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List of Attendees


[09:01] Draconis Neurocam: hey kelly
[09:01] Moy Loon: Hey!
[09:01] Kelly Linden: Good morning.
[09:01] Stickman Resident: Hi Kelly!
[09:01] Zwagoth Klaar: Hey kelly.
[09:02] Kelly Linden: How is everyone?
[09:02] Attica Bekkers: hi kelly
[09:02] Stickman Resident: It's 9am on a Monday.
[09:02] Draconis Neurocam: pretty good, and yourself?
[09:02] Kelly Linden: doing awesome then I take it, Stickman?
[09:02] Stickman Resident: You know it.
[09:02] Kelly Linden: I am doing all right.
[09:02] Zwagoth Klaar: You should remove the 1 second sleep from llModPow so I may properly crack 32bit rsa using LSL. Surely you must agree this is useful functionality. :>
[09:02] Kelly Linden: Give it a couple more minutes for any stragglers to show up.
[09:02] Moy Loon: ;)
[09:03] Kelly Linden: Zwagoth! Think of all the scripts that might break.
[09:03] Stickman Resident: Haha
[09:03] Stickman Resident: Breaking scripts isn't the intention.
[09:03] Moy Loon: llModPowFast
[09:03] Zwagoth Klaar: What uses llModPow?
[09:03] Draconis Neurocam: does anything use modpow?
[09:03] Moy Loon: The one example script that shows how to use it
[09:04] Stickman Resident: Grep the database of scripts in the asset server and report a count per owner.
[09:04] Kelly Linden: I'm gonna just say that if you really need that fast for modpow maybe you shouldn't be using LSL.
[09:04] Zwagoth Klaar: :> But I must crack 32bit RSA in LSL!
[09:05] Kelly Linden: heh
[09:05] Stickman Resident: Use multiple scripts!
[09:05] Stickman Resident: You can fit 1k in an object before it refuses to rez.
[09:05] Moy Loon: You'd need like, 40k scripts in order to get the same speed as if there was no 1 second delay!
[09:05] Zwagoth Klaar: I will have to resort to wasting resources. *sadface*
[09:05] Stickman Resident: So use 40 objects! Problem solved. You'll need to rez them individually, though.
[09:06] Stickman Resident: Make sure you use a public sandbox. Or better yet -- the corner of four sims on different servers.
[09:06] Moy Loon: The amount of overhead though, would slow it down so much, to where it'd just be useless!
[09:06] Kelly Linden: That function is so trivial, surely you can just do it in LSL yourself without the sleep?
[09:06] Zwagoth Klaar: :> Yes. I could.
[09:06] Zwagoth Klaar: I'm trolling.
[09:06] Kelly Linden: heh
[09:06] Attica Bekkers: stickman i s so helpful
[09:06] Stickman Resident: Oh, we were joking? RIGHT! I was joking! Haha.
[09:07] Kelly Linden: All right then! I suppose we should get started.
[09:07] Moy Loon: Mmm
[09:07] Zwagoth Klaar: Though I do think the sleep should be removed :>
[09:07] Attica Bekkers: yes igotta question
[09:07] Kelly Linden: Some of you may have noticed that I'm not on the user group lists!
[09:07] Kelly Linden: now!
[09:07] Attica Bekkers: ooh
[09:07] Stickman Resident: Yes!
[09:07] Kelly Linden: not not.
[09:07] Draconis Neurocam: yes i complained at the user tools meeting kelly and rand added you
[09:08] Stickman Resident: Draconis is causing order. Someone ban him.
[09:08] Kelly Linden: Oh? I didn't know he did that. I had andrew fill in all the details for me. I'm technically a subset of his server/sim/scripting group.
[09:08] Draconis Neurocam: rand changed the main table
[09:08] Kelly Linden: Ah, cool.
[09:08] Kelly Linden: I managed to get my past transcripts up last week as well.
[09:09] Qie Niangao: oh, that reminds me. The tweet for this meeting didn't include slurl in the link, so my browser wanted to sent me to Ambleside Alberta... and I didn't have the miles on Air Canada.
