Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2013-11-14

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[2013/11/14 15:01]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello, Maestro.
[2013/11/14 15:01]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hello
[2013/11/14 15:01]  Inara Breen: Hi, Maestro!
[2013/11/14 15:02]  Rex Cronon: hi maestro
[2013/11/14 15:02]  MartinRJ Fayray: hello
[2013/11/14 15:02]  Margithe: Hello Maestro, Baker
[2013/11/14 15:02]  Baker Linden: Hello everyone!
[2013/11/14 15:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I like how the floor gives away who's wearing a face light :)
[2013/11/14 15:02]  Rex Cronon: hi baker
[2013/11/14 15:03]  Whirly Fizzle: Oh God...thats prolly me - old outfit
[2013/11/14 15:03]  Jenna Felton: hello Maestro :)
[2013/11/14 15:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yeah, looks like it's Whirly and Rex
[2013/11/14 15:03]  Whirly Fizzle: I just deleted nearly 300 scripts from these boots :D
[2013/11/14 15:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): maybe that's a suit light in Rex's case
[2013/11/14 15:03]  MartinRJ Fayray: lol
[2013/11/14 15:03]  Lucia Nightfire: at least they're mod, lol
[2013/11/14 15:03]  Rex Cronon: i am not wearing a face light
[2013/11/14 15:04]  Lucia Nightfire: I still see many people wearing 600 script no mod shoes, lol
[2013/11/14 15:04]  Rex Cronon: its the reactor in my chest:)
[2013/11/14 15:04]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): fair enough :)
[2013/11/14 15:04]  Whirly Fizzle: OMG also a flight feather >.<
[2013/11/14 15:04]  rcdsQueChatLog: Ron Khondji, you can read the log here:
[2013/11/14 15:04]  MartinRJ Fayray: SLPPF be praised
[2013/11/14 15:05]  Nal (nalates.urriah): I found an outfit of mine that still had a flight feather... :/
[2013/11/14 15:05]  Whirly Fizzle: Killed the facelight lol
[2013/11/14 15:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Cool, now we can see the projected cake
[2013/11/14 15:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Okay, I guess it's time to get started
[2013/11/14 15:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden):
[2013/11/14 15:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Let's get the updates out of the way, first
[2013/11/14 15:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): The main channel didn't get any changes this week (which is no surprise since there were no RC changes last week)
[2013/11/14 15:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): However, we do have 2 new projects in RC
[2013/11/14 15:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): The first project, on BlueSteel and LeTigre, is an update to the experience tools project
[2013/11/14 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it's just to support an infrastructure update, so there's nothing too exciting there
[2013/11/14 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Magnum has a new server maintenance project, with some goodies
[2013/11/14 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden):
[2013/11/14 15:08]  Skills Hak: oh lord
[2013/11/14 15:08]  Skills Hak: why am i naked on aditi
[2013/11/14 15:09]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the hottest fix in Magnum is "Sim crossing on vehicle fails when parcel at opposite sim border is full." (BUG-4152[c])
[2013/11/14 15:09]  Jenna Felton: all eyes on Skills
[2013/11/14 15:09]  Skills Hak: shhh
[2013/11/14 15:09]  Skills Hak: must be an evil linden plot
[2013/11/14 15:09]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Ron's the most exposed person here :)
[2013/11/14 15:09]  Margithe: /me cackles " youre famous, better than nothing"
[2013/11/14 15:09]  Whirly Fizzle: Its the mosh deformer :P
[2013/11/14 15:09]  rcdsQueChatLog: Skills Hak, you can read the log here:
[2013/11/14 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Another good fix was around viewer draw distance
[2013/11/14 15:10]  Skills Hak: ;)
[2013/11/14 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it turned out that if you had your draw distance set to something high, like 512m, you actually wouldn't connect to as many regions as you should, in some cases
[2013/11/14 15:10]  Margithe: 512 is considerd high? O.o
[2013/11/14 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): this bug only affected the release viewer (not the project interesting viewer), but now it's fixed
[2013/11/14 15:11]  MartinRJ Fayray: it's the max in V3
[2013/11/14 15:11]  Skills Hak: 512 is pretty damn high on mainland
[2013/11/14 15:11]  Jonathan Yap: The Interesting viewer is now a release candidate; the announcement came out this afternoon
[2013/11/14 15:11]  arton Rotaru: oh cool
[2013/11/14 15:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yep, let's talk about that in a bit, Jonathan
