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The Content Creation User Group meeting is a weekly, public meeting intended for discussion of issues around content creation, including avatars, animations, mesh, etc. Vir Linden is the moderator. Please bring questions, requests, and especially cool new things to show off!

Normal schedule is to meet every Thursday at 1:00PM SLT, except the first Thursday of the month. Exceptions will be noted here.

Upcoming meetings

Location: meetings are held on the main grid at

  • NO MEETING Thursday, July 4 (US Holiday)
  • NO MEETING Thursday, July 11
  • Thursday, July 18, 1:00PM SLT
  • Thursday, July 25, 1:00PM SLT
  • NO MEETING Thursday, Aug 1
  • NO MEETING Thursday, Aug 8
  • Thursday, Aug 15, 1:00PM SLT
  • Thursday, Aug 22, 1:00PM SLT


  • Open Q&A


  • Animesh is out as the default viewer should work everywhere. user guide, forum
  • Bakes On Mesh is out as a project viewer that should work on aditi - see the forum post
  • ARCTan, a project to update rendering cost, land impact, and related things like mesh upload costs, is on hold.
  • Project EEP, which will give advanced configurable windlight environments for regions and parcels, is out as an RC viewer and supported in RC server region on the main grid. See the forum thread for details.

User Questions & Topics