo well I just threw lots of cold water on my face, so hopefully stay awake
[10:03] Innula Zenovka Hi, Qie
[10:03] Qie Hi Innula, everybody
[10:03] Nal If you want to stay awake put the cold water on the other end
[10:03] Xiola Linden I've got a cup of black tea that I am hope helps wake me up
[10:03] Viale Linden Hi everyone
[10:04] Nal Hi
[10:04] Counter Landfall Hi Viale
[10:04] Huntress Catteneo ooo not sure I want to be that awake lol
[10:04] Nal :)
[10:04] Dee Kass Good Day Viale
[10:04] Viale Linden I will give everyone a minute
[10:04] Ginette Pinazzo (uses minuteb to start on nails)
[10:05] Viale Linden We dont have many agenda items as I see this team has been communicating very well in the forums.
[10:05] Ginette Pinazzo you shoudo items sent via email from me, viale
[10:05] Viale Linden The 2 items I have from forum discussions are :1) Vortex and 2) Sub cats for Adult forums
[10:06] Viale Linden I would like to start the discussion Vortex
[10:06] Viale Linden In terms of Vortex moving forward
[10:06] Ginette Pinazzo what does that mean, viale?
[10:06] Zada Bury Greetings around,,, sorry late ... TP problems ... dammit SL
[10:06] Huntress Catteneo I would not say forum discussions that good
[10:06] Counter Landfall Hi Zada
[10:07] Viale Linden Hi Ginnette - thanks for coming this week
[10:07] Huntress Catteneo there is at least discussion though
[10:07] Voodoo Radek Hey Zada
[10:07] Viale Linden Its been a while
[10:07] Counter Landfall Hi Serjourn
[10:07] Ginette Pinazzo maybe you shoudl talk w/ the vortex staff soon, viale....have a meeting.....its long define this moving forward?
[10:07] Innula Zenovka Hi, Serjourn
[10:07] Ginette Pinazzo I am here for only one reason…..
[10:08] Viale Linden There was some concern about Vortex being partial to a small set of Residents and I was asked by certain Adult community folks to make it more neutral
[10:08] Viale Linden Since it is public land
[10:08] Serjourn Daxter Hi all
[10:08] Viale Linden Any ideas on how to achieve that?
[10:08] Huntress Catteneo lol
[10:08] Viale Linden Hi Serjourn
[10:08] Ginette Pinazzo it is neutral, its open access to anyone who wants to build there and learn
[10:09] Huntress Catteneo interesting perception by some
[10:09] Evelynn Kidd how is it considered to be partial?
[10:09] Innula Zenovka other than what's been discussed in the forum, do you mean, viale?
[10:09] Evelynn Kidd i use the vortex regularly
[10:09] Huntress Catteneo not like anyone can be kicked out
[10:09] Counter Landfall As you know I have suggested renaming it to adult help vortex (remove Zindra from the name)
[10:09] Ginette Pinazzo in that forum, it seemed peoepl complained that the Vortex didnt 'link' to Zindar enough...but thats easy to address at the Landing..IF its true
[10:09] Counter Landfall and make it part of the adult sandbox pool
[10:10] Zada Bury Hmmm ... let's ask "Is there a no neutral acting?" I hear about the "Zindra Vortex"-sandbox compliments, helping staff, free access, non-disturbed building.
[10:10] Huntress Catteneo name has nothing to do with impartiality
[10:10] Viale Linden Would keeping vortex as is and changing the name to just Vortex be suitable to all?
[10:10] Counter Landfall would be fine with me
[10:10] Ginette Pinazzo what EXACTLY is the complaint, viale.....that the mysterious certain soemones are making? Vortex seems to eb a thing thats working.......
[10:10] Ginette Pinazzo viale, why change the name? thata only destructive.......whats the point?
[10:11] Huntress Catteneo what has name to do with what you started saying?