[09:09] Kelly Linden: Added em to andrew's fancy calendar
[09:09] Kelly Linden: heh Qie, I will have to look into that then.
[09:10] Attica Bekkers: hehe i had to resort and to copy and paste to get here
[09:10] Kelly Linden: Ok, I'll get that fixed. I dunno what the tweet works from.
[09:10] Kelly Linden: Probably just got the format wrong.
[09:12] Kelly Linden: Other news: mono2-performance is now up on aditi. I have a couple reports of script errors I'm gonna investigate now. I know at least some are bogus (crashed scripts reporting extra errors) but it looks like there may be at least one real bug.
[09:12] Moy Loon: How much faster is it?
[09:12] Kelly Linden: for most things probably not noticable
[09:13] Kelly Linden: it should remove the sim-stall when lots of mono scripts are added to the region though.
[09:13] Moy Loon: Oh
[09:13] Liisa Runo: does this mean that from now on all scripts should be mono instead of LSO? or is there still the de-rez issue?
[09:13] Kelly Linden: I dunno about de-rez.
[09:13] Attica Bekkers: so when people wearing monoscripts tp in the sim wont stop?
[09:14] Kelly Linden: Attica that is the idea
[09:14] Attica Bekkers: yesssss
[09:14] Attica Bekkers: thank you:)
[09:14] Stickman Resident: Right now the only thing holding me back from using LSL instead of Mono (sometimes) is the reported Mono usage always being 64k. It's one thing to explain to people it's not true, it's another thing to have a ton of people you can't explain it to assume you're a terrible person.
[09:14] Stickman Resident: Er, using Mono instead of LSL.
[09:15] Attica Bekkers: have to untick mono or youare griefing if you do a script wth lots of timers or apoofer
[09:15] Attica Bekkers: i dotnknow why
[09:15] Liisa Runo: yea, could we get the reporting fixed?
[09:15] Attica Bekkers: but runa two poofer isn mono and the sim slows down
[09:15] Moy Loon: "apoofer"?
[09:15] Kelly Linden: I'm gonna get a new build out today that removes some of the bogus error spam. If anyone has time to try out rezing and playing with scripts in the mono regions on aditi it will be helpful.
[09:16] Attica Bekkers: particles
[09:16] Moy Loon: Why would it being in mono be "griefing" for particle script?
[09:16] Kelly Linden: That reporting is not going to get "fixed".
[09:16] Kaluura Boa: Wow!
[09:16] Stickman Resident: llLinkParticlesystem(LINK_SET, lPoofer);
[09:16] Ima Mechanique: got any samples to play with on mono, or do you want random user scripts ;-)
[09:16] Zwagoth Klaar: I'll try that one.
[09:16] Kelly Linden: Random user scripts, existing scripts etc.
[09:16] Attica Bekkers: becaus eit slows asim down moy, noticable to the whole sim
[09:17] Ima Mechanique: okay, I'll be on there later ;-)
[09:17] Moy Loon: A script that's spamming particles non-stop on every prim? Or just something that sets particles one time?
[09:17] Stickman Resident: Particles are a prim property, rendered clientside. It'll slow down people with particle rendering enabled, but it's client-lag, not region-lag.
[09:17] Moy Loon: Exactly
[09:17] Stickman Resident: Besides, scripts technically can't lag anything but other scripts.
[09:18] Stickman Resident: Physics, etc, are higher priority, and take the frame time before scripts do.
[09:18] Qie Niangao: must be tons of calls to llParticleSystem() if it's gonna affect the sim.
[09:18] Attica Bekkers: saming nonstop
[09:18] Stickman Resident: So what's on the todo list for scripts, Kelly? What are the next things coming down the pipe? :D
[09:19] Moy Loon: I've done while(1){llSleep(0.01);llLinkParitlceSystem(LINK_SET,spam)} on day one when they added it on the betagrid to see how much lag would be caused, sim was fine, but it used like 3megs/second of bandwidth
[09:19] Moy Loon: A 256 prim linkset
[09:19] Kelly Linden: I'd like to do 'small scripts' but I'm not sure exactly when I will get to it. Getting mono2-performance released is a pre-requesite for it.
