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Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Grace Buford shares her soulful music with her fans all over the world. Sometimes she catches a plane to perform in a far-flung location, and sometimes, she just logs in to Second Life as Cylindrian Rutabaga.

Grace considers Second Life to be a tool that empowers her real life career as a musician, teacher and mentor.

As fans browse her CDs and mingle asking for autographs after her live performances in real life, Grace is often asked, "Who is this Cylindrian character anyway?"

To connect the dots between her presence in Second Life and her real life career, Cylindrian uses the inSL logo on her promotional materials that she uses to connect her fans with all the opportunities to experience her music regardless of location – in person, in Second Life, by CD or mp3.

Promotional Postcards

Audience: People who attend shows in real life and have probably never been in Second Life

Objective: Explain who Cylindrian is, how to get free secret song download and where to find the upcoming show schedule

CD Sticker

Audience: People who buy CDs at real life shows

Objective: Connect them to Cylindrian's Joint (link to slurl used on sticker) in Second Life where they can find more information about music, shows and all things Cylindrian.

Band Sticker

Audience: Fans who want to stick my name on their favorite vehicle, laptop, instrument or other hard surface

Objective: Give fans a way to show their connection to my music

Comment Seeing this sticker on someone's laptop makes it all worth it!

Grace Notes Blog

Audience: Fans who want to keep up with the latest

Objective: the latest news updates for both Grace and Cylindrian

ReverbNation page

Audience: music fans from all other the world

Objective: give fans a hive of Grace/Cylindrian activity – bio, schedule, sample songs, photos, twitter, press

MySpace page

Audience: music fans from all other the world

Objective: a collection of songs, groups and news for fans to enjoy like a big ice cream sundae