[2013/11/14 15:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there are some 'new features' in magnum which relate to fixing issues;
[2013/11/14 15:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): one was to prevent llTeleportAgentHome() and ESTATE_ACCESS_BANNED_AGENT_ADD from affecting estate managers
[2013/11/14 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): since there were some cases where trojan objects (owned by an estate manager or parcel owner) would teleport anybody in the sim home
[2013/11/14 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and nobody except support was able to enter the area to disable/return the bad object
[2013/11/14 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): another 'nice' change was this:      Objects which are rezzed by sat-upon or attached scripts no longer inherit the temp-on-rez or auto-return timer of the parent object
[2013/11/14 15:14]  Lucia Nightfire:
[2013/11/14 15:14]  Jenna Felton: doesnt tell the estate managers are immune against the command
[2013/11/14 15:14]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yep, that one, lucia
[2013/11/14 15:14]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yeah, we need to update the documents
[2013/11/14 15:14]  Jenna Felton: that is good change
[2013/11/14 15:14]  Skills Hak: you could exploit the silent estate management perms via experience perms too
[2013/11/14 15:14]  Skills Hak: if you have a linden exp key
[2013/11/14 15:15]  Skills Hak: which has been fixed a couple weeks ago
[2013/11/14 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the temp-on-rez / autoreturn timers should help out cases where vehicles rez attachments or projectiles
[2013/11/14 15:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): while still preventing griefer types from recursively rezzing immortal objects (since the agent has to sit on the vehicle, you may as well just rez from avatar inventory to get a fresh timer)
[2013/11/14 15:17]  Jenna Felton: do the scripts know now how long the autoreturn time remains for them? or the idea was declined. I do like the idea when a script could warn " attention, autoreturn in one minute" )
[2013/11/14 15:17]  Skills Hak: i heard there are still ways around it?
[2013/11/14 15:17]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): No, I don't think the script has a way to measure autoreturn
[2013/11/14 15:17]  Lucia Nightfire: there are always anti autoreturn means
[2013/11/14 15:18]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there were also under-the-hood changes to object inventory management, and llTakeControls() behavior in LSL
[2013/11/14 15:18]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): those shouldn't cause any behavioral differences, but I added them to the release notes in case they did cause problems
[2013/11/14 15:18]  Lucia Nightfire: what exactly changed there?
[2013/11/14 15:18]  Jenna Felton: when the imortal hacks are useless, then there is no reason not to allow scripts to know how long the object will last
[2013/11/14 15:19]  Rex Cronon: "imortal hacks"?
[2013/11/14 15:19]  Jenna Felton: immortal, hacks to work around autoreturn
[2013/11/14 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): just tricks to avoid parcel autoreturn, rex
[2013/11/14 15:20]  Rex Cronon: oh. ok:)
[2013/11/14 15:20]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): finally, there was a change which has proven to be controversial/content breaking
[2013/11/14 15:20]  Lucia Nightfire: and one that I explicitly predicted
[2013/11/14 15:20]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which is that the grey goo fence got a lot more strict around rezzing large objects
[2013/11/14 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: I mentioned it to Simon on 10/24, lol
[2013/11/14 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yeah.. we had an idea that something might be affected, but didn't appreciate the scope
[2013/11/14 15:21]  Lucia Nightfire: at least that code was put on MG
[2013/11/14 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there are reports in Jira today about building rezzer systems hitting the grey goo fence
[2013/11/14 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the one case I saw was where one rezzed about a dozen large linksets rapidly
[2013/11/14 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and when it hit the grey goo fence, it would 'fail' halfway through the rez
[2013/11/14 15:22]  Whirly Fizzle: Are you wanting rezzers that are broken on magnum now? I have some :D
[2013/11/14 15:22]  Lucia Nightfire: apartment floor rezzers
[2013/11/14 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Thanks Whirly, but I got some from Alexa (maybe via you?)