[09:19] Ima Mechanique: Kelly, now that Hide URL is being removed from the viewer for media, any chance we can finally get a llGetMediaIRL() function?
[09:20] Stickman Resident: I've noticed that STORM-1099, my "show script name on script complaint" that was discussed on the scripting mailing list was "noticed."
[09:20] flexi campfire:

[#STORM-1099] Show script name when the script complains

[09:20] Kelly Linden: cool. Dunno if they can do that in the viewer.
[09:20] Kelly Linden: I'm not sure the viewer has that info.
[09:21] Kelly Linden: Ima: It is certainly worth a jira if there isn't one already.
[09:21] Kelly Linden: Speaking of .....
[09:21] Kelly Linden:
[09:21] Kelly Linden: hows the visibility on that jira? Can everyone see it?
[09:21] Moy Loon: Yes
[09:21] Liisa Runo: yup
[09:21] Kelly Linden: Good.
[09:22] Ima Mechanique: I can se eit
[09:22] Zwagoth Klaar: Have to log in
[09:22] Zwagoth Klaar: but I can see it
[09:22] Stickman Resident: Not as guest, but yes.
[09:22] Draconis Neurocam: thats cool you got your own jira catagory though
[09:22] Kaluura Boa: Login in... automatically...
[09:22] Kelly Linden: Now comes the tricky part. Right under the top 'Bug Tracker' one of the links should be 'Agile'
[09:22] Nimh20 Vandeverre: logged in automatically
[09:22] Ima Mechanique: yes
[09:22] Draconis Neurocam: yes agile is there
[09:22] Stickman Resident: I see it.
[09:23] Kelly Linden: If you click that. And then ... hm, let me get an image up.
[09:23] Stickman Resident: I see SRC-1, 14, and 15.
[09:24] Stickman Resident: I don't have an Administration link. :<
[09:24] Draconis Neurocam: hehe
[09:24] Kelly Linden: Ok, so there ... If you get it like that: Notice the bottom right 'Script Backlog'
[09:24] Ima Mechanique: I don't see backlog
[09:25] Kelly Linden: You may have to click the down triangle to choose another option
[09:25] Stickman Resident: You gotta click on "unscheduled" and open the dropdown.
[09:25] Kelly Linden: You probably default to seeing 'Unscheduled'
[09:25] Ima Mechanique: yes, I had unscheduled
[09:25] Zwagoth Klaar: I don't see Script Backlog in the list
[09:25] Ima Mechanique: that explains where 2-13 went too
[09:26] Kelly Linden: It should be at the bottom. I'll play with it to see if I can get it near the top
[09:26] Zwagoth Klaar: Ahh there it goes.
[09:26] Draconis Neurocam: when i click script backlog it says no matching issues found
[09:26] Kelly Linden: This is actually a (roughly) ordered backlog.
[09:26] Draconis Neurocam: oh
[09:26] Draconis Neurocam: just came up
[09:26] Kelly Linden: draconis: you have all the other pieces right?
[09:26] Draconis Neurocam: when i refreshed
[09:27] Kelly Linden: ah, right. This is some amazing dhtml crap.
[09:27] Draconis Neurocam: hahaha
[09:27] Stickman Resident: Didn't we determine SRC-5 (llGetUnixTimeNanos()) wouldn't be useful? Or was there a significant argument otherwise?
[09:27] Kelly Linden: not my favorite system in the world.
[09:27] Kelly Linden: These issues were all from my list of triaged jiras
[09:27] Liisa Runo: so, what about old script related jira's? should the be moved or duplicated to this new category?
[09:27] Draconis Neurocam: ooh i see unbundle PRIM_ rules, that looks amazing
[09:27] Liisa Runo: the important ones
[09:28] Kelly Linden: They should be moved!
[09:28] Liisa Runo: okie ^^
[09:28] Stickman Resident: Do we have the ability to move them, or can we only point them out?
