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[13:55] Techwolf Lupindo: I'me somewhere in this cloaud
[13:55] Ardy Lay: That's "future" for PDT, is it not?
[13:55] Dzonatas Sol: ctrl alt particles + ctrl alt volume
[13:56] Boroondas Gupte: um ... what am I standing on?
[13:56] Ardy Lay: It would be "history" for my local time.
[13:56] Dzonatas Sol: We got today's topic
[13:56] Ardy Lay: Hi Merov
[13:56] Techwolf Lupindo: Yea o/ a linden showed up.
[13:56] Merov Linden: hey
[13:57] Techwolf Lupindo: Time for god powers.
[13:57] Ardy Lay: Looks like another Brazilan left you another present.
[13:57] Robin Cornelius: if i had EM it would be easy ;-/ seems stupid as i have 1/2 the island not to be
[13:58] Dzonatas Sol: Merov... ad-hoc topic... should estate/parcel be groupd to Snowglobe?
[13:58] Ardy Lay: /me stares int the darkness.
[13:58] Ardy Lay: It's NOT full of stars.
[13:58] Techwolf Lupindo: There a new topic. Should things be redone and have a regine decated to snowglobe/open source?
[13:58] Robin Cornelius: yay
[13:59] Merov Linden: /me waits for the smole to settle
[13:59] Merov Linden: the *smoke
[13:59] Dzonatas Sol: smoke break
[13:59] Robin Cornelius: oh there is a smoke object behind
[14:00] Techwolf Lupindo: smoke source is an unclickable object.
[14:00] Robin Cornelius: its transparent
[14:00] Techwolf Lupindo: I have trans on
[14:00] Ardy Lay: Azl Mist Generator
[14:01] Ardy Lay: Owned by Haukai Looming
[14:01] Nicky Perian: anyone with return power?
[14:01] Robin Cornelius: Merov
[14:02] Merov Linden: yes
[14:02] Merov Linden: trying to find a way to click that object
[14:02] Robin Cornelius: i can click it, but Tech can't either
[14:02] Merov Linden: I'm really a noob in griefing handling
[14:02] Ardy Lay: Control 3, drag a frame
[14:02] Robin Cornelius: i can just right click fine
[14:02] Techwolf Lupindo: Give me temp estate manager powers I can get rid o fit.
[14:03] Techwolf Lupindo: I found a way to click it.
[14:04] Dzonatas Sol: turn off graphic particles... turn in trans... its right by tech
[14:05] Robin Cornelius: or we could go sit around the opensource camp fire in the other corner?
[14:05] Techwolf Lupindo: wow, truning off particails jump fps from 5 to 45
[14:06] Merov Linden: ok, I think I got it
[14:06] Techwolf Lupindo: You did.
[14:06] Merov Linden: how's that for everybody now
[14:06] Merov Linden: ?
[14:06] Ardy Lay: You got it.
[14:06] Dzonatas Sol: good
[14:06] Robin Cornelius: fine
[14:06] Nicky Perian: good show
[14:06] Merov Linden: thanks for the crash course in griefing handling :)
[14:07] Merov Linden: that's the first time I use god mode for anything like that
[14:07] Ardy Lay: Hehe
[14:07] Techwolf Lupindo: More devolopers should be welecome area and experence griefting first hand. hehe
[14:07] Dzonatas Sol: /me votes for the inactive parts of this island to be turned over to Snowglobe group... ?
[14:07] Merov Linden: I went to one of those as a Linden only once... never again!
[14:08] Ardy Lay: I tried to talk Merov into visiting Ahern but he chose to not soil himself thusly.
[14:08] Boroondas Gupte: hmm ... particles don't move or fade while hidden? I have to turn them back on for them to move away ...
[14:08] Robin Cornelius: Merov, they are great for crash testing viewers
[14:08] Thickbrick Sleaford: I wonder what causes particle floods like that to drop the fps so much: is that some cpu overhead of particles, or just trying to composit many alpha textures one on top of the other?
[14:08] Merov Linden: I go there as an alt
[14:08] Techwolf Lupindo: This part is owned by Liana Linden, not grouped owned.
