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List of Attendees


[13:00] Torley Linden: friendly greetings!
[13:00] Flenser Juergens: Normally there's several people here at this time.
[13:00] Dawny Daviau: Evening Torley
[13:00] Flenser Juergens: oh good.
[13:00] Second Life: This object is not for sale.
[13:00] Dawny Daviau: It is quiet yes
[13:00] Flenser Juergens: I was worried about where folks were.
[13:01] Torley Linden: ooh i wonder why it's so quiet!
[13:01] Torley Linden: i just got here myself from Cheese (yes, that's the region name), a rather crazy place
[13:01] Dawny Daviau: well 64.000 online
[13:02] Marianne McCann: Hiya
[13:02] Dawny Daviau: Hey there
[13:02] Torley Linden: Mari!
[13:02] Flenser Juergens: Well, folks will show up soon enough.
[13:02] Torley Linden: so what's new and exciting with you guys?
[13:02] Marianne McCann: Hey Dawny! All your password stuff got worked out okay?
[13:02] Dawny Daviau: I hope so!
[13:02] Dawny Daviau: lol
[13:02] Marianne McCann: Hi Torley!
[13:02] Dawny Daviau: Got an answer on my ticket fast btw!
[13:02] Torley Linden: i was reading the Viewer 2.1 forthcoming goodness announcement...
[13:02] Marianne McCann: cool
[13:03] Flenser Juergens: I got 1,000L off a rug because one of scripts was badly broken. Builder gave me a new one.
[13:03] Second Life: Entering god mode, level 200
[13:03] Marianne McCann: Multiple attachment and layers will be fun
[13:03] Marianne McCann: Some of the changes will also make my life a lot easier
[13:03] blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
[13:03] Flenser Juergens: As for more general stuff - not much to report. Lag is killing me in my sim.
[13:04] Marianne McCann: An ya, I've jes been busy keepin my l'il note to th' grindstone with th' big Bay City shindig comin up in two weeks
[13:04] Torley Linden: yes! multi-wearables and multi-attachments have been wanted for crazy... forever
[13:04] Torley Linden: what kind of lag are we talkin' about, Flenser?
[13:04] Flenser Juergens: We're hoping that new smaller Mall area can reduce lag some.
[13:04] Marianne McCann: Oh ya. I s'pect there will be a lot of cheering in Raglan Shire and the Luskwood over multi attachments
[13:05] Marianne McCann: At th' same time, I've a friend still using a PPC Mac. Can really see the divide there a-growin
[13:05] Flenser Juergens: Is just a lot of lag due to clutter. And I still cann't get a good handle on scrits - we have over 1,300 there now.
[13:05] Flenser Juergens: I don't want to be mean and nasty sim owner but we have to get those under control.
[13:06] Torley Linden: yeah Mari, it's a tough thing, and why things like being able to set your graphics to Low is still important
[13:07] Torley Linden: i don't know of any practical solution to the technological divide except for getting a better computer
[13:07] Marianne McCann: I agree. A-course, with them bein on a PPC, well, they can't even use 2.0 features
[13:07] Torley Linden: even Apple's phased out PPC support with Snow Leopard
[13:07] Marianne McCann: yup. Glad I got my Intel Mac a bit ago
[13:08] KirstenLee Cinquetti: the 2.0 code will compile for PPC its the plugin system thats not working
[13:08] KirstenLee Cinquetti: and that really kinda defeats the point
[13:08] Dawny Daviau: ouch
[13:08] Marianne McCann: Ya
[13:08] Torley Linden: in some respects though, some computer development appears to have stabilized
[13:08] Torley Linden: HOLY PARTICLES
[13:08] Dawny Daviau: /me stpes aside for Quaid
[13:09] Torley Linden: Quaid, Totoro? :)
[13:09] Derek Galaxy: hehe
[13:09] Quaid Collinson: Hello Torley
[13:09] Derek Galaxy: hello all
[13:09] Quaid Collinson: or should I say friendly greetings!
[13:09] Dawny Daviau: Hiya Derek
[13:09] Flenser Juergens: See alll sorts of folks attending these meetings.
