Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2013-12-05

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[2013/12/05 15:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): now that it's at this scale, I see the layers aren't aligned
[2013/12/05 15:08]  Whirly Fizzle: Nm, I was just worried it was only me seeing that. As long as you guys see it on v3, thats cool :D
[2013/12/05 15:08]  VoidPointer Linden: ohhhhh, do NOT sit on this ball and go into mouselook
[2013/12/05 15:08]  dances: 1/1 Free dance_m
[2013/12/05 15:08]  Doc (drfran.babcock): holy cow, are there more Lindens here than residents ?
[2013/12/05 15:09]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Okay, we've stalled long enough
[2013/12/05 15:09]  Doc (drfran.babcock): heee
[2013/12/05 15:09]  Whirly Fizzle: lol sorry
[2013/12/05 15:09]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden):
[2013/12/05 15:09]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): No worries, usually I like to give a few minutes for people to show up anyway
[2013/12/05 15:09]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): okay.. firstly, we have the updates
[2013/12/05 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there were no rolls last week due to Thanksgiving
[2013/12/05 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but all channels were rolled this week
[2013/12/05 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): SLS got the maintenance release that had been on BlueSteel and LeTigre:
[2013/12/05 15:10]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): these changes were a superset of the changes that were on Magnum last week
[2013/12/05 15:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the changes were a mix of bugfixes and feature tweaks
[2013/12/05 15:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): we've gone over them before, but do any of you have questions about the changes?
[2013/12/05 15:12]  Zenith Subchair final p: whispers: Hi DrFran Babcock! Touch me for Menu. Say /1a to Adjust.
[2013/12/05 15:12]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Nope
[2013/12/05 15:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Okay, I'll take that as a 'no'
[2013/12/05 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): The RC channels got a new maintenance project, which was pretty small:
[2013/12/05 15:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): We figured it was better to have a small set of changes out now than wait to accumulate more changes
[2013/12/05 15:14]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the only change which should be visible normally is a fix for avatars with crouch / crouchwalk animation overrides
[2013/12/05 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): previously, the llGetAgentInfo() LSL function would only return AGENT_CROUCHING if the avatar was playing the default crouch or crouchwalk animations
[2013/12/05 15:15]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so if your avatar had an AO which replaced those animations, (either with llSetAnimationOverride() or possibly with classic AOs too), scripts couldn't tell when you're crouching
[2013/12/05 15:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but with the fix, the function is looking at whether you're actually crouching, regardless of which animations are playing
[2013/12/05 15:16]  draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam): Does something similar happen with any other animation states, or was AGENT_CROUCHING just an outlier that never got fixed until now?
[2013/12/05 15:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): There's a similar issue with ground sit, draconis
[2013/12/05 15:17]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): when you sit on the ground, the viewer only presents the 'stand' button if your avatar is playing the default ground sit animation
[2013/12/05 15:17]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): originally, llsetanimationoverride() would let you replace the ground sit animation with somehting else,
[2013/12/05 15:17]  Jenna Felton: ah, this was the reason
[2013/12/05 15:18]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): but this led to unfortunate behavior where you couldn't stand up :)
[2013/12/05 15:18]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): kelly's workaround for that problem was to make a 'ground sit' override just play a 2nd animation when you sit on the ground
[2013/12/05 15:18]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which is what the wiki alludes to in ' State "Sit on Ground" will play the default animation in addition to any override set. This is required for correct viewer behavior. '
[2013/12/05 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): In other news, we're rapidly approaching a holiday/end-of-year 'no change window' for server releases
[2013/12/05 15:19]  Nal (nalates.urriah): plays two animations?
[2013/12/05 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yes
[2013/12/05 15:19]  Nal (nalates.urriah): ok...
[2013/12/05 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): default ground sit *and* the custom one that you specify
[2013/12/05 15:19]  draconis.neurocam (draconis.neurocam): I imagine it wouldn't be an issue if the priority of the default ground sit was very low.