[2013/11/14 15:22]  Lucia Nightfire: large ship rezzers too
[2013/11/14 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): anyway, Simon and I talked about how to address this
[2013/11/14 15:22]  Whirly Fizzle: Hers were different broken ones heh
[2013/11/14 15:23]  Ardy Lay: I suppose there was a reason for the change.
[2013/11/14 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): for now, I think he's going to go with a fix where only large and physical linksets are penalized
[2013/11/14 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which was - yes arton - about a type of griefer object which crashed sims via physics
[2013/11/14 15:23]  Jonathan Yap: Rather than denying the rezz, what about just slowing it down?
[2013/11/14 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): that's another idea that Simon had
[2013/11/14 15:23]  Kennylex Luckless: I run of to my bed, have a good meeting and good night.
[2013/11/14 15:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which could also work, I think
[2013/11/14 15:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): goodnight Kenny
[2013/11/14 15:24]  Rex Cronon: tc
[2013/11/14 15:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): in any case, we plan to un-break those rezzers with an update to RC next week
[2013/11/14 15:25]  Ardy Lay: Some people are always looking for ways to be assholes.
[2013/11/14 15:25]  Lucia Nightfire: I couldn't reliably hit that threshold recursively rezzing 11x11x11 physics cubes next door yesterday
[2013/11/14 15:25]  Lucia Nightfire: rezzed thousands...
[2013/11/14 15:25]  Lucia Nightfire: only when used 30x30x30 cubes did I hit it quick
[2013/11/14 15:26]  Jenna Felton: is there a script event triggered when the grey-goo fence was hit? I have not seen it yet. I would suggest to have one, because it could warn the script from doing more
[2013/11/14 15:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): There is a threshold, yes
[2013/11/14 15:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hm, I believe you could detect it via the object_rez() event, Jenna
[2013/11/14 15:27]  Jenna Felton: ok
[2013/11/14 15:27]  Lucia Nightfire: afaik, object_rez triggers with failed rezzing
[2013/11/14 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): oh
[2013/11/14 15:27]  Jenna Felton: this is true. rezz more only when the later was rezzed
[2013/11/14 15:27]  Lucia Nightfire: but a debug listing script coudl detect the error afaik
[2013/11/14 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): well, I do see SVC-2926
[2013/11/14 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but that's about full parcels.. maybe it does behave correctly in the grey goo case
[2013/11/14 15:28]  Lucia Nightfire: testing will reveal
[2013/11/14 15:28]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): true
[2013/11/14 15:29]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Other interesting stuff.. as Jonathan mentioned, the project interesting viewer was launched today
[2013/11/14 15:29]  Jonathan Yap:
[2013/11/14 15:29]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there's a blog post with an illustrative video about changes
[2013/11/14 15:29]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which is ^
[2013/11/14 15:29]  Ardy Lay: Does it crash when we try to buy land?
[2013/11/14 15:29]  Jenna Felton: its a cool video
[2013/11/14 15:29]  Jonathan Yap: Torley is awesome
[2013/11/14 15:29]  Ardy Lay: Will it let us click Destinations on the splash screen?
[2013/11/14 15:30]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I hope not, Ardy
[2013/11/14 15:30]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): (I hope it doesn't crash when attempting to buy land)
[2013/11/14 15:30]  Ardy Lay: It was failing that Sunday.
[2013/11/14 15:30]  Ardy Lay: Just evaporated instead of displaying the floater.
[2013/11/14 15:30]  Skills Hak: /cao on
[2013/11/14 15:30]  Jonathan Yap: One thing to clarify, it is not a project viewer, but a release candidate viewer, so if you install it it will install over the top of your existing LL viewer
[2013/11/14 15:31]  Ardy Lay: Some commits were made since then so I'll try again.