[10:11] Viale Linden Thanks Ginette\
[10:11] Ginette Pinazzo how would name change 'move forward'? thats purely a negative move
[10:11] Viale Linden OK - I am good with keeping as is and changing name
[10:11] Huntress Catteneo why always side track to name stuff on everything?
[10:11] Huntress Catteneo not just Vortex?
[10:11] Ginette Pinazzo does name change move forward?? explain
[10:11] Viale Linden Ok
[10:11] Counter Landfall why is it negative with a name change Ginette?
[10:12] Ginette Pinazzo this is yet anotehr exampelof devaluing peoepl's work
[10:12] Viale Linden The other issue that came up was sub categories on Forum
[10:12] Ginette Pinazzo you will alienate more and more peoepl
[10:12] Viale Linden We didnt get much feedback on that
[10:12] Ginette Pinazzo viale, you had tons of feedback
[10:12] Viale Linden Are we good with as is?
[10:12] Ginette Pinazzo I sent you at least 3 agenda items related to it...and the forum was sfileld with commenst abt it
[10:13] Counter Landfall I am good with the forum as it is per date
[10:13] Viale Linden Can you list them here for the group to see in chat
[10:13] Huntress Catteneo first point was not sorted as far as I am concerned
[10:13] Qie I thought it was fine to leave the forum categories as-is and just use descriptive thread titles, as Ginette suggested.
[10:13] Huntress Catteneo what sort of complaints?
[10:13] Huntress Catteneo need to know to fix
[10:13] Ginette Pinazzo did you even get the email, viale? just so I know.....thats the methind you keep asking for, so i emailed it
[10:13] Viale Linden Yes, lets share for the group ginette
[10:14] Viale Linden in text chat
[10:14] Ginette Pinazzo 1. Compelling Categories
[10:14] Ginette Pinazzo This is a s ugegstion list of categories....not just cutey ideas...but ideas that night actually encourage ore participationa nd be compelling
[10:14] Viale Linden can you give some examples
[10:14] Ginette Pinazzo the iedea is to use categories to compel peoepl to get more involved and even think of new ideas
[10:15] Ginette Pinazzo examples...sure....
[10:15] Ginette Pinazzo 1. UPCOMING EVENTS…………
[10:16] Ginette Pinazzo Viale...did you at least read this befroe? or is this fuirst time?
[10:16] Viale Linden Ok - we will need to widdle that down, but a good start
[10:16] Ginette Pinazzo the creation of engagiung categories is just ONE idea I sent.....
[10:16] Ginette Pinazzo anotehr competing idea, is the thread naming convention
[10:16] Viale Linden Thanks Ginette
[10:16] Counter Landfall Motion to leave the category suggestions to the users of the forums and come to agreement there
[10:17] Viale Linden Yes, we need more input than just one person
[10:17] Ginette Pinazzo the forums have had input...kepe the conversatuion going
[10:17] Viale Linden forums are much more democratic
[10:17] Viale Linden I have one more agenda item
[10:18] Ginette Pinazzo viale...the thread naming that Qie mtnioned......
[10:18] Viale Linden The Adult Hub launched over the weekend and it seemed quite busy
[10:18] Viale Linden Serjourn - can you give us a report
[10:18] Counter Landfall Congratulations Serjourn
[10:19] Serjourn Daxter We had great traffic, we have great traffic incomming, we can handle more and we are sending a stream of avies out to the sims they are seeking, after diving them the basic skills
[10:19] Viale Linden It was packed over the weekend
[10:19] Serjourn Daxter diving=giving
[10:20] Viale Linden whoops - accidentalyy teleported to the adult hub fro the destinations floater
[10:20] Xiola Linden that's great
[10:20] Serjourn Daxter Serjourn Daxter smiles

[10:20] Serjourn Daxter At peak we had 8.8 ms of script time, we were watching
[10:20] Qie Indeed. Some good engineering there.