[13:09] Torley Linden: some of the current Macs aren't all that different on the outside than the end of the G5 era
[13:10] Torley Linden: brushed aluminium is still in style
[13:10] Torley Linden: hahahah Quaid :D
[13:10] Marianne McCann: That's one of my favorite things about some of th office hours, Flenser. In some ways, they're a great "salon" of people form all over SL, an people who experience different parts of this world than I
[13:10] KirstenLee Cinquetti: its a shame apple don't bite the bullet and allow its OS to be installed on any intel gear
[13:10] Derek Galaxy: that must be why apple likes it it its uis
[13:10] Marianne McCann: It's sorta like geting all the blind men together, and really gettign a good view of the elephant
[13:11] Flenser Juergens: /me grins as he sees the book Torley has
[13:11] Quaid Collinson: I installed an internal hard drive in my mac pro today and it's just as beautiful inside
[13:11] Quaid Collinson: ...if a little dusty
[13:11] Quaid Collinson: *cough*
[13:11] KirstenLee Cinquetti: I installed a hard drive today also
[13:11] Marianne McCann: Ya, I recall havin t'crawl around in my old G4, with the side door. Greally nicely done
[13:11] Quaid Collinson: *hi-fives*
[13:11] Marianne McCann: Really*
[13:11] Torley Linden: hehehe i'm into arcane texts
[13:12] KirstenLee Cinquetti: got rid of the dusty case tho and shoved it all in a clean new one :)
[13:12] Torley Linden: which HD, KirstenLee?
[13:12] Dawny Daviau: ɐɥɐɥɐɥ ǝʌısuǝdxǝ
[13:12] KirstenLee Cinquetti: samsung spinpoint F3
[13:12] Marianne McCann: Spending some quality time with the necronomicon, Torley?
[13:12] Cisop Sixpence: /me installed a hard drive over the weekend, on a Ubuntu system.
[13:12] KirstenLee Cinquetti: currently the fastest mechanical drive around
[13:12] Torley Linden: Kate and Jon Linden can't make it here today and Jeremy's still coming back from representing us at a technical writer's convention, he and Rand Linden were presenting how Viewer Help in 2.0 works
[13:12] Torley Linden: Dawny that totally make me rotate my head, hahaha
[13:13] Torley Linden: yes Mari, books like this have great power... ;)
[13:13] Dawny Daviau: px
[13:13] Torley Linden: this avatar gets me all sorts of reactions at meetings, it's hilarious
[13:13] Flenser Juergens: Must have been a really big convention.
[13:13] Marianne McCann: I'll wait f'r the coloring book version fo the necronomicon. What color is the oher side of space, anyway?
[13:13] Marianne McCann: other*
[13:13] Derek Galaxy: aparently my telepoofer has the same effect lol
[13:13] Dawny Daviau: lol
[13:14] Torley Linden: the same color as the color of magic, if you're familiar with Terry Pratchett ;)
[13:14] Quaid Collinson: *wonders what Torley's holding in his right hand*
[13:14] Flenser Juergens: /me acks "I need to write for later tonight, that or find a good piece of audio for HPL litereary group".
[13:14] Marianne McCann: Oh ya~
[13:14] Torley Linden: if anyone has any video tutorial suggestions for me or help articles in general we should have up, let me know. i think i need to make something explaining how links (as used in avatar outfits) work, because there's confusion
[13:15] Torley Linden: my right hand possesses the magic of a weatherumbrella wherein it rains from the inside out!!
[13:15] Marianne McCann: Please, Torley. Also any tips on updating those links
[13:15] Derek Galaxy: im a bit confused on the outfits tab myself
[13:15] Torley Linden: i'm just generally a big fan of visions that drive people insane, Flenser
[13:15] Torley Linden: Marianne, updating how? i know there are some bugs with them, like if you rez a no-copy original object that's linked, it breaks the link, even if you take the object back into your inventory.
[13:15] Cisop Sixpence: If you rename an article of clothing that the Outfit tab links to, does it automatically update its link?
[13:16] Marianne McCann: Ya, basically that. Updating links. But sounds like yer on it
[13:16] Torley Linden: yeah, there are going to be some better ways in 2.1 (planned) and onwards to make links behave more understandably, but stopgap measures are better than none
[13:16] Torley Linden: renaming should work, yes Cisop.