[09:28] Kelly Linden: This is an exploration time though. So, can you guys reorder this list? (You shouldn't be able to)
[09:29] Liisa Runo: seems that i can
[09:29] Ima Mechanique: yes I can
[09:29] Attica Bekkers: i need a way to find out how laggy a script is for cargo cult and unwashed scripters without estate rights
[09:29] Kelly Linden: oh! does it look like a list or like cards?
[09:29] Draconis Neurocam: yes i can
[09:29] Draconis Neurocam: reorder them
[09:29] Liisa Runo: cards for me
[09:29] Draconis Neurocam: cards
[09:29] Kelly Linden: On the right there is 'new card' 'views' 'tools' if you click the views, there is a 'list' option.
[09:29] Kelly Linden: I find that view much better.
[09:29] Kelly Linden: I'm gonna have to make a wiki guide for this.
[09:30] Zwagoth Klaar: Yep, I can reorder them
[09:30] Kelly Linden: Ok. Adding that to my 'fix' list.
[09:30] Stickman Resident: PUT THAT BACK, ZWAGOTH.
[09:30] Attica Bekkers: hahaha
[09:31] Kelly Linden: oh, and I see someone already took something off the backlog.
[09:31] Kelly Linden: I'll add that to the fix list as well.
[09:31] Kelly Linden: Ideally you should be able to move issues from SVC to SCR, but only linden's should be able to add or remove them from the backlog and order the backlog.
[09:31] Zwagoth Klaar: What did I do D:
[09:32] Draconis Neurocam: from scr back to svc as well or no?
[09:32] Kelly Linden: yeah, that too.
[09:32] Draconis Neurocam: ah
[09:33] Zwagoth Klaar wants the shiny Administration dropdown too :>
[09:33] Moy Loon: I don't have the "Administration" menu though :(
[09:33] Kelly Linden: hahaha
[09:34] Ima Mechanique: maybe with llModPowFast you could hack the Admin? ;-)
[09:34] Draconis Neurocam: break the encryption
[09:34] Moy Loon: Hopefully
[09:34] Kelly Linden changes it to a 20sec delay. Hey! It works for email! ;)
[09:34] Draconis Neurocam: nooooo
[09:34] Draconis Neurocam: haha
[09:34] Zwagoth Klaar: Nooooooo!
[09:34] Ima Mechanique: lol NOOO it does not work for email
[09:35] Moy Loon: Mmm, llEmail
[09:35] Draconis Neurocam: make it use xmlrpc
[09:35] Kelly Linden: Ok, so can someone try moving a scripting SVC jira over to SCR?
[09:35] Kelly Linden: It is listed as "Scripting" in the drop down.
[09:35] Moy Loon: That's an oxymoron, nobody can just simply use xmlrpc
[09:36] Attica Bekkers: is measurng tools on the list
[09:36] Draconis Neurocam: im not sure how you move something between catagories
[09:36] Zwagoth Klaar: Don't you have to have a contributor agreement to move things?
[09:36] Kelly Linden: Oh, also, I'm really only interested in moving open issues. We should leave resolved or closed issues in SVC.
[09:37] Kelly Linden: Zwagoth: ok, yeah, I think you have to be on the 'trusted' list, though I'm not sure what that entails.
[09:37] Kelly Linden: surely someone here is on it?
[09:37] Attica Bekkers: something that got a log of the script perfromance of soemthing on the sim we made over a few minutes and reported it back even if we didnt have estate rights maybe
[09:37] Kaluura Boa: How do we move? I tried with one of my own jira... It didn't work
[09:38] Kelly Linden: Kaluura: which jira?
[09:38] Zwagoth Klaar: You have to have a contribution agreement on file from what I remember. Then you are added to the trusted list.
[09:38] Ima Mechanique: I should be, soon if not yet
[09:38] Kaluura Boa: svc-5496
[09:38] flexi campfire:

[#SVC-5496] Comparisons string != string return invalid values with LSL/LSO, different from LSL/Mono

[09:38] Ima Mechanique: but I don't know how to move issues ;-)
[09:38] Kelly Linden: Ok, under the title for that jira there is the row of buttons starting with 'edit' then 'assign', one of those is 'more actions'
[09:38] Ima Mechanique: where is this moving done ?