[2013/12/05 15:19]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so you probably want to make your custom animation higher priority to mask the other one :-\
[2013/12/05 15:20]  Nal (nalates.urriah): So, this is not considered a problem to fix? But, a necessary action?
[2013/12/05 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): it was a compromise to make the AO system compatible with the current viewer
[2013/12/05 15:21]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): anyway, about the 'no change window', we'll have a round of simulator rolls next week, but probably nothing after that until January
[2013/12/05 15:22]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Are the RC's going to get a new package?
[2013/12/05 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): maybe, we'll see
[2013/12/05 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I'd like for the RCs to get a small project, to fix some regressions with this week's SLS update
[2013/12/05 15:22]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which we found out about after the main channel roll on Tuesday
[2013/12/05 15:22]  Nal (nalates.urriah): I was curious of you would put the RC's on a safe version for the holidays...
[2013/12/05 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): we certainly wouldn't want to put something perceived as risky
[2013/12/05 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the 2 regressions were:
[2013/12/05 15:23]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): BUG-4637 ""Can't rez object at { x, y, z } because the owner of this land does not allow it"when rezzing any object from Library"
[2013/12/05 15:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): and BUG-4635 ""Selected / sat upon:" incorrectly shows objects that are not actually selected or sat upon. "
[2013/12/05 15:25]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I've verified the fix for the latter one; it happens to vehicles which get into a funky state
[2013/12/05 15:25]  Whirly Fizzle: Funky how?
[2013/12/05 15:25]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): they appear to have somebody sitting on them per parcel accounting rules
[2013/12/05 15:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): a ghost rider
[2013/12/05 15:26]  Doc (drfran.babcock): AnneMarie O'Toole ?
[2013/12/05 15:26]  Doc (drfran.babcock): /me ducks
[2013/12/05 15:27]  Jenna Felton: an abandoned avatar whose resident lost password for good
[2013/12/05 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): heh, no, actually this was somebody else who had human-piloted boats and aircraft
[2013/12/05 15:27]  Doc (drfran.babcock): nice pics, Jenna
[2013/12/05 15:27]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the vehicle gets 'bad' if it loses the passenger right at region crossing
[2013/12/05 15:28]  Jenna Felton: thank you Doc
[2013/12/05 15:28]  VoidPointer Linden: just rename it "mary celeste"
[2013/12/05 15:28]  Whirly Fizzle: If a funky vehicle has a ghost rider, can others still sit in the vehicle?
[2013/12/05 15:28]  Jonathan Yap: Always wear your seatbelt
[2013/12/05 15:28]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yes Whirly, they can
[2013/12/05 15:28]  Doc (drfran.babcock): especially if the vehicle will get funky
[2013/12/05 15:29]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): anyway, we may have that project in RC next week
[2013/12/05 15:30]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there's another maintenance project that's further out, including a feature that Jonathan's working on, but I may as well save that discussion for a future user group
[2013/12/05 15:30]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): since it won't be hitting Agni this year
[2013/12/05 15:31]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): however, VoidPointer has some news about upcoming projects
[2013/12/05 15:31]  VoidPointer Linden: well, one project anyway
[2013/12/05 15:31]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): one project in stereo
[2013/12/05 15:32]  VoidPointer Linden: Adding suport for Oculus Rift is feature-complete and should be released "soon".
[2013/12/05 15:32]  Whirly Fizzle: o.O
[2013/12/05 15:32]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Wow!
[2013/12/05 15:32]  Jonathan Yap: \o/
[2013/12/05 15:32]  VoidPointer Linden: More information will be in an upcoming announcement, and I can't give an exact timeline, but it's close
[2013/12/05 15:32]  Jonathan Yap: Are there a lot of viewer changes for that?
[2013/12/05 15:33]  VoidPointer Linden: depends on what you mean.   Internally, a fair bit, but not to the normal mode of the viewer.
