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The following article answers some frequently asked questions about the Second Life WINTERFEST promotion, including the Spotlight, Sweepstakes, and Kiva wreath contest.

How do I enter the Sweepstakes?

To enter the weekly Sweepstakes drawing, you must complete the Winterfest Sweepstakes form and invite at least one new Resident into Second Life. You will only be eligible once someone clicks on the email (that you sent using the form linked to from here) and then signs up and logs in to Second Life.

What is the Second Life WINTERFEST Spotlight?

The Second Life WINTERFEST Spotlight is a Flash-based microsite designed by Linden Lab to host content creators who have submitted their creations to XStreet SL. A submission form and guidelines for submitting items was posted on the Second Life Community Blog on November 3rd with a deadline of November 11th for possible inclusion in the WINTERFEST Spotlight.

How were the participants selected for the Second Life WINTERFEST Spotlight?

A submission form and guidelines for participating in and submitting items for the WINTERFEST Spotlight were posted on the Second Life Community Blog on November 3rd, 2009. Submission was open to all merchants with a deadline of November 11th, 2009. All submissions from merchants for the Second Life WINTERFEST Spotlight were accumulated, reviewed, and placed in 12 different categories, as originally listed in the November 3rd blog post. The selections for inclusion were made with the goal of providing a multitude of high quality items in a variety of categories, and with a range of prices.

How do I donate to

You may purchase Kiva wreaths on Xstreet SL for L$300 a piece or donate L$ inworld at a Winterfest kiosk - location to be announced. 100% of purchase will be donated to

How were winners of the Winterfest Wreath Contest selected?

A team of impartial judges from Kiva and Linden Lab reviewed all submitted wreaths and selected six (6) winners based on creativity, attention to detail, variety and a number of other factors.

Who designed the Kiva wreaths?

Residents designed all the wreaths being sold in benefit of Kiva. To participate, Residents or groups of Residents submitted an online form and then delivered their wreath design inworld.

  • Able Forter
  • Alaska Metropolitan
  • Aleshanee Burnett
  • Ana Herzog
  • Arwyn Quandry
  • Avene Exonar
  • Beatrice Honey
  • Bridget Lykin
  • Callie Cline
  • Candy Cerveau
  • Diamond Meness
  • Dragonabyss Sporleder
  • Edwin Alter
  • Feather Firecaster
  • Foxy Petunia
  • gamadinho Avro
  • Georg Stonewall
  • Geryn Sloane
  • JanMae Jun
  • Jess Oranos
  • Kathleen Blachere
  • Light Mornington
  • Lobbie Riggles
  • Maddison Dagostino
  • Magnolia Dreamscape
  • Mellifera Szondi
  • Minna Baxton
  • Mystress Weatherwax
  • Ninatchka Markova
  • Ponsonby Low
  • Poppet McGimsie
  • Rafale Kamachi
  • Ruby Glenfadden
  • Sadizja Skute
  • Sorite Krautrauch
  • Starry Questi
  • Stsfuzzybear Hush
  • Suella Ember
  • Thiery Fleury
  • Valerie Jefferson
  • Winter Thorn
  • Wrable amat
  • YessikaCalydon Bardenboar
  • Zarah Dawn
  • Zrephel Tokugawa

Where can I see all of the Wreaths submitted for consideration?

You can see them at this location inworld.

Why is Linden Lab promoting the Second Life WINTERFEST Spotlight?

Linden Lab chose to promote these seasonal items in the WINTERFEST Spotlight to both showcase diverse merchandise created by Second Life content creators as well as enhance the shopping experience among the broader Second Life community. Linden Lab continually seeks opportunities to better promote a multitude of activities and events that occur inworld. Linden Lab will continue to improve the submission process for similar future seasons and events, which will be open to all qualified Residents. This submission process will be made available at http:/// and the Second Life Community Blog.

How can I be involved in Spotlights on XStreet SL in the future?

Linden Lab will consider future opportunities to promote seasonal merchandise and events. The primary source of information and communication regarding all things Xstreet are the Second Life Community Blog and Second Life Commerce Blog. You can also follow us on Twitter to stay abreast of opportunities to take part in future events.

Will Linden Lab be doing more promotions like the Second Life WINTERFEST Spotlight in the future?

Yes; we hope to provide more promotional opportunities in partnership with content creators and merchants. The primary source of information and communication regarding all things Xstreet are the Second Life Community Blog and Second Life Commerce Blog. You can also follow us on Twitter or join the SL Commerce Merchants group in world to stay abreast of opportunities to take part in future events.

Will future Spotlights feature different merchandise to showcase the diversity of Second Life Residents and merchandise?

Yes; this Spotlight is the third such showcase of merchandise from XStreet SL, the first being the Second Life Fall Fashion Lookbook and the second being the 2009 Halloween Spotlight. We look forward to showcasing many different virtual goods, scripts, textures, etc. that more fully encompass the enormous variety of creative tastes that exist in Second Life.

Who were the merchants that made the WINTERFEST Spotlight possible?

We'd like to give a special thanks to all of the merchants who submitted items for inclusion in the WINTERFEST Spotlight, because without them, this wouldn't have been possible. Everyone submitted great, creative items, and while we couldn't feature every merchant and every item in the WINTERFEST Spotlight, we would like to thank them all here and provide one of their submitted items for all our perusing shoppers.

From all of Linden Lab and especially the Commerce Team, Thank You and Happy Holidays!