[2013/11/14 15:31]  Skills Hak: :o
[2013/11/14 15:31]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I haven't been following that viewer too closely, so I don't have the status of bugfixes handy
[2013/11/14 15:31]  Ardy Lay: It loads nice.
[2013/11/14 15:32]  Ardy Lay: The weird avatar body shape issue that were have been having for years seems to be gone.
[2013/11/14 15:32]  Whirly Fizzle: OOOh its fixed bug eyes?
[2013/11/14 15:32]  Ardy Lay: Seems to have, yes.
[2013/11/14 15:32]  Skills Hak: eh i am still seeing a lot of messed up shapes
[2013/11/14 15:32]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Ah yes, that 'bulging body parts' bug.  I could never quite reproduce that..
[2013/11/14 15:32]  Skills Hak: eyes seem better now
[2013/11/14 15:33]  Ardy Lay: Some meshes still don't load unless you bang your camera on them.
[2013/11/14 15:33]  Skills Hak: some people blame it on firestorm, i doubt it tbh
[2013/11/14 15:33]  Whirly Fizzle: The shape load fail/bug eyes?
[2013/11/14 15:33]  Skills Hak: yup
[2013/11/14 15:34]  Whirly Fizzle: Nah, happens on V3 too
[2013/11/14 15:34]  MartinRJ Fayray: most interesting is that I first saw it on Firestorm
[2013/11/14 15:34]  MartinRJ Fayray: *Radegast
[2013/11/14 15:34]  MartinRJ Fayray: which doesn't use any V3 code
[2013/11/14 15:35]  Skills Hak: oh it's definitely serverside then
[2013/11/14 15:35]  Skills Hak: what channel is it supposed to be fixed on?
[2013/11/14 15:35]  Whirly Fizzle: Its an ancient bug. Used to happen on Phoenix too
[2013/11/14 15:36]  Skills Hak: i liek how furries look completely fucked up because of it :D
[2013/11/14 15:36]  MartinRJ: uh huh
[2013/11/14 15:36]  Lucia Nightfire: yeah, its why I made my jaw and eyes all part of teh same linkset
[2013/11/14 15:36]  Skills Hak: wall to wall deadly fursuit protection
[2013/11/14 15:37]  arton Rotaru: you're all to vain av's :p
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Ardy Lay: Please continue.  Ignore the person trying to start a fight.
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Rex Cronon: in a world made of pixels looks r quite important:)
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Ardy Lay: Or are you done?
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Heh, moving on..
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I can talk about an upcoming maintenance project
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Skills Hak: what fight o.o
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Lucia Nightfire: any shineys?
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): we have a fix for ' Vehicles containing a mesh are returned to the owner upon region crossing when destination parcel is full'
[2013/11/14 15:38]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Project!?!
[2013/11/14 15:39]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which was similar to BUG-4152, but only affected meshes and involved the actual entry parcel being full
[2013/11/14 15:39]  Jenna Felton: interesting
[2013/11/14 15:40]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): also there's a fix for "Temp Attachments are sometimes not removed on the viewer when detached from a region change event."
[2013/11/14 15:40]  Jenna Felton: temp attachment should be removed on teleport or region crosing?
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Jenna Felton: i thought they last til relog
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Skills Hak: that would suck for experience estates
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and to follow up on "llTeleportHome() should not teleport estate managers", there's one about that function not affecting the parcel owner either  (or a group owner if the parcel is group owned)
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: naw, the bug is calling llDetachfromAvatar() from teh change event afaik
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): jenna, this was for a special script,
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Lucia Nightfire: with temp attachments
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which does what Lucia said
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Jenna Felton: ah
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Jenna Felton: ok, thank you
[2013/11/14 15:41]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): kind of an edge case, I suppose
[2013/11/14 15:42]  Lucia Nightfire: its in a few things, heh
[2013/11/14 15:42]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so those are the only confirmed fixes
[2013/11/14 15:43]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it's a pretty small release, but we didn't' feel the need to wait for more changes to accumulate
[2013/11/14 15:43]  Skills Hak: sweet
[2013/11/14 15:43]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): hopefully it can enter RC next week
[2013/11/14 15:43]  Lucia Nightfire: any word on new functions or constants in the works?
