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Transcript for Thursday May 12, 2011

[12:01] Rand Linden Hi
[12:01] Irene Muni hi Rand! :)
[12:01] Torben Trautman hi Rand
[12:01] Youri Ashton noelle told me today
[12:01] Irene Muni We are speaking bad thinks about Lindens XD
[12:01] Rand Linden Noelle said she's going to be 15 mins late
[12:01] Irene Muni things*
[12:02] Torben Trautman nah, we´re just making fun
[12:02] Rand Linden doh!
[12:02] Rand Linden :-)
[12:02] Irene Muni I love this benchs, it is impossible to sit LOL
[12:02] Catwise Yoshikawa heheh that just happened to me :p
[12:02] Rand Linden yeah, i seem to always end up sitting backward
[12:02] Identity Euler you need to stand et the front of the part
[12:02] Identity Euler on which you are going to sit
[12:03] Irene Muni Torben are free your knees? LOL
[12:03] Torben Trautman sure, hop on
[12:03] Catwise Yoshikawa that side is broke :p
[12:03] Irene Muni well, do you like my back? LOL
[12:04] Torben Trautman so Rand, should we start asking you embarassing questions?
[12:04] Irene Muni Rand, can we ask you about the KB?
[12:04] Irene Muni LOL Torben
[12:04] Torben Trautman hehe
[12:04] Rand Linden um...sure
[12:04] Irene Muni Spanish team needs more "Ready for translation" articles of the KB.
[12:04] Rand Linden but i have a quick update first
[12:04] Irene Muni ok, I wait
[12:04] Rand Linden This is from Lithium: "This email is to notify you that case (#00015622: Basic HTML Parameters) has been updated with the following comment:
[12:04] Irene Muni LOL
[12:04] Rand Linden So... we are still waiting on the full fix, but it looks like they made some progres
[12:05] Torben Trautman 50 % *woot*
[12:05] Youri Ashton what did you feed the asset server rand? it's been upset for days now ;)
[12:05] Irene Muni no kudos for Lithium support.
[12:05] Irene Muni (((Torben, do you publih the chat log)))))
[12:05] Irene Muni publish*
[12:05] Torben Trautman sure can o :)
[12:05] Irene Muni Thanks :)
[12:06] Rand Linden ok so i just asked Jeremy if he has any more articles that are ready for trans.
[12:06] Irene Muni We need them :)
[12:06] Rand Linden He should have some stuff thats ready
[12:07] Torben Trautman Irene, how do you handle the broken table of content?
[12:07] Torben Trautman do you translate anyway?
[12:07] Catwise Yoshikawa would be nice to know when a KB article is in edit phase or is finish...
[12:07] Catwise Yoshikawa finished
[12:07] Youri Ashton noelle takes a long time to get here
[12:07] Rand Linden Catwise: yes, i agree
[12:08] Rand Linden Ideally, we could use Jira
[12:08] Torben Trautman she still has 8 minutes to be delayed in time :)
[12:08] Rand Linden but right now DOC project issues are not publicly visible
[12:08] Rand Linden i think we can change that...
[12:08] Catwise Yoshikawa I'm interested in marketplace articles, but they are changing them each month ^^'
[12:08] Rand Linden Yes, i know they are being actively revised this week
[12:08] Irene Muni the marketplace articles are ver imprtar for translation
[12:08] Rand Linden MAYBE done next week?
[12:08] Torben Trautman o.O Rand, did you have some time to read my tl/dr article about the workflow?
[12:09] Rand Linden Yes, Torben. I think your idea is good
[12:09] Catwise Yoshikawa so just would be nice to see a note or something when an article is going to be edited or not..
[12:09] Torben Trautman :)
[12:09] Rand Linden But we have to get the perms on DOC issues changed... .
[12:09] Irene Muni Rand, Perhaps we can send you (or wirte in wiki) suggestions for "ready for translation"artticles. or not?