[2013/12/05 15:33]  Whirly Fizzle: So theres a normal mode and a rift mode?
[2013/12/05 15:34]  VoidPointer Linden: in other words, without being in Rift mode, the experience is unchanged
[2013/12/05 15:34]  VoidPointer Linden: correct, Whirly
[2013/12/05 15:34]  Jenna Felton: to make a stereo picture, you need to render the world from two camera views.. is it probbly possible to make that from 4 or 5 camera views?
[2013/12/05 15:34]  Jonathan Yap: Does it make the scene look really cool?
[2013/12/05 15:35]  VoidPointer Linden: Jenna: yes, I don't see why not - just a matter of performance and..why would you want to do that?  :)
[2013/12/05 15:35]  VoidPointer Linden: Jonathan:  yes :)
[2013/12/05 15:35]  VoidPointer Linden: Y'all are looking very 3D to me now, in fact :)
[2013/12/05 15:35]  Whirly Fizzle: So who has thrown up during testiing then? :P
[2013/12/05 15:35]  Jenna Felton: imagine a car made of 4 monitors, each for front, side and back views and you are inside that like in car or flyght simulator :)
[2013/12/05 15:36]  Jenna Felton: however, region crossing could lower the fun :) but in a single sim. i think would be interesting
[2013/12/05 15:36]  VoidPointer Linden: Jenna: ok, that makes sense.   Yes, its possible, just a matter of performance since each camera angle is another full render in the same frame.
[2013/12/05 15:36]  VoidPointer Linden: No one, Whirly :)
[2013/12/05 15:36]  Jenna Felton: i thought you need certain viewer changes to allows this
[2013/12/05 15:37]  Jenna Felton: but ok :)
[2013/12/05 15:37]  VoidPointer Linden: I didn't say you wouldn't, Jenna - just that it's possible
[2013/12/05 15:37]  Nal (nalates.urriah): What kind of FPS rate are you getting?
[2013/12/05 15:38]  VoidPointer Linden: There were a number of changes necessary to get the viewer working for stereoscopic rendering.   The changes for what you're talking about would be similar
[2013/12/05 15:38]  Rex Cronon: if u have enough monitors and graphics cards u could create a holodeck:)
[2013/12/05 15:38]  VoidPointer Linden: FPS: Depends greatly on the machine, honestly.   I'm getting framerate pretty comparable to normal, but I have a good machine
[2013/12/05 15:39]  Jenna Felton: i think SL is woth of thinking about such installations
[2013/12/05 15:39]  Jenna Felton: worth*
[2013/12/05 15:39]  Doc (drfran.babcock): `oops, phone,
[2013/12/05 15:39]  Doc (drfran.babcock): "Goodbye!!"
[2013/12/05 15:39]  Jenna Felton: take care Doc
[2013/12/05 15:39]  Rex Cronon: tc
[2013/12/05 15:40]  Whirly Fizzle: So we def won't see a rift project viewer till after xmas?
[2013/12/05 15:40]  VoidPointer Linden: Anyway, more details will be in an upcoming announcement, I just wanted to let people know its close
[2013/12/05 15:40]  VoidPointer Linden: Whirly: can't answer that one
[2013/12/05 15:41]  Nal (nalates.urriah): What was done with the various floating panels?
[2013/12/05 15:41]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Buttons, eyc...
[2013/12/05 15:41]  Nal (nalates.urriah): etc^
[2013/12/05 15:41]  Jonathan Yap: you mean are there kept in front?
[2013/12/05 15:41]  VoidPointer Linden: Nal: that's a surprise :)
[2013/12/05 15:41]  Nal (nalates.urriah): :) OK
[2013/12/05 15:41]  Whirly Fizzle: Awwwww, can you sneak a screenshot?
[2013/12/05 15:42]  Jonathan Yap: What do you need to connect it to your computer?
[2013/12/05 15:42]  Tonya Souther: is that meaningful for the Rift?