[2013/11/14 15:44]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): not for the immediate future that I know of, Lucia
[2013/11/14 15:44]  Jonathan Yap: Will there be some no-change windows coming up soon?
[2013/11/14 15:45]  Skills Hak: is there a jira about materials causing ridiculously high land impact on certain prim types?
[2013/11/14 15:45]  Whirly Fizzle: Yeah
[2013/11/14 15:45]  Margithe: Lots of them, i think. All closed ;)
[2013/11/14 15:45]  arton Rotaru: yeah lol
[2013/11/14 15:45]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Maestro, Did the BUG-4339 is fixed?
[2013/11/14 15:45]  Lucia Nightfire: materails on tortured prims = high land impact
[2013/11/14 15:45]  Skills Hak: but whyyy
[2013/11/14 15:45]  arton Rotaru: it's not the materials
[2013/11/14 15:45]  Lucia Nightfire: more surface area? idk, heh
[2013/11/14 15:45]  Margithe: because LL hates prims :P
[2013/11/14 15:45]  arton Rotaru: it's new accounting in general
[2013/11/14 15:46]  arton Rotaru: it's the physics weight of those prims
[2013/11/14 15:46]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): It is the issue of air craft sim crossing issue..
[2013/11/14 15:46]  arton Rotaru: set them to type none or convex
[2013/11/14 15:46]  Jenna Felton: does the LI reduces when the physic shape is set to none or convex hull?
[2013/11/14 15:46]  Skills Hak: tried that
[2013/11/14 15:46]  Rex Cronon: i wonder what will happen if i add metrials to my suit:)
[2013/11/14 15:46]  Margithe: Turn the object shape to Noneor Convex Hull and it's all good.
[2013/11/14 15:46]  Jenna Felton: this works when you do that with torus
[2013/11/14 15:46]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yuzuru, let me ask around about that web profiles issue
[2013/11/14 15:46]  MartinRJ: good work on project interesting - I am just testing it on mainland, it works great - constant FPS while I'm flying over a lot of mainland sims
[2013/11/14 15:46]  Whirly Fizzle: (Adding Normal/Specular breaks PE calculation causing objects to be deleted or returned due to SIM beeing full. )
[2013/11/14 15:46]  MartinRJ: very good work
[2013/11/14 15:47]  arton Rotaru: if the physics weight is the dominant factor
[2013/11/14 15:47]  Lucia Nightfire: prim shape complexity + size + physical no matter physics shape also = higher land impact
[2013/11/14 15:47]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): another team deals with web profiles, so I haven't kept track of that issue after reporting it to them
[2013/11/14 15:47]  Skills Hak: it works with hollow prims, no matter what phys type, only workaround is to leave all your stuff unlinked apparently
[2013/11/14 15:47]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell):
[2013/11/14 15:47]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Is it concernd with full region?
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Skills Hak: a friend of mine was able to inject an alert() javascript into his display name a week ago :x
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I heard magnum of this week seems fixed.
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Skills Hak: it was executed on the website
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Lucia Nightfire: heh
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I don't see that behavior, Skills
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Skills Hak: yeah i couldn't repro it either
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Lucia Nightfire: I've heard of other exe beign used in display names
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Skills Hak: but it worked for him :o
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): if I add a normal map to a torus which is 50% hollow and use 'prim' phsyics shape, then LI is 125
[2013/11/14 15:49]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): I hope this fix will release to all channel.
[2013/11/14 15:50]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but if I set the shape to convex hull, the LI is reduced to 2
[2013/11/14 15:50]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): since it's no longer crazy complicated
[2013/11/14 15:50]  Rex Cronon: if it works for display name than it could work for object names too?
