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GridWatch logo

Formed to meet the need for a resource that all peacekeeping groups could share and communicate through in real time. GridWatch is cofounded by Kara Foley and DianaPrince Carter.

The GridWatch Mission Statement:

GridWatch is a resource/tactical channel for all active SL peacekeepers, allowing them to communicate in real time and share information during attacks on the SL Grid. Non-partisan, non-political and all inclusive, our mandate is simple: to protect the residents of Second Life from griefer attacks.

We guard the day and stand watch at night, dedicating a portion of our Second Lives that others may live theirs in peace and safety.

Gridwatch is a cooperative public service group dedicated to promoting gridwide security through prevention and the timely exchange of information. All members are expected to abide with the Linden Labs Terms of Service. Anyone who does not do so will be removed. All membership requests will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of Gridwatch. Please direct your questions to DianaPrince Carter, Kalel Venkman, Kara Foley, Kara Timtam or Samantha Lowell.