Beta Server Office Hours/Minutes/2014-07-17

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[15:05] I am not a furry: let's get this show on the road
[15:05] I am not a furry: agenda here:
[15:05] I am not a furry: Main channel was not updated.
[15:06] I am not a furry: nothing ready yet
[15:06] I am not a furry: Still has the experience keys preperatory work on it.
[15:07] I am not a furry: BlueSteel/LeTigre got a new maintenance project
[15:07] I am not a furry: there's the attachment bug fix
[15:07] I am not a furry: and some more description in L$ transactions
[15:08] I am not a furry: Nothing too revolutionary there
[15:08] I am not a furry: Last week, we announced the Skill Gaming Project
[15:08] Zenith Subchair final p whispers: Hi Caleb Linden! Touch me for Menu. Say /1a to Adjust.
[15:09] Lucia Nightfire: last week many fists were shaking too I bet
[15:09] I am not a furry: The prepatory work for that went out to Magnum
[15:09] I am not a furry: heh
[15:10] I am not a furry: all of the description for that is here:
[15:10] Rex Cronon: there doesn't seem to be a rush of people ready to embrace that...
[15:10] Lucia Nightfire: who is fielding questions on skill gaming?
[15:11] I am not a furry: Support
[15:11] I am not a furry:
[15:11] Simon Linden: The best thing to do now is post them in the forum with all the discussion going on
[15:11] Lucia Nightfire: well, my question was along the lines of "Why didn't you do this or that..." type
[15:12] I am not a furry: For that, Simon is right
[15:13] Simon Linden: Much of those changes for Skill Gaming are driven by regulation and legal issues, not technical ones
[15:13] I am not a furry: and IANAL
[15:13] Lucia Nightfire: I was mainly wondering why homesteads couldn't be "set" to skill gaming. Why only full private regions?
[15:14] Lucia Nightfire: but that would be a question for the forums I guess, heh
[15:14] I am not a furry: Thanks
[15:14] Lucia Nightfire: it may have already been asked too, will look later
[15:15] I am not a furry: +1
[15:15] Theresa Tennyson: Lawyers don't charge by the prim, Lucia.
[15:15] I am not a furry: HAHA
[15:15] Lucia Nightfire: yeah, lol
[15:15] I am not a furry: For those that don't know, Maestro is on vacation and will be back in August.  You're stuck with me until then.  ;)
[15:16] Lucia Nightfire: Maestro danced at least, wall flower, lol
[15:16] Simon Linden: That's a good suggestion to throw out there, Lucia.  I dont know if you'll get a direct answer but it's something the product people, who are reading that, should think about
[15:16] I am not a furryI am not a furry didn't even dance at his wedding ;)
[15:16] GEE McAuley: Howdy Folks........ Or should I say Arg ye matees
[15:16] Simon Linden: speaking of dancing, am I frozen with my head on backwards?
[15:16] Lucia Nightfire: you didn't even step on anyone's toes?
[15:17] Inara Breen: Yes, simon.
[15:17] Whirly Fizzle: yep
[15:17] Rex Cronon: hello gee
[15:17] GEE McAuley: Hi Rex
[15:17] GEE McAuley: Been a while
[15:17] I am not a furry: And the only other real news is that experience tools formed a beta group and round one is already been filled up
[15:17] Inara Breen: I was beginning to think it was the wine I've been imbibing as coyot appears to me to be at 0,0,0
[15:17] I am not a furry: wildly popular
[15:18] I am not a furry: and we've heard some really cool ideas for new experiences
[15:18] Lucia Nightfire: I've had RL stuff suddenyl come up that is making my work on exp stuff slow
[15:18] Lucia Nightfire: timing I swear
[15:18] I am not a furry: Murphy
[15:18] GEE McAuley: Wondering if I could beat an old horse with an old issue?
[15:19] Whirly Fizzle: Is he sitting?
[15:19] Lucia Nightfire: kick it with a smile
[15:19] Whirly Fizzle: Oh yep
[15:19] I am not a furry: Sure, but no bet that that will revive him
[15:19] GEE McAuley: See Bug 6736 to start with.
[15:19] Rex Cronon: i am not sure of something. do these new lsl functions for experiences work only on special sims?