[14:08] Robin Cornelius: i park snowglobe at Morris Ahern and wait for the gdb catch
[14:08] Merov Linden: so no god mode
[14:09] Merov Linden: well, those darn particles are still around...
[14:09] Ardy Lay: They have cleared for me.
[14:09] Techwolf Lupindo: Thsi meeting should be better, no conflict with the brown bag. :-)
[14:09] Techwolf Lupindo: They cleared up for me.
[14:09] Aleric Inglewood: did I miss something? :)
[14:09] Boroondas Gupte: You have to unhide the particles to move.
[14:10] Techwolf Lupindo: Merov, click on the object again, your client has not clear it out of its view.
[14:10] Merov Linden: ok, so, I haven't seen anything on the adenda
[14:10] Thickbrick Sleaford: They take their sweet time to clean up after you unhide them
[14:10] Merov Linden: agenda
[14:10] Dzonatas Sol: set particles to 0... another way
[14:10] Boroondas Gupte: +Dzon
[14:10] Dzonatas Sol: or 1
[14:10] Ardy Lay: Aleric, just some sandbox-style litter.
[14:11] Techwolf Lupindo: After a griefter attact, I notice that sometime particial emitter stay around, but when I right click the object, they disapear as the sim send the object update again that clear s it out
[14:11] Robin Cornelius: Ardy it was intentional as me and Dz were sitting here when they rezed it on top of us
[14:12] Techwolf Lupindo: Relog can do the same also....
[14:12] Merov Linden: sorry about that
[14:12] Merov Linden: crashed SG2.0 Mac ... :(
[14:12] Merov Linden: using 1.3.2 now
[14:13] Merov Linden: ok so, what was I saying...
[14:13] Aleric Inglewood: Previous TPV meeting a sim crashed right? I heard that was done on purpose by a malicious viewer coder who wants to make the relationship between LL and open source coders bad.
[14:13] Aleric Inglewood: So, maybe they came here too now, for same reason?
[14:13] Merov Linden: yes: SG2.0, I synced with viewer-hotfix a couple of times last week
[14:13] Robin Cornelius: Nah it was to low skilled idiots
[14:14] Robin Cornelius: they were messing around causing problems, they are not sklled hackers
[14:14] Merov Linden: the export, then merge and build all seem to work nicely
[14:14] Thickbrick Sleaford: I nonticed it has a fix for the flying-while-sitting bug
[14:14] Merov Linden: I'm going to work on SG1.x merge now more seriously
[14:14] Techwolf Lupindo: Thanks to me build patches. :-D
[14:15] Techwolf Lupindo: </eagle>
[14:15] Merov Linden: for 1.x, I'm sorry I still haven't rebuilt those darn packages
[14:15] Dzonatas Sol: /me cheers Tech and Merov!
[14:15] Merov Linden: I made progress though and all platforms do build now
[14:15] Merov Linden: but they fail on the upload of the bundles...
[14:15] Techwolf Lupindo: Thickbrick contrubited to some build fixes also.
[14:16] Merov Linden: some s3put script weirdness
[14:16] Merov Linden: the good news at least it's that it's the same problem on all platforms now... so I've hope to solve it once and for all...
[14:16] Thickbrick Sleaford: the build fix I commited was by Techwolf
[14:17] Merov Linden: I need to fix all these so that we can hit some cruising speed on patch intergration again
[14:17] Merov Linden: I'm eager to get back there
[14:17] Merov Linden: as we have a *huge* backlog of patches...
[14:17] Merov Linden: :(
[14:17] Boroondas Gupte: some of the patches are ports
[14:17] Techwolf Lupindo: Over 6 months of non-externial viewer devolopment you have to catch up on. You are about there now. :-)
[14:17] Merov Linden: yes, tru
[14:18] Merov Linden: true
[14:18] Thickbrick Sleaford: yeah... need moar reviewers
[14:18] Techwolf Lupindo: Merov, and one more patch to submite is on my list.
[14:18] Merov Linden: yes, we also need more committers :)
[14:19] Merov Linden: should we go through those patches now?
