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Pyogp is an open source client library and test harness code base being developed jointly by AWG members and Linden Lab. It is a young effort yet, but tests ought to be able to be run against an OGP enabled grid in the next few days (some are already running!). Login tests from a client's perspective are partially complete, as are protocol specific test cases. The client library fully supports authenticating on the agent domain hosted on aditi, and more, at this time. We look forward to being able to put pyogp to good use in helping test the OGP Beta in the upcoming weeks.

At a high level, pyogp.lib.base can handle login just fine. Locklainn is working on enabling UDP and circuit code handling to enable (among other things) teleport and hence teleport tests. Tao Takashi continues with great initiative and support of Linden Lab's goals of having pyogp help support the testing of the OGP Beta and the OGP effort overall. Enus is just doing what he can to get things ready asap, and Infinity is working on tests per User:Infinity_Linden/OGP_Test_Cases. Sai has an updated version of this document at User:Saijanai_Kuhn/OGP_Test_Cases.

An initial set of tests are available at Pyogp/Client_Lib/testing#Interop_tests. Some more effort in cleaning up and adding more content would be useful.

To learn more about the details of pyogp, see: