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Release Notes for v5.1.10 (521312) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Project Viewer version

Released on November 02, 2018.

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Release Notes


Environmental Enhancement Project - EEP

Welcome to the Environmental Enhancement Project (aka EEP!) EEP is a major enhancement to the legacy Windlight environments, introducing new inventory object for defining the environmental settings.


  • Shareable environmental objects that you can keep in your inventory.
  • Parcel level control of environments.
  • Up to four different sky layers that may be set independently.
  • More options for customization.
  • And much, much more

What's New!

We've been hard at work knocking off the initial set of bug reports.

Where Can I See EEP

EEP is currently in limited release on the production grid. You can visit any of the following EEP enabled regions:

  • Testylvania Sandbox
  • Hippotropolis
  • Hippo Hollow
  • Denby
  • Longfellow
  • Hanley
  • Cirano

Where To Find Out More

For more information about EEP, check out the wiki pages.

Have questions or want to show off what you've created? Join us on the forums.

†Please note that the EEP Project Viewer will only work on the EEPTesting Region on Aditi.

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Resolved Issues

  • SL-10000 [EEP] Ambient Color is always black on imported sky settings
  • SL-1019 EEP The UI is non-responsive when user tries to make an edit while a Keyframe is not selected.
  • SL-1053 EEP Day Cycle asset "Apply To Parcel" context menu option is not available until the Day Cycle editor has opened
  • SL-1054 EEP odd highlight under the water
  • SL-1060 clicking on timeline in daycycle editor does not update environment
  • SL-1061 EEP viewer crash after editing Day Cycle of a parcel with an invalid Day Cycle
  • SL-1079 EEP Several seconds of slow framerate when new DayCycle loads.
  • SL-1084 Region/Parcel panels
  • SL-1088 EEP add a menu item that directs people to the environment settings folder in Inventory
  • SL-1094 EEP No frames needed for water settings
  • SL-1107 EEP When clicking a keyframe, the Sun and Moon image from the previously selected keyframe is displayed.
  • SL-1121 Viewer Framerate is much lower with certain environment settings.
  • SL-1127 EEP - weird flickering when changing environment
  • SL-1162 EEP Shadows are not aligned with object face.
  • SL-1163 Environment pulled from asset store not applied when loaded
  • SL-1168 EEP more than 20 keframes can be created
  • SL-1169 EEP viewer crash when opening World > About Land
  • SL-1173 EEP Environment looks different when logging in on vs. entering parcel.
  • SL-1176 EEP sun glow does not align with the sun texture.
  • SL-1181 [EEP] "Use Region Settings" function has changed & name no longer makes sense
  • SL-1183 EEP clicking near a keyframe may activate it without highlighting it green
  • SL-1186 EEP Edit Day Cycle window needs Save & Cancel buttons linked to bottom of the window
  • SL-1187 EEP Parcel Environment Source cannot be set to Default Environment
  • SL-1193 [EEP] Environment tab UI issues when not on EEP region
  • SL-1213 Water freznel settings inconsistent on joined private regions.
  • SL-1226 When creating new settings in inventory they should point to the appropriate default asset id.
  • SL-1228 EEP "Load" button on Sky and Water editors does not open a selector.
  • SL-1235 EEP Make the EEP editor windows a fixed size.
  • SL-1255 Make sky shaders use sun disc texture again
  • SL-1258 [EEP] Custom cloud, sun & moon textures don't update when you apply a Windlight sky locally.
  • SL-1263 When day editor is first brought up all controls are disabled
  • SL-1280 EEP Blue Horizon swatch does not display the color set for that keyframe.
  • SL-1289 EEP "Randomness" to clouds
  • SL-1293 EEP closing Day Cycle editor by clicking Cancel makes the environment static
  • SL-1307 EEP At startup viewer does not recognize what parcel you are on.
  • SL-1313 EEP projected shadows from objects are too high
  • SL-1315 Update Aditi helper_uri
  • SL-1319 EEP Default Density Multiplier value cannot be replicated with the UI
