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  • Helpful Links:
  • Workflow:
    • Choose an article for translation from Community_Platform_KB_Translation_Project and note that you translate it.
    • Create the article in the french knowledge base.
    • Copy the html from the english article into your new article, then translate your article.
    • Save your work and when you´re done translating, click "Save&Request Review".
    • Another translator should edit the article and when done click "Save&Request Publication".
    • There are known issues with Lithium that produce error messages when saving articles!
      • When you first click "Save" Lithium may remove some html and produce an error message. (This will break the table of content but can´t be changed for now)
      • Click "Save" a second time to really save your article.
    • Only translate articles that are ready for translation! You find a list of articles on Community_Platform_KB_Translation_Project. No worries, Rand and Jeremy are working on new articles for you to translate.
  • First round of translations:

Transcript for Wednesday May 18, 2011

[10:50] Surfaqua Oh hi torben
[10:50] Torben Trautman hiyas :)
[11:02] Surfaqua Oh the meeting is not in 11h SL time ?
[11:02] Torben Trautman yes it is
[11:02] Torben Trautman Noelle should be here any minute
[11:04] Torben Trautman be right back
[11:06] Laurent Bechir bonsoir
[11:06] Surfaqua Oh bonsoir laurent
[11:06] Torben Trautman back
[11:07] Torben Trautman bonsoir laurent
[11:07] Laurent Bechir c'est bien l(heure de la réunion ?
[11:07] Surfaqua Oh ben oui lol
[11:07] Surfaqua Oh on va attendre, peut etre des problemes de connnection
[11:08] Surfaqua Oh moi j arrive meme pas a ouvrir le groupe
[11:08] Laurent Bechir J'ai lu qu'il y avait pas mal de problèmes en ce momentt
[11:09] Torben Trautman Message from Noelle: Hi Torben, I am having issues logging in into Second Life. If oyu get this message, please let CT members know. Not much I can do about this at the moment... Thank you Noelle
[11:09] Laurent Bechir bon, c'est clair :)
[11:09] Laurent Bechir quelqu'un peut poster sur le groupe
[11:10] Surfaqua Oh j arrive pas a l ouvrir ni a poster
[11:10] Surfaqua Oh je crois sl bug hahaha
[11:13] Surfaqua Oh hum ma nouvelle version bug tellement qu on peu meme pas relire le tchat public
[11:14] Surfaqua Oh faut je fais une photo
[11:14] Laurent Bechir il s'agit de quelle version ?
[11:14] Surfaqua Oh trop drole ce melange du nom et du tchat
[11:14] Surfaqua Oh 2.6.6 je crois
[11:15] Torben Trautman hi Droid
[11:15] Surfaqua Oh Second Life 2.6.6 (229662)
[11:15] Laurent Bechir hello
[11:15] Droid Crazyboi salut :-)
[11:16] Droid Crazyboi bon y en a pas un de normal :-)
[11:17] Droid Crazyboi ah si torben :-)
[11:17] Surfaqua Oh tu va rire je te montre la foto du chat les phrases sont tellement coller au pseudo....... on a de la misere a lire
[11:18] Torben Trautman ouais
[11:18] Ourasi Ferraris yeahhhhhhh!!!
[11:18] Torben Trautman Ourasi made it
[11:18] Torben Trautman WOOOHOOO!!!!
[11:18] Torben Trautman do you all speak english?
[11:18] Ourasi Ferraris •´¨*•.¸Merci¸. *´¨*•.¸
[11:18] Ourasi Ferraris Torben
[11:18] Droid Crazyboi we try to :-)
[11:18] Torben Trautman great because my french really sucks
[11:18] Ourasi Ferraris salut droid
[11:18] Droid Crazyboi slt ourasi
[11:19] Laurent Bechir bonsoir Ourasi
[11:19] Ourasi Ferraris  ????Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes  ???? Yes !
[11:19] Surfaqua Oh tu le vois le bug laurent?