[12:09] Rand Linden Irene: sure
[12:09] Rand Linden for the time being that is OK
[12:10] Irene Muni notecard or wiki?
[12:10] Rand Linden Torben's suggestion is to have a Jira issue for each article...
[12:10] Rand Linden and then we can track its status that way
[12:10] Rand Linden In fact, we do have Jiras for each KB article already (for most anyway)
[12:10] Rand Linden So, it would be easy to adapt that for L10N
[12:10] Catwise Yoshikawa also for reply in answer I'm lost cause they are changing thing from articles to other crazy
[12:10] Torben Trautman
[12:11] Rand Linden Torben: great!
[12:11] Rand Linden Noelle would def. be interestd in that
[12:11] Rand Linden Also someone mentioned TOCs...
[12:11] Irene Muni interesting... when I can read it complete :)
[12:11] Rand Linden
[12:12] Rand Linden They are a big pain with Lithium, esp. when you start rearranging sections
[12:12] Rand Linden SO, this is a little script that can make it a LITTLE easier
[12:12] Irene Muni oh!!!!
[12:12] Torben Trautman nice :)
[12:12] Irene Muni bookmarked
[12:12] Torben Trautman my question about toc was if the spanish team translates articles although the toc doesn´t work yet or if they are on hold
[12:13] Torben Trautman (just out of curiosity)
[12:13] Irene Muni We have not tried the TOC
[12:13] Torben Trautman ah ok
[12:14] Irene Muni In fact, the TOC of the spanish artcles are broken... as say the wiki page of translated articles LOL
[12:14] Catwise Yoshikawa I don't know what is TOC, so I have to read first :p
[12:14] Torben Trautman Cat: it´s "table of content"
[12:14] Catwise Yoshikawa heheh ^^'
[12:14] Irene Muni tabla de contebidos
[12:14] Rand Linden Right, wiki automatically generates them
[12:14] Rand Linden but Lithium doesnt
[12:14] Irene Muni ups, sorry for the spanish :)
[12:14] Torben Trautman <- loves wiki
[12:14] Irene Muni me to Torben :)
[12:14] Rand Linden So if you start moving sections around, then it gets all messedup and you have to edit HTML by hand
[12:14] Catwise Yoshikawa me not XD
[12:14] Torben Trautman :)
[12:14] Irene Muni And the Google search of the KB wiki
[12:15] Rand Linden Noelle should be joining us in a minute
[12:15] Rand Linden just got a Skype IM from her
[12:15] Rand Linden :-)
[12:15] Irene Muni No problem, Rand, we can shhot you XD
[12:15] Youri Ashton hey noelle
[12:15] Irene Muni shoot*
[12:15] Youri Ashton speaking of the devil :p
[12:15] Torben Trautman Rand, I noticed some wiki articles with 0 content and/or nonsense content
[12:15] Rand Linden lol
[12:15] Noelle Linden hi all
[12:15] Irene Muni LOLhi noelle
[12:15] Rand Linden Torben - please send me links to those articles
[12:15] Catwise Yoshikawa and be carefull cause Youri looks ready :p
[12:15] Torben Trautman should we use template:delete while you do your spring cleaning?
[12:15] Torben Trautman hi Noelle
[12:15] Rand Linden Sure
[12:15] Youri Ashton oh looking pretty today noelle!
[12:15] Irene Muni please, pay 10L$ to group by the delay Noelle
[12:15] Catwise Yoshikawa hi noelle
[12:15] Torben Trautman okies
[12:16] Noelle Linden ok I will :-)
[12:16] Irene Muni :)
[12:16] Torben Trautman Rand kept us entertained while we were waiting Noelle
[12:16] Rand Linden heh
[12:16] Torben Trautman You just missed him jumping through the burning tire ;)
[12:16] Irene Muni can we make more questions or is there agenda?
[12:16] Noelle Linden :)
[12:17] Noelle Linden please send your questions
[12:17] Irene Muni To date there have been five or six versions of the Viewer with Basic mode, but none of those versions have translated something as essential as the instructions ( It is not logical, it's a no sense if LL want retain new users.
