East River Community

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East River Community

East River is a community (or ERC) of residents and land owners located in North East Sansara, close to Waterhead infohub.


Unlike other Geographic structures, East River is very diffuse. The community of residents owns land inside a multitude of places in East Sansara, without forming a continuous map structure. Their parcels cover sometimes nearly all land inside a sim (in their central area) but sometimes they might only hold remote slices of land. East River can be considered a Subcontinent if we count those sims with majority of land owned by ERC, but this will exclude distant remote parcels.

Land usage

ERC residents are very friendly. As a direct result, there is no (or almost no) Land With Restricted Access in the area (ban lines or entity orbs). This helped economy development in the area. Abandoned Land is very rare. It also looks like land is transferred between ERC residents in a peaceful way, while other ERC residents rent land in the area.


East River parcels are placed in a plain along two large rivers, while in North, it gets in contact with the sea. This kind of Geography is common in North East part of Sansara. Altitude is not high, usually up to 40 meters. Along rivers and coasts, declivity is much higher. Ground surface forms large islands and peninsulas, with smooth surface (sometimes small hills and remnants of terraforming can be found). Rivers are large and deep, big enough for large ships. There are natural and man-made docks.


East River has a lot of transportation routes. There are roads that follow main land surfaces. Water is navigable for almost any type of ship. recently, a East River Railway (official name is rapidER) has been created in the area. There are also two large airports that are opened for everybody. Macclaine Bridge is the place where all transportation ways are connected.

There is ferry service around the area.

  • One ferry connects ERC with Bohol sim.
  • Poppyport ferry has stops in sims Hachiman, Inari (2), Quentin (2) and Hookton (2).

Automated Transportation is present in the area. Yava Script Pods visit the area every 30 minutes. SLGI Trains visit the area every 6 hours by flying.


The area is highly populated and majority of buildings are close to the shores. In fact, a visitor will not find too many things by walking on the road, but will see a lot of coast buildings. Many docks are opened also for visitors. Buildings are of various types. Vegetation is also present. One of the most interesting part is Mowry, with its suspended tree-homes.

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