[2013/12/05 15:42]  VoidPointer Linden: no screenshots yet, sorry
[2013/12/05 15:42]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): It's just a DVI cable (video output) and usb cable (head tracking input)
[2013/12/05 15:43]  Jonathan Yap: I don't think a screenshot would show much--how do you capture a 3d display?
[2013/12/05 15:43]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Are you using a mounse, LEAP, or something else for controls?
[2013/12/05 15:43]  VoidPointer Linden: Jonathan:  currently, you need an Oculus Rift devkit.  When the consumer version is released, you should be able to use that
[2013/12/05 15:43]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): they had HDMI as an option too, as I recall from the dev kit
[2013/12/05 15:43]  VoidPointer Linden: yes
[2013/12/05 15:44]  VoidPointer Linden: that was to Maestro :)
[2013/12/05 15:44]  VoidPointer Linden: Nal:  can't give any details on controls yet, sorry
[2013/12/05 15:44]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): answering Nal's question with 'yes' would've been more interesting :)
[2013/12/05 15:44]  Tonya Souther: Tease.
[2013/12/05 15:44]  Nal (nalates.urriah): booo.... :)
[2013/12/05 15:44]  VoidPointer Linden: I know I know
[2013/12/05 15:45]  VoidPointer Linden: I debated even saying anything today because I really can't say much, but figured it was worth letting people know it's close
[2013/12/05 15:45]  Jonathan Yap: We appreciate the news
[2013/12/05 15:45]  Whirly Fizzle: Yes ty!
[2013/12/05 15:45]  Tonya Souther: /me nods.
[2013/12/05 15:45]  VoidPointer Linden: It's definitely been a very interesting project to work on, I'll say that :)
[2013/12/05 15:46]  Rex Cronon: this oculus project is missing something important
[2013/12/05 15:46]  VoidPointer Linden: oh?
[2013/12/05 15:46]  Rex Cronon: a camera that translates your body movments from rl to sl:)
[2013/12/05 15:47]  Tonya Souther: That'd be hard to do: wouldn't it require creating bvh on the fly?
[2013/12/05 15:47]  Jonathan Yap: But the rift knows when you turn your head, right?  So the scene will adjust accordingly
[2013/12/05 15:47]  VoidPointer Linden: You'd need a Kinect or something for that.  The Rift is a viewer and can only track head orientation.   You'd need something more hardware-wise to do that, Rex
[2013/12/05 15:47]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): or probably a different animation system to send movement details live
[2013/12/05 15:48]  VoidPointer Linden: Yes, the Rift knows when you turn your head (i.e. head orientation)
[2013/12/05 15:49]  Jenna Felton: when you do such movement translation, you need to install something at home that keeps you inside the room, otherwise you will hit the walls when you are walking. Or your avatar will keep sitting in virtual chair :)
[2013/12/05 15:49]  VoidPointer Linden: hahahaha, they have treadmills actually to handle movement
[2013/12/05 15:49]  Tonya Souther: BTW, who do I ask about how come some of my alts get "unable to connect to a simulator" trying to log in to aditi?
[2013/12/05 15:49]  VoidPointer Linden: that's diferent hardware though
[2013/12/05 15:49]  VoidPointer Linden: omni-direction treadmills, i think they're called
[2013/12/05 15:49]  Jonathan Yap: Tonya, did you specify a region known to exist here?
[2013/12/05 15:49]  Jenna Felton: ok, will google for that
[2013/12/05 15:49]  Jenna Felton: :)
[2013/12/05 15:50]  Nal (nalates.urriah): You didn't get one of the read mills to play with?
[2013/12/05 15:50]  Tonya Souther: yes, Jonathan, the same region I had just logged out of with this account.
[2013/12/05 15:50]  VoidPointer Linden: Nal:  I wanted to :)   Expensive, though.
[2013/12/05 15:51]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Omni should spring for a loaner for the Lab.... One could hope.