[09:39] Ima Mechanique: yup see it
[09:39] Kelly Linden: And in there, there is a 'Move'
[09:39] Kaluura Boa: No "move"
[09:39] Liisa Runo: no move in my dropdown either
[09:39] Kaluura Boa: Link, Clone, Label...
[09:39] Ima Mechanique: nope not for me yet
[09:40] Draconis Neurocam: if i open the jira itself i have a move option
[09:40] Attica Bekkers: wow thats a huge bug Kal
[09:40] Draconis Neurocam: i have no ca though
[09:40] Draconis Neurocam: heh
[09:40] Kelly Linden: drac: what do you mean 'open the jira itself' ?
[09:41] Draconis Neurocam: if i click the jira it opens in like an iframe thing, then under actions i have a move option
[09:41] Kelly Linden: Oh we aren't fixing that one anyway.
[09:41] Draconis Neurocam: click it in the backlog list
[09:41] Kelly Linden: ah
[09:41] Kelly Linden: so maybe you can move them out of SCR then?
[09:41] Draconis Neurocam: i think so, do you want me to?
[09:42] Kelly Linden: sure, just tell me which one
[09:43] Attica Bekkers: i need a way to find out how laggy a script is for scripters without estate rights
[09:43] Draconis Neurocam: scr7
[09:43] Draconis Neurocam: teleport agent thing
[09:43] Draconis Neurocam: i just moved it to svc
[09:43] Kelly Linden: all right, that is good.
[09:43] Kelly Linden: drac: I assume you can't move it back?
[09:43] Liisa Runo: do i need some special status to move or am i just doing it wrong?
[09:43] Draconis Neurocam: lets see
[09:44] Kelly Linden: you may need special status.
[09:44] Draconis Neurocam: no cant move it back
[09:44] Liisa Runo: gimme special status
[09:44] Kelly Linden: heh
[09:44] Draconis Neurocam: you should move it back, teleportagent would be nice
[09:44] Draconis Neurocam: also
[09:44] Kelly Linden: I will work on getting the svc -> scr working then see what is involved in 'special status'
[09:44] Draconis Neurocam: watch everyone hate me that is watching that jira now
[09:44] Draconis Neurocam: haha
[09:44] Moy Loon: Heh
[09:44] Zwagoth Klaar: Special status is contribution agreement I believe.
[09:45] Kaluura Boa: Can we sign it even without contributing?
[09:45] Kelly Linden: it may be. I'll talk with a jira guru about what is possible. I'd like to have more people able to move to SCR if possible.
[09:46] Kelly Linden: Kalurra: I don't see why not. :p Though it does have legal ramifications for any code you add to jira.
[09:46] Draconis Neurocam: kelly could you move it back, i kinda would actually want llteleportagent
[09:46] Liisa Runo: where i sign?
[09:47] Draconis Neurocam: also i dont want people to think im abusing jira
[09:47] Kelly Linden: drac I already did
[09:47] Attica Bekkers: lots of people who arent kinky use rlv for teleport purposes
[09:47] Draconis Neurocam: oh ok
[09:47] Kelly Linden: it is now SCR-16
[09:47] Draconis Neurocam: cool
[09:47] Kelly Linden: and back on the backlog.
[09:48] Ima Mechanique:
[09:48] Kelly Linden: So, what do you guys think? Any ways I can make this jira project more useful?
[09:48] Attica Bekkers: is a way to find out how laggy a script is for scripters without estate rights on it ?
[09:48] Kelly Linden: Attica: Nope.
[09:48] Draconis Neurocam: is it assignable during creation, or does it have to be moved from svc every time
[09:49] Kelly Linden: Attica: Feel free to add one if there isn't one already filed in SVC
[09:49] Kelly Linden: draconis: I believe you can make a new one in there.
