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Message Layout

	GroupRoleChanges	Low	NotTrusted	Unencoded
		AgentData	Single
		{	AgentID	LLUUID	}
		{	SessionID	LLUUID	}
		{	GroupID		LLUUID	}
		RoleChange	Variable
		{	RoleID		LLUUID	}
		{	MemberID	LLUUID	}
		{	Change		U32		}

Usage and Notes

Requests changes the roles in which group members are assigned to. The requesting agent must have relevant powers to be able to make changes depdnding on the type of change (such as power to add/remove from roles).

MemberID - The agent ID of the member whom's role is changing.

Change - Change must be a valid LLRoleMemberChangeType which can be RMC_ADD, RMC_REMOVE, RMC_NONE. Any non-valid values will simply negate any change being made.