[2013/12/05 15:51]  Jenna Felton:
[2013/12/05 15:51]  VoidPointer Linden: heh, let's get Rift support first, then talk about more :)
[2013/12/05 15:51]  Nal (nalates.urriah): That works for me
[2013/12/05 15:52]  Jenna Felton: yes
[2013/12/05 15:52]  Jenna Felton: small staps bring farther
[2013/12/05 15:52]  Jenna Felton: or further, no idea what is better english
[2013/12/05 15:52]  VoidPointer Linden: exactly so
[2013/12/05 15:53]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Omni needs to add a hanging rope or something to support 'hover up' and 'hover down' :)
[2013/12/05 15:53]  VoidPointer Linden: hahahha, a pulley system or something.  Now THAT wwould be a trip combined with the Rift :)
[2013/12/05 15:54]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): you'd curse parcels with landing points set thousands of meters below the skybox you want to visit :)
[2013/12/05 15:54]  Nal (nalates.urriah): I still think I may design and sell a barf bag that attaches to the Rift headset.
[2013/12/05 15:55]  Whirly Fizzle: lol
[2013/12/05 15:55]  VoidPointer Linden: I've been using it for a while now and I don't really have problems with nausea at this point
[2013/12/05 15:55]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Did you previously?
[2013/12/05 15:56]  Nal (nalates.urriah): ...and wait till you get those pulleys...
[2013/12/05 15:56]  Jonathan Yap: Does it work with glasses you are wearing?
[2013/12/05 15:56]  Jenna Felton: god question
[2013/12/05 15:56]  Jenna Felton: good*
[2013/12/05 15:56]  VoidPointer Linden: Well, the Rift is very sensitive to frame rate, vsync, and other things.   Before the rendering was fully hooked up or optimized,it wasn't as fun, I'll say that.
[2013/12/05 15:56]  VoidPointer Linden: And yes, i wear glasses
[2013/12/05 15:57]  VoidPointer Linden: in the Rift, that is.   I think whether it works or not depends on the size of your glasses
[2013/12/05 15:57]  VoidPointer Linden: the spacing is definitely adjustable though
[2013/12/05 15:59]  Tonya Souther: Bfeore folks get away...
[2013/12/05 15:59]  Tonya Souther: /me points up to her question above.
[2013/12/05 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Oh, I think I know what causes that, Tonya
[2013/12/05 16:00]  Jenna Felton: probably it is a inventory problem, Tonya
[2013/12/05 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I think Aditi is missing the full set of telehubs to have a set of safe locations
[2013/12/05 16:00]  Tonya Souther: I changed my password to force an inventory resync on one account and it still happens.
[2013/12/05 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which is where you get sent if the region you attempted to login to (which may not be running on aditi at all) is unavailable
[2013/12/05 16:00]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): what happens if you try to login to morris?
[2013/12/05 16:00]  Tonya Souther: I got it forcing a login to Mesh Sandbox 3 right after logging out form it...
[2013/12/05 16:00]  Tonya Souther: Think it did it on Morris, too.
[2013/12/05 16:01]  Tonya Souther: /me tries it on another computer.
[2013/12/05 16:01]  Jenna Felton: how many items is in your inventory Tonya?
[2013/12/05 16:01]  Tonya Souther: This accoutn is small, a couple thousand.
[2013/12/05 16:01]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): that's curious, unless you were trying just as the 'second life server' channel was rolled on aditi (which happened late this morning)(
[2013/12/05 16:01]  Rex Cronon: i g2g. tc everybody and have a nice day
[2013/12/05 16:01]  rcdsQueChatLog: Rex Cronon, you can read the log here:
[2013/12/05 16:01]  Jenna Felton: take care Rex
[2013/12/05 16:01]  Tonya Souther: It just happened again.
[2013/12/05 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): which start location was specified?
