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The Governance User Group meeting is a monthly, public meeting intended for discussion & education of issues involving Governance such as in-world abuse, Abuse Reports, Forum Reports, Marketplace Reports, etc. Tommy Linden and Kristin Linden will be your moderators. Please bring your questions & requests.

Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday (see schedule below) at 1:00pm SLT. Meetings will take place in text, not in voice to enable non-english speaking Resident's to participate as well. Meetings are held inworld at

Meeting Dates

  • Tuesday April 20th


  • Open Q&A

Disclaimer: Please be aware that there are certain topics or information we cannot discuss (Abuse Appeals for warnings/suspensions or account terminations, information/outcomes on investigations of open or past Abuse Reports, etc). Nor is this a meeting to file an Abuse Report, if you want to report abuse that is happening please do so via Report Abuse in the Viewer.

Useful Links

How to deal with abuse and harassment

Filing an abuse report