[15:20] I am not a furry: Dolphin ^^^
[15:20] Rex Cronon: i mean after the testing phase
[15:20] Whirly Fizzle: Inara, maybe its Doesnt just happen at altitude its just more liekly
[15:20] WBD: BUG-6726 shoudl be fixed shortly
[15:20] WBD: the new lsl functions should work anywhere the experience works
[15:20] Lucia Nightfire: you want unlimited link distance basicaly?
[15:21] Lucia Nightfire: *basically
[15:21] GEE McAuley: Or at least place it at the 64m size.
[15:21] Inara Breen: Possibly, Whirls. I'll just continue sipping the wine :)
[15:22] Lucia Nightfire: I have a linkset with 64,128,256, 512 meter distance links, old exploit.
[15:22] I am not a furry: GEE, since you just filed this today, I'd wait a bit for the team to look it over
[15:22] Lucia Nightfire: speaking on that coyot, can we get a time delay on feature requests for peopel to chime in their concerns?
[15:23] I am not a furry: I'm not sure what all of the impacts of that link length would be
[15:23] GEE McAuley: NP. What is your thoughts on the limit issue? Really don't need them anymore..
[15:23] Lucia Nightfire: atm, if a feature is accepted it can't be commented on any further by others
[15:23] Simon Linden: For BUG-6648, I think I have an idea what's going on, but am not sure when I can take a look.  I believe there's an update getting lost or out of order ... when you sit on something, your position becomes relative to that object.  If the viewer doesn't understnad that, you end up looking like you're near 0,0,0
[15:23] GEE McAuley: I think it is at 54m on a 64m prim.
[15:23] I am not a furry: I'm not sure I know enough about that subsystem to say
[15:24] I am not a furry: Thanks, Simon
[15:24] Lucia Nightfire: its 54 regardless of size
[15:24] Whirly Fizzle: 6648 is def new on Interesting viewers Simon. Doesnt repro at all on pre-interesting viewers.
[15:24] Lucia Nightfire: be glad we don't have the old mean distance calc
[15:24] GEE McAuley: NP. Just an old issue just rein countering again with one of my builds. That's what got me started again.
[15:25] GEE McAuley: We'll see what the JIRA brings.
[15:25] Lucia Nightfire: which also took into account prim bounding box
[15:25] GEE McAuley: I thinkthe bounding box issue was already looked at in SVC2190
[15:25] I am not a furry: Yep, thanks for taking the time to file it, GEE
[15:25] GEE McAuley: yw
[15:26] GEE McAuley: I think that distance limit issue goes as far back as 2007. Maybe further. I'll keep an eye on the Jira.
[15:28] Simon Linden: That's a good distinction, Whirly - thanks
[15:28] GEE McAuley: Need something for line dancing
[15:28] I am not a furry: And that's about it.  It's been something of a quiet week
[15:28] Caleb Linden: that would be fun
[15:29] I am not a furry: Well, you could build it as a train vehicle with really small cars and then make the train itself invisible
[15:31] I am not a furry: So, thanks for coming, everyone
[15:31] Theresa Tennyson: Has there been any progress on BUG-6382 (MAINT-4184) or BUG-6487 (MAINT-4196)?
[15:31] I am not a furry: oosp
[15:31] Lucia Nightfire: lmao
[15:31] I am not a furry: oops*
[15:31] Whirly Fizzle: Nice try!
[15:31] Whirly Fizzle: :D
[15:32] I am not a furry: :D
[15:32] Whirly Fizzle: 6382 is horrid
[15:33] I am not a furry: I think we're still trying to figure it out
[15:33] Simon Linden: Someone is working on 6382 now - and yeah, it's ugly since it's difficult to reproduce
[15:34] I am not a furry: 6487 needs someone to work on it, so not yet
[15:35] Lucia Nightfire: anyone working on SEC-1352 atm? heh
[15:36] Lucia Nightfire: I'm betting it won't be long before an idiot exploits that in the cornfield game region, effectively shutting it down for hours
[15:36] I am not a furry: No, not yet on that one either
[15:37] I am not a furry: So many bugs, so few Lindens
[15:37] Lucia Nightfire: damn that SL2, lol
[15:37] I am not a furry: heh
[15:38] Theresa Tennyson: Part of it is skillsets too - if Runitai ever gets hit by a bus...
[15:38] Kallista Arliss: Bite you tongue.
[15:39] I am not a furry: okay then
[15:39] I am not a furry: on that note
[15:39] I am not a furry: cya all next month
[15:39] Lucia Nightfire: you on vacation too, heh
[15:40] I am not a furry: oops
[15:40] Caleb Linden: hehe
[15:40] I am not a furry: s/month/week/
[15:40] Rex Cronon: ?