[2013/12/05 16:02]  Tonya Souther: Morris
[2013/12/05 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Hm
[2013/12/05 16:02]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): /me tries the same with a tester account
[2013/12/05 16:02]  Tonya Souther: I can log in fine with a different account.
[2013/12/05 16:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Yeah, my account was okay
[2013/12/05 16:03]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): what's the username of the failing account?
[2013/12/05 16:04]  Tonya Souther: TonyasLatex Resident.
[2013/12/05 16:06]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): hm I see a TonyasLatex failed login from a few minutes ago, but the specified start location that the login server saw was 'last location'
[2013/12/05 16:06]  Tonya Souther: I typed in Morris...
[2013/12/05 16:07]  Tonya Souther: just tried again.
[2013/12/05 16:07]  Tonya Souther: just failed again, same error, same process I logged JR in with.
[2013/12/05 16:07]  VoidPointer Linden: Anyway, back to work for me.   Bye everyone :)
[2013/12/05 16:07]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): shows 'last location' again.. odd
[2013/12/05 16:07]  Tonya Souther: Have fun, Void!
[2013/12/05 16:08]  Jonathan Yap: take care Void
[2013/12/05 16:08]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Thanks Void
[2013/12/05 16:08]  Jenna Felton: have a nice time Void
[2013/12/05 16:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Maybe ti's a bug in firestorm-beta?  try 3.6.11 release?
[2013/12/05 16:08]  Tonya Souther: All right...will need to dl...
[2013/12/05 16:08]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yes, user group is offiially over.. thanks for coming, everybody!
[2013/12/05 16:08]  Tonya Souther: had it on this machine, but think that was 3.6.2, so need a current test anyway.
[2013/12/05 16:08]  Nal (nalates.urriah): Thank Maestro
[2013/12/05 16:09]  Whirly Fizzle: Ty Maestro
[2013/12/05 16:09]  Jenna Felton: yes, thank you Lindens for meeting and have a good weekend all
[2013/12/05 16:09]  Inara Breen: Thanks Maestro, Caleb, as I missed Void and Baker poofing.
[2013/12/05 16:10]  Jonathan Yap: whirly did you see my IM?
[2013/12/05 16:10]  Tonya Souther: trying with 3.6.11. got the same error.
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): hm Tonya, since it's specific to that account, maybe something about the inventory sync is replacing your specified start location with the override one
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Whirly Fizzle: Oh no, but I realised I had only friends can IM me set half way through meeting heh
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Whirly Fizzle: Send again?
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): okay, 3.6.11 was definitely working for my alt
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): maybe I can just set up some telehubs..
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Tonya Souther: As was the FS beta for my alt.
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Whirly Fizzle: Got that one :)
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): so instead of failing, you'll go to a telehub
[2013/12/05 16:11]  Tonya Souther: /me nod.
[2013/12/05 16:12]  Tonya Souther: Might be a good idea. Stick one in Morris.
[2013/12/05 16:12]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): yeah
[2013/12/05 16:12]  Tonya Souther: Or that four-sim build.
[2013/12/05 16:12]  Tonya Souther: (Is that in Morris?)
[2013/12/05 16:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): morris is part of a quadrant, yeah
[2013/12/05 16:13]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): one of those telehub plazas
[2013/12/05 16:13]  Tonya Souther: yeah.
[2013/12/05 16:13]  Tonya Souther: All right, that got her logged in. needed to enable login location and then typed Morris at it.
[2013/12/05 16:14]  Tonya Souther: Have to look to see if FS is sending last location when it shouldn't.
[2013/12/05 16:14]  Nal (nalates.urriah): bye all
[2013/12/05 16:14]  Tonya Souther: Thanks for straightening that out, Maestro.
[2013/12/05 16:14]  Whirly Fizzle: Oh I have test alts that have never logged in aditi. Ill try too. Were you on opensim build Tonya or havok?
[2013/12/05 16:15]  Whirly Fizzle: Maybe only non-havok is hosed actually
[2013/12/05 16:15]  Inara Breen: Ciao all.