  • SL-1336 When the name in the settings is changed. Rename the corresponding inventory item.
  • SL-1342 EEP Day Cycle keyframe cannot be deleted
  • SL-1368 EEP "Cannot create that inventory" notification every time Save or Save As is clicked in the Edit Day Cycle window.
  • SL-1373 [EEP] Edit, Copy, Copy UUID options greyed out in My Environments floater
  • SL-1376 EEP Apply To Parcel in Edit Day Cycle window applies to the Region
  • SL-1400 EEP Mac Water has colors that don't rotate when the camera does.
  • SL-1402 Change wording on Environments "Use Region Settings"
  • SL-1418 EEP Choosing an option from the Save button in the Edit Day Cycle window immediately executes that option.
  • SL-1440 [EEP] [IMPROVEMENT] Add minimize button to floater_fixedenvironment
  • SL-1445 EEP Viewer is generating sky settings that fail
  • SL-1472 EEP white portions of Sun image are rendered as black.
  • SL-1475 stars are rendered in water reflections but don't actually appear
  • SL-1476 EEP Environment on a parcel looks different when entering from different adjacent parcels
  • SL-1491 EEP Lens flare when the sun is near the horizon
  • SL-1493 EEP Make image swatches square for Sun, Moon, Clouds, and Normal Map
  • SL-1496 Caleb's Mac EEP Viewer shows black sky
  • SL-1505 EEP entire moon is reflected on the water while half of the moon is visible
  • SL-1523 EEP - image transitions(blending) is reversed
  • SL-1546 EEP Heavenly bodies move too quickly while pressing the rotation arrows.
  • SL-1549 EEP Settings folder is missing
  • SL-1556 [EEP] Going to About Land on neighbour region produces 7+ modal error windows.
  • SL-1576 Current frame sometimes gets stuck when editing a day cycle
  • SL-1584 EEP Select Settings picker is empty sometimes
  • SL-1607 On day cycle tab.
  • SL-1638 EEP Changing Day Cycle Keyframe 20 changes Keyframe 5
  • SL-1648 EEP UI Controls: XYVector and VirtualTrackball leftovers
  • SL-1655 EEP Horizon and Heavenly bodies move when ALM is toggled.
  • SL-1656 EEP Shadows move around when camera is pointed in certain directions.
  • SL-1669 EEP rename "Default Environment" option in About Land > Environment
  • SL-1689 EEP - clicking at settings embedded into notecard does nothing
  • SL-1697 EEP Moon is up while editor shows it should be down.
  • SL-1704 EEP viewer crash if Day Cycle editor is closed while play is engaged.
  • SL-1725 Second Life Project EEP (64bit) lets you create New Day Cycle on Non-EEP simular
  • SL-1727 EEP: Moon track ball needs a better icon
  • SL-1728 EEP Day cycle editor - Move import button
  • SL-1756 EEP Changing the first Day Cycle keyframe also changes the last keyframe
  • SL-1766 EEP Clicking About Land > Edit Custom edits the Day Cycle of the parcel your avatar is over instead of the parcel that was selected.
  • SL-1772 Disable sky layer tabs
  • SL-1807 EEP Parcels smaller than 128 m^2 should only be able to use the Region's Environment setting.
  • SL-1817 EEP Day Cycle timeline scrubber can't be repositioned while it's playing back
  • SL-1819 clicking frame in daycycle editor after a drag leaves controls disabled
  • SL-1825 Default Description for Environment Settings (Daycycle, Sky, Water) Asset
  • SL-1837 EEP should not be able to delete all Keyframes from Ground Level or Water
  • SL-1840 EEP viewer crash when clicking Commit if the About Land window has been closed.
  • SL-1843 EEP viewer crash when clicking Commit while no parcel is selected
  • SL-1850 Virtual Track Ball
  • SL-1862 EEP clicking Edit Environment button edits Day Cycle from parcel or from unsaved settings in memory
  • SL-1872 daycycle water editor should have proper blank normal map
  • SL-1873 EEP Allow a higher Star Brightness setting
  • SL-1878 EEP: Lock icon should be replaced
  • SL-1879 Day Cycle edit is stuck in night time during playback
  • SL-1886 Disable "Copy" perm checkbox for settings type objects
  • SL-1900 EEP Check for parcels < 128m^2 when dividing parcels, set them to Default Environment
  • SL-1906 XUI: Make the LLSliderCtrl value editable
  • SL-1911 Scale setting for sun and moon images
  • SL-1915 EEP UI: New user interface icons for Settings
  • SL-1919 Ignore Parcel menu option
  • SL-1925 Create new shaders for optical phenomena