[13:16] Cisop Sixpence: thanks
[13:17] Torley Linden: links are tracked by UUID
[13:17] Marianne McCann: That outfits tab is so good, too. One of the best unsung V2 features
[13:17] Cisop Sixpence: /me loves the outfit tab.
[13:17] Torley Linden: yeah, Outfits tab and Wearing tab are basically all those requests for a better "see what i'm wearing"
[13:17] Torley Linden: or "what i can wear"
[13:17] Marianne McCann: Ya. It's probably yhe feature that, for me, sent me to the Viewer 2 "dark side"
[13:17] Derek Galaxy: are the things in the outfit tab just a mirror of groups odf things in your inventory or actual copys of things?
[13:18] Derek Galaxy: *of
[13:18] Torley Linden: another confusing thing we need to straighten out tho, is since Make Outfit makes *links*, not copies of the items themselves, in some cases people are editing an item used in several outfits when they only intended it to change for a single outfit
[13:18] Marianne McCann: Ya...
[13:18] Quaid Collinson: I'm not sure how off topic this is everyone, but could someone please point me in the direction of gigging advice, I'd love to perform a piano recital within second life and maybe some delightful improvisation :)
[13:18] Torley Linden: Derek, both, if by "mirror" you mean a link/alias/shortcut.
[13:18] Derek Galaxy: yeah
[13:19] Flenser Juergens: There are mixers that can plug into usb.
[13:19] Torley Linden: Quaid, i presume you've attended recent concerts? sometimes the best info comes from the performers themselves. there have been some pages on how to do it but they're fairly scarce.
[13:19] Derek Galaxy: /me needs tou readmore about it lol
[13:19] Derek Galaxy: *to
[13:19] Flenser Juergens: You'd use a stream like with winamp - only woulkd be live.
[13:19] Marianne McCann: I know you've covered it in viewer2tips island an elsewhere, but maybe something that shows where and how to upload?
[13:19] Torley Linden: for example,
[13:19] Quaid Collinson: I have attended a few concerts Torley but not any piano recitals per se
[13:19] Torley Linden: Mari, OH MY GOSH yes, that's one of the "buried" things along with "how do i create a group", that's on my list
[13:20] Torley Linden: Quaid, the principles are the same if someone has a mic attached to an electronic piano or recording an acoustic one...
[13:21] Quaid Collinson: thanks I'd ideally like to use my MIDI keyboard with one of the EW pianos
[13:21] Flenser Juergens: Ask around. One of best places to get a stream is from nEo Stream.
[13:21] Cisop Sixpence: The grid outage of last week with it's inventory server not found error had me concerned about backing up my inventory. Is there anyway for the end user to do this, or are we at the mercy of fate?
[13:21] Flenser Juergens: I'll give you a LM.
[13:22] Torley Linden: Cisop, there are some 3rd-party tools that purport to help with this on Xstreet and elsewhere but i don't have firsthand experience there. one thing you can do wish copies of items is if you put them into a cube's contents and rez it somewhere reliable, that provides a sort of backup outside of your inventory.
[13:22] Torley Linden: that grid outage made us all very, very sad.
[13:23] Cisop Sixpence: Thanks for the info.
[13:23] Marianne McCann: Ya, I actually have three boxes spread out in three different places on the grid, each containing the stuff I totally can not lose. All of my shape, ekin, etc. My products, etc.
[13:24] Torley Linden: you're welcome, inventory loss is one of those universal pains...
[13:24] Marianne McCann: Still not a 100% solution, but awful darn close
[13:24] Torley Linden: Mari, that sounds kind of epic like a scavenger hunt movie.
[13:24] KirstenLee Cinquetti: after 4 or 5 years here i look forward to a little loss sometimes helps keep the numbers down...
[13:24] KirstenLee Cinquetti: digital natural selection at work
[13:24] Marianne McCann: Heh. Especially with all the nooks an crannies I know on th' grid!
