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Add your jokes and shenanigans having to do with Second Life culture here.


Sorted alphabetically.


Feel free to embed. Keep this list sorted reverse-chronologically by date.

Gimmie My Jimi Back by Diamond Pessoa - 2009-10-28

Cocky Girl by Alvi Halderman - 2009-10-15

Do You Want To Date My Avatar (Second Life Adaptation) by Lowe Runo - 2009-08-22

The Spy Who Lives Here by PookyMedia - 2009-08-09

Second Life - But Don't Tell Your Wife by George Lilly - 2009-08-16

Shrink Wrapped - avatars needing psychiatric help by PookyMedia - 2009-02-18

Avatar, A Rockstar Parody by Foolish Frost - 2008-02-13

DRAFTFCB is on second life...for real !!! - 2007-04-20