[10:21] Serjourn Daxter That was with 55 avies in the sim
[10:21] Viale Linden The one item I want to look at is the qty shown in the destination floater for the Adult hub
[10:21] Viale Linden IT shows 0 all the time
[10:22] Serjourn Daxter ??? No idea how that comes about
[10:22] Counter Landfall I was wondering about that
[10:22] Viale Linden However, it was like like 50+ when I attended
[10:22] Serjourn Daxter May I utter the word BUG?
[10:23] Viale Linden Was there any other issues?
[10:23] Qie *speaking* of Destination floater... I'm not seeing Adult as a category there, although I see Vampires (and all the others, like Art, SciFi, etc)... will that get fixed?
[10:23] Serjourn Daxter Viale came with 52 avatars in the sim, it slowly dwindled down to some 30
[10:23] Viale Linden That requires some dev work, but Adult is in the categories
[10:23] Viale Linden Check Newcomer
[10:23] Counter Landfall it is mixed into the categories, yes?
[10:24] Viale Linden yes
[10:24] Serjourn Daxter The breaking up of the estate into 5 estates may have something to do with the wrong readings?
[10:24] Qie I see the adult category in the pulldown list in Search... just not in the "destinations" floater of the new viewers
[10:24] Viale Linden yes you need the SL viewer...
[10:24] Viale Linden I believe Phoenix also has it
[10:25] Nal It does
[10:25] Nal well Firesotrm
[10:26] Viale Linden Ok - The good news is that the community is thriving with Destination Guide, Age verification emails, Adult forums and now a welcome area lead by residnets
[10:26] Innula Zenovka and I emailed you, viale, with some questions about help we'd need to make scripted displays of DG content -- which isn't just of interest, of course, to Adult Content.. lots of people would find it useful, I think
[10:26] Viale Linden Yes, Innula. We need a better DG hub inworld
[10:26] Viale Linden I will have our Team work on that
[10:26] Serjourn Daxter We'd love to "put the DG on a prim"
[10:27] Qie +1 to "DG on a prim"
[10:27] Viale Linden I agree
[10:27] Ginette Pinazzo and Ive emailed you more on-topic agenda items, viale...the Forum Thread Naming idea....and soem ganmes to attarct moere forum participants
[10:28] Viale Linden I think the best way to entertain ideas for the forums is to post them right into the forums. So Users can see and comment
[10:28] Ginette Pinazzo yes we post in forums, but then we can talk abt them here
[10:28] Ginette Pinazzo otherwise, when do we evolve change?
[10:29] Counter Landfall If you feel you have forum support for your ideas, submit to the forum owner and get the changes implemented?
[10:29] Viale Linden The forums allow for more participation
[10:29] Counter Landfall it should be fairly evident in the forum if you have support or not
[10:29] Innula Zenovka and discussion at greater length
[10:29] Viale Linden No offense to this group, but some cannot make these hours
[10:29] Nal The forums are very good for hearing what people want to say. I haven't seen any decisions being made and out into effect there. The movers and shakers and decision makers are here...
[10:30] Nal and PUT into^
[10:30] Viale Linden Ok nal
[10:30] Ginette Pinazzo yes Nal....and so...if I proposed things in forum....and why cant we discuss here....? you ar emaking a loop from which there is no esacpe Viale...haha
[10:30] Counter Landfall Is it really this forums task to micro manage the forums?
[10:30] Ginette Pinazzo forums =get ideas out there..........meetings.....develop the conversation to move towards decision
[10:30] Viale Linden Dont plan to make any decisions in this meeting. Just hearing you out
[10:31] Ginette Pinazzo yes but you wotn even acknowledge, viale, that youve READ soem of this how do we move forward/
[10:31] Counter Landfall If you feel you have forum support for your ideas, submit to the forum owner and get the changes implemented?
[10:31] Nal Wait... this group cannot make decision or you don't plan to make decision based on what we say and decide here?
[10:32] Ginette Pinazzo yes Nal...its like your typical city council
[10:32] Viale Linden No decisions today, Just hearing you out.
[10:32] Viale Linden Sorry Nal and Ginette
[10:33] Nal I'm confused... if the goal is to have community run... it sounds like your still making the decisions?