[13:25] Derek Galaxy: i dont have much inventory lodd but for some reason it never fetches fully, im allways missing 1000-5000 things
[13:25] Derek Galaxy: *loss
[13:25] Derek Galaxy: i hav concluded i think its my isp
[13:25] KirstenLee Cinquetti: i wouldnt miss a 1000 things...
[13:26] Marianne McCann: /me may be one of the few folks on the grid that still knows where LL scavenger hunt objects and 206-era Linden box dispensors are location. She's not proud of this.
[13:26] Cisop Sixpence: I have about 10,000 things.
[13:26] Marianne McCann: 2006*
[13:26] Torley Linden: i try to keep my inventory under 10,000 items and trash/archive older stuff, or things i have no clue what the heck are
[13:26] Marianne McCann: 10,000?
[13:26] Marianne McCann: /me hides her 60k inventory, which she's also not that proud of
[13:26] Derek Galaxy: i usually wouldnt either but i find sometimes the things that dont load are more recent ones
[13:26] Cisop Sixpence: lol
[13:26] Torley Linden: it used to be 7,500 but i struggled with that
[13:26] KirstenLee Cinquetti: yus i really should be more brutal with mine floating around 25k atm
[13:27] Torley Linden: part of the problems are in the tools themselves, if inventory had something more like Spotlight it'd be easier to organize
[13:27] Derek Galaxy: and i only have 32,000 at max things
[13:27] Dawny Daviau: I have 36.000 items
[13:27] Torley Linden: i wish we could put nested folders in an object's contents too, that'd make it easier to archive.
[13:27] Marianne McCann: Agreed, Torley. Long have ewanted nested folders in object inventory.
[13:28] Marianne McCann: Perhaps more than I've wanted nexted links!
[13:28] Cisop Sixpence: That would be sweet.
[13:28] Torley Linden: and Mari, you should be proud, you're one of the few who knows these rare culture spots a lot of people just pass over... it's good to know our history here
[13:28] Torley Linden: it's Wyn and KarenKate!
[13:28] Flenser Juergens: Nested folders and a way to use full scree so we can cut and paste easily.
[13:28] Wyn Galbraith: Surprise! I live!
[13:28] KarenKate Sands: Hi ㋡
[13:29] Marianne McCann: P'rhaps so, Torley. It's more than a little obsessive on my part
[13:29] Marianne McCann: /me winks
[13:29] Torley Linden: "i live" always makes me think of Sinistar for some reason... "I LIVE... I HUNGER"
[13:29] Torley Linden: oh that's the best kind of obsession, Mari. when i was totally new i was asking around for all the old-timer's tales.
[13:29] Cisop Sixpence: /me remembers Sinistar.
[13:29] Torley Linden: Cyn Linden has an island called Cynistar ;)
[13:29] Cisop Sixpence: Cool
[13:29] Torley Linden: she's the subject of many Cynful puns
[13:30] Marianne McCann: 's what I do, Torley. Right now busy hunting up details on the Varney Boardwalk abd Yamato Town
[13:30] Cisop Sixpence: :)
[13:30] Torley Linden: i bet ya know many of these Mari,
[13:30] Marianne McCann: The former 'cuz my brother has some of the former boadwalk land, the later to try to help the LDPW with some restoration efforts
[13:31] Marianne McCann: Oh ya. I think I actually wrote some of that page. Definitely of the pages it links off to
[13:31] Marianne McCann: /me grins
[13:31] Aargle Zymurgy: Linden village is an historical location? :-)
[13:31] Edith Nyoki: /me waves
[13:31] Derek Galaxy: /me makes note to visit these locations
[13:31] Edith Nyoki: sorry I'm late. :p
[13:32] Torley Linden: the root sure are, Aargle. founded in 2005.
[13:32] Marianne McCann: There's some that aren't on there, too, like the Furu Pyramid
[13:32] Torley Linden: led by Pathfinder at the time and i liked what he was doing so i joined in.
[13:33] Aargle Zymurgy: /me chuckles
[13:33] Aargle Zymurgy: I was just teasing about that a bit.
