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Feature Design Document

None yet. See Texture cache for a discussion on improvements to the design.

Functional Spec


Test scripts

Clear Cache test

Discussion for future improvements


Relationship to other features

List of features that need to be tested when this feature changes, and why.

Inventory: Clear Cache (in Ctl-P) Preferences Menu Network tab restores lost or missing inventory.

Start Location: The subsequent cache reconstruction is more efficient if one logs into a low-traffic sim, such as KARA. Enable this in Preferences Menu General Tab by a check in "Show Start Location on Login Screen", then enter the sim name in the Start Location Box on the login screen, then log in.

Teleport: Teleporting to a low-traffic sim expedites reconstruction of the cache after Cache Clear.

Cache Location: Clear the cache manually by removing all files from the cache location (found in Preference Menu, Network Tab) when "clear cache" is not successful in restoring data. The subsequent cache reconstruction is more lengthy than simply using the clear cache button, but can restore inventory that the button does not restore.

User Guides


To restore inventory by clear cache:

1) Open Preferences Menu Network Tab.

2) Click Clear Cache button.

3) Exit Second Life.

4) (*perform optional steps below here if indicated)

5) Open and log onto Second Life.

6) Open Inventory and observe item count is increasing until complete.

7) Wait perhaps 5 minutes while cache reconstructs inventory.

If cache does not reconstruct inventory in full, perform these

  • Optional steps:

4a) Open Preferences Menu General Tab.

4b) Enable "Select Start Location on Login" box.

4c) Open Preferences Menu Network Tab. Note your Cache location. It is likely to be:

  On a Windows PC: C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME]\Application Data\SecondLife\cache
  On a Mac: [YOUR USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/SecondLife/cache

4d) Exit Second Life.

4e) Navigate your computer browser to that location.

4f) Delete all items, files, folders and sub-folders in the Cache.

5g) Open Second Life viewer and log onto a low traffic sim, such as "Kara".