[10:33] Viale Linden Nal is searching for a story?
[10:33] Ginette Pinazzo oih theres a story here all right! haha
[10:33] Nal Always... your point?
[10:33] Viale Linden Are there any other agenda items today?
[10:33] Huntress Catteneo I would still like to know how changing the name of vortex solves some sort of partiality problem, that I am guessing is being judged on people involved not actually performance in which case the same would be said of the new welcome area and is normal wit personality clashes
[10:33] Nal I want to undrestand to I can accurately relay information.
[10:34] Ginette Pinazzo yes Huntress.........we want clarification, a speoepl who WORK at Vortex all the time...and spend months developing it......whast the conenction between a name change and 'neutrality'?
[10:34] Nal Vortex is in use by some island far to east...
[10:34] Viale Linden @Huntress - we will consider the name change. Does not feel that important to me
[10:34] Huntress Catteneo what is the point in bringing up agenda items and then not dealing with them?
[10:35] Ginette Pinazzo Vial...will you at LEAST meet w./ Vortex staff to tall over soem of these matters?
[10:36] Viale Linden I wanted to hear from the rest. of the adult community. We will bring up the name thing on the forums
[10:36] Huntress Catteneo never mind the name change, what is seen as actually needing change with the people there?
[10:36] Viale Linden Any other important issues that we should discuss today?
[10:36] Ginette Pinazzo mayeb you shoudl considet talking w/ the peoepl who have the health of the Vortex close to heart...before you take serious advice from those who wiosh its demise.......
[10:36] Counter Landfall I have none
[10:37] Huntress Catteneo *sigh* same same again
[10:37] Viale Linden @Huntress - How is that?
[10:37] Ginette Pinazzo viale...I had otehr items but you have not mentioned them...Ill assuem they are not to be diuscussed?
[10:37] ?ric I'm on Phoenix and premium however I can not access the premium sandboxes for the last week, has anyone else had that issue? I wonder if its Phoenix specific
[10:37] Huntress Catteneo you said to begin when you raised the agenda it had partiality issue
[10:38] Huntress Catteneo then ignored what you introduced
[10:38] Nal Eric, that is a fix that is le Tigre right now. It is a bug
[10:38] ?ric Ah
[10:38] Viale Linden We plan to keep Vortex as is. The only issue raised today was the name
[10:39] Evelynn Kidd i like the name Zindra Vortex
[10:39] Voodoo Radek Yeah, me too
[10:39] Huntress Catteneo [2011/12/05 10:08] Viale Linden: There was some concern about Vortex being partial to a small set of Residents and I was asked by certain Adult community folks to make it more neutral
[10:39] Nal Me too
[10:39] Counter Landfall It is not even conencted to Zindra
[10:39] Zada Bury Somehow I see there no "issue" (or a problem) with the name "Zindra Vortex".
[10:39] Ginette Pinazzo its branded. thats has value. simply no reason to undermine that
[10:39] Counter Landfall and there is no info there how to get to Zindra
[10:39] Huntress Catteneo that is NOT name issue
[10:39] Counter Landfall that is the entire problem with the name
[10:40] Ginette Pinazzo changing name would literally devalue almost a year of hard work
[10:40] Counter Landfall no it would not
[10:40] ?ric I think Mosh south should be re-named back Zindra now
[10:40] Evelynn Kidd then connect the sime to the zindra sims
[10:40] Ginette Pinazzo any small improvement changing the name would vnever cover the dstruction siuch a move wouold cause
[10:40] Counter Landfall I agree Eric
[10:40] Nal Mosh should be renamed
[10:40] Huntress Catteneo Obviously I am not understanding what that meant
[10:40] Viale Linden We have made months of progress since september lets not go astray today
[10:40] Ginette Pinazzo yuou dotn work the Vortex wetre bnever involve din its origin or sinmoly dotn know what the name and the attached value represents
[10:41] Zada Bury We can't change the name ... there are pictures about it ( ) ... a name change would make the pictures senseless.