[13:34] Bronson Blackadder: meow
[13:34] KirstenLee Cinquetti: i paid a visit to the internet archive was looking at events in SL from 2004 was such a blast from the past :)
[13:34] Torley Linden: i don't know if we're still even expanding Linden Village tho, i know a lot of newer Lindens have internal, non-public "homes" but i haven't seen this part of the world branch out
[13:34] Torley Linden: it's funny how the color scheme of the current website looks dark in parts as it did in 2003 ;)
[13:35] Wyn Galbraith: /me murmurs 'come to the dark side'
[13:35] Torley Linden: some projects alas faded or were put on hold as various Lindens left LL
[13:35] Bronson Blackadder: meow hello everyone meow
[13:35] Torley Linden: but one thing that gets repeated a lot internally is the importance of "Walk in our Residents' shoes!"
[13:36] Wyn Galbraith: /me waves at skykat
[13:36] Torley Linden: Colossus Linden did a deep exercise into finding out how much the recent grid outages hurt, not just emotionally but the financial aspects to Resident businesses... there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes i encourage more Lindens to share directly if they can.
[13:36] KirstenLee Cinquetti: anytime QA want to test viewers in Ahern with me there welcome ;)
[13:37] Torley Linden: what's new and exciting with your viewer lately, KirstenLee?
[13:37] KirstenLee Cinquetti: next release has some new user designed skins
[13:38] Derek Galaxy:
[13:38] Derek Galaxy: cool cant wait
[13:38] KirstenLee Cinquetti: a young lady called ginger has done a lovely parchment style
[13:38] Cisop Sixpence: Cool, looking forward to that. :)
[13:38] Torley Linden: oooh, i like parchment and vintage designs.
[13:38] Bronson Blackadder: KLs viewers are turning out really nice
[13:38] Torley Linden: accessorizing is a lot of fun.
[13:39] Torley Linden: i want to give advance notice that i need to go early, in about 10 minutes. why? because DJ Linden is gonna teach Claudia Linden and myself how to use Adobe Connect with Shared Media.
[13:39] Torley Linden: so for this, i apologize in advance.
[13:39] Derek Galaxy: how would one go about designing there own skin for your viewer Kirsten?
[13:39] Flenser Juergens: ok. No problems with leaving early.
[13:39] Aargle Zymurgy: np... I'm just glad the Lindens make time for meetings
[13:40] Dawny Daviau: its bedtime for us too ;)
[13:40] Torley Linden: oh i sure enjoy hanging out and chatting, Aargle. thanks!
[13:40] Quaid Collinson: before you go Torley I just want to say how beautiful Ravenelle's Magic Bus is, I would very much like to ride it
[13:40] Marianne McCann: I'm actually gonna hafta buzz out now
[13:40] Marianne McCann: Have fun, all!
[13:40] KirstenLee Cinquetti: easy grab the default folder, and change the included xml description to 'my cool skin' then mod away
[13:40] Marianne McCann: Bye Bye!!
[13:40] Torley Linden: i wonder if we can make that in SL somehow, Quaid. i'll let her know you said that!
[13:40] Dawny Daviau: See you Marianne
[13:40] Torley Linden: take care Mari!
[13:41] Quaid Collinson: Bye Marianne
[13:41] Torley Linden: magic bus:
[13:41] Copper Mistral: /me waves
[13:41] Torley Linden: Ravenelle and i have been toying around with what we're gonna add to Here island next
[13:41] Quaid Collinson: great news :)
[13:41] Derek Galaxy: i will try it :P, (even if i expect to fail horrably XD)
[13:42] Torley Linden: if anyone here doesn't have land but you wanna practice terraforming, i have a place for that on Here too
[13:42] Cisop Sixpence: Excelletn
[13:42] Torley Linden: it's like @ (and oh my gosh the map image is borked right now)
[13:42] Flenser Juergens: Be careful. :)
[13:42] Quaid Collinson: I have tweeted you a request to commission Ravenelle for my upcoming album
[13:42] Niky Zenovka: Have a question on terraforming....
[13:43] Torley Linden: Quaid, Ravenelle is also on twitter, @ravenelle =)
[13:43] Quaid Collinson: :O
[13:43] Aargle Zymurgy: I"m tempted to say "where?" and kck off a whole "who's on first" routine
[13:43] Torley Linden: the parcel is isolated so feel free to mess it up and terraform craggy peaks or sink it into the ocean
[13:43] Flenser Juergens: I let friend make change by gatehouse and he ended up with a little mountain there.