[15:41] Whirly Fizzle: How is the next round of group chat fixes coming along? (Sorry for asking...)
[15:41] Kallista Arliss: Lol
[15:41] Kallista Arliss: That's sekret
[15:42] Rex Cronon: i think the lindens r discussing that in group chat;)
[15:42] Caleb Linden: :)
[15:42] WBD: brb
[15:43] Group Synced Dance Ball: Hello, Avatar!
[15:43] Whirly Fizzle: Ahh thats always a good coversation killer :D
[15:43] Caleb Linden: chat killer rather
[15:43] Simon Linden: I'm multitasking and working on group chat right now :)
[15:44] Whirly Fizzle: Uh huh....
[15:44] Rex Cronon: why do the lsl function for experience work only on special sims?
[15:44] Rex Cronon: functions*
[15:44] Kallista Arliss: We ♥ simon
[15:44] GEE McAuley: This ball I rezzed should sync everyone up
[15:44] Lucia Nightfire: because they only work on exp enabled regions
[15:44] Group Synced Dance Ball: Touched.
[15:44] Lucia Nightfire: and on parcels that allow them
[15:44] Lucia Nightfire: parcels/regions
[15:45] Rex Cronon: i uderstod that, but why is that needed?
[15:45] Lucia Nightfire: because tahts the way it works, lol
[15:45] Rex Cronon: why:)
[15:45] Lucia Nightfire: its teh intended design
[15:45] Lucia Nightfire: you want exp scripts to work anywhere and everywhere?
[15:46] Lucia Nightfire: w/o any restrictions?
[15:46] I am not a furry: I don't ;)
[15:46] Lucia Nightfire: yeah I def don't either
[15:46] Simon Linden: They're not meant to be universal, grid-wide all the time
[15:47] Rex Cronon: lets say i am working on a script that uses the new expericene functions. i want to be able to compile it and test it on myself anywhere
[15:47] I am not a furry: why anywhere?
[15:47] Lucia Nightfire: if you want scripts to work anywhere Rex, just don't assign an experience
[15:47] Rex Cronon: on myself. not on ohters
[15:47] Simon Linden: You'll need to do the development on the land that will have the experience enabled
[15:48] Rex Cronon: u realize that there is no security risk for me if i am the one that wrote the code
[15:48] I am not a furry: That's actually not true
[15:48] I am not a furry: what if you made a mistake?
[15:49] MartinRJ Fayray: right
[15:49] Rex Cronon: mistakes can't be avoide. doesn't matter on what sim i am:)
[15:49] Lucia Nightfire: mistakes can be deadly depending on what allowances there are
[15:49] I am not a furry: yes, but the scope of the damage a mistake can cause can be limited
[15:49] And all I got was this lousy DN: or drugs, rex :p
[15:50] Rex Cronon: i don't do drugs so i don't have to worry about that tankmaster:)
[15:50] WBD: the functions that need an experience dont really make sense without and experience
[15:50] And all I got was this lousy DN: lol
[15:50] Lucia Nightfire: I have a question for Dolphin on anotehr feature request.
[15:50] WBD: the other ones all use standard permissions
[15:50] WBD: so you can test them that way
[15:51] Lucia Nightfire: Would it be possible to have the user count displayed for experiences to show how popular they are
[15:51] I am not a furry: Let's say, for sake of example only, that you accidentally rewrote grey goo with experience keys.  If it could work everywhere...!  But just limited to the one region it has the key for, contains this.
[15:51] Lucia Nightfire: in the desc and the search window
[15:51] Whirly Fizzle: How many people have allowed that experience you mean Lucia?
[15:51] Lucia Nightfire: yes
[15:52] WBD: that could probably be made available
[15:52] GEE McAuley: If anyone wants a copy of this old dance ball It should be full perm and easy to grab a copy.
[15:52] Lucia Nightfire: popularity numbers could be also be a search criteria too
[15:52] Lucia Nightfire: search for the most popular experiences I mean
[15:52] WBD: i have been tracking that number myself
[15:52] Whirly Fizzle: Can you see how many blocked an experience too?