[10:41] Viale Linden These are trivial issues
[10:41] Viale Linden Name sof Parcels
[10:41] Ginette Pinazzo I agree its trivial in many to leave as is and move forward
[10:41] Viale Linden If you guys want to debate the name, lets do that on the forums
[10:41] Huntress Catteneo was the partiality problem you refered to just about it's name?
[10:42] Counter Landfall teere is a good debate there already Viale
[10:42] ?ric Zindra is pretty much the brand name of the adult mainland continant, branding is important
[10:42] Counter Landfall I think it is more or less debated out
[10:42] Counter Landfall you, as the land owner and owner of the Vortex group can make a decision
[10:42] Ginette Pinazzo and ZHV was developed as part of Zindra, obviously, and is part of Zindra....its in LL's own language abt the place, for ehavens sake
[10:42] Nal I agree with Counter
[10:42] Viale Linden OK - we will add some closure on that naming issue
[10:43] Counter Landfall good
[10:43] Huntress Catteneo was the partiality problem you refered to just about it's name?
[10:43] Viale Linden Will post on forums
[10:43] Ginette Pinazzo its not debated really until you talk w/ Vortex Staff too, owe them that courtesy
[10:43] Viale Linden The community is larger than those 5 individuals
[10:43] Huntress Catteneo yes and they know that
[10:43] Ginette Pinazzo yes but they are still a primarily affected group w. any decision
[10:44] Huntress Catteneo especially since it is more that 5
[10:44] Viale Linden Naming effects them?
[10:44] Ginette Pinazzo and besides, you seem to be taking advice from perhaps less than 5 peoepl on forums who want to kill Vortex in soem way.......may as well be consistent
[10:44] Counter Landfall actaully everyone in the 343 Zindra sims are affected
[10:44] Counter Landfall that is thousands of land and business owners
[10:44] Evelynn Kidd i believe the community members that care one way or the other prefer keeping the name as is
[10:44] Huntress Catteneo was the partiality problem you refered to just about it's name?
[10:44] Ginette Pinazzo yes viale...naming affects them
[10:44] Viale Linden I dont understand the argument to go with just Vortex?
[10:44] Nal They are the resiedents willing to step up and od the work. Has some eels offered to step up? If not why aren't those the most important 5 to be included in decision proceses?
[10:45] Viale Linden Or Against Vortex?
[10:45] Counter Landfall nobody is agains tvortex
[10:45] Viale Linden Ginette - can you let us know why Vortex would be bad?
[10:45] Huntress Catteneo is it such a hard question to answer? the one I have asked 3 times?
[10:45] Qie In this particular case, I'd think that the more general "Adult" Help Vortex would be more representative of the mission than the "Zindra" name suggests.
[10:46] Viale Linden I agree
[10:46] Counter Landfall Agereed Qie, but Vortex will work too
[10:46] Viale Linden Adult Sandbox
[10:46] Viale Linden That seems better
[10:46] Ginette Pinazzo Zinadr in the name is a key part of its identity........its has duration ib the public eye....its connected to the adult mainland concept...its integral...just 'Vortex' would be a loss of that identity...this is pretty basic, no?
[10:46] Viale Linden Will appear in search
[10:46] Nal Vortex as a region name is already in use...
[10:46] Counter Landfall and in map search alongside the adult hubs
[10:46] Counter Landfall should be ideal for such a place
[10:47] Ginette Pinazzo Vortex is in use and thats established enough to keep it
[10:47] Counter Landfall Adult Sandbox then
[10:47] Ginette Pinazzo Zindra Help Vortex hits all the key points
[10:47] Viale Linden Is everyon ok with Public Adult Sandbox?
[10:47] Ginette Pinazzo no viale.....thats mad
[10:47] Evelynn Kidd i believe the name of our continent 'zindra' should be used when possible to promote this place
[10:47] Huntress Catteneo Viale YOU brought up the agenda item, could you please not avoid the question?