[14:19] Merov Linden: /me checks the JIRA
[14:19] Merov Linden: may be some of them
[14:19] Techwolf Lupindo: /me checks for his...
[14:19] Aleric Inglewood: ... cause I didn't think the tpv policy would be fixed satisfactory, I'm afraid I committed myself to work for some opensim grid (their viewer)... meta7. I'm currently looking at porting their 500 kB patch to the latest emerald source tree.... so :/ ... well... can't just drop that again now....
[14:20] Boroondas Gupte: I think the Agenda is still last week's except for SNOW-592
[14:20] JIRA helper:
[#SNOW-592] gstreamer 0.10.28 standalone build failure
[14:20] Techwolf Lupindo: I have....592 and 497
[14:20] Merov Linden: Aleric: I hope you feel somewhat better wrt TPVP now
[14:21] Merov Linden: on meta7, is that a viewer branched from Snowglobe?
[14:21] Merov Linden: I'm curious
[14:21] Aleric Inglewood: Merov: I do, but my TODO list was already overloaded and I pushed that work to the top of my TODO list on top of that.... so I don't think I'll be available for reviewing or SG 2.0 stuff for a long time.
[14:21] Nicky Perian: VWR-9541 is that current info?
[14:21] JIRA helper:
[#VWR-9541] Included boost libraries prevent VC90 from compiling and linking the second life source correctly
[14:22] Techwolf Lupindo: The mulit-grid and account login needs to be ported from snowglobe 1.x
[14:22] Thickbrick Sleaford: +some fixes
[14:22] Aleric Inglewood: No the meta7 viewer is branched from emerald, which is branched from snowglobe 1.3 (not released yet)
[14:22] Merov Linden: Techwolf: Pixel said she'll do that port
[14:23] Aleric Inglewood: That is, they had it mased on emerald 1101, and now I'm porting it to the not-yet-released emerald based on 1.3.1
[14:23] Merov Linden: well, meta7 share DNA with SG then... good! :)
[14:23] Merov Linden: I've no problem with that BTW, just asking :)
[14:23] Merov Linden: /me goes back in the chat log:
[14:23] Aleric Inglewood: I'm pretty sure this will lead to me coming with patches needed to get snowglobe work on opensim better :p
[14:24] Techwolf Lupindo: Had a hell of a time tring to log into Latif test grid. None of the 2.0 code accecpted loginuri.
[14:24] Merov Linden: SNOW-592
[14:25] Boroondas Gupte: Is that the one that I was asked to test? Didn't get around to do that, yet.
[14:25] Merov Linden: strange, I thought I saw that patch committed
[14:26] Merov Linden: I've seen that code change already
[14:26] Techwolf Lupindo: snow 1.x http texture was a godsin. :-)
[14:26] Techwolf Lupindo: Merov, let me check.
[14:26] Merov Linden: a godsin!! blasphemy!!
[14:27] Dzonatas Sol: 592 is not like 612?
[14:27] Techwolf Lupindo: Nope. Not commited.
[14:28] Merov Linden: ok, well, it's worth committing if that fixes building gstreamer standalone
[14:28] Merov Linden: is that applicable to both 1.x and 2.0?
[14:28] Techwolf Lupindo: 612 was a different issues and that was fixed.
[14:28] Techwolf Lupindo: Merov, don't know aobut 1.x. Those builds are b0rked with S3 missing files.
[14:29] Merov Linden: rub it in Techwolf... :/
[14:29] Techwolf Lupindo: /me lol "Sorry, I know it wasn't your fault. It was whoever thought it would be a good idea to purge stuff off."
[14:30] Merov Linden: k, I'm going to set the "Fix version" to 2.0 so it's high on my list of thing sto pick up
[14:30] Techwolf Lupindo: 497 patch is a fix for the snow 1.x branch.
[14:32] Merov Linden: ok, I edited 592
[14:32] Techwolf Lupindo: Looks like I put 1.3, 1.4 as affeected has they have the media_plugin code also. But I can't test for now.
