Creative Commons License Machine/Kiosk Program

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This relies on a set of images, that I still haven't uploaded...

== default
"help": give Creative-Commons-Help
"restart": reset
"back": back
touch: say | Say one of the red menu options on the screen.

== start
init: image opener; timeout 0; anyone; licenseDie
"start": user; go intro
touch: user; go intro

== intro
init: image intro
"next": go menu
touch: go menu

== menu
init: image menu-alt
"start": say | Great, let's begin; go step-1
"movie": go movies
"web": website

== movies
init: image movies
"past": go screen
"creative": go screen

== screen
init: image screen
"stop": back

== step-1
init: image step-1; report commercial-use | Commercial use allowed: 
"yes": set commercial-use yes; go step-2
"no": set commercial-use no; go step-2

== step-2
init: image step-2; report modifications | Work can be modified: 
"yes": set modifications yes; go step-3
"share": set modifications share; go step-3
"no": set modifications no; go step-3

== step-3
init: image step-3; report format | Format: 
listen: set format *; go step-4

== step-4
init: image step-4; licenseDie
"a": go step-4a
"b": go step-4b
"c": go step-4c
"d": go step-4d
"e": go step-4e
"f": go step-4f
"g": go step-4g
"next": go lic; licenseRez
"done": go lic; licenseRez
touch: go lic; licenseRez

== step-4a
init: image step-4a; timeout 180; report title | Title: 
listen: set title *; back
"skip": back

== step-4b
init: image step-4b; timeout 240; report description | Description:
listen: set description *; back
"skip": back

== step-4c
init: image step-4c; timeout 180; report tags | Tags: 
listen: set tags *; back
"skip": back

== step-4d
init: image step-4d; timeout 120; report creator | Creator:
listen: set creator *; back
"me": setUser creator; back
"skip": back

== step-4e
init: image step-4e; timeout 120; report holder | Copyright Holder: 
listen: set holder *; back
"me": setUser holder; back
"skip": back

== step-4f
init: image step-4f; report year | Copyright Year: 
listen: set year *; back
"now": setNow year; back
"skip": back

== step-4g
init: image step-4g; timeout 180; report source | Source URL: 
listen: set source *; back
"skip": back 

== lic
init: licenseImage; timeout 300
"next": go next
touch: go next

== next
init: image next; anyone; timeout 300
"done": reset
touch: reset