[2013/11/14 15:50]  Caleb Linden: i have actually tested the crazy vehicles against the new server code, and hoped that this would have fixed it, but i managed do repro the issue again. the jira for it is still open.
[2013/11/14 15:50]  Caleb Linden: (referring to the youtube video ^)
[2013/11/14 15:50]  arton Rotaru: crazy vehicles?
[2013/11/14 15:51]  Skills Hak: but why do materials affect the land impact at all?
[2013/11/14 15:51]  Caleb Linden: the youtube video showed an airplane going out of control
[2013/11/14 15:51]  arton Rotaru: because they increase the download weight
[2013/11/14 15:51]  arton Rotaru: even if that does not change on them
[2013/11/14 15:51]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Caleb, It caused to almost air craft of my friend..
[2013/11/14 15:52]  arton Rotaru: but you have to download the maps
[2013/11/14 15:52]  arton Rotaru: so they decided to opt in to new accounting to compensate that
[2013/11/14 15:52]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): also, we don't want people to make new content with terrible physics shapes, and anything that has a material is definitely 'new'
[2013/11/14 15:53]  arton Rotaru: well, those craziness
[2013/11/14 15:53]  Skills Hak: well nothing wrong with that
[2013/11/14 15:53]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it seems to affect certain vehicles more than others, Arton
[2013/11/14 15:53]  Ardy Lay: If you get some spare time, try working on this one.  ;-)
[2013/11/14 15:53]  arton Rotaru: ah
[2013/11/14 15:54]  Lucia Nightfire: <--or fix this if you're gonna work on tp's
[2013/11/14 15:54]  Margithe: Now if we only had an accounting for face side vs texture density ;)
[2013/11/14 15:54]  Skills Hak: ouch yeah
[2013/11/14 15:54]  Margithe: face size*
[2013/11/14 15:54]  Skills Hak: SCR-382 is annoying
[2013/11/14 15:55]  Jenna Felton: when a prim hs 8 faces but all set the same textures and materials. Does the land impact increases then, when you set each face differnt material maps? When no, then materials are not combined for download althoug could :)
[2013/11/14 15:55]  Ardy Lay: Ah, yes, that one should come before the one I offered.
[2013/11/14 15:56]  arton Rotaru: the land impact doesen't change at all with materials,
[2013/11/14 15:56]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I actually don't believe that added materials contribute to download cost
[2013/11/14 15:56]  Jenna Felton: Thank you Lucia :)
[2013/11/14 15:56]  arton Rotaru: as long as you are on new accounting anyway
[2013/11/14 15:57]  arton Rotaru: it doesn't even add to the display weight
[2013/11/14 15:57]  arton Rotaru: wich it should a t some day perhaps
[2013/11/14 15:57]  Jenna Felton: hm, ok. than i was misheard
[2013/11/14 15:57]  Rex Cronon: computing LI doesn't seem to be so simple:(
[2013/11/14 15:57]  Jenna Felton: (misread)
[2013/11/14 15:58]  Skills Hak: basically it means you can't make big objects with materials on them hollow
[2013/11/14 15:58]  Skills Hak: unless you have a lot of free prims
[2013/11/14 15:58]  arton Rotaru: you can
[2013/11/14 15:58]  arton Rotaru: right^^
[2013/11/14 15:58]  arton Rotaru: buy more land
[2013/11/14 15:58]  Ardy Lay: I'd like to know why a friend with two computers, one crappy and one snappy, bogs down regions with the crappy computer but not the snappy one.  Both are using the same network connection.
[2013/11/14 15:59]  Skills Hak: that's not my issue, i just feel the alforithm isn't really 'golden' yet
[2013/11/14 15:59]  Lucia Nightfire: bad connects lag regions
[2013/11/14 15:59]  Ardy Lay: Both are on the same LAN.
[2013/11/14 15:59]  Lucia Nightfire: if only I could detect who had bad connections, heh
[2013/11/14 15:59]  Jonathan Yap: hardwired?
[2013/11/14 15:59]  Ardy Lay: Using the same router and ISP.