[2013/12/05 16:15]  Tonya Souther: OpenSim, I think. checking.
[2013/12/05 16:15]  Tonya Souther: OpenSim.
[2013/12/05 16:16]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): Tonya, was this avatar set to adult maturity?
[2013/12/05 16:16]  Tonya Souther: Uhm. Think so, not sure.
[2013/12/05 16:17]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): the only adult level safe location region has actually been crashed since a whie ago
[2013/12/05 16:17]  Tonya Souther: oh, that would get in the way.
[2013/12/05 16:17]  Tonya Souther: logging back in to check.
[2013/12/05 16:17]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): brb going to ruiz to make a telehub there
[2013/12/05 16:17]  Tonya Souther: yes, set to adult.
[2013/12/05 16:18]  Whirly Fizzle: I can repro it
[2013/12/05 16:18]  Tonya Souther: I generally set all my alts to adult.
[2013/12/05 16:19]  Whirly Fizzle: Maestro, check WhirlyFizzle (Resident). I tried to login direct to Morris and "unable to connect to simulator" on FS tip.
[2013/12/05 16:19]  Whirly Fizzle: Oh, he poofed
[2013/12/05 16:19]  Tonya Souther: he'll be back.
[2013/12/05 16:19]  Whirly Fizzle: Guess its our bug Tonya
[2013/12/05 16:20]  Jonathan Yap: he's coming back
[2013/12/05 16:21]  Tonya Souther: Might be one we inherited from LL and haven't inherited the fix yet. I did hav ethe bug on an older LL release.
[2013/12/05 16:22]  Whirly Fizzle: Ill try on havok build. Wouldnt surprise me if it was OS only bug
[2013/12/05 16:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): try now tonya
[2013/12/05 16:24]  Whirly Fizzle: Maestro, I can repro it. Check WhirlyFizzle (Resident). Never logged into Aditi before. I tried to login direct to Morris and "unable to connect to simulator" on FS tip. Ill try on V3.
[2013/12/05 16:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): okay,
[2013/12/05 16:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): I just added Ruiz as an adult safe area
[2013/12/05 16:24]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): like a minute ago
[2013/12/05 16:25]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): there's a bit of caching involved though, so it may take login a few minutes
[2013/12/05 16:25]  Tonya Souther: /me tries with a different account, since that one will now work fine for the future.
[2013/12/05 16:25]  Tonya Souther: and yes, it works now. Thanks.
[2013/12/05 16:26]  Whirly Fizzle: Oh now shes can login on FS. I got moved to waterhead safe Hub
[2013/12/05 16:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): same or different account?
[2013/12/05 16:26]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): cool
[2013/12/05 16:26]  Whirly Fizzle: Same
[2013/12/05 16:26]  Jonathan Yap: Did you end up at the telehub or the region you specified?
[2013/12/05 16:26]  Whirly Fizzle: haha now e can't fix our bug LOL
[2013/12/05 16:27]  Tonya Souther: mrf...
[2013/12/05 16:27]  Whirly Fizzle: I tried to login to Morris
[2013/12/05 16:27]  Tonya Souther: /me tries again with yet another account.
[2013/12/05 16:27]  Whirly Fizzle: It said region wasn't available & moved me to safehub
[2013/12/05 16:28]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): cool
[2013/12/05 16:28]  Tonya Souther: Went to the safe hub.
[2013/12/05 16:28]  Mæstro Linden (maestro.linden): was that tonyaslatex or another?
[2013/12/05 16:29]  Tonya Souther: Yet another.
[2013/12/05 16:29]  Tonya Souther: I've got an embarrassingly large number of alts...
[2013/12/05 16:29]  Jonathan Yap: That will be L$50,000 support fee Tonya
[2013/12/05 16:29]  Whirly Fizzle: haha bet Ive got more
[2013/12/05 16:29]  Whirly Fizzle: I can't even remember them all