  • SL-1929 Modify atmospherics shaders to include volumetric lighting
  • SL-1955 EEP UI: Graphics: Virtual Trackball Graphical Elements
  • SL-2184 Specialize settings object for Sky Settings
  • SL-2900 Specialization for Day cycle
  • SL-2909 Environment manager able to manipulate and blend settings objects
  • SL-2931 Specialize settings object for water settings
  • SL-2940 Existing Windlight settings import
  • SL-2943 Settings asset class for manipulating generic blocks of settings.
  • SL-2965 Settings assets attached to new inventory objects
  • SL-2971 Use new cap to set/retrieve settings for a region and parcel
  • SL-2974 Upload and download of settings asset type via simhost
  • SL-2978 New UI for extended settings
  • SL-2979 Settings Asset Support
  • SL-2985 Apply environment settings based on region/parcel/script/local(inventory)
  • SL-5245 The moon looks darker when Advanced lighting is enabled.
  • SL-5621 Stars render black against lighter coloured night skies and against clouds when ALM is enabled.
  • SL-6628 WL Haze effects are inconsistent between solid and transparent objects under water.
  • SL-9625 EEP "Save As" and "Save" are initially unavailable in Day Cycle
  • SL-9626 Settings picker is not closed when Region/estate or About Land floater is closed.
  • SL-9629 [EEP] Unable to uncheck permission checkboxes in Environment Asset properties
  • SL-9632 [EEP] HUDs are affected by Atmosphere & Lighting changes.
  • SL-9634 [EEP] Snapshot shows and saves Black screen
  • SL-9635 [EEP] Viewer crashed while initializing graphic drivers
  • SL-9643 Conversion Issue (Sun and Moon positions not changed between key frames)
  • SL-9650 [EEP] About Land UI is corrupted
  • SL-9652 [EEP] Not allowed characters in Environment Assets name are replaced by empty space after saving
  • SL-9653 [EEP] Slider set to 100% displays the same settings as the last keyframe
  • SL-9654 [EEP] 'OK' button and Double click have different behaviors in the 'Pick: SELECT SETTING floater'
  • SL-9656 EEP viewer crash by buying a parcel then right-clicking a Day Cycle in Inventory
  • SL-9662 [EEP] Push some pixels in panel_region_environment.xml
  • SL-9663 [EEP] Stars are practically invisible when ALM is disabled
  • SL-9664 [EEP] File pickers are not threaded
  • SL-9665 [EEP] "Rename" greyed out for assets in My Environments
  • SL-9667 [EEP] Viewer crashes after opening About Land floater in the non-EEP region
  • SL-9669 EEP Crash on Region info
  • SL-9670 [EEP] 'New Day' is named as 'Default' in the Day Cycle editor.
  • SL-9672 [EEP] Right-click "Copy Asset UUID" should be inactive
  • SL-9676 EEP Pick:SELECT SETTINGS limit folder operations options
  • SL-9677 EEP Small adjustment to error message for not applying enviroment setting due to parcel size
  • SL-9678 Fixed environment editors not automatically showing edited day cycle
  • SL-9685 lowest graphics settings sometimes uses wrong texture for water
  • SL-9687 EEP the clouds lurch every 10 seconds
  • SL-9696 [EEP] Water rendering has a seam when ALM is enabled
  • SL-9707 EEP: Edit floater strips asset ID on apply
  • SL-9708 [EEP] Attachments become invisible underwater
  • SL-9709 [EEP] The water texture blinks when the camera is moved around the avatar
  • SL-9712 EEP - Settings applying inconsistency
  • SL-9713 [EEP] Making any change to permissions for settings assets in inventory causes "Anyone can copy" & "Share with group" to be enabled & you cannot disable those permissions.
  • SL-9714 [EEP] Cannot change permissions of environment settings using the bulk perms floater
  • SL-9715 [EEP] Cannot set default creation permissions for environment settings
  • SL-9731 [EEP] Viewer crash when getting environment string while logged in
  • SL-9732 [EEP] Save As does not provide dialogue to supply new setting name
  • SL-9733 [EEP] Each time the "My Environments" floater is opened, the viewer freezes twice
  • SL-9736 Recenter cloud delta on 0,0 in settings
  • SL-9744 Default environment assets need to have star brightness corrected
  • SL-9746 [EEP] Local Texture options should work with EEP
  • SL-9751 [EEP] emissive glow from sun/moon textures
  • SL-9752 [EEP] The ’Show Empty Folders’ option is displayed over the lower scroll bar in the “My Environment’ floater