[11:19] Torben Trautman so Noelle told me she´s trying hard to log in but it´s not working
[11:19] Surfaqua Oh bonsoir ourasi
[11:19] Ourasi Ferraris ct meeting is in english ^^
[11:19] Torben Trautman and she asked me to make you familiar with Lithium
[11:19] Droid Crazyboi bug sl ? :-)
[11:19] Surfaqua Oh je sais pas comment je vais me debrouiller pour lire
[11:19] Ourasi Ferraris salut surf
[11:19] Surfaqua Oh bug sl, i give you my bug chat lol
[11:19] Torben Trautman are you all familiar with the general process of translation?
[11:19] Surfaqua Oh regarde l image droid
[11:19] Laurent Bechir Je suis sur Kirstens, pas de problèmes
[11:19] Surfaqua Oh tu va voir comment j en bave pour lire mon chat
[11:20] Droid Crazyboi pas d eprobleme sous phoenix
[11:20] Laurent Bechir essaie le Avatars-3d
[11:20] Surfaqua Oh esperons que c que moi et ma carte graphique et pas les noobs qui ont sa sinon les pauvres
[11:20] Ourasi Ferraris cruxxxxx
[11:20] Ourasi Ferraris salut laurent
[11:20] Surfaqua Oh na jsuis fidele a SL j essais rien que des viewer sl mdr
[11:20] Surfaqua Oh vous avez recu la foto ?
[11:20] Droid Crazyboi ca me rappelle pourkoi j'ai fuis sl2 y a 1 an :-)
[11:20] Torben Trautman weird bug surf
[11:21] Ourasi Ferraris idem droid lol
[11:21] Surfaqua Oh faut avouer que le bug est genial, lecture du chat presque impossible
[11:21] Droid Crazyboi bon j'ai teste firestorm un peu :-S
[11:21] Laurent Bechir back to the subject :) I've been on the Knoledge base end never found the edit button, even connected
[11:21] Torben Trautman surf, you want to restart the viewer or should we get started?
[11:22] Droid Crazyboi ok need to have a connection on the jra aswell ?
[11:22] Surfaqua Oh the probleme is i have a not reconnized graphique card
[11:22] Ourasi Ferraris i don't see noelle online ^^
[11:22] Surfaqua Oh i new new very new graphique card
[11:22] Torben Trautman Ourasi, she can´t come
[11:22] Torben Trautman connection issues ^^
[11:22] Droid Crazyboi she say she has big probleme to connect on sl :-)
[11:23] Ourasi Ferraris arghhhh
[11:23] Laurent Bechir now I see it, I don't know what happened yesterday :)
[11:23] Surfaqua Oh or is a SL bug....
[11:23] Torben Trautman have you all translated before?
[11:23] Laurent Bechir yes
[11:23] Ourasi Ferraris  ????Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes  ???? Yes !
[11:23] Ourasi Ferraris sure
[11:23] Droid Crazyboi no firts time for me ....well fist official one :-)
[11:24] Torben Trautman great :)
[11:24] Torben Trautman no worries Droid, it´s fun!
[11:24] Torben Trautman ok, so there is a wiki page you need to know:
[11:24] Torben Trautman
[11:24] Torben Trautman it describes the workflow
[11:24] Droid Crazyboi I hope...and I have a big reserv of simspirine :-)
[11:24] Torben Trautman and shows the articles that are ready for translation
[11:25] Torben Trautman at the moment there´s 5 articles that are ready for a translation
[11:25] Torben Trautman let´s look at "How to contact customer support"
[11:25] Torben Trautman
[11:26] Torben Trautman you need to sign in to the forum/knowledge base
[11:26] Torben Trautman then there should be a button on the right side that reads "edit"
[11:26] Torben Trautman can you all see it?