[2013/11/14 15:59]  Ardy Lay: Yes, wired
[2013/11/14 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): what is the 'bogging down' related to - agent time?
[2013/11/14 16:00]  Jonathan Yap: same viewer, too?
[2013/11/14 16:00]  Whirly Fizzle: Different viewer settings maybe? Like having MeshMaxConcurrentRequests cranked up to some stupid number
[2013/11/14 16:00]  Ardy Lay: Crappy computer gets 2 FPS at times, usually less.  Snappy computer 15-30.  Both running same viewer.
[2013/11/14 16:01]  Jenna Felton: but does this affect the sim itself and other avatars?
[2013/11/14 16:01]  Rex Cronon: AFK...............................
[2013/11/14 16:01]  Rex Cronon: afk
[2013/11/14 16:01]  Lucia Nightfire: agent and simulator go to hell afaik
[2013/11/14 16:01]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I could see there being more interest list activity if the slower PC had a draw distance set such that objects kept on being added to or removed from the user's interest list..
[2013/11/14 16:01]  Ardy Lay: The effect we see is agent time and sometimes network getting long and eventually Time Dilation gets offensive.
[2013/11/14 16:01]  Jonathan Yap: slow computer might have a smaller graphics buffer
[2013/11/14 16:01]  Jenna Felton: but the affect is on other residents, not on that with two comuters?
[2013/11/14 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): That's curious, Ardy.  Maybe Andrew has an idea
[2013/11/14 16:02]  Ardy Lay: Only seems to be noticeable when there are over 30 avatars in the region.  It affects all in the region when it happens.
[2013/11/14 16:02]  Jenna Felton: also, the slow computer will have smaller object cache and request downloads for meshes. but how much will this affect the sim.. no idea
[2013/11/14 16:02]  Lucia Nightfire: 30 av's wearign rigged mesh with prims and images in teh area, heh
[2013/11/14 16:02]  Jenna Felton: request more often*
[2013/11/14 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): maybe the simulator is inadvertently waiting on the slow client for some reason?
[2013/11/14 16:03]  Jonathan Yap: Ardy, have your friend try the Interesting viewer, it has new cache programming
[2013/11/14 16:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): That's a good idea, Jonathan
[2013/11/14 16:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): oh, we're out of time
[2013/11/14 16:03]  Ardy Lay: When she logged out the crappy computer, we saw simulator performance return to normal then filled the region at the current setting of 60 avatars.
[2013/11/14 16:03]  arton Rotaru: does it have new texture chaching as well?
[2013/11/14 16:04]  arton Rotaru: -h
[2013/11/14 16:04]  Ardy Lay: This does not only happen on arrival and one agent should not be able to flummox the simulator.
[2013/11/14 16:04]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I think it's just object caching changes
[2013/11/14 16:04]  arton Rotaru: ok, thanks maestro, and thanks for the meeting
[2013/11/14 16:04]  Jenna Felton: /me agrees with Ardy,
[2013/11/14 16:04]  Jonathan Yap: Thank you everyone
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): None of the Lindens here now are from the Interesting team though
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): thanks for coming everybody!
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Ardy Lay: I don't get to talk to Andrew.  I work for a living.
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Lucia Nightfire: would be ncie to see who is having the most affect on agent and simulator timing, heh
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Jenna Felton: Thanks for the meetint Lindens and Residents
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Ardy Lay: My schedule does not allow
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Maesto.
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Margithe: No, we just got the Boring team here, with group bans and stuff.. XD
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Jenna Felton: and have good weekend
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Whirly Fizzle: Thanks Lindens
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): :P
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Inara Breen: Thanks, Maestro, Caleb, Baker
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): you too
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Caleb
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Skills Hak: yeah the user groups are pretty hard for euro people
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Skills Hak: i got to work in 6 hrs
[2013/11/14 16:05]  Lucia Nightfire: speaking of group bans, hows taht comign along Baker?
[2013/11/14 16:06]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Yhx Lindens
[2013/11/14 16:06]  Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Baker.