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This is just a quick FAQ put up for people to contribute questions and answers to. We'll get it started with some we've gotten already:

My Merchant Outbox isn't working. What's up?
If you are using the Second Life Viewer, a relog should get you going. You might even have to log off and back on the Marketplace to make sure your account is all set up. If that does not work, file a JIRA or contact support. If you are using a Third Party Viewer, please contact their support staff. Here is a list Oz Linden keeps up to date with TPVs.

Are TPVS supported? How do I know?
Third Party Viewers should ALL be able to receive deliveries in the Received Items folder from the Marketplace. Third Party Viewers have had to do work to support selling items in the Marketplace using Direct Delivery. Please see the Third Party Viewer list for more details. If a Resident creates a page with a list of Outbox support in TPVs, we are happy to link to it.

I'm having problems converting a listing BACK to a Magic Box listing. How can I do that?
Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have a copy of your item in your inventory
  2. Remove it from each Magic Box you have it in
  3. Go to Merchant Admin->Manage listings and click Sync Marketplace with Magic Boxes
  4. Confirm your delete item no longer appears in Unassociated inventory items
  5. Add your item back to your Magic Box
  6. Sync Marketplace with Magic Boxes
  7. Edit the Direct Delivery listing and reassociate with the Magic Box item

I'm having problems bulk deleting my Magic Box items in Unassociated inventory. How can I get rid of these quickly?

  1. Pick up the Magic Box in world so that it is no longer rezzed in world with the products, or open the Magic Box and move all of the items back into your Inventory.
  2. Click on Sync Marketplace to Magic Box.
  3. This should force the web site to see that the Magic Box items are no longer there, and clear your Unassociated Inventory section at once