Beta Grid/Land Proposal

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Per Beta Grid Office Hours (

[15:39] Melfina Marshdevil: If I get a region on here I would keep it active with open land for anyone to use when needed basicly I'd sell the land for free and reclaim after its used
[15:39] Angela Talamasca: gonna start calling this Oskar's world. ^_~
[15:39] Oskar Linden: heh
[15:39] Melfina Marshdevil: if you wanna go thought with that :P
[15:39] Melfina Marshdevil: though*
[15:39] Oskar Linden: do you have a region here melfina?
[15:39] Charlene Trudeau: oh, if that's needed then every parcel around my sandbox can be sold off that way too, except Lares'
[15:39] Melfina Marshdevil: I want one :3
[15:39] Melfina Marshdevil: I asked :3
[15:39] Oskar Linden: ok. I'll see what I can do


  • Allow for a region(s) dedicated to allowing non-sim owning residents to own land for testing on the aditi grid
  • Also to allow non-sim owning residents be granted temporary EM powers. This to be controlled by an assigned EO.
  • Allow average (non-sim owning) residents to test on land they own or group own
  • Ensure there is always some land available or a known time at which land will be turned over
  • Spread management of said goals to trusted residents (EMs)
EM Responsibilities
  • divide up the region in even parcels and set them for sale at low 1$L prices
  • after each weekly beta grid OH abandon all land and re-set for sale at low 1$L prices parcel size TBD at OH
  • assist in keeping sim fairly lag free