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The following OpenSim regions supporting the Open Grid protocol are available for you to teleport to once you've authenticated to the agent domain:

This is value you enter into the region URL dialog on the login screen and the World >> Teleport Region command.

Linden Lab OGP Regions


COM.lounge / Tao Takashi /







Planck and Kaku

Dirac, Fermi, Bohr and Pauli



Zinnemann Grid

Lakewood / Ducatillon Group Project

Burning Life Test Open Sim

Litesim Mainland

Gridrock Worlds

Douggles Hangout


Five Miles Out

Whichway From Here

Dahlia Island

3Di OGP Test

Bit Island


La Isla West

AUGrid-OGP Norgan


Bulli's Land


Radioactive World

Bloob box Island


Ciuso Prime


TicTacToe for Gridnauts

  • This "opensim" (world) is a test for "minimum requirements". We are using a Dell Latitude D600 notebook having a Intel Centrino 2.0 Ghz, 512 Mb (RAM) and a broadband line having only 256 Kbps (for downloads)/100 Kbps (for uploads).
  • 2 avatares can play the tic-tac-toe game clicking cubes, that will rotate.
  • Our "opensim" is hooked to OSGrid. Region: TicTacToe.
  • If you like to do a test or a demo, please contact me.
  • Contact: Americo Damasceno - Adamascj Aji

Beta Technologies OpenSim (Mini-)Grid

  • Micro-grid for Beta Technologies, currently running OpenSim
  • Most of the grid is co-located in Phoenix, Arizona (ping times should be about the same as to LL's grids); four sims are in Portugal, Europe. The purpose was to test running a common grid distributed among two data centres. Servers are quite different in performance: the European server has much more memory and performance, but the network access is poor. The Arizona regions are on a server equivalent to LL's "class 5" servers, with excellent connectivity, and full 64bit versions of Mono, OpenSim, and ODE. The experience of going from one to the other is quite intriguing.
  • Open for now as we just test things out; some regions might be closed in the future as this Mini-Grid begins to be internally used for our own projects (mostly as a temporary sandbox before transferring content to LL's grid).
  • Uptime: ought to be 99.7%, except for upgrades and the odd reconfiguration. Some sims or parcels might be closed as this is being used for some internal testing.
  • No support web site for now (users are created manually)
  • if you wish to add your region to our Mini-Grid for tests, and don't wish to go through the fuss of creating your set of central servers, you're welcome to do so at this stage. Just contact us!
  • is the OGP URL. Note that it seems to fail when connecting from LL's own servers (see SNOW-248 on JIRA).

eaglefx Binder

Sunred Beach Gridnaut