[12:17] Rand Linden So Jeremy sez that we are not QUITE ready to hand off the articles we've been working on ...
[12:17] Youri Ashton you should get jeremy a tp, talks easier :)
[12:17] Identity Euler hi Noelle
[12:18] Rand Linden Why isnt that issue assigned to someone?
[12:18] Irene Muni who knows
[12:18] Rand Linden VWR-25220
[12:18] Rand Linden It will have a better chance of getting fixed if its assigned... Woudl that be Eli, Noelle?
[12:19] Irene Muni the majority og the spanish JIRASare unassigned:
[12:19] Rand Linden Or someone in Viewer eng or UX perhaps
[12:19] Rand Linden hm
[12:19] Irene Muni from the BETA viewer 2 LOL
[12:19] Torben Trautman Eli said that new viewer strings come from translations agencies
[12:19] Torben Trautman at least the ones for german
[12:19] Noelle Linden this is correct Torben
[12:20] Irene Muni not in Spanish AFAIK
[12:20] Torben Trautman (which reminds me of the comment about their quality I recently made)
[12:20] Noelle Linden what is the issue with Spanish?
[12:20] Irene Muni see the "related to by" of this JIRA Noelle:
[12:21] Irene Muni The majority of those JIRA came from the Viewer 2 BETA!
[12:21] Noelle Linden I see lots of issues with truncations
[12:21] Rand Linden Noelle - you will be interested in reading this from Torben:
[12:21] Noelle Linden and some English
[12:21] Noelle Linden ok
[12:22] Irene Muni the mayority of that JIRAs can be fixed in only one day... as Torben knows :)
[12:22] Irene Muni those* JIRAS
[12:22] Torben Trautman maybe we can help Eli with some of them
[12:22] Noelle Linden not the truncations
[12:23] Torben Trautman Noelle: most truncations were pretty easy to fix when adjusting the xml´s
[12:23] Noelle Linden not the English content either
[12:23] Irene Muni well, we will wait, each new version fix 2 or 3 JIRAs, we can wait the 20th SLB :)
[12:23] Noelle Linden as for fixing the xml
[12:23] Noelle Linden I am no engineer, and I cannot speak for Eli
[12:24] Noelle Linden but I believe it is the US source xml that needs to accomodate text expansion in various languages
[12:24] Noelle Linden instead of us fixing each indicidual language
[12:24] Noelle Linden *individual
[12:24] Torben Trautman nods, we used to do local overrides but that didn´t do any *good* to the code :)
[12:24] Noelle Linden no we cannot do that
[12:25] Noelle Linden in does not solve the core issue anyway
[12:25] Noelle Linden *it
[12:25] Noelle Linden now, for meaning issues, that is translation errors, this is something else
[12:25] Irene Muni problems with Lithium, problems wiht the UI... aaahhh, I love SL XD
[12:26] Noelle Linden lol
[12:26] Irene Muni :)
[12:26] Torben Trautman it´s a work in progress :)
[12:26] Irene Muni LOL
[12:26] Rand Linden Well it keeps life 'interesting' :-)
[12:26] Irene Muni SL8B
[12:26] Noelle Linden for content in English, we in Localization usually cannot grab everything there is to translate (last minute updates etc.) before a release
[12:27] Noelle Linden so we know that we do release international versions with some English
[12:27] Noelle Linden it is an issue we have to live with
[12:27] Torben Trautman the basic viewer was in beta for something around 24 hours, hard to localize it in that time frame :)
[12:27] Noelle Linden there might also be some untranslatable contente (hard coded, coming from the server etc.)