[09:49] Draconis Neurocam: lets test this
[09:49] Ima Mechanique: oooh I'm sure there's a jira for that ;-) one of the most asked for feature by scripters ;-)
[09:50] Draconis Neurocam: its not src isnt in the dropdown to assign
[09:50] Draconis Neurocam: during creation
[09:50] Attica Bekkers: but we were already promised such by llvery clearly during the inttiial discussion of script limits
[09:50] Draconis Neurocam: scr rather
[09:50] Attica Bekkers: it doesnt needa jira,its been promised long ago
[09:50] Kelly Linden: Not even 'Scripting'? (I think in the list it is just Scripting not scr)
[09:50] Draconis Neurocam: nope
[09:51] Draconis Neurocam: no scripting or scr
[09:51] Kelly Linden: ok. will get that fixed.
[09:51] Attica Bekkers: stomps foot,itsntojira its promised with ahuge lead int ime before any script limits
[09:52] Kelly Linden: All right. we will pause talking about jira to talk about script time and script limits.
[09:52] Attica Bekkers: i nee d to jira a preixisting promise:)? is this parliament
[09:52] Kelly Linden: First: If any such promises were made, I probably made them, and I don't recall making that and also I'm pretty careful about making any promises at all.
[09:52] Attica Bekkers: ty
[09:52] Moy Loon: 640KB should be enough for everyone ;)
[09:52] Attica Bekkers: babbage
[09:52] Liisa Runo: babbage
[09:52] Kaluura Boa: =^_^=
[09:52] Kaluura Boa: Poor Babbage...
[09:53] Attica Bekkers: huge lea dintime,itwas cast iron
[09:53] Qie Niangao: Just say "script limits are coming Real Soon Now" to start the clock on that huge lead time.
[09:53] Kelly Linden: Ah, yes. We have tools to report script memory usage for land owners as well as estate owners and for viewing your attachments
[09:53] Attica Bekkers: the lea dintime was the with reporting tools
[09:53] Kelly Linden: The reporting tools are for memory, which is what we will be limiting, not CPU time.
[09:53] Attica Bekkers: so after a way to find out how laggy a script is for scripters without estate rights, people get ayear to get used to knowing how laggy theyare
[09:53] Attica Bekkers: thenscript limits
[09:53] Liisa Runo: we were also promised good set of new and improved LSL functions to be able to improve our scripts before the scripts limits
[09:53] Kaluura Boa: CPU time interests us more than memory...
[09:54] Kelly Linden: I am sure that should we ever start working on CPU throttling or limits we will add the tools to view that then.
[09:54] Attica Bekkers: so cnatstart clockuntil a way to find out how laggy a script is for scripters without estate rights is wellestablished
[09:54] Attica Bekkers: im shocke dit isnt on thelist
[09:54] Kelly Linden: Liisa: And were given quite a few.
[09:54] Moy Loon: I cannot understand you half the time Attica :(
[09:54] Attica Bekkers: mostscripters ar elike me, we rnt clever, we arent speial,we use lsl because it lest do stuff withotu been geniuses
[09:54] Attica Bekkers: its accessable
[09:55] Zwagoth Klaar: Why can that information not be exposed anyways? It would be useful to any scripter, estate owner or not if their script time is high. I feel it should be accessible to anyone. As well as memory usage. Should they wish to look.
[09:55] Zwagoth Klaar: At least for their own scripts.
[09:55] Attica Bekkers: at least on the stuff we made
[09:55] Zwagoth Klaar: Limits or not the information can be useful to builders.
[09:56] Attica Bekkers: today a famous scripter had to come asandbox and ask the sim owner to lok at script time
[09:56] Moy Loon: Aren't all scripts not really recorded until an estate manager requests the time, then it's sent a few sim frames later?
[09:56] Attica Bekkers: thatsntohowits hould be
[09:56] Zwagoth Klaar: And wearers alike.
[09:56] Attica Bekkers: its wrong
[09:56] Kelly Linden: I'd love the opportunity to revamp the top scripts floater, both to fix the data it gives (which is wrong more often than right) and make it work for more views - let people see their own scripts, let land owners see the script on their land even if they aren't an estate manager
[09:56] Kaluura Boa: +1 Kelly!