[13:43] Derek Galaxy: i just noticed something Kirsten, the lindens arnt blue on the minimap, was this planned or is it a bug? (just wondering)
[13:43] KirstenLee Cinquetti: blue?
[13:43] Cisop Sixpence: Should they be blue?
[13:44] Derek Galaxy: on the ll viewer arnt the lindens on the minimap blue dots?
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: never seen them blue before
[13:44] Derek Galaxy: i have on v1 viewers
[13:44] KirstenLee Cinquetti: nope not as far as im aware
[13:44] Cisop Sixpence: I've not seen them blue.
[13:44] Derek Galaxy: and purple ones are supposed to be friended lindens
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: usually if theres a linden on the minimap tey ae covered in green dots
[13:44] Torley Linden: no, Lindens aren't a different color in the LL Viewer.
[13:44] Bronson Blackadder: hiding in the crowd
[13:44] Cisop Sixpence: I think some one suggested that.
[13:44] Copper Mistral: I've never seen them as blue.
[13:44] Edith Nyoki: I've seen some Linden's show up as a dark blue dot before.
[13:44] Derek Galaxy: oh i know lol
[13:45] Derek Galaxy: i bet it as in emerald where that was
[13:45] Derek Galaxy: i forgot
[13:45] Bronson Blackadder: maybe on th emerald viewer but I dont use that crap
[13:45] Torley Linden: that would be sort of a fun game, blue dot chasing...
[13:45] KirstenLee Cinquetti: i remember when the world map was black n white
[13:45] KarenKate Sands: yeah Emerald does it, I can see it now
[13:45] Flenser Juergens: Never noticed Pathfinder as blue.
[13:45] Derek Galaxy: i personally like the blue dot feature
[13:45] KirstenLee Cinquetti: and new objects were white and got dark with age
[13:45] Edith Nyoki: Torley shows up as a green dot, but that seems sort of appropriate. :p
[13:46] Torley Linden: haha even better if i was a pink dot with a green outline
[13:46] Torley Linden: that would be PERFECT
[13:46] KirstenLee Cinquetti: lol
[13:46] Cisop Sixpence: yea
[13:46] Derek Galaxy: it lets me know when there someone important around lol
[13:46] Bronson Blackadder: torley needs to be a green and pink dot
[13:46] Flenser Juergens: /me grins
[13:46] Derek Galaxy: haha that would be cool, customisable dots :P
[13:46] Wyn Galbraith: I vote for hot pink dots then with the green dots we got watermelon
[13:46] Torley Linden: then we could have some sort of avatar dot Twister or another party game with colored chips
[13:47] Derek Galaxy: /me wants a color changing dot
[13:47] Bronson Blackadder: heh
[13:47] Bronson Blackadder: :D
[13:47] Edith Nyoki: That would be a kind of cool feature, actually.
[13:47] Torley Linden: i like seeing dots swarm together, it cracks me up
[13:47] KirstenLee Cinquetti: done that.. join the dots with avatars
[13:47] Torley Linden: kinda like a color-changing mood ring?
[13:47] KirstenLee Cinquetti: takes some organising tho
[13:47] Torley Linden: or you know at football games, sometimes a bunch of people hold up signs or lights and they spell out something?
[13:47] Bronson Blackadder: would be funny to get them all aranged so they say Linden
[13:47] Torley Linden: would be funny to do that with dots on the map
[13:48] Derek Galaxy: hehe
[13:48] Torley Linden: HAHAHAHAHA
[13:49] Derek Galaxy: i dont think i've seen many of these palces
[13:49] Second Life: Cannot complete attachment. An attachment is pending for that spot.
[13:49] Torley Linden: i laughed so hard i crashe XD
[13:49] Dawny Daviau: lol
[13:49] Derek Galaxy: *places
[13:49] Cisop Sixpence: That's gotta hurt.
[13:49] Torley Linden: i've liked a lot of previous map art, how people have spelled things out in the sky
[13:49] Wyn Galbraith: LOL
[13:49] Derek Galaxy: hahah
[13:49] Torley Linden: i once did one for my wife
[13:50] Derek Galaxy: how DO peopel spell things on the world map?
