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Prim Finder v1.2

By Crystal Gadgets.


    • Browse a library of prims and quickly find the shape you're looking for.
    • Rez any prim with full permissions.
    • 216 prim shapes & 28 Categories.
    • Rotating demo of selected shape.
    • Share Prim Finder with others. Anyone can obtain their own Rezzer for free.
    • Great learning aid for builders.
    • The Rezzer can be setup to rez prims that:

1) have yourself as the creator and
2) include your own scripts - ideal for Skidz Primz or Prim Docker etc.

Note: Anyone can press the "Rez" button to receive a free Rezzer tool (it will automatically detect that there isnt a Rezzer tool nearby and offer you one).
You can then use this Rezzer tool with any Prim Finder (doesnt have to be owned by you).
Make sure you delete your personal rezzbox after you're done with your work!


1. Rez the "Prim Finder" object from your inventory.

2. Browse the prim library and click on any shape to view a rotating demo.

3. Rez the "Prim Finder Rezzer" object from your inventory. Place it anywhere by the Prim Finder (roughly anywhere within 20 meters).

4. Click the "Rez" button.

5. Observe that the currently selected prim has been rezzed. You can use this prim however you like - it has full perms.

Note: By default, all prims rezzed will have creator "Vim Sims". This will not prevent you from using the prims however you like. If you'd rather have your own name as creator then follow the customization instructions below.

Happy building!


This will guide you through creating your own customized Rezzer tool, which rezzes prims that have YOU as the creator. Please follow the steps carefully. If you make a mistake or lose your place then simply scrap everything and grab yourself a new Rezzer tool and start afresh.

1) Rez the Prim Finder Rezzer tool from your inventory to the ground (if you havent already).

2) Right-click on it and select "Open" from the pie menu.

3) Drag "shape" from the list to the ground. This will rez a white prim in front of you.

4) Delete "shape" from the list and close the dialog.

5) Right-click on the white prim and select "Open" from the pie menu.

6) Drag "shaper" from the list into your inventory.

7) Close all dialogs.

8) Delete the white prim.

9) Right-click on the ground and select "Create".

10) If the cube option isnt selected by default then select it.

11) Click the ground to rez a prim. Note that this prim has yourself as the creator ;-)

12) Rename the prim to "shape". Note that this is case sensitive, so it's not the same as "Shape" for example!

13) Select the "Content" tab.

14) OPTIONALLY you can drag any custom scripts into the object's content list, such as prim scripts from Skidz Primz or Prim Docker etc. When you later rez any prims using Prim Finder they'll include these scripts by default - very handy!

15) Drag "shaper" from your Inventory into the object's content list. Close the dialog.

16) Right-click on the new prim and select "Take" from the pie menu.

17) Right-click on the "Prim Finder Rezzer" box and select "Open" from the pie menu.

18) Drag "shape" from your inventory into the prim's contents list. Close the dialog.

19) Congratulations. You now have your own customized rezzer tool. Guard it with your life!

Note: Try it out by hitting the "Rez" button on the Prim Finder. You should see newly created prims with yourself as the creator. You can confirm this by right-clicking on the prim and select "Edit" from the pie menu, select "General" tab if it's not already selected, and for "Creator" it should have your name.