[11:27] Laurent Bechir yes
[11:27] Torben Trautman yay :)
[11:27] Torben Trautman when you click it, you go into edit mode and first see a preview of the article
[11:27] Ourasi Ferraris yep
[11:27] Torben Trautman clicking somewhere into the text loads the editor
[11:27] Droid Crazyboi yes
[11:28] Ourasi Ferraris yep
[11:28] Torben Trautman When the editor has loaded there is a button "HTML"
[11:28] Torben Trautman when you click it a popup window opens that shows the html of the article
[11:28] Torben Trautman you can simply copy it
[11:28] Torben Trautman then you go to the french knowledge base and start a new article
[11:29] Torben Trautman click "html" again and paste the copied html into the popup
[11:29] Torben Trautman that´s the easiest way to make sure the articles look alike
[11:29] Torben Trautman then in the french knowledge base you can translate your article
[11:30] Laurent Bechir are we choosing "free form " ?
[11:30] Torben Trautman only you, the Lindens and other translators can see it at that point
[11:30] Torben Trautman yes, free form :)
[11:30] Ourasi Ferraris oki
[11:31] Torben Trautman it´s a bit confusing in the beginning but you will get used to it very fast :)
[11:31] Surfaqua Oh torben, to translate, the knowledge base, i need a tag in the web site?
[11:31] Surfaqua Oh Member can not translate...
[11:31] Torben Trautman surf, there is a secret role for translators
[11:31] Ourasi Ferraris on les as deja surf
[11:31] Torben Trautman you should have it but you can´t see it
[11:31] Surfaqua Oh need Recognized Helper in the website
[11:31] Torben Trautman no, it´s a secret group :)
[11:32] Surfaqua Oh ok
[11:32] Torben Trautman if you see the edit button you are part of the group :)
[11:32] Torben Trautman so there is some difficulties
[11:32] Torben Trautman one is a bug in Lithium
[11:32] Torben Trautman when you click "safe" you get an error message
[11:33] Surfaqua Oh the probleme i can not find to ajout 1 in french and modify it
[11:33] Torben Trautman some html code will be removed and as a result the "table of content" is broken
[11:33] Torben Trautman click safe again and the article will be saved
[11:33] Torben Trautman Lithium is working on a fix for the table of content
[11:34] Surfaqua Oh qui comprend comment ajouter et modifier des pages en francais sur ce bidule?
[11:34] Laurent Bechir which "save" ? save only, request for review or request for publication ?
[11:34] Torben Trautman Surf, when you click on the french Knowledge base, there should be a button "New Article" on the left
[11:34] Surfaqua Oh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[11:34] Torben Trautman laurent "Save only"
[11:34] Laurent Bechir ok
[11:34] Surfaqua Oh french knowledge.. i need search it lol
[11:35] Torben Trautman when you are done translating, click on "Request review"
[11:35] Torben Trautman then someone else should review the article and when everything is fine the editor should click on "Request Publication"
[11:36] Torben Trautman Surf:
[11:36] Droid Crazyboi bin a priori
[11:36] Droid Crazyboi tu te connecte a la base de connaissance
[11:36] Droid Crazyboi normalement (langlaise
[11:36] Droid Crazyboi sur le cote droit tu a la base francaise
[11:36] Surfaqua Oh ok mais comment on fait pour savoir si la page qu'on veut traduire existe ou pas.
[11:37] Droid Crazyboi comem tu est dans le groupe tu va avoir un bouton nouvel article qui apparait
[11:37] Torben Trautman *good* question surf
[11:37] Ourasi Ferraris you have the ct forum too
[11:37] Surfaqua Oh mdr torben il comprend bien le francais :-)
[11:37] Torben Trautman Rand Linden and Noelle are working on that
[11:37] Torben Trautman for now, we need to document translations on the wiki
[11:37] Torben Trautman
[11:38] Torben Trautman there is a french section
[11:38] Torben Trautman and you can write down which article you are working on
[11:38] Ourasi Ferraris i have post a test on the ct forum french translator lol
[11:38] Surfaqua Oh j'ai envoyer un noob francophone sur la base de connaissance et il m'a dit ceci : flute c'est le merdier pour trouver un truc la dedans, il n y a pas une recherche avec mot clef.
[11:38] Ourasi Ferraris lol sont jamais content de toute lmaniere
[11:38] Surfaqua Oh j'ai pas su quoi lui repondre, : base de connaissance = pas de mot clef, pas de recherche.