[12:28] Noelle Linden exactly Torben
[12:28] Youri Ashton nothing is impossible noelle
[12:28] Noelle Linden it is impossible to localize at the same speed
[12:28] Irene Muni but we have now 5 or 6 versions of the Basic mode viewer
[12:29] Noelle Linden Irene, I will ask Eli to come to the next meeting
[12:29] Irene Muni
[12:29] Noelle Linden it seems like there are lots of questions for him
[12:29] Irene Muni yes :)
[12:29] Noelle Linden I will tell him to read the notes and to come next week
[12:29] Irene Muni we can write the answers in the agneda for Eli :)
[12:30] Irene Muni agenda*
[12:30] Catwise Yoshikawa ^^
[12:30] Irene Muni the questions, sorry :)
[12:30] Noelle Linden Irene, I do have a questions
[12:30] Irene Muni esay, please
[12:30] Noelle Linden you remember that jira you opened for WebProfiles
[12:30] Noelle Linden about some translations issues
[12:30] Irene Muni eummmm. not :(
[12:30] Noelle Linden (I am looking for it now...)
[12:30] Irene Muni oh, yes
[12:30] Torben Trautman Eli said he doesn´t mind fixing xml´s and attaching them for implementation - so if he doesn´t mind we can fix truncations ourself while waiting for Lithium to work :)
[12:31] Irene Muni great Noelle
[12:32] Noelle Linden Torben, I cannot speak for Eli...
[12:32] Noelle Linden ask him directly if you do not mind
[12:32] Torben Trautman I just typed that for the transcript :)
[12:32] Torben Trautman so we can ask him next week :)
[12:32] Youri Ashton noelle, affraid you will ruin that pretty outfit? take a seat :p
[12:32] Noelle Linden so Irene, I asked our translator to look at those and he should have finxed some of them at leasr
[12:32] Noelle Linden *at least
[12:32] Irene Muni ok Noelle :)
[12:33] Noelle Linden I hope most of those are fixed
[12:33] Noelle Linden thanks!
[12:33] Irene Muni and Any news about the "deferred" from October 2010 JIRA JIRA requesting translate the Marketplace into Spanish?:
[12:33] Irene Muni LOL
[12:33] Noelle Linden I am looking into that
[12:33] Irene Muni (last question abiout spanish, I opromise)
[12:33] Noelle Linden we might get Marketplace into Spanish
[12:33] Irene Muni ok :)
[12:33] Noelle Linden I will keep you posted
[12:34] Youri Ashton changing the language possibilities for the marketplace might be a good thing. it will for sure clearify a lot for many users
[12:34] Irene Muni about spanish translations of the web and others: (end)
[12:34] Catwise Yoshikawa I just wanted to know if they finish to edit marketplace articles
[12:34] Catwise Yoshikawa cause they change it lot of times, just tired of editing my work when I notice they did :p
[12:35] Irene Muni catqwise is translatin into spanish the marketplace articles, she is a merchant
[12:35] Rand Linden Catwise: we are actually reworking them right now
[12:35] Rand Linden and should be finished in a week or so
[12:35] Torben Trautman Rand/Noelle: would you mind sending a tp to Jewell Laryukov ?
[12:35] Rand Linden There was a lot of duplication, and poor organization... so this will improve them a lot
[12:35] Noelle Linden I will do that
[12:35] Catwise Yoshikawa but when I go to check something notice they change it again...that's why I said would be great to have something in KB articles that say when they are editing or when they finish :p
[12:36] Catwise Yoshikawa so still editing marketplace articles?
[12:36] Rand Linden yes still editing...
[12:36] Jewell Laryukov whoa force tp *woot*
[12:36] Catwise Yoshikawa ok, I'll wait then ^^
[12:36] Noelle Linden :-)
[12:36] Irene Muni youri please, use your gun against this change of the KB XD
[12:37] Catwise Yoshikawa could you tell us when is finished?
[12:37] Rand Linden I hope we can soon adopt Torben's suggestions re using Jira
[12:37] Rand Linden Yes, I will let you know, Catwise
[12:37] Youri Ashton lol
[12:37] Catwise Yoshikawa thanx ^^
[12:37] Rand Linden no problem... thank YOU
[12:37] Irene Muni hi jewell :)
[12:38] Jewell Laryukov ellow ?