[15:53] Lucia Nightfire: I'm sure he can
[15:53] WBD: sure, we would need to think about the implications of providing that info
[15:53] Lucia Nightfire: yeah displaying that could beiffy, heh
[15:53] Lucia Nightfire: *be iffy
[15:53] WBD: and if it should be public or only accessible by the xp about itself
[15:53] Lucia Nightfire: but allowance numbers would be only positive
[15:54] WBD: though, you can track that yourself using the key-value system
[15:54] Kallista Arliss: Or perhaps by theowners of the xprence?
[15:54] I am not a furry: how many xp do we get for getting a new feature deployed?
[15:54] GEE McAuley: Would it be wise to mak that public though with some of the hacks running around?
[15:54] WBD: heh, might make yourself a target if you are popular
[15:55] Whirly Fizzle: Oh yeah thats true
[15:55] Rex Cronon: right now none of the new lsl functions for experience seem to have the capability to make creation of graygoo more powerfull than already is.
[15:55] Lucia Nightfire: make it opt-in option then?
[15:55] Whirly Fizzle: Hmm though, no more a target then high traffic regions
[15:55] Lucia Nightfire: "Pubish my experience's popularity"
[15:55] Lucia Nightfire: *publish
[15:55] Lucia Nightfire: or high traffic open enrollment groups, heh
[15:55] Simon Linden: The numbers will definitely be interesting, but we'll have to think carefully about what and how to expose it.   As an owner, it makes sense for you to have an idea what's going on with your experience.  I'm not so sure about others
[15:56] Lucia Nightfire: *large group
[15:56] And all I got was this lousy DN: i think the amount of XP you get should be determined by the # of users who use the new feature :P
[15:56] WBD: yeah, technically the number can be made available
[15:56] WBD: but how and to whom needs to be thought about
[15:56] I am not a furry: agreed
[15:56] Lucia Nightfire: I'll file the feature request today
[15:56] Rex Cronon: for example is kind of hard to grief/lag/crash when using LlReadKeyValue. right?
[15:56] Simon Linden: Rex - in any case, we're not likely to open that up.   I think you'll just need to work on the land the experience will run in
[15:56] WBD: but numbers about your own xp can be tracked if you want with a little bit of work
[15:57] Lucia Nightfire: right
[15:57] Lucia Nightfire: this is mainyl showing popularity
[15:57] Lucia Nightfire: to others searching experiences or looking at the exp profile
[15:57] I am not a furry: So for xp owners, it is basically a convenience function, for others, that requires more examination
[15:58] Lucia Nightfire: owner opt in sounds like a good method
[15:58] WBD: we might also be able to just get an ordered list of the top 10 experiences or something
[15:58] GEE McAuley: And how fast can the switch be thrown(Key) if there is an abuse report.
[15:58] WBD: without disclosing actual numbers
[15:58] Simon Linden: right ... I don't know the details how that will play out, Lucia ... I'm sure in the future we will want to connect people with fun experiences, so those numbers will be part of that
[15:58] Whirly Fizzle: Lucia, you didn't plug yet :P
[15:58] Lucia Nightfire: soem owner's may not want the numbers published, like maybe adult themed experiences idk
[15:58] Lucia Nightfire: plug?
[15:59] Lucia Nightfire: its been accepted
[15:59] Lucia Nightfire: I plugged it in the last OH
[15:59] Whirly Fizzle: Oh blarg, too late for comments then
[15:59] Lucia Nightfire: sad that I can't have game operators comment on it now
[15:59] Lucia Nightfire: which was my next PR move
[15:59] Lucia Nightfire: I'm already doign PR for that in the cornfield, lol
[15:59] rcdsQueChatLog: State changed.{click me to get the url}
[16:00] Rex Cronon: time 4 me to go. by everyboyd and have a nice day
[16:00] Yuzuru: Thank you, Rex.
[16:00] GEE McAuley: TC Rex
[16:00] Lucia Nightfire: metting already over, time flies
[16:00] I am not a furry: See you, Rex
[16:00] Lucia Nightfire: ok, Coyot, try it again
[16:00] I am not a furry: time's fun when you're having flies -kermit
[16:00] I am not a furry: ha
[16:01] I am not a furry: Third time's the charm:
[16:01] I am not a furry: Cya all next WEEK
[16:01] Lucia Nightfire: yes
[16:01] Lucia Nightfire: thanks again
[16:01] I am not a furry: yw
[16:01] Whirly Fizzle: Ty Lindens
[16:01] I am not a furry: thank you all for coming
[16:01] Yuzuru: Thank you, Lindens.
[16:01] Kallista Arliss: Thank you lindens