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We are performing a functional test of some Inventory infrastructure changes on ADITI. We can use as many willing participants as we can get.


  • Who: You!
  • What: A functional test of Inventory changes
  • Where: ADITI, the preview grid.
  • When: Ongoing
  • Why: To help make Inventory more reliable and faster
  • How: However you can.

How To Help

Testing will be as simple as rezzing objects and transferring them between yourselves and others by any method you can imagine.

  • Step 1: Log into ADITI with any Viewer
  • Step 2: Teleport to a random region chosen below:
  • Step 3: Start performing various inventory operations.
    • Derez an object.
    • Remove an attachment such that it tries but cannot rez and must be returned.
    • Create a landmark.
    • Create an inventory link or outfit.
    • Create an inventory item.
    • Create a notecard.
    • Copy a notecard.
    • Create a notecard with contained objects
    • Add a calling card.
    • Buy an object in-world.
    • Give inventory (various object types) from a script to a user.
    • Give inventory (various object types) from a user to another user.
    • Move objects back and forth between inventory and an inworld object (as a container for those objects)
  • Step 4: File JIRAs for any issues you find using project SVC and component "Inventory"


Special Testing Parcels