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Release Notes for v6.2.2 (527021) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on May 13, 2019.

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Release Notes


This viewer adds a variety of graphics/rendering related fixes.

Note: for Mac displays with HiDPI support, retina display mode will be enabled by default. This will generally give you a sharper display but a lower frame rate. If you want to disable HiDPI display, go to the preference settings page Me->Preferences->Graphics->Advanced Settings, and uncheck the box "Enable support for HiDPI displays (requires restart)"; then restart the viewer.

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Resolved Issues

  • SL-10811 [Render][OSX] Google’s search results page is not fully displayed in the Media Browser if HiDPI is enabled.
  • SL-10813 [Render][OSX] HiDPI browser has black bars on the sides.
  • SL-10864 Normal and Specular textures can be rotated with checked align planar faces checkbox
  • SL-10907 BugSplat Crash: SecondLifeViewer!LLFontGL::getWidthF32(517)
  • SL-10952 Look at performance impact of selection outline changes
  • SL-10973 [Love Me Render] Mesh Child Prims in Linkset are now Yellow instead of Blue
  • SL-1221 Web page displays incorrectly
  • SL-5570 "Align planar faces" does not work on normal or specular maps