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Let us know what you think on email, on the forum, or in-world. If it's not working for you, try to get help there. If it is working for you, try helping someone who's having trouble.

Mailing List

OpenSource-Dev Mailing List (subscribe) - mailing list for discussing the development of the Second Life viewer. You may also want to search the OpenSource-Dev archives.


Internet Relay Chat - your instant way to communicate, using the Freenode IRC network.

IRC client software

A comparison of IRC clients can be found on Wikipedia. If you don't want to install an IRC client, you can access these channels using Freenode's web-based interface.

Issue Tracker

If you run into issues, look through the bug database and see if a bug has been filed. If not, file the bug.

Second Life JIRA is the place to submit bug reports, reproductions and patches for issues relating to the open source viewer.

In Second Life


The Hippotropolis region is a gathering place for developers and residents interested in improving the Second Life Viewer. Teleport to the Linden Open Source Project headquarters.


See Project Snowstorm/Meetings for open source related meetings.


SL Open Source Contributors 
people who have made contributions of code, testing, documentation, or community support for the open source viewer. Provides access to the Hippo Hollow SandboxD
Second Life Beta 
To organize, brainstorm, and talk about testing of Second Life Server in BETA. Let's get together and make some incredible things happen! Everyone is welcome :)) Server BETA testing is done on the grid ADITI. Instructions for connecting to ADITI can be found here: - ADITI Status:
AW Groupies 
In-world discussion of Architecture Working Group plus wiki webpages
Second Life Source Developers 
A group who use their real life programing skills to make SL a better place with open source releases from Linden Lab.
Second Life Viewer 2.0 
Help each others to learn how to use the new viewer. Join to get informed! Feel free to ask us!


You're soaking in it...

This is the place to post documentation, more in-depth discussions, and various projects