How to create a hair texture in Adobe Photoshop

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To use this you'll need Adobe Photoshop (download).

This is a basic hair guide that should help just get started.

You should know a little about Photoshop first but if you don't you can find Videos on this subject on You Tube under "Second Life Tutorial Hair"

This guide has 3 colors and starts with the Dark color first then the next one and then a highlights at the end.

Step 1. New File

Start by opening a new file


-New (file name)


Set to : 128x128 or 512x512

Step 2. Color Area (fill)

Pick you DARK color first. Like Dark Brown.

Go to the new box and fill the area by hitting (ALT+DEL) to fill the new box with your color. Color - fill.jpg

Step 3. Brush

Get a Brush that is Soft like #35 Brush size 35.jpg

Step 4. Brush Color

Pick you next color for your brush. (yellow or Mustard Yellow)

Brush tool.jpg

(hold down the SHIFT key at the same time to draw a strait line).

Paint 1/3 down from the top of the box. Use the mouse and swipe the color from Left to Right and holding the SHIFT KEY.

Change Brush size to Soft like #17 (change Color to Bright Yellow)

Brush size 35.jpg

Paint at the lower 1/3 of the box from Left to Right.

L to R -1.jpg

Step 5. Noise Filter



-Add Noise

Add noise.jpg

Distiribution (15.0%)

[x] Gaussian

[x] Monochromatic

Add noise 2.jpg

Step 6. Blur Filter



-Motion Blur

Motion blur1.jpg


700 Pixels


Step 7. More Blur



-Gaussian Blur

Gaussian Blur1.jpg

Soften the photo or not it up to you. Play with it to get your needs.

0.8 or 0.9


Step 8. Highlights

Now you need a new Layer on put on TOP.

The menu on the right that has your layers in it.

New layer.jpg

Step 9. Highlight Brush

Get New Color for brush (white or yellow)

Brush Soft #17 on top 13 left to right and then Soft Brush #35 bottom 1/3.



You may change any brush size you want to and you don' have to stay to the 1/3 from the top or bottom.

Step 10. Adjustments

The menu on the right.

You should see it say [normal]


Change to [overlay]


You can change the brightness of the highlight with the Opacity [100%]

Highlights overlay.jpg

Save your work.

Save for web.jpg

Save high.jpg

Also save as .PSD or PDD file so you can change your file later.

If you find that you need more help or you are haven a hard time following the guide [You Tube] has lost of help with Second Life Videos.

Thanks to everyone that help.

Aamic Zhong for all the photos

Tanker Price for layout & information.