Collective Action Against TPV policy

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Please edit this page to add any actions/statements that might or should be considered an option for the open source developers as a collective, signed with our names.

In no particular order.

  • Make changes to the current TPV policy and present those to Joe Linden.
  • Same as above, but as iterative process:
    1. Propose changes to the current TPV policy on the wiki.
    2. Present those changes to OpenSource-Dev and ask everyone (including LL[1]) to voice their objections (if any).
    3. Modify proposal to take care of objections.
      • The objectors (and everyone else) can partake in that—it's a wiki!
    4. Repeat 2-3 until no (major) objections are left
  • Collectively state that we will stop supporting Snowglobe until the current problems with the TPV policy have been resolved.
  • Do absolutely nothing
  • Formally submit TPV Concerns with signatures, in some fashion. (It needs to be updated)

  1. Maybe Joe Linden can make sure legal is aware of it.