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A social networking site and Web 2.0 portal, a network of friends, profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for furries all over the world. from WikiFur: "On December 8, 2008 FurSpace reached 1,000 registered members and as of April 2009, now has over 4,000."

In SecondLife there are the groups Furspace and Furspace.com and there used to be a homestead sim ("Furspace Isle") in 2009 which never got into public - with the shape of a giant paw.

Owner: Kisuka Yifu

Groups: Furspace,


Link: http://www.furspace.com

Furspace in Second Life

(The European Furspace)

Is a community of furries enjoying to make party and meet each other in Belarus (Sim).

The corresponding group "Furspace.De" has about 200 members yet, growing. "We are proud to host live concerts in our sim!"

Website: Furspace.de

In Second Life: Furspace in Second Life.

Region: Belarus

Group in SecondLife: Furspace.de