[09:56] Kelly Linden: But it is not currently planned.
[09:56] Qie Niangao: heh: to properly interpret the Estate tool script stats requires more smarts than to know how to script in the first place.
[09:57] Moy Loon: Throw it in the sim console thing, let people chose how much information that they'd get back
[09:57] Kelly Linden: Qie: Even then the data is often just wrong.
[09:57] Qie Niangao: ah, well, see, I"m not that smart. :p
[09:57] Draconis Neurocam: sim console only works for estate owners though
[09:57] Draconis Neurocam: i thought
[09:57] Moy Loon: Nope
[09:57] Kelly Linden: 3 minute warning.
[09:57] Moy Loon: Works for everyone, you just don't have much rights unless you are manager/better
[09:57] Draconis Neurocam: that would be useful then
[09:58] Attica Bekkers: i havebad muscles,it shard to catche state tools at right moment, likeplaying space invaders with my mouse
[09:58] Moy Loon: Backspace does wonders
[09:58] Qie Niangao: Kelly, nothing to do with scripting, but maybe for your idle moments (hah!) : SVC-6871
[09:58] flexi campfire:

[#SVC-6871] Simple (?) way to offer abandoned parcels to neighboring landowners first before setting for sale to anybody

[09:58] Attica Bekkers: id like tobe abel togeta snapshot of hghestand lowest and suchuseage over a assigned time frame n an object i create dwith a script i mad ein it please
[09:59] Moy Loon: Sockets for LSL would be nice ;~)
[10:00] Attica Bekkers: kelly thatwould be great
[10:00] Zwagoth Klaar: hahaha, sockets.
[10:00] Moy Loon: So many things would become possible then!
[10:00] Moy Loon: And so many more things could be done so much better
[10:00] Kelly Linden: Qie: That probably won't be in the first implementation.
[10:00] Zwagoth Klaar: Kelly. Any idea why deep nesting of local variables causes invalid IL code to be generated?
[10:00] Attica Bekkers: quie you use dotbe able tog o to live chat and ask them and theyd sellit to you?
[10:00] Kelly Linden: Zwagoth: without further specifics, no.
[10:00] Zwagoth Klaar: I can give you the script.
[10:01] Qie Niangao: kelly, that's fine... but maybe before Guy turns loose abandoned backlog would be good.
[10:01] Zwagoth Klaar: It produces a very interesting mono error.
[10:01] Kelly Linden: Zwagoth: I'd prefer a jira, but I think one already exists.
[10:01] Zwagoth Klaar: Okay :>
[10:01] Kelly Linden: The feature, when it is enabled, will not effect previously abandoned land.
[10:01] Zwagoth Klaar: It's not really an issue. Just wondered if you knew.
[10:01] Kelly Linden: Zwagoth: only LSL or mono too?
[10:02] Zwagoth Klaar: mono only that I'm aware of.
[10:02] Kelly Linden: ah, interesting.
[10:02] Zwagoth Klaar: I can check again.
[10:02] Kelly Linden: k
[10:02] Kelly Linden: Well, we are 2 minutes past.
[10:02] Qie Niangao: (sorry for the derail in the last minute: understood, but... if I were Guy, I'd figure out a way to force that huge inventory into the process, rather than running it through auctions)
[10:02] Zwagoth Klaar: I don't normally use 64+ nesting levels. I just found it one day.
[10:02] Qie Niangao: thanks Kelly.
[10:02] Zwagoth Klaar: thanks Kelly :>
[10:03] Draconis Neurocam: thanks kelly, awesome theres a jira for scripts now
[10:03] Draconis Neurocam: and not jusr svc
[10:03] Draconis Neurocam: just*
[10:03] Kelly Linden: If you have any more feedback on the jira project or ideas on ways to make it more useful, please let me know via email or comment on SCR-1
[10:03] Kelly Linden: I'll see what I can do about the issues we found today.
[10:03] Kelly Linden: Bye!

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