[12:38] Jewell Laryukov don´t mind me, I´m just an alt ?
[12:38] Irene Muni :)
[12:38] Youri Ashton lol
[12:38] Noelle Linden hi Jewel
[12:39] Irene Muni have your main account problems with the new system of pays? LOL
[12:39] Catwise Yoshikawa lol
[12:39] Irene Muni I have been on hold 3 days LOL
[12:39] Torben Trautman hahaha
[12:39] Irene Muni 4 years in SL with the same credit card and... your credit card is not valid LOL
[12:39] Youri Ashton lots of problems with the servers lately, so i wouldnt be surprised
[12:39] Torben Trautman no, I just wanted to look at the basic viewer and thought I could do that while we´re talking about it
[12:39] Catwise Yoshikawa hope they won't change my paypal ^^'
[12:40] Irene Muni when SL launch a new feature... the adventure begins!! LOL
[12:40] Catwise Yoshikawa and night mares ^^'
[12:41] Irene Muni LOL
[12:41] Noelle Linden I was wondering if you talked about labels with Rand
[12:41] Noelle Linden in the KB
[12:41] Irene Muni not today
[12:41] Torben Trautman hahaha, I just copied the url
[12:41] Torben Trautman
[12:42] Irene Muni why those new wiki pages cannot be announced in the private forum or similar?
[12:42] Torben Trautman Rand sent out a mail
[12:42] Torben Trautman or Noelle did
[12:42] Irene Muni a mail?
[12:42] Torben Trautman email
[12:42] Rand Linden Putting them in the forum is a good idea, though
[12:42] Irene Muni mail from the CT list?
[12:42] Rand Linden I need to get an update from Lexie on the label translation question
[12:42] Torben Trautman nods
[12:43] Torben Trautman but it was during easter
[12:43] Irene Muni well, i have no mail.... and I habe no SL in easter LOL
[12:43] Noelle Linden Looks like all the comments are for German ;-)
[12:43] Torben Trautman hehe, sorry about that
[12:43] Noelle Linden well its good to get 'disconnected" Irene
[12:43] Irene Muni :)
[12:43] Noelle Linden from time to time :-)
[12:44] Irene Muni it's the first time I have seen that wiki page :)
[12:44] Rand Linden Well, Irene, I trust we will soon see some comments in the Spanish section ;-)
[12:44] Irene Muni we
[12:44] Irene Muni LOL
[12:44] Torben Trautman hehe
[12:44] Irene Muni sure
[12:45] Irene Muni 12 translators at work :)
[12:45] Noelle Linden I have the same feeling as Rand :-)
[12:45] Irene Muni
[12:46] Irene Muni Catwise, worg for the spanish team :)
[12:46] Noelle Linden we need to make sure that any label change that is made is also reflected in our Translation Memory for each language Rand
[12:46] Irene Muni Google Docs for the labels :)
[12:46] Noelle Linden if not we might have some discrepancies at one point
[12:46] Catwise Yoshikawa worg? I'm lost :p
[12:46] Irene Muni work* my fingers are sleeping LOL
[12:47] Noelle Linden anything else for today?
[12:47] Rand Linden So I would like to adopt the suggested changes to labels, pending Noelle's approval, but...
[12:47] Irene Muni ok
[12:47] Rand Linden I need to find out if we can just change the labels, or if we will need to go in and 'relabel' all the articles
[12:47] Rand Linden ...which would be a hassle
[12:48] Rand Linden Also, minor comment re: "Linden dollar"
[12:48] Rand Linden I just corrected mistake in English style guide that implied it should be capitalized. the work 'dollar' should not.
[12:48] Rand Linden In German, of course, yes, since its a noun
[12:48] Rand Linden but not in English
[12:48] Irene Muni a question about translated articles publish by Jeremy. Many are incompletes. Must we wait or must be edit those articles?
