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If you're creating pages on this wiki that include external code examples (like LSL or HTML), it's highly useful to enclose the code between tags that retain formatting and other desirable attributes, like colorized syntax.


These tags are actively being used.

  • <tt> - Fixed-width text. Used in generic scenarios, and when others are too restricting for whatever reason.
  • <lsl> - Widely used on the LSL Portal and other LSL scripts that appear on-wiki.
  • <html4strict> - Use this when you need to highlight HTML code snippets, such as for use with Shared Media.
  • <code> - Used not just for simpler, single-line code, but user input that needs highlighting, as described in the Knowledge Base Style Guide.

For more tags, see the Parser extension tags on Special:Version. Some tags are possible because of GeSHiHighlight.


These pages use code highlighting tags extensively.

  • Category:LSL Library - Click a script page to see how it appears with the <lsl> tag.
  • Shared Media LSL Recipes - Becky Pippen mentioned a limitation of the <lsl> tags: namely, you seemingly can't highlight code inside, so she's using <tt> instead.
  • Shared Media wrapper - Torley Linden learned from Khepri Contractor that the <html4strict> tag works.

When creating a post, from the editing toolbar, click Insertcode.gif, then paste in your script.

Users of Firefox (with Greasemonkey installed) and Google Chrome can install LSL posting tool for created by Cerise to get LSL highlighting on the forums. This is especially useful in the Scripting and Scripting Library forums where LSL scripts are shared.

To use the highlighter, paste in your script with the Insertcode.gif button as usual, then press the + LSL button to highlight. Use - LSL if you want to remove the highlights.