[11:38] Surfaqua Oh wiki on trouve plus facilement
[11:39] Torben Trautman oui je comprends francais mais je le parle sur un niveau tres bas ^^
[11:39] Surfaqua Oh je viens de voir il y a le search en haut
[11:39] Surfaqua Oh c anglais dans le francais mdr
[11:39] Surfaqua Oh search = rechercheeeeeeeee lol
[11:39] Torben Trautman one more thing: when you translate an article you can also label the article
[11:39] Surfaqua Oh je sais ourasi ils sont jamais content les noobs
[11:39] Torben Trautman labels are the search keywords
[11:40] Surfaqua Oh le probleme est que plus on leur donne plus ils veulent mieux. pareil pour leur avatar, c des noobs de lux et il se trouve pas beau
[11:40] Ourasi Ferraris How to contact customer support is translate ^^
[11:40] Torben Trautman you can find a list of labels here:
[11:41] Surfaqua Oh on sait pas ce qui est translate ou pas translate, on risque de translat 2 fois le meme :-P
[11:41] Surfaqua Oh ha je vais voir la liste merci torben
[11:41] Torben Trautman maybe you all pick one article :)
[11:41] Droid Crazyboi principe d ebase on regarde la liste et on verifie qu'il est pas en revision ou demand ede publication
[11:42] Laurent Bechir I take Usernames :)
[11:42] Torben Trautman ok :)
[11:42] Torben Trautman someone for "Release Notes" ?
[11:43] Torben Trautman How to report a bug:
[11:43] Torben Trautman that´s a short one, nice to practice :)
[11:44] Droid Crazyboi ok je prend
[11:44] Torben Trautman yay :)
[11:44] Ourasi Ferraris les bug c'est pour surf lol
[11:44] Torben Trautman so Droid - Release notes
[11:44] Torben Trautman Laurent - Usernames
[11:45] Torben Trautman surf?
[11:45] Ourasi Ferraris i take what you want
[11:46] Torben Trautman Ourasi, would you like to translate
[11:46] Torben Trautman it´s "About the Second Life Knowledge Base
[11:46] Torben Trautman "
[11:46] Laurent Bechir I have to leave now. Have a nice day/evening all :)
[11:46] Surfaqua Oh surf il est perdu.........
[11:46] Torben Trautman you too Laurent
[11:46] Droid Crazyboi small question .... is there a labe like : work in rpogress so we can c what is in the pipe :-)
[11:46] Torben Trautman I will post a transcript for you guys
[11:46] Ourasi Ferraris ok
[11:46] Surfaqua Oh j'ai regarder ceci : French
[11:47] Ourasi Ferraris but i can't translate it for tomorrow
[11:47] Ourasi Ferraris have not many times
[11:47] Torben Trautman Droid: no label but we can write it down on the wiki page
[11:47] Torben Trautman Ourasi, there is totally no rush :)
[11:48] Torben Trautman I´m sure Noelle is happy for any help available :)
[11:48] Ourasi Ferraris okkkk great Torben
[11:48] Torben Trautman surf: we are still discussing the labels
[11:48] Torben Trautman if you are unhappy with one or if one is missing, just note it on the wiki page
[11:49] Torben Trautman we have a CT group meeting tomorrow
[11:49] Ourasi Ferraris lol i know i work with Noelle on the ct since she work in linden lab ;)
[11:49] Torben Trautman so if you run into issues you can ask there
[11:49] Surfaqua Oh torben you have one page for me for i can translat it ?
[11:49] Torben Trautman or you can always ask in the CT forums
[11:50] Ourasi Ferraris les bugs pour toi surf ça te va bien
[11:50] Droid Crazyboi bin le depot de bug est pri
[11:50] Droid Crazyboi le susername
[11:50] Droid Crazyboi la koledge il est koi dan sle spages a traduire?
[11:50] Surfaqua Oh username?