  • SL-9755 EEP Cannot apply a new Sky setting to the parcel.
  • SL-976 EEP MissingStrings(settings blob) in shared message of Settings asset
  • SL-9762 EEP Several Day Cycle UI bits are movable
  • SL-9775 EEP viewer crash when looking at the sun (which is playing parcel media)
  • SL-9778 [EEP] It's possible to open more then one My Environments floater
  • SL-9779 [EEP] Midday, Sunset, Sunrise & the default day cycle need to have cloud scroll fixed.
  • SL-978 EEP Anyone-Copy, Group-Share permanently turned on when ticking Next Owner-Transfer or Copy
  • SL-9780 [EEP] Environment gets stuck on region environment after closing Region/Estate floater unless floater was closed with Environment tab active.
  • SL-9783 Viewer - Adjustable region altitudes.
  • SL-9789 [EEP] Viewer crashes after reloading the same frame
  • SL-9791 [EEP] After editing region, day cycle is stuck.
  • SL-9793 EEP Apply to myself environment does not transition smoothly
  • SL-9809 [EEP]Environment becomes dark after setting "Glow Size" to the maximum value
  • SL-9817 [EEP] Switching by Region/Estate tabs reset Day Cycle settings
  • SL-9818 [EEP] Single click on Cloud Scroll input field doesn't select it in the Edit Day Cycle floater
  • SL-9819 [EEP] Show Empty Folders checkbox is shifted to the left side of 'My Environments' floater
  • SL-9820 EEP My Environments finds the parcel's DayCycle unbidden.
  • SL-9821 [EEP] The bottom scrollbar does not work in the ‘Pick: Select Settings’ floater
  • SL-983 When selecting a new parcel with the day editor open follow in editor
  • SL-984 EEP Right-Click create EEP settings under Lost and Found folder
  • SL-9853 EEP Default Settings object cannot be copied by other users.
  • SL-9854 [EEP]Some object textures are displayed in white color after changing parameters 'Glow Size' and 'Glow Focus' to minimum value
  • SL-9863 EEP Saving a Daycycle after Loading Frame saves a Sky setting rather than a Daycycle setting.
  • SL-9867 EEP Set the cloud speed 2d vector control max to [-10 - 10]
  • SL-9873 EEP setting Day Offset > 8.0 causes it to go to -12.0
  • SL-9874 [EEP]Setting environment from menu overrides day cycle editor
  • SL-988 EEP Sun reflection is out of alignment when sun is to the North
  • SL-9882 [EEP] The percentage at the right end of the timeline does not update
  • SL-9887 [EEP] Sky detail setting in preferences no longer has any effect.
  • SL-9889 Reconvert default day cycles to account for settings changes.
  • SL-9895 rainbows only appear in deferred rendering if shadow detail > none
  • SL-9902 [EEP] Editing Day cycle without saving will result in other settings also prompting for save even without changes
  • SL-9905 [EEP] Teleporting from EEP Region with parcel environment does not clear on non-eep region.
  • SL-9911 [EEP] Day Settings are modifiable in About Land floater for parcel that uses Region Settings
  • SL-9918 [EEP] Cloud image set to None displays the same clouds as Default
  • SL-9919 [EEP] "Large Wav" field in "Edit Day Cycle" floater has the name which misleads the user
  • SL-9921 [EEP] Rename the 'Delete this setting' tooltip in the My Environment floater to 'Remove selected item'
  • SL-9922 [EEP] The Day environment settings are changed when open the Water setting in ‘Fixed Environment’ editor
  • SL-9923 [EEP] The sliders on the ‘Atmosphere & Lighting’ tab are offset from each other
  • SL-9928 EEP Rendering of ALM haze does not match non-ALM haze
  • SL-9929 Sun coloring of specular light on water does not match.
  • SL-9931 [EEP] Clouds are dripping as they hit the horizon
  • SL-9960 [EEP][Feature Request] The user can drag and drop "Day Cycle" to the "Settings from Inventory" field in "About Land" floater
  • SL-9966 [EEP] Certain environments render the sky as water when ALM is disabled.
  • SL-9976 [EEP] Moon textures with transparency do not render correctly
  • SL-9977 [EEP] Cannot apply Ambient Color changes to region environment on regions running Riders Raceway
  • SL-9994 [EEP] Viewer launching is frozen on Win10 x64 with Intel HD2000 video card when launching Second Life Project EEP (32bit)
  • SL-9995 [EEP] Unable to select settings using Ctrl or Shift selection in 'My Environments' floater