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Feature Design Document


Functional Spec

  • You can alt-zoom by clicking on an object, a person or their nametag or attachments, or the terrain.
  • You cannot Alt-zoom on the sky.
  • Alt-clicking water alt-zooms on the terrain below the water.
  • You cannot Alt-zoom on your HUD object.
  • Alt-clicking will center your view on the thing you clicked.
  • Alt-zoom will attach your camera to the person or thing you clicked. If your object of focus moves, your camera will move with it.
  • You can alt-zoom in and out and around with alt + mouse
  • You can orbit your camera around an object with alt + ctrl + mouse
  • You can pan (slide sideways) your camera with alt + ctrl + shift + mouse
  • You can also move your view via keyboard alt + arrow keys and PAGE UP, PAGE DOWN
  • There is a limit to the distance your camera can move away from your avatar.
  • Alt-zoom camera distances are longer if you are on an estate you own or manage (or if you are in god mode or turn on Client > View Admin Options)
  • Alt-zooming very very close to an object will stop moving the camera and will tighten FOV (field of view.
  • Editing, linking, or unlinking an object you are focused on should not move the camera.
  • You can see where your focus is by enabling debug mode and turning on Client > Character > Show Look At, then alt-click something to see the Look at crosshairs.
  • Alt-zooming should not affect the focus or selection of text in any text field. eg. You should be able to begin typing a sentence into the chat bar, alt-zoom on something, then finish typing your sentence.
  • Movement of your avatar via movement keys should disengage the alt-zoom focus.

Test scripts


Discussion for future improvements


Relationship to other features

List of features that need to be tested when this feature changes, and why.

Focus - Window focus should be retained while alt-zooming.

Selection - Selection should be retained while alt-zooming.

User Guides

See Camera.