[11:50] Torben Trautman one sec
[11:50] Surfaqua Oh bug non non pas de bug lolllll
[11:50] Surfaqua Oh le lag :-P
[11:50] Droid Crazyboi je l'ai pris pour me faire la main
[11:51] Torben Trautman Surf:
[11:51] Torben Trautman it´s How to report a bug
[11:51] Ourasi Ferraris looll
[11:51] Ourasi Ferraris *-->MDR<--*
[11:52] Torben Trautman do you all have access to the glossary?
[11:52] Torben Trautman
[11:52] Ourasi Ferraris  ????Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes  ???? Yes !
[11:52] Torben Trautman I feel like the king of urls today ^^
[11:53] Droid Crazyboi bon surf to prend koi ?
[11:53] Surfaqua Oh je sais pas ce que je prend je fouille
[11:54] Torben Trautman Droid, you take the release notes and surf takes how to report a bug?
[11:54] Surfaqua Oh mouhahahahaha j'ai trouver un genial
[11:54] Droid Crazyboi ok
[11:54] Droid Crazyboi je prend le release note
[11:54] Surfaqua Oh tres petit pour me faire la main comme dit droid
[11:54] Surfaqua Oh
[11:54] Torben Trautman awesome :)
[11:54] Surfaqua Oh mdrrrrrrr
[11:54] Surfaqua Oh tout petit petit je sais pas si il existe deja en francais
[11:55] Surfaqua Oh torben comment on fait pour verifier si il existe ?
[11:55] Torben Trautman please only take articles from the wiki page:
[11:55] Torben Trautman Rand and JEremy are updating the other articles
[11:55] Surfaqua Oh oui mais on le met dans quoi ?
[11:55] Surfaqua Oh grid status c'est quoi ?
[11:56] Torben Trautman I think it´s not ready for translation yet
[11:56] Torben Trautman ok guys, I will write a transcript and add some links to it
[11:56] Ourasi Ferraris ouais j'ai le plus gros pavé looll
[11:57] Surfaqua Oh not ready for translation? ???
[11:57] Torben Trautman and then post in the french forum
[11:57] Ourasi Ferraris oki torben
[11:57] Torben Trautman now it´s supper time :)
[11:57] Surfaqua Oh i can not translat this torben ?
[11:57] Torben Trautman Surf: no :)
[11:57] Surfaqua Oh i can not find 1 to translat........
[11:58] Torben Trautman Surf:
[11:58] Surfaqua Oh is a big big lol
[11:58] Torben Trautman no, it´s not big
[11:58] Surfaqua Oh ha no is ok
[11:58] Torben Trautman most is pictures ;)
[11:59] Surfaqua Oh ok i translat the bug, i need make this in the wiki ?
[11:59] Torben Trautman Surf: you can create a new article in the french part of the knowledge base?
[12:00] Surfaqua Oh je sais pas lol je vais aller regarder
[12:00] Torben Trautman ok :)
[12:00] Torben Trautman if you run into an issue you can contact Noelle or come to tomorrows meeting :)
[12:01] Torben Trautman I gotta run now
[12:01] Torben Trautman thank you all for coming
[12:01] Surfaqua Oh il faut cliquer sur quoi pour faire un mdr
[12:01] Torben Trautman may I say in Noelle´s name that your help is very appreciated!
[12:01] Surfaqua Oh c pas marquer je peux editer mais pas faire un nouveau
[12:01] Ourasi Ferraris ?
[12:02] Torben Trautman surf: I can go through it with you tomorrow if you like :)
[12:02] Surfaqua Oh haaaa trouver
[12:02] Torben Trautman yay
[12:02] Surfaqua Oh torben attend
[12:02] Surfaqua Oh dit moi
[12:02] Surfaqua Oh Templates . Freeform
[12:02] Torben Trautman bye all
[12:02] Surfaqua Oh template??
[12:02] Torben Trautman a bientôt
[12:02] Torben Trautman Surf: Freeform
[12:02] Surfaqua Oh ok thank youuuuu
[12:02] Torben Trautman yw :)
[12:02] Torben Trautman bye all