[10:47] Counter Landfall sounds like a good name
[10:48] Ginette Pinazzo lets just rebranbd SL as 'A Virtyal World' whiel we're at it
[10:48] Viale Linden It will appear in search
[10:48] Nal Zindra is in thousand of image, posts, and blog dicussions. Tossing all that markting and conditioning is going to be counter productive.
[10:48] Innula Zenovka but the thing is, it's supposed to be for all Adult SL, not just Zindra
[10:48] Counter Landfall very descriptive for the purpose
[10:48] Viale Linden I am leaning towards Public Adult Sandbox
[10:48] Ginette Pinazzo are leabing towards killing this that the agenda here?
[10:48] Counter Landfall Zindra is connected to 343 sims, not the Vortex sim
[10:48] Nal Good point Innula...
[10:49] Counter Landfall so the images will point to their origin
[10:49] Ginette Pinazzo why in heavens name would you undermine soemthing that is working NOW?
[10:49] Dee Kass ! most new residents have no idea what a sandbox is..
[10:49] Viale Linden It is teh only Public Adult Sandbox kn?
[10:49] Viale Linden no?
[10:49] Innula Zenovka the only LL-owned one
[10:49] Ginette Pinazzo nio viale..there are otehr public sandboxes...there is even one called 'Adult Sandbox'
[10:50] Ginette Pinazzo this naming keeps it distoicnt and is ALREADY in heavy use
[10:50] Counter Landfall No adult sandbox in map search
[10:50] Viale Linden I believe there is only one LL Adult Basic Sandbox
[10:50] Ginette Pinazzo try regular search
[10:50] Counter Landfall map search is the important one
[10:51] Voodoo Radek If vortex is not a zindra part anymore.. Are we staff still counting with LL support?
[10:51] Counter Landfall and it will reflect in regular search too as a region
[10:51] Viale Linden Lets not confuse issues and name it Zindra Vortex. Who would knwo to search for that?
[10:51] Ginette Pinazzo no.....regular search is fairly impoortna, Id say..haha
[10:51] Counter Landfall nobody Viale
[10:51] Ginette Pinazzo peoepl alresdy go there viale....theyve been going frok dauy one...and weve built iupon that
[10:51] Zada Bury Map-Search? "What's that?" NEver useing it since nealry 5 years ...
[10:51] Innula Zenovka there's a small private one at Sondraman called Adult Sandbox
[10:52] Counter Landfall and why does the DG Vortex description say it can only be reached from Zindra
[10:52] Counter Landfall you need to fix that
[10:52] Ginette Pinazzo peoepl go there because we MARKET the place viale......thats the issue........and you cant just toss that away
[10:52] Ginette Pinazzo you claim to bring eresidents forward? Vortex is a fine example of it in not turn that clock back
[10:53] Viale Linden We will solve with the larger community in mind
[10:53] Counter Landfall it can be reached from all over the grid and should be a resource for everyone
[10:53] Nal The only ones that know about Zindra are those that ask existing residents, read blogs, forum and get involved in SL. To spread adult finding, the word adult needs to be used. But, it tends to get lost on the search spam.
[10:53] Ginette Pinazzo it is a resource for everyone..alwasy has been
[10:53] Counter Landfall tyhen fix the DG text
[10:53] Counter Landfall is is totally misleading
[10:53] Evelynn Kidd if it must change Public Adult Sandbox is ok with me
[10:53] Viale Linden Yes, but I want more people to find it
[10:53] Ginette Pinazzo you think n oit enough peopel find it?
[10:54] Nal Zindra weeds out loads of the search spam.
[10:54] Counter Landfall no it should be packed
[10:54] Viale Linden Zindra Vortex is better than Public Adult Sandbox?
[10:54] Ginette Pinazzo tyes viale.....
