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Editorial and Advertising Contacts for Second Life Related Periodicals

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Second Life Periodicals Editorial and Press Contacts
Periodical Editorial contact Ad contact
[3] [4]
Nu Vibez & Roleplay Guide Magazine Nu Vibez & Roleplay Guide Advertising
Kultivate Magazine
The SL Enquirer
Grid Wide News
AVENUE Magazine The Ultimate Fashion and Lifestyle Mag.
InnerWorld Magazine
Maniera Magazine (SL Version) or Mercede Kenin/Topaz Joubert in SL
Maniera Magazine (RL Version - Fall 2012)
Metaverse Messenger Staff advertising AT
Music Matters Magazine m3editor [AT] mattersofmusic [DOT] com reslez [AT] mattersofmusic [DOT] com
News2Life - Second Life Business News portal Contact Ad Contact
Oh Boi Magazine
Playmates Magazine Tazzy Jenkins
Second Life Herald Editorial Staff Advertising Staff
Second Style Magazine editor [AT] sales [AT]
Slate Magazine Editorial Staff
Rock 'N' Star Magazine All about pop culture and fashion. > CONTACT
GLANCE Magazine magazine [AT] glance-international [DOT] com magazine [AT] glance-international [DOT] com
Busted Magazine
iNOVARE Magazine
The MalQusition
Bright Metallic Magazine