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College of Scripting Music and Science

Group Channel Guidlines

Hi Everyone and welcome to the College group. This group is designed to help you become a scripter.

We have thousands of members, so group chat must be regulated. We ask you to focus on scripting help only, in group chat. That means you should not be asking to share or trade ready-made scripts. This is not a script collection group; there are other groups for that purpose. Please feel free to ask any questions for scripts you are working on.

We cannot distinguish between a product advertisement and your advice to visit a website link, nor will we visit every link to make sure it's not spam. Posting a website address that isn't the scripting wiki will be subject to banning.

The following are the formal guidelines to be followed in the College of Scripting, Music and Science Group IMs

Please remember, the script group has thousands of members and is not a general conversation channel. Make sure to use the channel only for scripting questions. Questions and concerns that do not need to be broadcast to the whole mentor and learner group should be brought up in an instant message direct to the person you are addressing.

Use Channel for Helpful Reference

  • Do ask specific questions regarding scripts and scripting.
  • Do encourage the use of the scripting tutorials at the College of Scripting, Music and Science.
  • Please don't spam the chat with requests for products or products for sale.
  • Please don't ask for scripts that are for any type of griefing.
  • Do file an Abuse Report via Help >Report Abuse... for abuse, harassment or griefing concerns.

Use Channel Etiquette

  • Do be courteous to your fellow group members in the group channel.
  • Do avoid general conversation... Try other venues for friendly chatter such as a Private IM
  • Do avoid disputes. Agree to disagree! Please keep debates in Private IMs.
  • Please remember there's no need to respond if your answer is "sorry I don't know."


College of Scripting, Music and Science Group Members are expected to know the group channel guidelines and abide by them. If a Member does not follow the guidelines they may be removed from the group, with or without warning.

Joining the Group

To be invited to group you must visit the college.

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