[14:33] Aleric Inglewood: he did it again
[14:33] Merov Linden: understood
[14:33] Merov Linden: now, let's move to VWR-9541
[14:33] Techwolf Lupindo: :-)
[14:33] Merov Linden: mentioned by Nicky
[14:34] Nicky Perian: I have 1-36 boost that built ok
[14:34] Nicky Perian: per tomm's instructions
[14:34] Merov Linden: you're building standalone Nicky?
[14:34] Boroondas Gupte: I think VWR-9541 was discussed on Thursday.
[14:35] Merov Linden: I mean: you're not using the downloadable binaries for the 3rd party libs, right?
[14:35] Nicky Perian: no
[14:35] Nicky Perian: i complied them
[14:36] Nicky Perian: i well be studid and say idk if it is standalone
[14:36] Nicky Perian: inculding package though
[14:37] Merov Linden: this is a long thread in there so it's hard to follow where it stands on each twist and turn in the road
[14:37] Merov Linden: why aren't you using 1.39 again?
[14:37] Nicky Perian: because the instructions ia had where for 1-36
[14:38] Nicky Perian: were
[14:38] Merov Linden: hmmm...
[14:38] Merov Linden: well, I *suffered* a lot through rebuilding some of those libs for SG 1.3
[14:38] Nicky Perian: anyway I have them in zip if needed
[14:39] Nicky Perian: with boost.cmake patch
[14:39] Merov Linden: we had to use boost 1.39 because of some plugins dependencies
[14:39] Merov Linden: so I'm surprised you're settling with 1.36
[14:39] Merov Linden: which is what we used before
[14:39] Nicky Perian: that may be the source of my media plugin problems
[14:40] Merov Linden: I bet it is...
[14:40] Merov Linden: there were also a tangle of problems with the C run time
[14:41] Nicky Perian: on runtime errors at all
[14:41] Merov Linden: this unraveled and we had to fix lots of libs (curl, cares and boost)
[14:41] Nicky Perian: no
[14:41] Merov Linden: /me digs for the original JIRA
[14:41] Techwolf Lupindo: I remember the curl stuff. I was consulted for that one.
[14:42] Techwolf Lupindo: I had curl problems and fixed it on my system and relayed the experenced I had to some Linden that asked me.
[14:43] Merov Linden: looks at SNOW-272
[14:43] JIRA helper:
[#SNOW-272] Error message: media_plugin_webkit occurs on startup
[14:43] Nicky Perian: but, I only have the plugin issue on VC90
[14:43] Merov Linden: that has the whole darn sad story...
[14:43] Nicky Perian: ok ill review
[14:44] Merov Linden: there's a bit of a follow up to that story on SNOW-431
[14:44] JIRA helper:
[#SNOW-431] Boost downloads for Snowglobe 1.3 aren't really 1.39.0
[14:44] Merov Linden: but that was a header mix up only
[14:44] Merov Linden: 272 as you can see start with plugin issues and goes into all this lib mess on Windows
[14:45] Merov Linden: that dragged on for a long time
[14:45] Merov Linden: /me has scars...
[14:45] Merov Linden: I'm sure you'll find familiar issues in there and, hopefully, some ideas to solve your problem
[14:45] Nicky Perian: ok
[14:45] Techwolf Lupindo: Wasn't that your first port of the media stuff from 2.0 before 2.0 was out?
[14:45] Merov Linden: yeap
[14:46] Merov Linden: it was
[14:46] Merov Linden: that turned a "just do a merge" into a major "rebuild all libs" nightmare...
[14:46] Merov Linden: scars... I'm telling you...
[14:46] Techwolf Lupindo: eeek....
[14:46] Nicky Perian: is there a regression?
[14:47] Techwolf Lupindo: I may have to test some required depends version numbers.
[14:47] Merov Linden: a regression from where to where?
[14:47] Nicky Perian: is the same porblem in 2.0?