[12:48] Rand Linden Very small point
[12:48] Torben Trautman :)
[12:48] Rand Linden Irene - i think you should wait
[12:49] Rand Linden because they are still in progress
[12:49] Irene Muni ok
[12:49] Rand Linden I have a few small ones that are ready, though
[12:49] Rand Linden i will post to the forum?
[12:49] Rand Linden Is that the best way to tell you about them>
[12:49] Rand Linden ?
[12:49] Youri Ashton hey karin
[12:49] Torben Trautman hi Karin
[12:50] Irene Muni ok, but please, don't forgive those translated (partially) articles. They are the only KB that seeing many sepanish residents.
[12:50] Catwise Yoshikawa but those articles in spanglish should be not visible for not good to see in that state :p
[12:50] Karin Redgrave hi sorry for being late
[12:50] Noelle Linden Irene/Torben, I would like to get some French volunteers involved in the KB translations, and I was wondering if you would like to meet with them next week
[12:50] Noelle Linden with me of course
[12:50] Torben Trautman sure
[12:50] Noelle Linden ok, great
[12:50] Torben Trautman but my french is pretty rusty
[12:50] Youri Ashton kom toch op dit ding zitten joh :p
[12:50] Irene Muni Noelle, there is a setep by step fuide for transte the KB in the wiki, But no problem :)
[12:50] Noelle Linden we will do that in English
[12:50] Irene Muni setp by step guide*
[12:51] Torben Trautman phew :)
[12:51] Noelle Linden just in case...
[12:51] Noelle Linden Hi Karin
[12:51] Irene Muni Catwise said: but those articles in spanglish should be not visible for not good to see in that state :p
[12:51] Irene Muni :)
[12:51] Catwise Yoshikawa ask them to go to the meeting with homwroks made (step by step guide) :p
[12:52] Catwise Yoshikawa ohh, guess they don't read me XD thanx irene ^^
[12:52] Irene Muni ad irena said: ok, but please, don't forgive those translated (partially) articles. They are the only KB that seeing many sepanish residents.
[12:52] Irene Muni LOL
[12:52] Noelle Linden sure, will do
[12:52] Noelle Linden :-)
[12:52] Irene Muni will do... what?
[12:53] Irene Muni I agree with Cat: but those articles in spanglish should be not visible for not good to see in that state
[12:53] Noelle Linden tell them to do some homework!
[12:53] Catwise Yoshikawa articles in spanglish in visible mode, is not nice
[12:53] Torben Trautman hehe
[12:53] Irene Muni mixed themes XD
[12:53] Catwise Yoshikawa hehe yes, she is late :p
[12:54] Torben Trautman if nobody minds I´ll post the transcript tomorrow after work
[12:54] Noelle Linden this is fine Torben, thank you
[12:54] Catwise Yoshikawa we were talking about those articles with half english -half spanish. Not serious to make them visible like they are now
[12:54] Noelle Linden and I will ask Eli to come next week
[12:54] Noelle Linden I will keep you posted about the French translators meeting as well
[12:55] Irene Muni LOL
[12:55] Torben Trautman any day but tuesday would work for me
[12:55] Irene Muni Catqise, another thread for the non readed agenda LOL
[12:55] Noelle Linden maybe next Wenesday
[12:55] Torben Trautman ok
[12:55] Torben Trautman now off to beaumont :)
[12:55] Catwise Yoshikawa yes lol
[12:55] Youri Ashton well see i guess :p
[12:56] Noelle Linden all right, thank you all for coming
[12:56] Torben Trautman bye bye all, have a great week(end)
[12:56] Noelle Linden and see you next week
[12:56] Youri Ashton bye bye all :)
[12:56] Rand Linden Well I am heading over there, too... cya!
[12:56] Irene Muni Bye all, greetings from Spain!
[12:56] Noelle Linden bye!
[12:56] Karin Redgrave see you all