[10:54] Counter Landfall no, it is very misleading
[10:54] Viale Linden I agree
[10:54] Ginette Pinazzo its marketed...that is the ovrall point here
[10:54] Counter Landfall and it send everyone searchign for Zindra to a place that is disconnected from the 343 sims
[10:55] Viale Linden Ok,
[10:55] Innula Zenovka why does the one public Adult sandbox need marketting?
[10:55] Viale Linden Right
[10:55] Nal Both the name and location can be fixed.
[10:55] Huntress Catteneo *sigh* same every meeting I come, change name of something, spend ages on that, deliberately ignore some people, I was not asking anything irelivent and there was plenty of oportunities to answer something that WAS on the agenda compared to all that was not. At least some want Vortex to continue which is nice to see. thankyou, I will shut up and give up now.
[10:55] Xiola Linden i think the point that as a new resident, someone may have not heard the name zindra is a valid one
[10:55] Counter Landfall give it a good anme and it does not need much marketing
[10:55] Ginette Pinazzo you aent even listening to yourselves,,,,ZHV attarcts peoepl...lots of them......if you want to make the connections to mainland even stronger..if thats issue,,,we can DO that....but changing name is a bacxkwarsd step
[10:55] Viale Linden Ginette - this issue is that hardly anyone searches for zindra
[10:56] Viale Linden It is an insider name
[10:56] Viale Linden Not very helpful
[10:56] Ginette Pinazzo it ALWAYS needs marketing.....ZHV is not typical 'sandbox'...oit was et up as a very appealing aletarntive
[10:56] Viale Linden Public Adult sandbox does not need marketing
[10:56] Ginette Pinazzo ????
[10:56] Viale Linden People will find it in search
[10:56] Ginette Pinazzo its not just a bloody sandbox...thats a key factor
[10:57] Viale Linden Well good
[10:57] Viale Linden More people will find that now
[10:57] Viale Linden 3 minutes
[10:57] Counter Landfall very good
[10:57] Ginette Pinazzo so voices hav ebene shut out..ZW and now ZHV staff too, disenfranchised.........youve seen it all here...I came back for what? same old thing
[10:57] Ginette Pinazzo *ZE
[10:57] Evelynn Kidd will we keep the center with the map of Zindra ?
[10:58] Viale Linden No, we are enfranchising more
[10:58] Ginette Pinazzo suuure
[10:58] Viale Linden I know the name Public Adult Sandbox strikes horror in some, but lets give it some time to breathe
[10:59] Ginette Pinazzo viale...kepe the name as w/ Vortex staff to show soem civility.......and lets talk ways to improve w/o alienating more peoepl
[10:59] Counter Landfall it is very searchable
[10:59] Nal Whatever... the visitor traffic will tell the story.
[10:59] Serjourn Daxter Ginette: No matter what name the sandbox has/gets - give me a texture, a LM and a notecard, and I will place it centrally at the new HUB - free of charge.
[10:59] Counter Landfall same here
[10:59] Viale Linden Thanks serjourn
[10:59] Qie That's a great benefit, Serjourn.
[11:00] Counter Landfall we will update your kiosk next door and in Zindra Directory
[11:00] Ginette Pinazzo voices have again been shut favour of a minority....this is anew case (adding to list) of bias
[11:00] Counter Landfall it takes 3 minutes
[11:00] Ginette Pinazzo I am very sorry I came back to this meeting. I did it for certain ZE members. But I see that nothing has changed
[11:00] Viale Linden Well - This city council is adjourned
[11:00] Evelynn Kidd bye Only, bye Xiola
[11:01] Viale Linden Lets consider the anme Public Adult Sandbox
[11:01] Qie Thanks Viale, Xiola, all.
[11:01] Voodoo Radek See you guys.
[11:01] Counter Landfall have a good one
[11:01] Viale Linden Thanks all
[11:01] Xiola Linden ciao, all. thank!
[11:01] Innula Zenovka Thanks, Viale, Xiola, everyone
[11:01] ?ric thank you
[11:01] Xiola Linden +s
[11:01] Zada Bury Thanky ou, two.