[14:47] Nicky Perian: by mistake
[14:48] Merov Linden: aha! o right: 2.0 must use boost 1.39 and all the newer libs
[14:48] Nicky Perian: or a piece of it
[14:48] Robin Cornelius: 2.0 is boost 1.39 yes
[14:48] Merov Linden: BTW, the drop I did yesterdau points to new libs for curl that fixes the slowness when login issue
[14:48] Nicky Perian: then it is my regression using 1.36
[14:49] Merov Linden: see intall.xml
[14:49] Merov Linden: those libs are *tricky* to build correctly
[14:49] Thickbrick Sleaford: 2.0 uses Boost + boost_coroutines + a small patch to boost_coroutines
[14:49] Nicky Perian: i know
[14:50] Robin Cornelius: i found out boost cares and freinds the hard way too
[14:50] Merov Linden: as I said last week, we're looking into a new project to make all this publicly available
[14:50] Merov Linden: the goal is that, even as a standalone builder, you'd be able to pull this and see how we build each lib
[14:51] Merov Linden: with the patches we use (if any), the compile and link options, etc...
[14:51] Nicky Perian: great
[14:51] Merov Linden: I know that Brad is really committed to make that happen
[14:52] Merov Linden: I'm looking into the patch availables on SG 2.0 logged JIRA
[14:53] Merov Linden: and I see a bunch of python ones made by Boroondas
[14:53] Merov Linden: SNOW-527, SNOW-528, SNOW-530
[14:53] JIRA helper:
[#SNOW-527] Don't import deprecated python module sets
[14:53] JIRA helper:
[#SNOW-528] only import python module md5 when module hashlib isn't available
[14:53] JIRA helper:
[#SNOW-530] remove python 2.3 hacks
[14:54] Boroondas Gupte: these aren't critical (yet), just remove some warnings
[14:54] Merov Linden: well, nice to get those cleaned up...
[14:55] Merov Linden: there's a lot of cruft accumulating in those scripts
[14:55] Merov Linden: so thanks for taking care of this :)
[14:55] Techwolf Lupindo: I cleaned up some gcc warnings before they become a problem.
[14:55] Boroondas Gupte: yw :-)
[14:56] Techwolf Lupindo: :-)
[14:56] Techwolf Lupindo: er...let me rephrase that. I think warning sould be fixed before they become problems.
[14:56] Merov Linden: I see all the patches we have pending are all on building issues
[14:56] Merov Linden: clearly, a focus from the group this last month...
[14:56] Merov Linden: not surprisingly
[14:58] Merov Linden: Looking at the "unscheduled" list, we don't have lots of patches there
[14:58] Merov Linden: /field=customfield_10002&sorter/order=ASC
[14:58] Merov Linden: some ports I think, as mentioned before
[14:59] Merov Linden: which is nice to see :)
[14:59] Robin Cornelius: ok i've got to run see you all next time/on IRC
[14:59] Merov Linden: it's 3pm anyway... that was a quiet meeting today...
[14:59] Merov Linden: I'll see youn guys Thursday
[15:00] Merov Linden: I really hope to have the 1.x bundles fix by then
[15:00] Merov Linden: and a bunch of ports to SG2.0 committed
[15:00] Techwolf Lupindo: :-)
[15:01] Merov Linden: I'll keep parabuild busy with churning on SG2.0 every day
[15:01] Thickbrick Sleaford: now that TPVp problems are largly behind us, we can start making progress
[15:01] Merov Linden: o/
[15:01] Techwolf Lupindo: All that is left of the tpv issues are clearifactions and tech issues.
[15:02] Merov Linden: IANAL and I've no intention of becoming one... evar...
[15:02] Thickbrick Sleaford: heh
[15:02] Merov Linden: k, see you guys. Thanks for the support on SG :)
[15:02] Dzonatas Sol: =)
[15:03] Merov Linden: o wait, one question
[15:03] Dzonatas Sol: L$2!
[15:03] Merov Linden: I often cannot connect to #opensl
[15:04] Merov Linden: using
[15:04] Merov Linden: what are you guys using
[15:04] Merov Linden: ?
[15:04] Dzonatas Sol: there is a #snowglobe channel.. maybe robin can op you when your there 2mr
[15:04] Boroondas Gupte: I'm just using XChats built in server list for EFnet
[15:04] Dzonatas Sol: pidgin
[15:05] Merov Linden: I am on the snowglobe channel IW
[15:05] Merov Linden: that's what you're refering to Dzonatas?
[15:05] Techwolf Lupindo: What about Freenode?