[13:50] Copper Mistral: Really big letters
[13:50] Torley Linden: Derek, very carefully so there are no typos. hahaha.
[13:50] Bronson Blackadder: prims
[13:50] Copper Mistral: heh
[13:50] Derek Galaxy: hahaha
[13:50] Dawny Daviau: ɐɥɐɥɐɥɐɥ
[13:50] Derek Galaxy: but how high/big do they need to be?
[13:50] Torley Linden: there are tools that can automate it though, you load in an image and it automatically breaks it down into a matrix.
[13:50] Edith Nyoki: This is a totally random questions. Do Linden Bears still exist? I remember trying to get one years ago, but I could never find a Linden in world.
[13:50] Edith Nyoki: *question
[13:50] Bronson Blackadder: just above the cloud layer
[13:51] Bronson Blackadder: and 10 meters in size
[13:51] Torley Linden: the Limits page claims "# Max Height that objects can be seen on the Sim Map: 400.005m "
[13:51] Torley Linden: hmmm "Sim Map" is incorrect, it should be "World Map"
[13:51] Torley Linden: *edits*
[13:51] Copper Mistral: Edit, in my experience, some Lindens have them, some don't. Or at least, some are willing to pass them out and others are less willing.
[13:51] Bronson Blackadder: oh that reminds me, but Torley
[13:51] Derek Galaxy: cool, i should try that
[13:51] Wyn Galbraith: Torley has one
[13:51] Bronson Blackadder: do you have a bear I can have?
[13:52] Derek Galaxy: hey torley, could i have a copy of your linden bear wile were on the subject?
[13:52] Wyn Galbraith: /me has a collection, "That I need to update actually."
[13:52] Torley Linden: oh sure Derek and Bronson!
[13:52] Edith Nyoki: I want one too. [:
[13:52] Torley Linden: anyone else wanna bear? and then i gotta go =)
[13:52] Bronson Blackadder: meow
[13:52] Copper Mistral: Wow. I only have Tiggs and Teagan's.
[13:52] Cisop Sixpence: Sure, I'd like a bear.
[13:52] Copper Mistral: I could swear I had Blue's as well.
[13:52] Derek Galaxy: /me holds hands out
[13:52] Copper Mistral: Yes, please, Torley!
[13:52] Flenser Juergens: Would be nice to have another bear.
[13:52] Copper Mistral: /me holds out a paw
[13:52] Wyn Galbraith: I got two from Blue ;)
[13:53] Edith Nyoki: /me jumps up and down from behind the couch
[13:53] Copper Mistral: awwww
[13:53] Bronson Blackadder: thanks Torley :)
[13:53] Wyn Galbraith: Take care Torley nice to see you again
[13:53] Copper Mistral: I'll have to ask again the next time I see Blue on the Shire
[13:53] Flenser Juergens: I'm starting collection on mantle of fireplace.
[13:53] Edith Nyoki: yay! thank you. [:
[13:53] Derek Galaxy:
[13:53] Derek Galaxy: cool thanks
[13:53] Torley Linden: wheee bears for youuuu
[13:53] Copper Mistral: ooo, texture pack! Bonus!
[13:53] Copper Mistral: Thank you, Torley!
[13:53] Torley Linden: my bear is proof we've personally talked
[13:53] Torley Linden: :D
[13:53] Flenser Juergens: Have a good day, enjoy your meeting.
[13:53] Torley Linden: you're most welcome! everyone have a lovely Second Life and thanks for chatting with me!
[13:53] Copper Mistral: btw Torley, Raglan starts ArtWalk this weekend!
[13:53] Dawny Daviau: Ok I am gonna check my bunnies and then to bed! have a great day/evening/night all!
[13:53] Flenser Juergens: And be careful of that book.
[13:54] Dawny Daviau: ˙˙˙˙ʞǝǝʍ ʇxǝu llɐ noʎ ǝǝs
[13:54] Torley Linden: i'm going to post a new tip at tomorrow so check it out then ;D bye bye *waves and smiles, patting the book*

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