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Notes from SLDEV Forum Topic: Internationalization Speakers: Danica Linden, Noelle Linden Date: 19 March 2009


  • Danica Linden
  • Noelle Linden


Review of Internationalization Efforts In Progress

International developers and user base leads to decision to increase 'localization'; Japanese, e.g., and recently the French web site - will add more; some website redesign also in progress - Japanese German English; working on Spanish and Portugese also; increase language quality; looking at Chinese, Danish; 1.23 viewer 16 languages coming out; Other plans include SL Grid web site; add localization French, German; timing approximately this Summer; Viewer work also in progress (client); clean up internationalization areas

Bottom line whole new level internationalization; invite comments suggestions on glossary pages viewer areas etc; Here is a link to a blog to also spread around: Bonjour!

Questions and Discussion

Q: Are there pages in in French e.g., not in US version?
A: One page added to French leading to the SL Grid more easily than in US site

Q: Any idea on whether an SL Translator is going to be introduced?; Many people using resident-made translator tools. Will Linden Lab incorporate into the system itself? These tools operate in chat, often distributed as a HUD, translate typed sentences.
A: Have reviewed several tools so far; good syntax, short sentences ok; slang, abbreviations, long sentence not so good; Linden Lab is looking at the systems; hope to import something in next year or so after assessment; on radar

Q: How much support is Linden Lab offering on multiple languages?
A: Adding extended hours for German time zone; team in UK adding French Spanish support; a bit longer lead time; looking at a provider as well for languages; analysis in progress; working on localized Knowledge Base Articles e.g. New User Experience and Monetization
A: (continued) Get much help from residents on language translation; CT Community Translator Project; terminology, glossary, testing; also help in world

Q: What is being done to promote IN SL the new French web site e.g. SL Mentors
A: Notice on the SL Blog about ten days ago; could do some more promotion

Q: What about putting a prim on the SL Help Islands that says Bonjour and links them to the French web site?; 30 of them for all new registrants; easy to do also
A: Good idea! have many mentors in localization group; they let as many new residents know about the FR version of SL as they can

Q: What about Czech/Slovak?
A: Have some submissions in hand; issues about brand

Q: Is it fair to deny a language on SL because one SP has an issue?
A: Discussions in progress

Q: Do you intend to create extensions for sl domain names like .fr?
A: Discussions in progress

Q: What about a French flag on the main SL website that takes people to the fr website - and add extra ones as the languages grow?
A: Would rather stay away from flags since French for instance is spoken in many other countries

Q: Good point - modifies suggestion instead for LANGUAGE ICONS on main pages?
A: Agree - avoid flags, use words instead

Q: What about language links on top instead of bottom?
A: Will consider it - lot of people asking for "things at the top" of

Q: To what extent does the LL Executive Committee consider SL's international positioning a top strategy of the company?
A: M Linden gets regular updates; detailed road map of internationalization checked weekly; just presented to Executive Committee last week and will do so again in a month