[15:05] Nicky Perian: there is one bribge that is failing for me
[15:05] Nicky Perian: bridge
[15:05] Nicky Perian: but prison allways works
[15:06] Dzonatas Sol: I don't see you in
[15:06] Techwolf Lupindo: I use x-chat
[15:06] Boroondas Gupte:
[15:06] Dzonatas Sol: unles your llAimee
[15:06] Merov Linden: I use Colloquy but that's not the problem....
[15:06] Merov Linden: I was asking about the connection used
[15:06] Techwolf Lupindo: Is there a reason for efnet instead of a open source delovloper network like freenode?
[15:07] Dzonatas Sol: not sure
[15:07] Dzonatas Sol: kinda stuck i think...
[15:07] Techwolf Lupindo: That what server i'me on now.
[15:07] Thickbrick Sleaford: i think is a round-robin dns between the different server
[15:08] Boroondas Gupte: that might be
[15:08] Merov Linden: I don'e see opensl on :(
[15:09] Merov Linden: <sigh/>
[15:09] Boroondas Gupte: freenode is a different network, Merov
[15:09] Merov Linden: is anyone on #opensl *now*?
[15:09] Dzonatas Sol: Yes, Yes,
[15:09] Dzonatas Sol: Yes, indeed,,
[15:09] Merov Linden: k, which network do you use?
[15:09] Boroondas Gupte: 6 ops, 41 total
[15:09] Thickbrick Sleaford: for me my country-specific EFnet server sometimes has my IP (adsl with changing IPs) banned, so I have to disconnect and try again in that case.
[15:09] Boroondas Gupte: EFnet
[15:10] Merov Linden: well, I see tons of stuff there but no opensl :)
[15:10] Merov Linden: :(
[15:10] Boroondas Gupte: try a different EFnet server, then
[15:10] Dzonatas Sol: i tell pidgin to connect to and it auto-retries as needed
[15:10] Merov Linden: /me tries for the tenth time of the day...
[15:11] Ardy Lay: XChat tends to land on irc.Prison.NET when I connect.
[15:11] Techwolf Lupindo: Same here.
[15:11] Boroondas Gupte: sometimes parts of the network split apart. You can see that on
[15:11] Nicky Perian: am on thriu
[15:12] Nicky Perian: chatzilla here
[15:12] Merov Linden: you know what, I'm going to ask Nyx and Soft (who are always on there) what they do exactly...
[15:12] Dzonatas Sol: there is
[15:12] Merov Linden: there's something fishy there... I don't want to bug you with that
[15:12] Nicky Perian: you can connect through irc.nst web interface
[15:12] Techwolf Lupindo: Use emerald built in IRC client. :-X
[15:12] Dzonatas Sol: if your client connects xmpp
[15:13] Thickbrick Sleaford: I haven't seen Soft in #opensl in a long while
[15:13] Merov Linden: well, I'll get that solved... it's annoying to get there only intermitently
[15:13] Merov Linden: /me terrible spelling...
[15:14] Merov Linden: need to go now :)
[15:14] Merov Linden: cheers!
[15:14] Dzonatas Sol:
[15:14] Thickbrick Sleaford: see you
[15:14] Dzonatas Sol: works with gmail
[15:14] Ardy Lay: See you later, Merov
[15:14] Techwolf Lupindo: I'me surpirzed LL doesn't have there own IRC server.
[15:14] Ardy Lay: I should move on too.
[15:15] Nicky Perian: Thanks all for tolerating my newness
[15:15] Thickbrick Sleaford: Techwolf, I think they do, for internal stuff
[15:15] Dzonatas Sol: =)
[15:16] Boroondas Gupte: You're new? No, we can't tolerate that. Get old as quick as you can! ;-)
[15:16] Nicky Perian: ok
[15:17] Techwolf Lupindo: :-)
[15:17] Techwolf Lupindo: You need to be quick for when I get hungrey...;-)
[15:17] Boroondas Gupte: That, too.
[15:17] Aleric Inglewood: don't need to become old
[15:17] Aleric Inglewood: fucking lag
[15:18] Dzonatas Sol: hidden cores on phenom?

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